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Spain when it sizzles

“You can always find love when you’re in Madrid when Spain always sizzles”

On a Saturday afternoon on the bay side of Madrid, Spain,
boats came into the port with shipped goods from the Mediterranean Sea. The
aroma of the air smelled like old bay spices which were from stands that were
selling rare fish. People walked up and down from the broad walk looked at
dance shows performed by world tour artists. A man that was 20 years old and
was 5’7” came up to one of the stands. He looked like he was very well off and
muscular; he was dressed was in a gray sweat suit with his itouch strapped to
his shoulder. His black long hair was tied up in a pony tail. His skin was
tanned and his eyes were dark brown. He looked like he could be a ladies’ man;
you could tell because he would talk about a different girl every other week. His
name was Enrique Morales who was from Miami, Florida.

He had his music up loud that everyone who passed by could
hear it blasting from his earphones. The
guy who was in his early 40s owned the stand finished with one of his daily
costumers then turned to him, “what captures the eyes señor”, he said with a
heavy Spanish accent. Enrique turned down his music while looking about but
then looked back up at him with disgust, “I don’t want none of this crap but I’ll
take that turquoise bracelet that looks like it’s on sale”, he replied in a
spectator voice. The man looked back at him with shear disappointment but
ignored what Enrique remarked to him, “It cost more than that”, Enrique let out
a low snicker then said, “the way it looks from here it could cost animal shit”.
The man retorted back, “no it doesn’t, I looked at the original price myself”.
Enrique rolled his eyes, “please you must have got it out of a gumball machine
that cost a quarter, trust me its plastic but for you I’ll pay the price you
gave it. So let the quarrel end there, ok señor”, Enrique said it as a final
draw. The man gave up the fight and gave it to him while Enrique gave him the
money. He walked away while the man cursed at him in Spanish in a low tone not
knowing Enrique could hear what he was saying.

Meanwhile at a café near the shore, another guy who was 20
years old also and was 5’8” looked at his menu. He looked like he was a
professional business man who was well to do and had a muscular body. He was
dressed in a black white lined suit that was tailor made. His short reddish
brown hair was slicked back with grease that smelled like mango. His eyes were
dark brown with a shade of black while his skin was light brown. His name was
Lewis Liddell who was from Blackwood, Virginia. His cell phone went off while
he picked it up quickly, “what it is”, he said in a ghetto tone knowing he was
talking to one of his boys. The waiter came up to him asking for his order,
“would you like to begin your order mister”, she said pleasantly. Lewis got
ticked off about it and he told the other person from the other end to hold on,
“what do you want”, he replied nastily. She rolled her eyes and tried to shrug
it off, “would you like me to, sir”. He retorted back, “I don’t want freaking
anything, now leave me alone”, Lewis finished while she stormed off. Lewis
picked his phone back up and began talking again to his bud.

An hour later Enrique came back to the hotel suite, he
looked very exhausted the way his hair was half all over his head. He turned on
the TV and slouched in a resting chair. His younger brother came back in from
the terrace he was looking out from. He was 19 years old and was 6’4”, he
looked charming the way he had his dark blue short sleeve shirt and his dark
blue denim shorts. His dark brown short hair was cropped up in spikes while his
eyes were light hazel brown and his muscles had a definition. His skin was
creamy pale light, judging by the way he took good care of his skin. He looked
like an energetic guy who had a passion for fun but not like a womanizer his
brother was. His name was Antonio Morales who was also from where Enrique was.
He came into the living room with a smile on his face. Enrique looked up at
him, “what you smiling about Tony”, saying it in a usual tone. Antonio glanced
back at him, “oh nothing just looking at tourist go by, besides I’m bored
anyway”. Enrique rolled his eyes, “you know you were looking at some fine
chicas down there, now don’t lie to me”, he said with a sly voice. Antonio
rolled his eyes back, “I am not like you Rico, so quit it”, he said annoyed.
Enrique got up and started for the bathroom, “I’m going to take a nice long
bath while masturbate”, he said out loud with a snicker, “you are the nastiest
person I’ve ever met”, Antonio replied with disgust while Enrique slammed the
door behind. Antonio walked over to the white linen couch and slumped deep down
on it. He flicked the channel when all of a sudden his brother made loud moans
that made him shiver in more disgust, “remind me not to use that anymore bro”;
Antonio said as he turned off the TV again and walked out with a slam of the

Lewis came back to ‘El Hotel Emperador (Emperador Hotel)’.
He walked into the lobby while he passed by Antonio who was going to leave,
Lewis didn’t know that he was going to know him for a long time and for Antonio
too. Lewis went up to the desk clerk that was checking an old couple. He waited
until there turn was over, when his younger sister came up to him. She was also
19 years old and was 5’3”. Her attitude was very shy but her looks were
stunning. She had a light pink blouse with a light pink pencil skirt on but her
slim body defined her most. Her eyes were dark brown and her light brown short dyed
hair that came to her shoulders was made up into a French bun while her skin was carmel brown. Her personality was
kind of dull; it appeared as if she had no fun in half her life. Her name was
Alice Liddell who was from the same place Lewis was.

He turned around when she tapped him on the shoulder, “where
were you, I was trying to find you all day”, she said pissed off. He tried to
calm her down, “I was at the café sweets, but was trying to call you. Was your
phone turned off?” he said lovingly. She rolled her eyes and said pitifully,
“Lou you need some help, because right now I am going to whip your butt”, she
replied as she put both her arms up in the wrestling position. Lewis face
turned blue, “come on sweets, let’s not fight over something petty”, he said
calmly. She put her arms down, “well you better tell me where you’re going next
time wise guy or I’m telling dad that you were abandoning me again”, she said
with a smirk on her face.

