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A tale of romance and passion
I get home from work before you this night and quickly put together my favorite casserole and stick it in the oven. Then go upstairs for a quick shower and change into a nice flowing robe. By the time I get back down to the kitchen, you are just coming in from work. I give you a big hug and kiss and you return both and deepen the kiss. Just then the timer goes off and I laugh and tell you that if you don't let me go your dinner will burn. You kiss me once more (with feeling!) and reluctantly turn me loose. I tell you to go up and shower while I finish dinner, then I prep a salad and clean some strawberries for dessert.

I am just finishing setting the table and lighting the candles when you come back down – so we sit down for dinner. It's nice just to relax and have dinner together with nothing else we have to do that night and the weekend before us. When we have cleared up – I hand you the wine and glasses and grab the strawberries and the chocolate I just microwaved to melt. You ask where we're going and I just say – follow me….

I lead the way into the living room where I laid a fire earlier and set candles around. The sheepskins are laid out in front of the fire as well as a big stack of floor pillows. We set down the wine and dessert and I start to light candles while you light the fire. Then we sit down together in front of the fire and I snuggle up close to you. You hold me close as we sip our wine and watch the flames dance in the fireplace. I reach for a strawberry and dip it in chocolate then hold it up for you to bite. You hold my wrist and first eat the strawberry, then lick the lick the juice off my fingers. I can feel a tingle all over my body when you do that…. You then reach and feed me a strawberry and I suck your fingers one by one to be sure I didn't miss any juice.

You bend over to kiss me – holding me tight and close to you. I kneel next to you and move my hands down so I can grab the bottom of the robe and pull it over my head – then reach over to pull off your shorts so we can lie naked together and feel the heat from the fire try to match the heat of our bodies. We kiss deeply and passionately – as we stroke each other's bodies. I kiss my way down your chest as I turn myself around and move so that I am lying over you licking your cock and with my cunt over your head.

As I suck your cock into my mouth I can feel you licking my cunt – up and down the length. I run my tongue around the head of your cock while you flick your tongue over my clit. When the sensation becomes so strong that I am losing control I lift up and turn back around with our heads together. I lie on my back with my legs wide open as you move over me. We kiss deeply as you position your manhood and begin to push into my soaking cunt. I wrap my legs around you and begin moving under you as you thrust into me. Harder and deeper and faster we move together until you explode into me and I begin to come too.

When we can move again, you move to lie beside me and hold me close…. After a little while I begin to stroke and caress your back – and ask you if you would like a massage. You smile at me and turn over so you're lying comfortably on your stomach. I grab the bottle of oil and pour some in my hands to warm it thoroughly… I begin at your neck – gently first then deeper – working out the tension in your neck and shoulders, then continuing down your back. The long week of work, dinner, wine, the cozy fire and lovemaking we just shared all combined are more than you can handle and stay awake…. So as I move my way over your back you fall asleep. I continue to work down to lower back and buns and then down your legs. Then I start back up your legs – working on the insides… Up the insides of your calves and knees and thighs … I push yours legs apart slightly and move higher.

You shift as you begin to wake up – and give me even more access. I circle your ass with the tip of my finger and can hear your sharp intake of breath as a gently slip in the tip of a finger. I move the finger in a small circle – as I slip it in just a little more. I bend over to kiss your cheek, then bite it a little, and then lick the spot I bit… I can feel you opening your legs even wider, so I move my hand away from your ass down to cup your balls in my hand – lightly scraping my finger nails over the sac that holds them.

Suddenly you rear up and move to pin me under you, pulling my hands up over my head and holding my wrists in one hand – and begin to kiss me deeply and passionately. You hold one breast in your free hand and begin to gently pull on the nipple then pinch and twist it as it hardens to your touch.

You tell me it's your turn to torture me, then kiss me again and roll me over so I'm lying on my stomach. You reach for the oil and squirt a stream of it down my spine. I squirm, but remain in place as you begin caressing me working the oil in all over my back. The caress deepens to a massage as you notice how tight the muscles are. You work the knots out of my neck and shoulders – then let your hands wander further down to caress my buns teasingly… Then back up to work the next area of tightness… when you get to my cheeks, you squeeze and caress them as I moan in pleasure beneath you.

I try to turn over so you can enter me, but you hold me down and continue to torment me…. I spread my legs far apart – so you can touch my cunt and clit – at first you ignore the invitation – until I beg you to touch me… Then you hold your hand over my cunt – inserting two fingers deep inside while the other two tease my clit. You bring me right to the edge, then withdraw and move between my legs.

You hold a pillow against my side and I lift up so you can slide it under my stomach and elevate my hips so you can enter me from behind. It feels sooooo good as you slide your hard cock into my cunt. You begin stroking moving faster and deeper as I shift to try to feel you as deep as possible. As you feel yourself approaching orgasm, you stop and pull out, moving to lie on your back. I move to straddle you – sitting high enough that I can reach a hand between us and touch my clit as I ride your cock and you squeeze my breasts. The direct touch of my fingers on my clit brings me to a hard shuddering climax very quickly and you come with me as my inner muscles tighten around you. I lie beside you snuggled up close as you pull a blanket over us and fall asleep with me in your arms.

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