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Some Day was our mantra, Mya made it come true, 2.

Some Day was our mantra, Mya made it come true, 2.

Women are the smarter sex, and that saved my life.

I own a small store and I sell mineral specimens to collectors. Also jewelry and Grateful Dead memoribilia. I'm not a DeadHead, never been to a concert, but my partner has been for thirty-five years. He spends all but six weeks or so each year on the road. Mineral shows all over the world and he knows thousands of dealers. I run the store.

I have four women that work for me and they all look at me like I'm there father or grandfather. I love it because they worry about me and take care of me. They saved my life.

One, Lana, a thirty-five year old, very cute Mexican woman with a five year old daughter is my store manager. They're all like my kids. I have six kids with fifteen grand kids and two great grand kids. I am a old fart. Older than sex just not quite as old as dirt. Dumb, but I like it.

My wife is gone. She has Alzheimer's and is in a facility. I was just kind of moping around and doing the, "Thousand Yard Stare" a lot and "My Women" - I love all of them - are always on me to just go do something. They've even called my kids and told them. Damn pushy of them but, in reality, I love it. They do worry about me and that kind of caring is hard to get sometimes. You have to work hard for it.

I'm seventy one now but at about seven or eight my mother taught me what a real gentleman was and I've never wanted to be anything else. The fourth time my wife and I were in bed together she looked up at me with the most incredible expression I'd ever seen. I didn't understand it then but I've learned a lot since.

She smiled and said, "You are the most incredibly gentle man I've ever known." I later learned she'd fallen in love with me then. Two times later she looked up at me again and reached up to cup my head and said simply, "Tell me."

I don't know how long it took me. She later told me it was less than a minute, and I said, "I love you." That feeling has not changed one bit in forty three years. It never will.

I've never forgotten a single word or sight or feeling of those two occurrences in forty three years. I relive that moment a lot. Especially now. I can't tell this without crying. As I write these words my eyes are so blurry I have to correct a lot and I have to stop.

Please God, whoever you are, I'll do anything for one more day with her.

I did that at work a lot. When they saw me they'd pull me aside and I'd get a lot of hugs and pats. I'd pull out of it and do what I had to because they depended on me and I couldn't let them down.

So I just kept on keeping on, or however that goes. I just drifted, I wasn't living. God I was one maudlin son-of-a-bitch for a while and had no interest in women.

The only thing that really kept me kind of centered was an on-line meeting site I'd found, Lush. They published stories so I started to write about sex and liked it. I could talk out my feelings and get a lot of nice compliments. Nice criticism too which I was never anything but grateful for.

I met some very nice people and one became a very close friend. A marvelous black lady that really made me feel better. Her name was Mya and we talked about everything.

We talked for about three years. I'd started when my wife got so bad. I needed something to relieve the tension and telling her was it. "Some Day" was how we thought. Maybe, but probably not. We were comfortable with it and we comforted each other all the time.

I loved it but knew we'd never meet. It was all fantasy, and very necessary for both of us.

One day, about four months ago now a very attractive black woman came in the store. About forty five to fifty. Nice figure (BIG breasts) with caramel colored skin. Her hair was soft and swayed like water. It and her skin had a reddish tone that I liked too. She smiled and said hello in a nice soft voice. A pleasant lady. I kind of glanced now and then to see if she needed help.

She looked around and asked a question or two and left after a half hour or so. She was back two days later and bought a nice piece of raw Emerald in matrix, a sixty five dollar specimen. She said it was for a friend. She was staying in town for a couple of weeks and liked it here so far.

Over the next two weeks she was in and out almost every day. We talked more and I learned her name was Makena, a Kikuyu name from Kenya. It meant "The happy one", and I thought that was neat, and appropriate. I'd always wanted to go there and she told me a lot about it. She'd never been, was born in the US, but liked knowing her heritage.

In a few days every time she walked in all my women would push me away from whatever I was doing so we could gab. One day Lana said, "Why don't you guys just go have coffee?" So we went up the street and did just that. It started there with us telling each other a lot of stuff.

Her husband had died several months before and she kind of wandered around lost for a while. Sounded like my life. Her friend in town had talked her into coming and staying with her and she'd shown her the store. She'd seen me through the window and was startled. I looked like her husband.

He was white with long white hair like mine, he had kind eyes like mine and an easy smile. She'd asked her friend and she'd told her about my wife. She said I was easy to talk to and the next day when she came in Lana pushed me away from the register with her hip, toward the front door. I'd just smiled and said, "I'll be back in a little bit."