Lewis rolled his eyes and walked up to the clerk, “do you
have any voice messages for me”, he said formerly. The clerk checked his
computer and then looked back up at him, “no sir there are no new messages for
you”, Alice walked up to the desk as he said it. She turned to Lewis, “Amy
doesn’t want you anymore, so why are you still sauntering about it”, she said
it teasingly. His face lit up in fury,
“yes she does and I know it”, Alice started to tease him more, “no she
doesn’t”, he responded back, “yes she does”, he gritting his teeth. They both continue
to quarrel when the clerk spoke up, “I’m sorry but there are a lot of people in
behind you who want to check in, you know”, he replied as he pointed to the
opposite direction of the two. They both looked back and smiled nervously at
the angry crowd that formed. Antonio looked back at the commotion that was
going on behind him. He let out low laugh as he watched the two go over to the
elevator embarrassed. Antonio looked at Alice the most as he was captivated by
her. He watched as he saw them move up on the see through elevator looking
disgusted at each other, “what an argument they got into”, he thought to
himself. In the evening, the city of Madrid was lit up like Las Vegas. Clubs
were the highlight of the night; people on the streets were dancing around at
the carnival that was going down the street. Enrique sat on the bed putting his red gator
suede shoes on and said, “I can’t wait to go to the club tonight Tony”, as
Antonio put his green silk shirt on. He looked back at him, “I know why you
want to go there”, he said teasingly, “what is it”, Enrique tried to sound
dumbfounded, “because you want girls, girls, girls”, Antonio replied with a
singing tone. Enrique got up while he put on his polo cologne, “you know I am
always tipping on those girls”, he said in sly tone. Antonio rolled his eyes
and continued, “I want an adventure”, as he put his old spice cologne on.

Enrique glanced at the chrome clock on the wall, “what kind
adventure bro”, as he put his crystal cuff links on. Antonio went on, “I want
to see her again”, Enrique rose to the comment, “what’s her name”, Antonio
looked out the window, “I don’t know yet, but I’m going to muster up and ask
her”, he replied as he sat down. Enrique sat down on the other Swedish
temperpedic bed, “you want a booty call don’t you” he said slyly. Antonio once
again rolled his hazel eyes, “no I want to be her friend”, Enrique’s eyes
widened, “what are you talking about”, he said with bewilderment, Antonio tried
to hide his smile, “because she seems like a nice person”. Enrique raised one
eyebrow, “that sound very weak of you, saying you want to be her friend when
you know that you feel her deeper than that”, he said this while Antonio got
back up and put his dark green leather blazer jacket on. “But please don’t tell
me”, Enrique protested, “that you only want to be a friend”, he said as he
shook his head lazily. Antonio couldn’t help but laugh, “I’ll do my best”, as
he said this Enrique put on his red velvet jacket on knowing that Antonio’s
best with girls was zero.

Lewis came out of the bathroom smelling fresh of axes
cologne, “are you going to a party”, Alice said as she put on her nude shear
stockings. He looked up at her, “yes, the country club, why”, he replied
wanting to know. She slipped into her pink silk thigh high dress on, “oh no
brother dearest, I’m not going to the club to find a man”, she replied it in a
baby voice teasing him. He responded back, “the way that dress looks, your
definitely going to get one sweets”, as he put his creamy white jacket on.
Alice rolled her eyes, “oh come on, it’s not showing my panties. Besides stop
being my father”, she said with a snarl. Lewis knew not to get in an argument
with her, because it would be another hour of fighting, “hey, you know this guy
keeps watching you from a distance”, Lewis giving her a heads up while Alice
sprayed watermelon breeze all over her body, “he did, why?’, she replied back
looking kind of scared. “Don’t worry sweets he won’t bother you when I’m
around”, he explained to her with confidence. Alice looked back at him with
knowing eyes, “for one thing I can always count on you with protection and I
thank you for that”, she said as she put on her heart pink necklace. They both
smiled at each other as they walk out the door.

An hour later all four came to the country club called ‘Club
de Campo Villa de Madrid’. Lewis Alice sat in one booth while Enrique
Antonio sat on the other side of it. Everybody in the club were dancing
to party mix, colorful lights went flashing on and off in every direction. The
audience hollered to the DJ to keep it coming with the loud music. Lewis turned
to Alice and said out loud, “I’m going to get us something to drink I’ll be
back”, he said as he got up and walked off. Enrique spotted a lady who caught
his fantasizing eyes, “I’ll be right back”, he said as he sprung up and walked
off. Antonio knew why but rolled his eyes, “I wonder where she is right now”,
he said it thoughtfully to himself. He got up and was about to go to the bar
when he saw her from the corner of his eye. Antonio turned around instantly and
came up to the booth, “Hi there, what’s your name”, he said it cheerfully.
Alice looked up at him and got ticked about it, “why are you talking to me you
stranger”, looking kind of pissed. He tried not to hear her retort, “I just
wanted to say hi”, he said in a sweet way. She looked away and tired to ignore
him, “please leave me alone”, she replied angrily to him. Antonio’s smile begun
to fade rapidly, “I’ll leave you alone”, he said quietly yet with a gentle
voice. He walked away with Alice feeling kind of bad for what she did to him.
She got up and started towards him when Lewis came up to her quick with the
drinks, “take yours quick before I drop it”, he said with a smirk. She rolled
her eyes and sat back down while she sipped her drink. Lewis did the same and
looked at random people go pass by their booth, Alice tried to scan Antonio but
he was nowhere to be found, she sighed to herself and kept sipping on her

Morning broke through the city night life and shined right
through. Alice was startled from her sleep when honking noises from cars
outside the hotel came in her window. She went to the terrace to see that there
was traffic congestion near her. She rolled her eyes and went back inside while
closing the large windows behind her. Alice got back in her bed and looked to
her right where her brother was snoring heavily on his bed, she started to
think about how she hurt Antonio, “maybe I shouldn’t have been so mean to him”,
she thought to herself. She took a quick
shower, and then she put on her cardigan pink sweater, gray slacks, pink
stiletto shoes, and her hair in the usual French bun. Alice took one more
glance at Lewis and smiled devilishly while she slammed the door right behind
her. Lewis woke up suddenly to the noise, “who is it, what happen”, that was
all he could say startled.

