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Swimming for love

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Partners starved for each other head to the lake to rekindle their connection
It's not unusual by any means, we're the typical american couple. The stresses of a new baby and work have left us with little time for each other. We welcomed a child into this world, a wonderful Symbol of our love that we couldn't possibly adore anymore. Unfortunately, new babies require a lot of time and energy, leaving parents exhausted. This had happened to us. We had gone from fucking like rabbits daily, to not having any for over two months. 

Of course I required the first few weeks after delivery to recover and heal. And then the babe demanded our time and attention unrelentlessly. By the time he was home from work, I was ready for bed. It was a horrible cycle that had us both miserable. After a teary confession to him that I didn't feel like he was attracted to me any longer, and him admitting the same, we decided we would remedy the situation, and not just by a quick fuck either. 

We invited some close friends over for dinner. We grilled some steaks and drank ice cold beer and had adult conversation. As the evening neared to an end and darkness began to fall, our friends offered they're assistance. 

"We can see your stress, the strain the baby is putting on your relatinship. We have been there. We will sit with the baby, you all go. Go for a walk, a drive, something, just go. And don't come back until you both feel renewed."

We were in no position to refuse so we jumped on the offer. We grabbed a cooler of beer, got into the truck, and headed to the lake. 

We both love the water, loved to be in it, on it, or even just by it. I suppose it was only natural that that is where we would head. We pulled up to the path leading to our favorite spot. A spot not many knew about. We walked, hand in hand, down the path to the little, private beach we both adored. As we rounded the corner to the beach darkness surrounds us .

It was a warm night, with just a little hint of a breeze. The water gently slapped at the rocks providing us with music. We both undressed and sat on the sand. He opens a beer for me and one for him, we sipp and sit in silence, enjoying the solitude. After finishing his beer he looks at me.

"You're beautiful sweetheart. You're glowing in the moon light. I do believe you are hotter now than ever before baby."

He leans over and kisses me softly, slowly, testing the mood. I kiss him back, exploring his mouth with my tongue. He wraps my hair around his hands adn pulls me closer to him. I curl into him. He draws his hand up and down my back, bringing chills to me. I wrap my arms around him and savor being carressed. He pushes me onto my back and sucks on my very hard nipples. I arch my back, pushing more of my breast into his mouth. He grunts in reply.

He kisses and sucks and licks and caresses. I hold onto him tightly, digging my nails into his shoulder blades, running them down his back. He hisses in playful protest and hauls me to my feet. He leads me by the hand into the warm lake water. The water slides over my skin, making me shiver. He walks me out to the point that the water is at my breast. He picks me up and I wrap my legs around him. he holds me there, staring into my eyes. 

"I need you so bad honey, so bad I can't stand it!"

I moan in return and he nuzzles my neck and drops a hand to the mound between my legs. He gently rubs on my clit, which is swollen and waiting. He rubs until I start grind into his hand. He slides two fingers into my tight pussy, causing me to buck against him. He thrust his fingers in and out of me, hitting all my spots, bringing me to an earth shattering orgasm that leaves me breathless and dizzy.

I kiss him hard, forget being gentle!

"I need it now baby, now!"

He grabs my thighs, lifts me up and slams me down onto his throbbing dick. I scream out as pure pleasure courses through my body. Thats my dick that I know so well and have missed so bad. He bounces me up and down on his dick at a pace guaranteed to make me explode. And I do. I explode all over his dick.

"Yes baby, cum on that dick! Squeeze it with that pussy!!"

I drop my legs, Making him withdraw unexpectedly. He looks crushed and moans like a little lost puppy. I turn and walk to the beach, he follows. I lay on my back on the cool sand, propping myself up with my elbows. He crawls to me and buries his head in my pussy. I let my head fall back and moan into the night. He drapes my legs over his shoulders and readies his dick at my begging opening. I slam against him, making him enter me. He groans and grinds into me.
The pebbles and rough sand digg into my back, scratching me, bruising me. I don't care, I welcome the pain. All I care about is how good his dick feels inside my pussy. I swear he was made for me. He whispers to me as he fucks me. 