A little bit turned into two hours and when I got back Lana grinned at me and laughed. What the hell?

Much later she told me I'd had a real smile on my face for the first time in a year. All I remember is that I felt pretty good, comfortable(?), I don't know but I think my world had looked a little brighter to me.

During that time we had coffee every day for an hour or more. I felt much freer and actually asked her to dinner on the fifth day, which she immediately accepted. At least I think I asked her. She said something and I responded and it just kind of fell into a dinner date. We had a wonderful time. Very relaxed and we held hands a couple of times. She took mine each time.

I took her home, briefly kissed her and went home. We did that for about another week then she asked me to take her to my house. She wanted more wine and to talk. We spent an hour or more at that then I took her home and kissed her goodnight. A bit longer that time because she wouldn't let go and my mind went into areas it hadn't been in a long time.

I had a fairly firm erection when I got back into my car and, for the first time in almost a year, I masturbated that night. Picturing Makena all the time, under me, naked. I think I came in three minutes, very hard. I fell asleep thinking of her and not my sorry-ass existence for the first time in a year. That was a wonderful night.

The next night while we talked she'd sat on the sofa and I'd taken a chair across the coffee table, just like last time. After about fifteen minutes she got up and went to the bathroom. She was there for a few minutes and when she walked back past me she took my hand and pulled me to the sofa, sitting us both down. Then she took my head in her hands and kissed me.

I had an instant erection and the front of my kilt bulged quite a bit. She glanced down and chuckled then touched me on the head of it with her fingers. Just a stroke, then back to kissing. I just sat there rather stunned by it all. Unexpected and the hottest thing that's happened to me in a very long time. I was instantly ready for sex. Any sex. Whatever she wanted or allowed. And I'd hoped she allowed a lot.

I took her left breast in my hand and squeezed it. She didn't have a bra on and I'd have sworn she'd had one on at dinner. Oh well, I was in heaven stroking and fondling her. Her nipple was very hard and I reached up with my left hand to take the other breast too.

This was the first time I've touched a woman's breasts in four or five years. All I could think of was how they felt. Heaven couldn't be any better, I thought, but she soon changed my mind about that.

She reached down and opened my belt - a chain mail one I'd had made, damn thing weighed six pounds - and my kilt. She stood me up and knelt to take my shoes and socks off then pulled my underwear down. Yeah, I wear them.

When she did my cock jumped into her face and she kissed at it, missing, then stood up. She reached behind herself and unzipped her dress. When it fell to the floor she was completely naked. Now I knew why she'd been in the bathroom.

I loved that she'd done that. I loved her a little right then too. I need some affection when I'm with a woman. The closeness is what I really crave and it felt to me like I was getting exactly that back from her.

I looked at her. God she was beautiful. Like an African Queen I'd seen in a movie many years ago. I've been kind of obsessed with black women for years, but I truly believed that I'd never seen a more beautiful woman in my life. I wanted this creature, this Goddess standing there, so much my heart started to pound.

She was not tall, maybe five foot two inches. Her breasts were Forty-something, "BIG", and stunning. I never cared about size. Her body and breasts firm, smooth, dark skin. She stood tall and proud, knowing what I was seeing and raised her arms, turning. She wanted me to see it all, and I looked!

Her outer lips were thick and very wet. I could smell her, it excited the hell out of me and my cock pulsed with it. She waxed and that helped too.

She grinned, reached out and took my cock in her right hand, pulling me towards herself and grabbing my balls with her other hand. I loved her hands. She stroked me and rolled my balls until I was going crazy. I grabbed her head and kissed her hard, starting the tongue fight that I loved to do. I usually let them win but I make it a hard fought battle.

She kind of lifted her right leg and put me between her thighs then stood straight and grabbed my waist. I took her ass in both hands, she shifted hers to my ass and we started thrusting and humping each other. She was so wet it felt like she'd put grease all over both of us and I was fucking a very tight pussy. I knew I contributed Lube too because I'd been oozing for a while.

We kept that up but I was determined that I wouldn't cum until I was in her. Suddenly she squeezed every muscle in her body and came very hard. She hugged me so hard I felt several vertebrae pop but her breasts pushing into me made everything worth while. She moaned very deep.

She shuddered, hard, squirming, then relaxed and stepped away. She laughed when my cock throbbed and took it in her hand and led me to the bedroom. She threw the covers back then threw me on the bed. She wanted to get fucked and nothing was going to stop her.