Enrique came back to the hotel room. He sat on the bed,
“Antonio, where are you”, he said teasingly while trying to cover up what he
was doing last night with the lady from the country club. He realized that he
wasn’t there and got back up headed to the bathroom, “he must be out somewhere”,
he thought to himself. Later on in the afternoon, Lewis came out of the cab, “aquí
usted va señor (here you go sir)”, he said as he tipped him with his fare. The
guy nodded his head in response to the money while Lewis got out. He walked
into the hotel and went up to the clerk again, “do you have any new messages
for me”, he said formally. The clerk once again looked it up on his computer
and then glanced back at him, “no señor, you don’t have any today”. Lewis
cheerful face began to fade as he walked to the restaurant that was on the
other side of the lobby, “why Amy doesn’t want to call me”; he said puzzled as
he kept walking slowly, “I guess she is out somewhere. I minds well keep myself
busy until she gets my messages”.

A half an hour later, Alice came out of the gift shop that
was near the bar, as she was about to walk outside to the patio she saw Antonio
drinking at the bar. She took a quick minute thinking to herself, “I should say
sorry to him, I was kind of rude”, Alice said as she walked over slowly to him.
Antonio was still talking to the bartender who was listening attentively to
what he was saying, “I can’t believe my brother stood me up last night for some
hooker”; he said half sluggishly from his drink. The bartender shook his head
disappointed, “have some more Elderberry wine, you need it”, he replied
thoughtfully. Antonio took the drink and was about to sip it when all of a
sudden he heard a voice behind him, “I am so sorry that I was mean to you, I
was still pissed off at my brother at the time”, she said calmly to him. He
turned around and looked at her confused, “what are you talking about sugar
that was all forgiven last night”, he said sweetly to her. Alice raised one
eyebrow and turned to the bartender, “is he drunk”, the bartender just replied,
“kind of, you see he’s been here for an hour now, so I can be sure he is half
drunk”, he said with a little giggle. Antonio stared into space as Alice sat
next to him, “you’re drunk why don’t you go back to your room and sleep it
off”, she told him like she was his mother. He got out of his long trance,
“you’re not my mommy, what have you got the right to tell me what to do. I
don’t even know you like that”, he replied angrily to her, “well I’m telling
you for your own good, you know so stop acting like a child”, she said as she
rolled her eyes. She tried to lift him up but was pushed away by him, “don’t
you touch me”, he said it with lazy tone. Alice hesitated for a moment, “your
drunk and you know it so stop acting”, she replied furiously, “I was going to
help your butt but now I’m not doing jack”, she said as she stormed off in so
much rage. Antonio slumped back in his seat and laughed at her as she walked
off. Alice turned back around and gave him the middle finger and kept storming
off while the bartender looked stunned.

Enrique walked yet again on the broad walk as he tried to
scope out for pretty girls in bikinis, “who is going to be my next notch”, he
said slyly to himself with a devilish grin. He kept looking when he saw Lewis
for the first time slumped on the side looking depressed. Enrique felt kind of
sorry for him and walked over, “hey man what’s wrong”, he said as he stood next
to him, Lewis turned to see Enrique, “oh no its nothing, just had a bad day”,
he said as he fixed his posture up. Enrique gave him the ‘I know look’, “it is
something, I know for sure. You must have got dumped by some girl, didn’t you?”
Lewis gazed his eyes back to the bay, “ok you win”, he replied back not putting
up a verbal fight, “Amy was her name, we’d been together for four years now,
when all of a sudden she broke up with me saying that I was never there for
her”, Lewis confessed. Enrique looked out to the bay as well, “you look like
the kind of person who wants to be with somebody for a long time”, he replied.
Lewis turned back to him, “how did you know that I had girl problems?” he said
wanting to know. Enrique kept looking at tourists go by, “because your face
says it all bro”, Lewis looked confused, “what kind of expression did I have”,
Enrique faced him, “your eyebrows are slanting inward on you face”, Lewis could
help but snicker under his breath, “man your lying”, he said while trying to
hide a smile.

Enrique kept a solemn
face on, “I’m not kidding, I know all that relationship stuff”, he replied as
he slouched his elbows on the ledge of the board walk, “well I was a good man
to her, I gave her all of my time and anything she could possibly want”, Lewis
said with dignity. Enrique burst out laughing leaving Lewis annoyed, “what’s so
funny”, he said manly, Enrique turned towards him again, “she used you bud, no
doubt”. Lewis face begun to twist up, “that is so not true, she said that she
loved me for who I was”; Enrique replied with, “She must have been one fine
lady for making you blind. You should have known better”, Lewis started to look
dumbfounded while Enrique continued, “that girl didn’t want you she wanted your
money, if you could have saw that back than you wouldn’t be so hurt now.
Observe people and see if they are your friend or not, because not everybody is
your buddy. I learnt that the hard way with a girl too”. Lewis stared at him
for a while before he said, “your right I was blinded by the”, he was
interrupted when Enrique said, “by the booty”, he smirked under his breath,
Lewis rolled his eyes and finished what he was saying, “beauty, stupid”, he
replied annoyed. Enrique added, “Well since your single why don’t we check out
some honeys on the broad walk, what’d you say”, he smiling to every girl that
passed by him. Lewis gave in and replied, “What the heck, what I got to lose or
what do I have to gain”, he explained lazily.
Enrique smiled and they both walked off exploring the bay for women.

