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Something She Deserved, But never Received

sure she had had sex, but never been made love to

Something She Deserved, But never Received

She had been with a few guys. Some she really cared about, some were one night stands, and some just plainly took advantage of her. She had, had sex in some wild places. Like driving down the interstate, at her place of work, and even a threesome with her ex-boyfriend and his friend. But no one had ever treated her like the caring person that John knew she was. You see, no one had ever truly made love to Chrissy. She had in her mind what she thought it could be like, and John had listened closely when they had talked during one of their nightly conversations.

He had told her that he wanted to make love to her and she said, "That she had never done that."

John asked "What do you mean you've never done that? You' had sex alot of times."

"Yeah but no one has ever made love to me"

John thought how could that be? How could someone have sex and nowhere along the way never been made love to?

In her mind she would like to have candles and rose pedals from the door, to and on the bed. That was pretty much all she desired from what she had described.

John had other plans for Chrissy though. He would include what she wanted but hoped what he had planned would be even better and a night she would never forget. John had learned a long time ago that spontaneous sex was pretty hot and exciting, but a woman unlike a man needs to be made love to her mind and senses. He also learned that the more excited she becomes the more exciting it will be for him.

John was finally able to get Chrissy alone for a quite evening. It started out with just some friendly conversation. The evening was a beautiful moonlit night. A slight chill of the early autumn air, the leaves starting to change adding a nice rainbow of color just seemed to add to the evening.

They sat and talked while having a few drinks, played a couple games of pool, and just enjoying the time together. Feeling the time was right, John took Chrissy by the hand and led her upstairs to the bedroom. He was nervous hoping she would enjoy what he had done and she was just nervous about being alone with him.

Before he opened the bedroom door he said, "Close your eyes I have a surprise for you."

"What have you done now" she asked. Thinking back to some of the times they had been together before. Like being tied to the pool table, and being molested in public while reading a story they had written together. "Do you have ropes and toys in there, or do you have a group of people waiting?" Chrissy asked with a nervous laughter.

"Well you just have to see now won't you. Close your eyes" John said before he opened the door.

She was listening closely trying to hear what might be instore for her. She heard the hinges of the door squeaking as he opened it. The first thing that caught her senses was the smell of vanilla and ginger. Leading her by the hand he lead her inside the doorway. "Well open your eyes" he said as he held her close from behind.

When she opened her eyes she was surprised by what she saw. She had to look around a couple of times to take it all in.

He kissed her neck and asked "Well what do you think gorgeous?" he asked.

She turned in his arms and kissed him and whispered "I love it."

There were candles all around the room, some scented some not but alot of them just the same. The one thing that almost made her cry was the rose pedals that he had scattered around the room and on the bed. Soft music was playing adding to the romantic setting. It was just as perfect as she had dreamed it would be.

She reached for the buttons on his shirt while looking down at his chest. John surprised her by taking her hands in his and stopping her. "What's the matter" she asked?

John looked deeply into her eyes and said "Not this time, you get all the attention tonight. Just enjoy what I have planned for you this time."

Leading her over to the bed he turned her back to the bed. Taking her face into his hands he softly kissed her on the lips. Sliding his hands down her sides he softly kissed her neck. Putting his hands under her shirt he felt the soft warmth of her skin. Easily he pushed her shirt up. Chrissy lifted her arms over her head allowing him to slide the shirt over her head and off her arms. Tossing it to the side he reached around her and hugged her and kissed her shoulders and neck. Unhooking the clasp of her bra he released the hooks and slowly slid it off her shoulders. Without breaking his look he tossed it to the side also.

Taking her breast in his hands he softly caressed them as he lowered his head. Putting a hardening nipple into his lips he started to suck on it drawing it into his mouth. Taking his time sucking on the hardening nipple he softly and slowly flicked his tongue back and forth across it. Kissing his way across her chest he licked the other one giving it the same loving treatment. Releasing it from his lips he rose up and placed a soft kisses on her lips. Nudging her back to the bed she took a seat and slid back onto the rose covered comforter.

