Surprise Visit

By SoapyRushell

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Long distance friend comes to visit.
1:00pm Pleasant Hill, Louisana

I groan as my mom comes into my room and told me it was time get up.
I sat up in bed, "I'm up, happy now?"

"No, get up, get dressed, change out of your pajamas."

"Why? Not like anyones coming to see me." I rolled back under the covers.

"Just get up!" she said and yanked the blankets off me.

Let me give you some back story here. I'm Devon, its like Devin except awesomer, I'm 18. About 5"9, long bottle blonde hair that reaches right below my 36a boobs. really pastey complextion and tiny figure. I'm what they call "model material"
About 4 months ago my parents seperated, my mom and little sister moved here to Louisiana to be near family, I stayed with my dad and older brother in Virginia, until about a month ago when my dad, who I never got along with, kicked me out. So I moved 1300 miles away from my life. I made friends here and all my friends from Virginia still talk to me.
There's a boy, Chris, who texts me everyday and if I was still in Virginia, we would be dating, we're extremely close, both emotionaly and sexually. We often joke about him coming to visit before I come to stay there for the summer, but we both know it's unlikely.

I got out of bed and walked to the Jack & Jill bathroom my sister and I share. I take a quick shower, shaving my legs, pits and bikini area. Afterwards I go back to my room, blowdry and straighten my hair, put a little make up and slide into some skinny jeans and a Paramore t-shirt.


I'm sitting in the living room watching tv when my phone vibrates in my pocket. With a quick glance I see its Chris calling so I answer it but I'm a little confused, he usually texts.

"Hey babe, whats up?" I answer.

"Hey I was wondering if you would go outside and take a picture of your house for me."

"Umm, why?"

"Cause I want to see where your living, that's why."

"Uh okay..."

"Thanks beautiful."

I giggle into the phone. "So why are you calling me instead of texting?"

"No reason," I hear the faint sound of car horns in the background.

"Are you driving?" I ask slightly irritated, Chris knows I don't like him calling or texting me while driving.

"Don't worry your on speaker."

"Still. Where are you going anyway?"

"Nowhere special."

"Ah okay..."

At this point I'm outside my house when I hear a car pulling in our long driveway.

"Babe I'll call you back, someone's here to visit."

"Okay, bye baby."

I hang up and turn to see who was coming unannounced.
I blink hard when I see Chris's egotistical license plate "Imamzng" (it's 'I'm amazing' if you can't tell). Okay, I must be really homesick, I think to myself. Theres no way he made the 18 hour drive down here.
My thoughts are proved wrong when the engine is shut off and Chris steps out of the car. I stand in shock, mentally thanking my mom for making me get up and get dressed.

After a couple seconds of silence Chris says "What, no hug?"

I laugh and run at him, jumping into his arms. He hugs me tight and spins me around like an old movie. When he puts me down, I look around and realize that my family was standing outside smiling.

My whole family lives on one piece of land. My uncle, his wife and my 3 cousins live to my left and my grandparents live to my right.

"Did everyone know about this but me?" I ask still laughing.
"Pretty much, we've all known for weeks," my cousin replies.

Peyton is my age and we're pretty close so I'm suprised he didn't let it slip.

"Well dang!" I turn back to Chris and pull him close to me.

"I missed you," I say quietly so only he can hear.

"I missed you too baby, thats why I'm here," he whispers back.


"Okay, night mom love you."
"Good night Ms.Vickie."

"Goodnight you two, be good!"

Chris and I walk down the hallway to my room, where we've put his things.

"Enjoy meeting my family? They're a bunch of loons, I know," I say as I start to strip down to get into my pajamas, Chris has already seen my body so I didn't worry about him watching.

"When I imagined meeting your family, I didn't imagine meeting them all at once. I mean your mom and sister yea, but jeez. I could feel all them mentally judging me," he replies. "And staring at my nose," he adds as an after thought.

I giggle while trying to pull my jeans off.

"1. I love your big nose. 2. They care about me thats all, they want to make sure your not corrupting me."

Chris gets up from next to me on the bed, walks to my feet and starts yanking at the cuff of my jeans. "I'm not going to corrupt you."

"Says the man helping me undress."

"God gracious, why are your pants so fricking tight?"

"They make my butt look good," I say bluntly

"You ain't lying." he says as my pants finally come off. "But, your ass always looks good."