Night crept over the San Juan hills. The midnight breeze
blew the palm trees below, people walked about the shore while a beach party
was going on. Enrique and Lewis walked down the steps that led to the party, “look
at that”, Enrique said childishly. Lewis face him, “It is a wild party alright”,
Enrique scanned around when all of a sudden a young girl caught his eye, “I
love wild parties, cause wild girls go there, you know what I’m saying bro”, as
he walked over to her. Lewis was left stranded and tried not to let himself
seem lonely so he walked over to the bar and sat down, “give me scotch on ice
please”, he said to the bartender, “ok mister coming right up”, he replied as
he prepared Lewis drink. A lady came up to him; she was 20 years old like him
and was 5’3”. She had figure to die for while her light skin was sprayed with
bronze. Her long hair was black but was curly all over and her eyes were light
brown. She wore a two piece yellow flower bikini but her beauty radiated more.
She looked like the type that was kind hearted and had a lot to give like Lewis
did. Her name was Alexa Vegas, she came and sat next to him looking sorry for
him, “what’s wrong”, she said it with a light Spanish accent. He turned toward her,
“I just got dumped by my ex”, he replied hurt. She looked him up and down with
loving eyes, “what was her name”, she said curious to find out”, he continued,
“It was Amy, we been together for four years. I thought she was the one”, he
explained to her painfully. Alexa put one hand on his back, “you’re gone to get
through this, I know so”, she replied reassuringly. Lewis looked back at her
and smiled gently.

Back at the hotel, Alice came out of the elevator and headed
towards her room when all of a sudden Antonio raced down the white elaborate
designed hall with an ice bucket, “I wonder what the hell he is doing”, she
said to herself as if he was up to no good. He saw Alice and came up
immediately to her, “hey there stranger”, he said it with a fake southern
accent. Alice rolled her eyes, “you need to stop screwing with people like that
or you could get hurt”; she said but put in quotation, “physically”. Antonio
couldn’t help but laugh, “Yeah ok, so how was your day”, he setting the bucket
down on the floor beside his feet, “the usual stupid”, she replied like he
knew. Antonio teased her back, “I don’t know you like that so how am I suppose
to know what you do every day, wise guy”, Alice’s face began to lit up in fire,
“don’t you talk to me like that fucktard”, she beginning to storm off again but
was stop when he put his hand around her arm, “whoa there chica I wasn’t trying
to get smart with you there”, Alice looked at his hand on her, “get your
pervert hand off me”, she retorted. He started to get angry, “no I’m not”, he
replied angrily to her, “oh please you gigolo”, she teased him nastily, Antonio
picked up his bucket and walked off with a pissed look on his face while Alice
felt happy to herself that she thought she won the fight at last. Antonio
stopped abruptly and turned around quick, “at least I’m not frigid like you,
daddy’s’ little girl”, he said as he teased her again. Alice lit up in rage
once more, “go to hell mama’s boy”; he ignored her and walked away feeling
happy that he won the fight again.

Morning rose yet again as it conquered night. Lewis waited
for Alexa to come so they could begin their date. He looked at his Armani grey
watch, “I wonder why she is taking so long”, he said in his mind. Then he felt
a tap on his shoulder he suddenly turned around and looked up, “hi there”,
Alexa said in girly tone. He immediately rose up, “oh hello Miss. Vegas”, he
said it politely, “just call me Alexa, I don’t want to sound old”, she replied
as she sat down giggling. Lewis smiled back and sat down while he picked up his
menu, “ you can have anything on this entire menu”, he said it with a smooth
tone, Alexa gave him a wink, “I’ll get something that can fit your budget, I
don’t want to wipe you out of your money”, she replied respectfully. Lewis
shook his head in response, “its ok with me, spend on anything you want babe”,
she looked back at the menu, “’I’ll just take an appetizer than”, Alexa replied
sweetly, Enrique than came into the little bistro with his honey dip. He saw
Lewis and put is ‘ok’ finger up as they both sat down and began to take their
order, “what do you want baby”, he said as he put his hand on her thigh gently,
It sent chills up her spine and she began to gasp, “I’m having what your
having”, she replied turned on. Lewis rolled his eyes at Enrique and then
looked back at Alexa who was still studying her menu, he couldn’t help but gaze
at her beauty that only he saw.

Alice walked into the book store while Antonio secretly
followed in behind. She walked to the back where mystery novels where, “I
wonder what they sound like in Spanish”, Alice thought to herself. Antonio
crept up to her very slowly than lashed out on her with a big hug from behind,
“what the heck”, she said startled, “hey suga, what you doing”, he said while
he sounded curious. Alice tried to release herself from him but his grip was to
strong, “let me go or I will call the cops you freak”, she replied scornfully.
Antonio only smiled and hold on her even tighter, “oh please I’m not letting
you go that easy”, Alice rolled her brown eyes and still tried to squirm out of
his embrace, “don’t move”, he said stiffly. Alice than froze in fear, “what’s
going on”, she said with a stutter. Antonio slowly moved on close to the
bookshelf and cautiously banged it with one of the encyclopedia books. It fell
down on the floor, “what the hell was that”, Alice replied with a scare in her voice,
“it was a black widow”, he replied back while he glanced at her.