"Your so tight baby. You feel so good. I love this pussy, this is my pussy."

I agree and claim ownership of his dick.

"You know that's your pussy baby. My dick was made for her. No other dick could fill her up and find the right spots baby."

He begins groaning in time with his thrusts and his ass cheeks clench under my hands, signaling to me that he is going to cum, and hard. I thrust my hips up to meet his thrusts, making him slam into me harder. He lifts my ass up off the ground, pounding into me deeper. My shoulders dig into the rough sand and I scream in protest and pleasure. He knows better than to stop, in fact, he goes faster. 

One last moan and he lets loose, filling me to the brim, cum spilling out of my cunt. My pussy milks his dick with slow, steady squeezes. He lays his head on my shoulder, my legs still draped over his. I rub his back in steady circles, waiting for our breathing to slow. He grins up at me and kisses my nose. 

"Let's go back to the truck babe."

We scoop up our clothes and walk naked to the truck. I drop my clothes in the back and slam him up against the truck. I kiss him hard and bite his lip. I grab his dick with my hand and squeeze it hard before I begin to stroke it. It doesn't take long before he is hard again and I'm falling on my knees to choke on his cock. He holds my hair out of my face and beggs me not to stop.

"Oh baby that dick missed you. Suck him good baby. God damn can you suck that dick!!!"

I stand and look him in the eye as I kiss him.

"I want to be your little slut tonight baby. Make me your slut. Don't stop fucking me until I have no cum left in me."

He obliges, slamming me against the truck, onto my belly. 

"You little slut you. Daddy's gonna fuck you like the little slut you are. Hold onto that truck baby and stick that ass out."

I spread my legs and offer my ass. He grips my thighs, and runs his dick up and down my crack, teasing me with it. I start to whimper and he slaps my ass.
"You don't have to beg baby, it's coming. I just love the way your ass looks from behind."

Moving farther between my legs, he pushes his dick into my slippery pussy. I back up to it, taking it deeper. I bounce a little making his thrust harder. He is slamming into that pussy good, making me sweat, making me scream. He smacks my ass and grinds his dick into me.

"Take that dick you little slut"

I take it, all of it, and want more. 

"Yes daddy, make me take that dick. I love that fucken dick baby!"

He fucks me faster, slamming my head against the hood of the truck. I squirt cum all over his dick. It drips onto the ground, making a little wet spot. He screams my name as he pulls out and cums all over my ass, rubbing it in with the head of his dick. I lean against the coolness of the trucks hood, sighing loudly and wiggling my ass in the air. He smacks my bottom.

"Come on slut, into the truck."

I hop into the truck, not bothering with my clothes, the air feels good on my skin. He climbs behind the wheel and smiles over at me. I smile and curl against his side. He starts the truck and we begin our trip home. I hear his heart beating through his chest where my head lies. I glance down and see his dick in his lap, still glistening with cum in the moonlight. Unable to resist the delicious opportunity, I lean down and kiss the head of his dick. I draw the full head into my mouth and apply a steady sucking pressure to it. It swells in my mouth. He pushes his hips up, making me take more of his dick into my mouth.

"Oh fuck baby!"

He pulls to the side of the road. I get on all fours on the front seat adn suck his dick as fast as I can, my ass waving in the air. He reaches to slide his fingers into my pussy as I take him deeper and deeper into my throat. He moans and pounds my pussy with his fingers. I cum hard gushing onto his hand. He slaps my ass and moans to me.

"You came so hard baby, you're so wet. I'm going to cum in your mouth baby, you ready for it?"

I moan over his dick and suck faster. He tightens his thighs and moans my name. He slams my head onto his dick and squirts his cum deep into the back of my throat. I swallow every drop. I raise up licking my lips. His head is layed against the head rest. He opens his eyes and smiles. I kiss his luscious lips and settle into my seat. He starts the truck and pulls onto the road. We head home to the hectic family life content, satisfied, connected. We'll make it through this life together, with the help of our secret beach.

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