"Aw aren't you sweet," I say sarcastically, watching him as he lifts his shirt over his head.
"I do try," he says as I get up and press my body against his.

I kiss him hard on the lips and wrap my arms around his neck. I feel his hands rest on the small of my back. Our tongues meet and become aquainted with each other before I regretfully pull away.

"I've been wanting that all day," I say softly, my face close to his.

"I know baby, so have I."

I kiss him again, softer this time. His hands travel up my back and unhook my bra. I slide it off my shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Chris breaks our kiss and lays me on my bed. He puts his lips to my neck and bites down it when he reaches my collar bone his bites turn into kisses. He swirls his tongue around my small nipples, hardening them quickly. As his teeth graze the tip of my nipple I moan sofly but quickly bite my lip trying quiet myself. He looks at me and smiles.

"Don't wake up your family now," he says softly.

He doesn't wait for me to answer, but kisses down my stomach as he hooks his thumbs in my panties. I lift my hips off the bed as he slides them down. He looks me in the eyes and pushes a finger into my already wet pussy. I gasp as he quickly finds my G-spot.

"Damn your tight baby, I can barely fit a finger into you."

"Just imagine how good it'd feel to have your cock inside me."

He raises an eyebrow at me.

"Now thats an idea."

Chris gets up and pulls out his wallet. I stare at him confused. I finally understand when he pulls a condom from the folds of his wallet.

"Chris. I'm a virgin." I say quietly, slightly embarrassed.

"Good, this will be both our firsts," he says as he pulls his pants and boxers off.

"Your a virgin, but your-"

"I'm only a year older then you baby. I told you I was a virgin, didnt I?"

"No, you didnt."

"Well I am."

I stare at him, not knowing what to say.

"Don't worry honey, I'll be gentle."

"Okay." is all I can choke out.

He gets back on top of me, his head above mine.

"This is gonna hurt baby, are you sure you want to do this?"

"I'm sure. Just do it."

He takes my arms one by one and puts them around his neck.

"Wrap a leg around me, it'll give me better access."

I do as I'm told, wrapping a leg around his body. I feel the tip of his cock press against my entrance.

"Are you okay?"

I squeeze my eyes shut and nod. He presses just the head into me. I wince as he continues to push his length into me.

"Okay baby, I'm about to pop your cherry, that's gonna be the worst of the pain, it gets better after that."

"Okay," I say breathlessly.

He presses on, I feel a sharp pain, I grind my teeth trying to not to cry out. He pushes further, all of his 8 inches inside of me.

"Stop," I say quietly, "let me get used to it."

He nods and holds me close to him.

After a couple minutes I say, "Okay go, but slowly at first okay?"

He nods again and begins to thrust in and out of me. Slowly just like I asked. Soon the pain turns into amazing pleasure. I tell him to go faster and harder. He starts to slam into me. I kiss him to smother my moans. We continue our kiss as he pounds his cock in and out of me. I pull my lips away from his.

"I'm gonna cum baby," I say.

He slams into me harder as I climax and my juices flow over his cock. But he doesn't stop. His thrusting doesn't skip a beat. I press my lips back to his. Running my hands up and down his spine.

"I'm close babe."

"Come inside me."

I figure that sounds sexy even though he has a condom on so it doesn't matter.
With one more thrust I feel his dick twitch. His face contorts as he cums inside my pussy.
He stays inside me for a couple of seconds then pulls out and takes off the condom, ties it up and tosses it into the trash can beside my bed, laying down beside me. I slowly get up.

"You're not snuggling?" he says jokingly.

"I am, I just gotta put pajamas on. My mom wouldnt be happy to walk into us sleeping naked. You should put some on too."

We both dress. Me much more slowly as it hurt a bit more. We climb into bed and he wraps his arms around me and lets me lay my head on his chest.

"How long are you staying for?" I ask in a whisper.

"A week," he says, kissing me on the top of my head.

"Gonna be a fun week," I say before we both drift off.


Critiques welcome!! :) I'll put up a sequel if this is popular enough. I realize there's a few tense problems (past present future, that jazz), originally I was going to write it in past tense but it turned into present. I edited most of it but by the time I copied it into the thingy in the submission area I couldn't change it. Mostly because the thingy does that weird thing where it keeps the same amount of characters by deleting some if you type new ones. Sorry!