“What is a black widow”, she asked him curiously, “It’s a
spider that can kill you instantly if it pricked you”, Antonio said it plainly.
Alice stood still in fear knowing that’s what she saw, “oh my goodness, that
thing scared the shit out of me. I hate bugs, I don’t care if their big or
small. There disgusting”, Antonio gazed back at the bookshelf as he put the
encyclopedia back, “that’s kind of funny, knowing you can’t be near them at
all”, he replied with a smile. Alice gave him a quick glance, “thanks for
saving my life from that horrible creature”, she patting him on the back, “don’t
mention it”, he kissed her on the forehead, “what the hell was that all about”, Alice
said as they both walked back to the front of the store, “oh nothing just a
friendly kiss”, he replied lying to her. She shook her head, “oh please that
was not a friendly kiss”, Antonio looked back at her, “well then is this a
friendly kiss”, he said as he put both his arms around her waist and pulled her
close to him, “what are you doing”, Alice replied confused. He gave her a soft
kiss on the lips that lasted for a good 10 seconds. “Oh me oh my”, Alice said
dumbfounded from the powerful kiss, Antonio smiled, “now that’s a friendly
kiss”, he said as the store owner looked in awe from the two, “I think the
first one was friendly”, she corrected him, “well I must agree with you than”,
Antonio replied giggling under his breath. Alice rolled her eyes, “well I guess
we better go cause the clerk doesn’t like what he sees”, she said while looking
at the owner who was in their business, “fine with me suga”, Antonio said
sweetly. They both walk out while the clerk was still amazed.

Lewis came back to the hotel while he thought about Alexa
until the clerk said his name out loud, “Mr. Liddell, you have a new message”,
he said eagerly. Lewis looked kind of confused but went over to the desk
anyway. “Who is it from”, he replied, the clerk gave him the telegram. Lewis
took it from him and walked over to a nearby chair, he opened it up and begun
to read it. He looked stun, “are you sure this is from Miss. Amy Johnson”, he
said while he walked back up to the desk, “sí she did left you an email. I
printed it out myself so you could see”, the clerk replied reassuringly. Lewis
looked at it once more and ripped it up, “what are you doing señor”, the clerk
replied confused. Lewis shook his head, “I don’t want anything to do with her,
she broke my heart. So I am moving on”, he said as he walked over to the
elevator and continued, “but I can tell you one damn thing, she was a gold digger”,
he shouted out as the elevator doors closed with him still inside while the
clerk looked at him with both eyes bulged out.

Night came as it cast
its darkness on Madrid. Alice sat out on the terrace as she read her book when
all of a sudden she heard a mariachi band coming up the street near the hotel.
She thought it was one of the women again that were being serenaded but was
astonished when it came near her terrace, “what is this, “she thought to
herself as Antonio came out from behind them dressed like them as well, “hey
beautiful how you doing”, he said it in a ghetto but sexy tone. She raised one
eyebrow, “what are you doing”, she replied. He only began to sing while the
band played, Alice sat there for 5 minutes in awe as he kept singing his heart
out to her, “oh Tony that was beautiful, I didn’t know you could sing”, she
said as they finished. Antonio nodded his head in response, “oh its nothing I
just wanted to prove that I care about you”, the whole band than shouted out
loud, “what he is trying to say is that he wants to be with you and he loves
you”, Alice’s brown eyes widened, “what ? you want to be with me”, she replied,
he looked down to the ground at his feet, “uh yeah, I do”, he said as if he was
a shy little boy, Alice smiled and then replied, “yes I want you, oh yes”, she
said desperately, “why don’t you go up there Tony”, one of the band members
said in heavy Spanish accent. Antonio nodded and race into the hotel, Alice ran
back inside and waited for him to come. People who were on the balconies and on
the street cheered amorously as the band kept playing. “Here I am baby”,
Antonio said as he busted into the room, she walked over slowly to him and
confessed, “Why do you want to be with me, I have been mean to you”, he walked
over close to her, “I saw pass through that, you just didn’t have fun in your
life, but now I’m here. Don’t worry”, he replied as he grasped her in his arms
and kissed her again but longer. They both spent the rest of the night together
as they talked about deeper feelings for each other.