Lifting her foot he took off her shoe and rubbed her foot before removing her sock. Lowering that one he lifted the other and repeated the same thing with it also. He surprised her as he lifted her foot even higher and placed small kisses on her foot as he caressed it. Sliding his hands up her legs as he did. Leaning down placing his hands on either side of her, John started soft kisses all over her belly. Working his way over to her sides, back up across her chest to her breast he sucked her nipple on to his mouth repeating the same treatment all over again.

Chrissy slid her hands across his arms and up across his shoulders. The sensations of him sucking on her hardening nipple was sending hot waves straight to her warming pussy making it start to get wet. She moved her hands to the back of John's head and her fingers into his hair. With a handful of hair she guided him to her other breast and hard nipple. Following her desire he took her other nipple the same way he had done the other. Her body was becoming a bundle of nerves with every touch exciting her, she pushed him lower.

Lifting, John slowly unbuttoned her pants. He reached inside the waistband as she placed her feet on the bed to lift her hips. Pulling her pants down he was pleased that she once again didn't have on any panties. That was something she didn't normally wear anyway. Sliding them off her legs and off her feet he tossed them into the same pile as the other discarded clothing.

"Turn around and roll over" John told her as he took off his own shirt.

Not wanting the touching to end she waited as he took off the rest of his clothes. Turning her head she saw that his cock was rock hard and pointing straight at her. Reaching her hand out to him she reached for his hard cock.

Taking her hand he placed it next to her head "Sorry, but not yet, I'm not done." He spread her legs as he climbed onto the bed.

She waited patiently for what was coming next.

He reached over her to the night stand for the oil he had on the warming tray. Chrissy hadn't noticed it there when she sat on the bed, but then again she was a little occupied. John started spreading the oil across her back. The warm oil felt good against her skin. Slowly he started to give her a massage. Working the oil into skin and caressing her as he went. Starting at her shoulders he worked the warm oil down her arms then back up. Down her back over to her sides.

When he would reach up she could feel his hard cock sliding into the crack of her ass. Lifting her ass she tried to get it lined up for the entry she so desired now. John had to be very careful not to allow this to happen. If his cock did slip in he knew he wouldn't be able to stop and his plan would be shot.

She loved to be fucked and John loved the way she felt and moved when he was inside her. It didn't matter if it was in her hot wet pussy or her hot tight ass, he loved it either way.

Moving down the bed he worked his way down her body and away from the temptation that was awaiting him. Putting more oil in his hands he worked his way down her body. Caressing the cheeks of her ass she lifted it for more touch. Running his fingers into the crack of her ass she really started feeling the effects of the warming oil he was using. Caressing just long enough to excite her with the hope of putting his fingers in her ass, something she loved very much John moved lower down her thighs. When he slid his hands back up her thighs he pulled her cheeks apart.

Lowering down to her he kissed her ass and slid his tongue up her ass. Again Chrissy lifted her ass to his touch. Running his tongue to her puckering hole he licked it sending chills up and down her body. Her pussy was getting hotter and wetter by the minute. John could tell she was getting very excited by the moans coming from deep inside as he tongue fucked her ass. He couldn't tell if the heat he was feeling on his tongue and lips was from the flavored oil or from Chrissy, but he liked it either way.

Knowing she was getting extremely hot he moved from her ass down her legs. Applying more oil to her thighs he massaged his way down her legs to her calves working first one then the other. Lifting first one leg then the other John even massaged oil into her feet.

Once he worked her legs and feet to a nice relaxing feel he told her "Ok it's time to roll over" She rolled over onto her back as he lowered himself down to kiss her lips once again.

He lowered his hard cock to her waiting wet pussy but instead of putting it in her he lowered it to rub her hardening clit as he kissed her lips and neck.

