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Spent Passion

The scent of her lover has her day dreaming of their last encounter...
The heady aroma of spent passion lays thick in the air. As she breaths deeply, his musky scent surrounds her. She can smell him on her body, the taste of him still on her tongue. Her fingers are sticky with the residue of his lust. She loves the taste of him and she savours the flavour of his sex as the tip of her tongue darts out to taste.

Sucking one fingertip at a time she slides her tongue along the full length of her fingers, so as not to miss any of the sticky fluid that coats them. The smell of her man arouses her senses; she can feel the center of her sex heat at the memory of how his essence has ended up covering her body. From the tips of her aching breasts to the slick entrance of her swollen and aching sex, the evidence of his desire coats her flesh.

The damp tips of her fingers drift down her body, lingering on aching breasts. The swollen nubs, sensitive to every touch, quickly peak into hard points as she plucks and rolls them to the memory of his mouth and teeth pleasuring her. Thighs spread wider and fall open, as she moves her damp fingers to the tender opening. She loves the feeling of her sex... hot, wet and swollen, filled with his seed. It feels so deliciously naughty to run her fingers through her swollen folds, feeling the slick heat of her passion mixed with that of her lover.

Her fingers delve into her melting depths, softly caressing, until her hips start to shift in pleasure, her eyes close as images flash across her mind’s eye......

The two of them. Limbs entangled. Sheets hanging off the side of the bed, pillow shoved heedlessly to the floor. Her back arching in pleasure as his tongue delves into her wet folds. Her voice rough with desire; calling out his name over and over, calling mindlessly for him to fuck her....

'Yes like that... oh fuck yes, don’t stop.'

She loves the way his fingers pries her thighs apart until they can go no further, the way his eyes lock on her damp folds. She feels so exposed, so wanton, so very fuckable as he gazes at her sweet pussy and swears to her how beautiful she is. How much he wants to taste her, to bury himself inside and make her his. Her heart pounds as she waits for the touch of his mouth, she lifts her hips trying to tempt him with her splayed thighs. To taste. To pleasure her, make her body twitch and pulse in release. She hangs there waiting....... helpless in her pleasure. The anticipation is a torment but one that she enjoys.

His thumb circles the sensitive flesh of her inner thigh and her moan becomes frustrated, a deep pleading sound as it erupts from low in the back of her throat. His touch when it comes is teasing, the tip of his tongue flicking her inner thigh, teeth nipping the soft skin.
It’s pleasurable, but not what she needs.

What she needs is the wet heat of his mouth, the way he uses his tongue in that special way to make her body erupt in shuddering waves. Her hands bury themselves in his hair, yanking his head down as she thrusts herself upwards. She loves the cocky grin he gives her as his fingers grip her hips to keep control, the way he locks his eyes to hers as he slowly lowers the wet heat of his mouth to her molten core.


Her high cries of pleasure area counterpoint to his groans, deep and low, vibrating through her open sex as her hips grind out her release. His large hands holding her aloft, cupping the sweet rounded curves of her derrière in his palms.

As her body calms, he laps at her. Long strokes along the full length of her sopping slit and she can feel every delicious twist of his tongue, every nibble of his teeth to her clit.
His hips are grinding his sex into the bed, his excitement plain to see.

Rearing up and over her body, her lover slips her legs up and over his shoulders forcing her sex to splay. She watches as he slips the head of his cock along her slit, their foreheads are touching as together they watch her swollen outer lips part and then close wetly around the shaft. The head of his cock rubs up and over her aching clit.

She is moaning again, whispering in his ear to hurry up and fuck her. Bury his dick inside her and make her scream. Oh god why is he teasing? She bites the soft flesh of his ear, holding it between sharp teeth, 'fuck me' she groans into his ear, I need you. Her teeth bite down harder, an incentive to do as she has demanded.

As he positions the head of his cock at her opening, she wiggles her hips trying to impale herself on his thick shaft. He holds back making her wait as he slowly teases, pushing only the head inside. His voice is thick with desire as he tells her how beautiful her smooth pussy is. Telling her to watch as the head slowly disappears, but she is lost, her head thrown back in pleasure, hips pulsing up trying to bury him deeper.

One delicate hand grasps her aching breasts, teasing and pulling the nipples to turgid points, her other hand slips down her stomach and runs along her sex, slipping around the head of his cock, teasing her clit. Her lover stills as he watches her. She is consumed by her pleasure, completely unaware of him now as she moves her fingers through the folds of her sopping sex. Slippery fingers glide in and around his cock, tracing the point of contact. Drifting up the shaft and over his balls only to return to her clit, rubbing in slow circles until once again she is riding the crest of her release.

He watches her as she comes apart, only partially impaled on his sex. Her pussy spasms around the head of his cock and he loses what little control he has left. Pushing deep into her in one harsh thrust he can feel her body wrap around him, milking him with every pulse of her release. His hips thrust in and out of her, and he watches her folds wrap around him with every new thrust. Her legs have fallen from his shoulders to the bed,leaving her spread wide. She has no shame and her fingers continue to stroke and tease the both of them.

He can feel her watching him, her eyes heavy lidded with desire as she continues to tease her clit as he thrusts inside her.

'Cum on me' he hears her whisper. 'Cover me, I want to watch you spill your seed over me'.

Ever willing to give her what she wants, he slips from her body, his fist replacing her slick folds and he pumps his hand back and forth over his shaft. Her legs are pulled back and her fingers rub small circles over her clit, once more she moans, arches her back and comes. It’s all he needs and his hips jerk as he spills his seed over her, long jerks of his hips help to cover her pussy, stomach and chest. Her fingers trace patterns over the silk of her sex, now coated in their release.

She smiles up at her lover and blows him a kiss before slowly drifting off to sleep, her fingers still resting on the mound of her sex.

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