Morning once again invaded as it rose up high in the sky
shining brightly as ever on Madrid. Lewis came out of the elevator and head
towards the room. He then looked at the red crystal clock that was on the wall
beside him, “wow I’m late, I guess Alexa took all of my time”, he said with a
sly voice. Alice gazed into Antonio eyes as he did the same, “oh baby I can’t wait
to spend the night with you again”, Antonio said while he hold her very close
to him, “hug me more Tony”, Alice replied as she snuggled more in his arms.
They both sat back down and kept hugging each other when all of a sudden Lewis
came in, he looked back up and just stared, “ Lou what are you doing back so
early”, Alice said hesitatingly as they both got up from the bed, “it’s not
what you think”, Antonio added in nervously. Lewis could not say anything but
gasp with anger, he walked over slowly while Alice & Antonio stepped back
even further, “now Lewis”, Alice said but continued, “Tony’ s right, we didn’t
do anything”, she turned to Antonio, “say something sweets, tell him the whole
thing”. Antonio gulped and went on, “I came over last night trying to make it
up to her by serenading her with a mariachi band”, Alice nodded and added, “he
sounded beautiful too”, she smiled to him, Antonio smiled back but continued,
“and she accepted my apology, so I ran into the hotel and went to her room. We
hugged we kissed and just talked”, Antonio finished and then he stared into
space as he thought about last night but was startled when Lewis hissed, “I
don’t believe you two. Alice your lying to me”, he said as he was about to
chase Antonio around the room. Alice stood in his way, “now don’t you start, he
was telling the truth. Let me ask you this question; is there a glow on my
face? “She snarled at him. Lewis looked at her blankly, “no, but you slept with
him”, her faced turned cold; “we didn’t do anything. Spending the night with a
person doesn’t mean that you’re sleeping with them, Lewis”, she replied shaking
her head. Antonio looked back and forth at them when he finally added, “you
know my brother Enrique right?’ he asked him, Lewis turned to face him, “yes
why”, he said coldly, “Well cause sometimes he puts your name in conversations.
He says you two always have a wild time at parties”, Antonio replied with a
little smirk. Alice smiled as well when the phone rang, “I’ll get it”, Lewis
said disgusted, he walked over and picked it up, “hello, who is this”, Alice
and Antonio just stood there and waited, “oh good I’ll be right down”, Lewis
finished and got back up from the chair, “you guys are off the hook this time”,
he said as he walked out with the slam of the door. Alice ran over quickly and opened the door,
“Lewis I am a grown ass woman, don’t you tell me what to do”, she said as shouted
down the hall. A woman in her late 40s opened her door and looked out to see
what all the commotion was while Antonio went up to her and tried to calm her
down, “it’s ok chica”, he said as he kissed her on the back of her neck,
“alright”, she replied back.

Enrique ran into to the hotel as if he was being chased by
someone. He walked hastily up to the desk clerk, “um excuse me, do you know
what this bracelet is made of”, he said as he extended his hand out, the clerk
took it and studied it, “well isn’t this swell, this bracelet is made out of
real jade”, Enrique looked at him confused, “what are you talking about, I got
this from one of those vendors out on the broad walk”, the man nodded happily,
“well señor you struck the real thing”, Enrique swallowed his pride, “that explains
why this man ran after me”, he replied scared out of his wits. The man looked
at him amazed, “what did you say”, he stared at him, “nothing I just”, he
continued without saying the rest but replied, “never mind”, the clerk kept
looking at him as Enrique walked into the elevator, “I have to tell Tony what’s
going on”, he said to himself.

Lewis came out of the other elevator and walked up to the
clerk, “do you know where Ms. Alexa Vegas is”, he said anticipated, “yes señor,
she is out on the patio”, he replied eagerly to him. Lewis thanked him and
raced out. He went out and ran up to her while he scooped her into his arms;
Alexa smiled and kissed him on the lips. They sat down on one of the lounge
chairs and kept kissing.

An hour later Alexa
walked down the street Plaza Puerta del Sol until she bumped into a guy, who
looked mysterious, she looked up at him for a quick second but kept walking. He
started to follow her close behind. She started to get nervous and walked a
little quick. The guy followed her pace, “what does he want”, she said to
herself, the guy headed for her even faster, so she ran as fast as she could,
“leave me alone” she said out loud, the guy didn’t respond but kept running for
her. She tripped on the side walk, “please don’t hurt me”; she said helplessly,
the mysterious figure came up very close. She fainted as he picked her up and
carried her off.

Late at night, Antonio was on his bed reading when all of a
sudden Enrique came in the door, “hey man what’s wrong”, Antonio looked up at
him, “I have to tell you something”, Enrique replied as he sat down on
Antonio’s bed, “tell me Rico”, he wanting to know. Enrique started to stare in
space, “remember that bracelet I got from that vendor”, he said as Antonio kept
staring at him but continued, “it wasn’t fake”, Antonio looked confused, “what
do you mean”, Enrique shortened his story by saying, “that bracelet is made out
of jade”. Antonio got up quick and looked at Enrique up and down, “you’re
kidding me right”, Enrique looked down to the floor, “that’s right”, he replied
pitifully, “well that’s all good, you can sell that for a good deal, you know”,
Enrique’s eyes widened, “but this is the worst part. This mysterious man keeps fucking
following me”, Antonio looked confused again, “why did he follow you for”.
Enrique looked at the clock on the wall, “I think he wants my bracelet”,
Antonio’s cheery face began to fade, “oh my this is serious, we need to call
the police”, as he said that he went over to the phone but was stop when Enrique
came over and shook his head, “not now bro, let’s give it another day and see
what happens ok”, Antonio turned around and sat back on his bed, “ok but if it
gets out of hand one of us is calling”, he replied seriously.

In the afternoon, a week later, Alice walked out to the
terrace and looked down below again. She could she Antonio getting out of a
taxi cab, “I wonder where he went to”, Alice thought as she went back inside
and headed for the door. She then started for the elevator, as she was about to
walk inside she saw him holding pink rose flowers, “whose is that for”, she
said with her arms crossed, “for you señorita”, he replied as he got out and
handed them to her, “how nice of you. That’s why you went out so early”, she
said as she smelled the roses. Then Lewis came out of the next elevator, “hey
Lou what’s wrong with you”, Alice said while she looked him up and down, “it’s
strange”, Lewis began but was interrupted by Alice again, “what do you mean by
strange”, Antonio looked at both of them while they talked, “did you have
happen to bump into Alexa this morning”, Lewis replied formally. Alice shrugged
her shoulders, “nope didn’t see her’, Lewis looked more confused, “when was the
last time you saw her”, Antonio added in, “well I was with her last Thursday
ago, so that shouldn’t be long”, he described to him. Antonio rubbed his chin,
“something is wrong here, my brother being stalked by this mysterious man and
your girlfriend not showing up at all”, Lewis then said, “I didn’t know Enrique
was being stalked, for what?”, Antonio gave it a minute before he begun again,
“well he says it’s because he got this bracelet that was made out of jade ever
since then this guy keeps on following him”, Alice looked into Antonio eyes,
“this is something strange, I’m thinking that these two problems are linked
together”. Lewis made a frown, “it can’t be true, Alexa isn’t missing”, he said
trying to defend his case, “well ever since Rico had that bracelet your girl
might be snatched up by the stranger”, Antonio said gravely. Alice couldn’t help but
think for a minute, “Why don’t all four of us sit down in a restaurant and sort
this thing out”; she replied looking at both of them, “I’m with her”, Antonio
added. They all walked back into the elevator, “I’ll call Rico so he can meet
us there”, Antonio said as the doors closed in front of them.

