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Unhappy marriage turns to angery sex

We’ve been pist at each other for some time. Like when you’ve been around someone for too long. Their existence pisses you off how they eat, sleep or breathe disgust you… We have sporadic arguments about tooth paste and nonsense.

He came home.

“I want to come home to a food on the table,” he bitched

I laughed. He bitched some more… it quickly escalated into a heated argument in which dishes were broke and yelling and screaming were inevitable. Our anger was fueled my sexual frustration and the petty things we were bitching about.

As he was yelling at me about toothpaste or something, I started to get fed up, no longer paying the little attention I was at first, I couldn’t help but notice the same fire and passion I haven’t gotten from him sexually. The more he yelled the more tense he got. His blood was pumping his muscles were pulsing, he was turning red. That man looked so good pist off. I realized he stopped yelling and I snapped from my gaze and realized he wasn’t speaking. Just standing there across the kitchen in a rage. He looked so sexy… He started to say something I didn’t care, I started thinking about how long it had been, 4 months and 3 weeks… It was well over do I was sitting on the counter, he walked up still talking, I think about a divorce…

He got closer and said something else I’m sure. Turned on by the whole experience I grabbed the back of his neck and kissed him, touching his broad arms and his wide chest. He hesitated then grabbed me by my thighs and pulled me from the counter. Slamming me against the fridge, he aggressively tore my beater. Pinning me to the wall I felt his dick getting harder thru his jeans as his sucking my nipples. He hadn’t made me this wet in a long time. I pushed him to the floor kissing that spot on his ear, undoing his pants and belt he turned me over pulled my shorts and thong off and started eating me. His tongue playing with my clit, he felt so good. He lifted me, my thighs on his shoulders still eating me. Making his way to the stairs, working his tongue so good, making me come left and right. He set me on the steps, and came up to kiss me.

“My turn,” I said with a vengeance

Going down on him pulling his pants down I grabbed his thick dick and put it in my mouth. As he tried to take his polo of he groaned “Oh fuck babe”, he finally got it off I knew I was doing it good, he couldn’t lean back, his pre coming in my mouth as I’m sucking and beating his dick with my hand. His getting bigger, swollen in my mouth, his about to come I can feel it. Faster and faster I deep throat his dick, he burst in my mouth. I swallow and keep licking till I know his done.

Round 2

He looks pleased but far from done

“I know you’re not done yet” I said with a sense of pride sitting at the top step

He walked up the stairs to me, leaned me back, lifted one of my legs to his chest and rubbed his dick on my pussy. He pushed his head in and it stopped, he couldn’t get it in. He pushed his thick dick in harder and forced his way through. It felt like my first time all over again. He didn’t stop his strokes were long deep and strong, he felt so good.

“Say it” he said in anger

“Fuck you” I said playfully

His strokes got deeper and harder

“Say it!” he moaned

“OH FUCK!” I blurted

“Mmmhmmmm, say it” pumping harder and harder I felt myself about to come I couldn’t hold it

“AYEEE PAPI, HARDER!!!” I screamed as I came all over him

He pumped harder and I kept coming splashing all over his stomach


I felt him getting harder he was about to come swollen in me he went faster and faster!

Lifting me from the top step he slammed me to the wall continuing his strokes, I was about to come, I couldn’t take it anymore my legs were shaking, we came I felt him burst inside of me still stroking as I was dripping all down my ass cheeks.

Still in me walked toward the bedroom and sat at the bedroom door, he was exhausted. Still in me sitting on the floor with me on top he started kissing my neck as I felt him harden inside me. Still wet I slowly rocked on his dick feeling it swell and fill me up felt too good, it was my turn again. I started twerking and twirling on his meat feeling it consume my pussy. He grabbed my waste and added force to it. I rode his dick until he couldn’t take it, pushing him to the wall and picking up speed in my ride I feel him swelling.

He couldn’t take it anymore he planted his feet and arched up and pumped straight in to me. Pounding my pussy until I couldn’t take it and neither could he. He nutted and with a scream I burst all over him. We just laid in the bedroom door way holding each other giving little kisses hot, sweaty and satisfied.

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