I lay there with my rather pink cock sticking straight up and she stepped up on the bed and straddled me. I think my mind kind of went away for a moment but when I could see again, she was all I could see.

Her brown legs up to her crotch, those lips, dark, wet, sticking out, the odor drifting down on me. I desperately wanted to fuck that. Over her stomach to her magnificent breasts, soft brown with freckles, and big nipples. I desperately wanted to fuck them. Then back down to do it all over again, and again, breathing deep.

Just wanting her.

She finally squatted down and put me at her opening. My entire world became focused on watching her brown hand, around my pink cock, between those dark pussy lips, then slowly sliding me all the way in. I think I kind of asked my wife's forgiveness then because that was the single most erotic thing I had ever felt or seen. I hoped that when I was taking my last breath I could see that again.

Then she fucked my brains out. I mean that literally, I couldn't think for a while.

She started to push herself up and then just let go and let gravity slam her back down. I pushed up into her as she fell and every one was a jolt to both of us. We got faster and all of a sudden she froze and squeezed me so hard that I erupted. I couldn't stop. It'd been so long and she was beautiful and moaning and I could feel that and I was so excited that it felt like it went on forever.

We both finally slowed down and lay down facing each other, just touching and talking. Getting to know one another and my mind wondered, "How long will this go on?"

We showered and got back into bed. Snuggling and playing around. Kissing and licking each other. I loved watching my white hands on her brown body. And her brown hands on my white one.

The song, "Ebony and Ivory" has been a favorite of mine for years. It takes everyone, together, to make the best music, and she was playing some beautiful music on me.

I started to get hard again and she said that she was getting wetter and that we should do something about it. That's what was on my mind too so we did.

As I stood she turned on her back. When I turned and saw her it shocked me. Her dark body on those stark white sheets was so exciting that I almost came without being touched. I'd seen this in pictures and been jealous that I'd never see it in person, now I was. Another image to take with me.

She motioned me over then positioned me between her legs, jamming a pillow under her beautiful butt that raised her hips. Little did I know what for. She positioned me and pulled me into her with her legs. Her feet locked behind me. She wasn't going to let me get away. I wasn't planning on ever leaving.

She put my cock along her slit, against her clit. She pulled me in hard with her legs, then pushed me out slowly with her thighs. She did that for five minutes and I was getting muck more excited. Her too.

Then she reached over and picked up a tube of something. Where the hell had that come from? When she opened it and put the lube all over my cock I quit caring. She then put her fingers in her ass and pushed me down until the head was nestled where her fingers had been. This image was as exciting as the previous ones.

I burned the image of me pushing into her deep into my memory. My pink cock slipping into her dark brown asshole while she rubbed her clit, pink showing as she rubbed the lips open, was totally mind blowing.

God I loved it this way. I can watch my cock and her ass, her rubbing her clit, her breasts moving and jumping as I slammed in, then into her eyes. She'd look into my face and stare at me.

Then she'd lose focus and she would drift off somewhere. It drove me crazy wondering where she went when that happened. I decided to ask later and hope she remembered. Did I go there with her? I hope so.

Every time my wife and I did this I asked and she told me that it felt kind of like we merged on a very deep level. I always felt like I fell into her eyes and parts of our souls mixed. That's what this felt like right then.

I had come about an hour before so it took a while. Always looking and seeing into her. Feeling her each time she had an orgasm, and she had six of them before I came unglued. I don't know how else to describe that. IT seemed like a very bright light went off, a strobe, and it pulsed several times. Then I just slumped and we lay there for a long time.

I finally pushed myself up and looked down at her and she had the same look my wife would get. I looked, hoping it would last for a while and I thanked God for answering my prayer. I'd been back with my wife for a while. I would have to tell Makena though because it would bother me not to.

We spent the next two weeks together. Mostly the only time we were apart was to go to the bathroom and now and again she'd suck on me while she peed. That excited the hell out of me. She'd laugh when she was finished, almost embarrassed, but she'd do it again.

We did everything. Then one morning I woke and I was alone.

We'd been out the night before and smoked some when we got back. I slept pretty sound that night. She'd screwed me senseless too.

Then I found a letter that changed my life again.

"Dear Paul,

I want you to know that I will love you for the rest of my life. You are the most incredible man I've ever known. I loved my husband but he never gave me the closeness you've given me for the last two weeks. I will cherish the memory of every second of it.