A half an hour later all four came to the ‘4 seasons’
restaurant. The waiter escorted them to a booth that they could sit in. After an hour they were finished with their food, “ok when did this man start
stalking you”, Lewis said plainly to Enrique, “well it was a week later when I was
out taking a jog on the boardwalk”, Enrique replied while Alice looked down at
her empty plate and begun to push her leftovers around with her fork, “that
must have been after words when you got that pricy jade bracelet”, Antonio
added in, “why did you not tell anybody about that guy stalking you before”, Alice
said as she kept playing with her leftovers, “well I didn’t think that it was relevant
at the time”, Enrique replied back lazily. Lewis thoughts were transition back
to Alexa, “It doesn’t make since”, Antonio said confused, “don’t get to
confused, we need to think rationally or street smart”, Lewis replied
cautiously, “I think I got the answer”, Alice said finally as she set her fork
down, “after he got that bracelet from the vendor that mysterious man started
to stalk him, am I right so far”, she trying to get all three of approvals,
they all nodded while she continued, “well since Lewis and Enrique are
friends that man see you two together all the time. But maybe one time Alexa
was with yall”, Lewis interrupted, “yeah she was with us one time”, he added as
Enrique shook his head in approval, “well that man saw Lewis and Alexa being together
and how lovey dovey they were. Since you and Enrique”, she said it to Lewis,
“are best friends he wanted to take something away from you that was very close
to you”. Antonio then begun to realize, “I know what you’re getting at, you’re
trying to say that the reason why Alexa is missing is because the mysterious
man has something missing too”, he said this as he pointed to Enrique with the
bracelet around his arm, “I mean why would he go through all that trouble, he
could ask me and I would have giving it back to him or something”, Enrique
replied frustrated. Lewis shook his
head, “in other words what they both are trying to say is that you took
something from him so he took something from you meaning from me since we’re
friends”, he put in quotation, “Alexa”. Everybody started to rub their chins,
“I think everything is coming into focus”, Antonio said, “I’m with you” Alice
added, “I still don’t fucking get it”, Lewis replied dumbfounded. Everybody looked at
him and rolled their eyes angrily when Lewis spoke up out of the minute silence, “let’s
not waste any time and let’s start finding her”, he finished with the pound of
his fist on the table.

Later in the evening, all four got in a cab and told the
driver to go to Plaza Puerta del Sol. Once they arrived all four walked all
around the streets to find her, they even asked people who were around there
but all they got was ‘they don’t know’. “I can’t believe it we still can’t find
her”, Antonio said as he sat down on the bench beside Alice, “Suppose she’s
dead”, Enrique concocted up, Lewis looked at him with an evil look, “don’t you
ever say that”, he shouted out. Lewis eyes widened, “I didn’t mean that, gees”,
he said as he pouted his lips, “let’s not get into a fight”, Alice snarled out,
“we need to calm down before we make a scene out here”, Antonio replied
quietly. They sat there for 5 minutes in silence until Alice saw something
shining on the ground, she went over quickly to it, “what’s this”, she said as
she picked it up, “what did you find baby”, Antonio said as he went over to
her, “it’s a crystal bobby pin”, she replied while she studied it. Lewis still
stared off into space while Enrique kind of felt sorry for him and tried to
cheer him up, “there are other fish in the sea bro”, he said as he patted him
on the back”, maybe she just left”, Enrique added on. Lewis gave him a twisted
face and hissed, “Don’t you talk to me or ever. It’s all your fucking fault, you shouldn’t
have took that jade bracelet”, Enrique rolled his eyes, “I didn’t know at the
time so chill”, Alice and Antonio came back to them, “look what Alice found”,
Antonio said eagerly, she extended her hand, “it’s a bobby pin”, Lewis took it
out her hand, “this is Alexa’ s, Alice thank you. Now we’re getting somewhere”,
he replied happily, “I’m sorry that I retorted to you like that Rico”, Enrique
shrugged his shoulders, “its ok I know you lost a love one, I just wanted to
cheer you up”. Antonio rolled his eyes and said, “Rico you know that’s not your best”,
Enrique smiled to him, “I beg to differ”, he said it in a proper tone, “let’s
not waste any time”, Lewis said as he walked hastily.