Chrissy put her arms around his shoulders and her legs around his hips moving hers to try and capture the cock she wanted in her pussy knowing as wet as she was it would slide right in. Feeling the desire she had from his teasing and his soft touch, John knew what she wanted but couldn't allow this to happen yet.

He still had things he wanted to do to her. Lifting off her and her disappointing moans he reached for the oil once again. Starting at her neck he worked his way down her chest. Rubbing all around her breast but not touching her hard nipples was driving her crazy. Working the warming oil into the skin of her belly he continued lower. She knew where he was heading and she had never been a big fan of being licked and eaten, she was just waiting for him to move on.

John told her many times if she didn't enjoy it before it was because it must not have been done right. He was determined to try and make it as enjoyable as he could. Kissing her belly and rubbing his way down her thighs he rubbed the inside of her thighs up to but not touching her pussy. He could tell how excited she was becoming by the moisture he could see on her swelling lips. Lightly he rubbed the warming oil just on the outer lips but being careful not to go inside or to touch her clit.

Lowering his head he started kissing the inside of her thighs. First one then the other. Working his way closer and closer the kisses were starting to drive her wild. Taking his tongue he lightly traced the outside of her lips, up one side across the top and down the other. Over and over again. Sliding his arms under her thighs he lifted her legs into the air. Moving downward she felt the touch of his tongue against her ass.

Grabbing her cheeks she opened herself up to him allowing better access to her ass. He took the clue and buried his tongue into her asshole. Sliding his tongue back and forth across it and back in. Then he started working it upward across her ass, across her lips pushing hard enough to push past her lips into her wet pussy and across her hard clit. Feeling it on her clit made her catch her breath. Back down to her ass he repeated the process. Over the ass, into her pussy and flicking her clit. She couldn't take it anymore. If this is what being eaten was supposed to be like he was right it hadn't been done right. This was great, but she was going mad with the desire and need to cum.

Grabbing hands full of hair she pulled his face tight to her pussy and told him "Oh god I need to cum John, make me cum NOW."

That was all he needed to hear and he sucked her clit into his lips and started to rapidly flick his tongue across it. Having to hold onto her hips as she pushed her hips off the bed and her pussy into his mouth. When she started cumming he lapped her pussy and clit like a starving dog not being able to get enough. Tasting and drinking as much of her as he could.

Releasing her legs John moved up her body and kissed her on the lips sharing the sweet cum that he had all over his face. Chrissy reached between them and grabbed his hard cock and guided it to her waiting pussy. John knew with all the excitement that he wouldn't be able to last very long.

He tried to go slow but Chrissy was wanting otherwise. "Baby, I'll cum to fast if I go for it now, I need to go slow for a minute." John said. Wanting to make it as special a night as he could. What he didn't know was he already had.

Chrissy wanted him to have the enjoyment that he had given her. She looked him in the eyes and said "I want you to cum in my ass."

Lifting her legs he reached his hands behind her knees and pushed her legs up over his shoulders. Taking his hard cock in his hand he placed the head at her entrance and started pushing. With the juices from her wet pussy and the cum from her orgasm there was plenty of lube for him to ease his way in. Slowly John pushed his cock into her ass.

Chrissy said "Fuck me John, give it to me. Cum in my ass." She knew this would excite him and send him over the edge. While he held her legs and started driving his hard cock in and out she started rubbing her clit trying to cum with him. Driving toward what they both wanted it didn't take them very long until they were there together.

Chrissy could feel his cock start to swell and John could feel her ass getting tighter. As it doesn't happen very often this night would be perfect to the end. His moans increasing and her rubbing faster brought them to orgasm at the same time. Exhausted from the night of passion they snuggled up together and drifted off to sleep in each others arms.

When she woke up some time later she was disappointed that he was gone. But rolling over she couldn't help but smile at the note and flowers left on the pillow beside her. "Thank you for a wonderful night from such a wonderful and special lady. I hope you enjoyed what you should have been given all along. John"

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