I'm sorry I couldn't do this to your face. I'm so torn by what I'm doing anyway that I don't think I could have left if I'd seen you. I adore you. Everything about you. Your beautiful green eyes and long white hair. Your easy and loving manner with everyone. Your obvious love for me.

You seduced me the second I saw you through the window of your store so, as a revenge, I spent six weeks seducing you. You wouldn't really even look at me when I first came in and I decided I had to fix that. I knew if I moved to fast you would shy away so I just took some time. It took five days to get you to ask me to dinner the first time. I think you were afraid you'd betray your wife.

I think by then I'd lost myself in you, but I kept it up. I maneuvered each step and loved doing it. You never even saw it coming and that made me feel good. I was in control and this man was doing what I wanted. Sorry about that, but loved doing that to you.

I seduced you! I made you want me!"

About here I was feeling pretty shitty. She'd had me and now she was gloating, but I was so wrong.

She continued with,

"The problem now is that I've fallen in love with you, who you are, what you are. It scared the hell out of me. I'm so sorry. I never meant to hurt you and I know I have. I have to think for a while and see if I can make sense of my very jumbled life right now.

Paul, I love you! Never forget that. I will go to my grave loving you but I am frightened by how fast it was. I need to know if it's true over the long run.

Good bye Paul, please stay happy.

I love you.


Your African Queen."

I'd told her about the movie and she'd liked it. We played that game one night and both had incredible sex.

For about three days my women put up with my shitty attitude then pulled me aside and said they'd kick my ass if I didn't straighten up. Lana said, "What the hell are you doing? You had two weeks of fun times and a lot of sex with a beautiful woman. Quit feeling sorry for yourself and be happy it happened."

I think we'd all be better off in a Matriarchal society. Women get it.

It took a couple of months but I changed my attitude. I even asked Makena's friend how she was and to pass on my good wishes. That was probably the smartest thing I've ever done. Other than my wife.

Three days later I got a letter. It came to the store and Shirley, the woman who delivers our mail, was grinning from ear to ear when she handed it to me. I wondered what was up then looked at it. When I saw who it was from I was stunned.

Then, again, my world changed.

"My Dearest Paul,

It took me over a month to decide that my original feelings were true. I was totally in love with you and never wanted us to be apart again. I called Lana and she told me you were doing OK. That you'd gotten over most of it but you still missed the hell out of me.

We'd become good friends when I was there last and she said you just moped around but were starting to look at women as they walked in. That if I still was interested I should come. I decided that I wasn't going to let you look and asked her to ask Sylvia to drop in and see you. To remind you again.

When she'd passed me your good wishes I was already on a plane and arrived here in eighteen hours. I wrote this on the plane and Lana brought it in. She gave it to your mail woman and they all waited to see your reaction.

I wanted to see it too. I'm right behind you Paul.


I dropped the letter and spun so fast I stumbled. My mind spun and I thought I was having a heart attack. She jumped and grabbed me, held me close and kept me from falling. When I was settled she kissed me very hard and hasn't let go since. We touch constantly. Just caresses, soft and gentle, until we're alone.

Lana had hidden her in the back until I got the letter and slipped her out while I was reading it. I love all these sneaky women.

It's six months later and we've lived together since. I'm making arrangements to give a big piece of my store to Lana. Let her run it, I love her like a daughter and I trust her. All I want to do is be with Mya.

Her husband wasn't dead. They hadn't lived as a couple in five years, which was why she'd joined Lush. She divorced him while she was gone. That was the main reason she'd left. To make sure that "We" could happen.

Turns out all of them set me up. Mya's friend was actually Lana's friend she'd asked to help. They maneuvered me into position and I just fell into it. Mya got the store number because I was to open with personal location data. She called and she and Lana had cooked the whole thing up. Sneaky women!

Now I'm happy again. I'd have just moped myself to death otherwise so they did save my life. Gave me a whole new one too.

I still see my wife every week and Mya goes with me. She is a lovely lady, much like my wife had been. I come away very sad and she holds me and whispers that it's okay, everything will be all right, and I am very comforted again. Just like she'd done for me on line for three years. Thank you Lush.

And, God, thank you for women. They are the smarter of the sexes and life would be worthless without them.

Thank you very much for their devious minds too.


I wrote a previous story about meeting someone from Lush. I got to thinking, "What if it hadn't happened that way?" Either story stands alone but the shift in settings is fun. I did use some personalities that I know quite well. I hope you enjoy this and I plan to write about a few more ways. If you have some neat ideas, I won't do violent ones, send them to me, I am interested.

Thank you for reading. 

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