They kept walking until they got to a ware house, “wow this
is creepy looking”, Lewis said as he broke the silence, “do you think she is in
there”, Alice said to Lewis, “I’m not sure but we’re going to find out”, Lewis
replied as he headed in the front of
them who were in behind. They stop up to an iron gate that led into the ware
house, “I don’t like the darkness”, Enrique said spooked out, “you’re afraid,
my own big brother afraid of the dark”, Antonio replied teasing him. Enrique
only ignored him and kept following Lewis who was the leader. They all got
inside and found there were no lights on, “whoa this place is pitch-dark”,
Lewis said as they all huddled in the space, “I wish we had a flash light”,
Enrique replied still spooked out, “I have one right”, Alice said but was
interrupted when she felt a hand on her butt, “whose is that”, she said
angrily, “it was mi amour”, Antonio replied as he whispered in her ear, “oh
Tony”, she said with a gasp as she got the light pink mini flash light out of
her Dolce Gabbana hot pink leather pocketbook. Lewis turned around and
rolled his eyes, “come on you two love birds, save it for later”, they both
giggled to each other and moved on. Alice turned on the flash light and started
to look around; she didn’t know that she wondered away from them too far. So
Alice just kept walking but heard footsteps behind her, she thought it was the
others but it was the mysterious guy ganging up on her, “uh guys I think we’re
going in the wrong direction”, she said as nobody answered. She thought they
were ignoring her, “that’s rude of yall, I was trying to get my point across”,
still no answer but footsteps coming closer to her. She started to panic, “who
is that, guys I’m not playing, say something”, when all of a sudden she was
muzzled by the guy. She tried to escape but his grip was to strong, she just
ended up fainting like Alexa did.

All three still moved on not knowing that Alice was snatched
up, “man oh man we need the light”, Enrique blurted out, Antonio turned around
and saw that Alice wasn’t there, “Alice”, he shouted out, “what’s wrong”, Lewis
replied, “Alice had the flashlight, now she is gone”, Antonio said with a
panic. All of them stopped walking, “calm down everything is going to be ok”,
Lewis said as he came over to him, “now he’s got my baby doll”, Antonio said
pissed off, “now it’s on, I’m going to fight that guy with all my might”, he
finished as he jumped up in rage, “let’s just keep our cool here”, Lewis said
calmly, “how can we when I’m fucking scared right now”, Enrique stuttered out
when all of a sudden all three of them heard low screams coming from the
opposite direction, “it must be them”, Enrique replied freaked out, “is that my
baby, I’m coming for yah”, Antonio shouted as he ran for them, “Alexa I’m here
don’t worry”, Lewis shouted too as he ran in behind.

They both kept running in that direction as they could hear
the sounds get louder. When they reached their destination there was a dim light
coming from the end of the dark hall, “we’re coming” they both shouted out as
they got up to the door, “its locked Lewis said wearily, “don’t under estimate
me this time Lou. I’m going to knock down this door”, Antonio replied with
dignity, “stand back”, he continued as he head longed to the locked door and
busted it down with his foot. They both got inside and find Alexa & Alice
tied up, “baby its ok”, Antonio said reassuringly as he untied Alice, “I’m so
happy that you’re alive sweets”, Lewis said quietly. They both got them out but
were stopped when the mysterious guy came back in, “what do yall think you’re
doing”, the guy said. Lewis stood up straight and replied, “you’re the vendor
dude, aren’t?”, he finished, “yes and I want that bracelet back”, he hissed at
them. Antonio stared at him blankly, “why do you want it so bad”, he replied
formally, “cause it worth a lot of money, when I heard that it was real jade I
couldn’t resist it. So I stole your brother’s best friend’s girl away”, Alice
looked coldly at him, “but for what reason”, the guy continued, “to get even
plus to use that as a diversion to get the bracelet back anyway”. Lewis
finished for him, “so you were going to come back and steal it anyway with
Alexa on your arm”, the guy smiled devilishly when all of a sudden Lewis lashed
out on him badly but was held back by Antonio before he could really do damage
to him. “He isn’t all that, you know I wouldn’t leave you for all the money,
fame, and intelligence in the world”, Alexa said as she walked over to Lewis to
calm him down, “you really mean that hun”, he said while he walked closer to
her, “I’m just glad you and your friends saved me from that horrid old man”,
the guy spoke up, “I’m not old just middle aged”, he added but then the policía
(police) came in with Enrique in lead, “there he is get him”, they both
snatched him up, “you stole a lot of things from the museum including that
bracelet, didn’t you”, they said to him, “no I didn’t”. They ganged up on him
by chanting ‘confess, confess, confess’, he finally gave in, “ok, ok I did but
I need that money to pay off my gambling debts”, he replied stupidly, “that
teach you a lesson not to mess with me”, Enrique said as if he was big and bad
but everybody just rolled their eyes and said out loud ‘shut up’.

Morning rose over the hills and shined out it’s rays, all
five of them walked back into the lobby of the hotel, “man I’m so glad to be
back”, Alexa finally said as Lewis wrapped his arms around her, “I’m glad that
your back in my arms”, he said as they begun to kiss each other deeply. Antonio
walked over to Alice, “I have something important to tell you”, he said as he
got real close to her, “what is it”, as she said that he got down on one knee
and took a small satin white box, he opened it and revealed a pink diamond
ring, “Will you marry me Alice”, he said smiling from ear to ear. Everybody
turned around and looked at the sight, at first she was speechless but then
said, “Yes, yes, and yes I will marry you Antonio”, she replied shouting to the
top of her lungs. He got up and whisked her into the air with his arms;
everybody in the hotel who was there including Lewis, Alexa, and Enrique
clapped for the lucky two.

“Well I guess I’m going to be by myself now”, Enrique said
finally, “cause I don’t need anyone”, he continued with a sly smile, “all I
need to do is come right here to Madrid in the summer”, as he said that with
interruption a group of high school senior girls from Brooklyn, New York were
on a learning trip saw him, they thought he was real cute. He sensed that he
was going to be chased so he got a head start and ran away with them running
after him screaming and shouting in delight, he finished what he was going to
say at last by shouting out, “when Spain always sizzles”.

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