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Swimming Teachers Can Be More Than Friends – Part 3

Fran and Hank continue to discover each other
I followed Fran from the Y to Jimmy's. We parked next to each other and went in, waiting by the front door to be seated. Fran had on a short sleeve cotton shirt that I could tell covered her bare chest. That she wasn’t wearing a bra was obvious to me because I could see the outline of her nipples against the material. Below her blouse, she wore a denim skirt and flip-flops. I had decided to go commando, wanting to get out of the Y as quickly as possible. I had just stuffed my underpants and undershirt in my gym bag and pulled on a pull over t-shirt and a pair of loose fitting shorts.

"Sally just wouldn't leave," Fran said.

"I know," I responded. "I was waiting around the corner hoping she would just take off, but after a minute or two I figured I might as well just shower off and get dressed."

Fran said, "That asshole just stood there talking to me the whole time I was showering and getting dressed. You should have seen the look on her face when I put on my blouse without a bra. I wonder if she's a lesbian. She seemed to like looking me over while she talked."

“Maybe she is. Have you ever tried it?” I asked.

Just then a waitress came over and asked, “How many?”

I held up two fingers and she led us to a table near the back of the bar. It was a booth really, with a curving bench seat. Fran and I slid in from opposite ends and met at the far side of the table. As we got closer, her skirt rode up and I got a lovely view of the soft blonde hair that covered her snatch. Apparently, she was going commando the same way I was.

“Can I get you started with a drink?” the waitress asked.

Fran looked at me and said, “I know what I’m going to order, do you?”

“I’ll have the burger special, medium, and a beer,” I said.

“That’s exactly what I’ll have too,” Fran added.

The waitress took off and I took Fran’s hand in mine. Her fingers were lean and her hands were strong, much like the rest of her body.

“Well?” I asked.

“Well, what?”

“You didn’t get the chance to answer me at the door. Have you ever tried it?”

“What, you mean tried being with another woman?”

“Yeah,” I replied.

“I really don’t think that’s… No, you’re right. If we’re going to be in a relationship, I don’t want to make the same mistakes I did with my ex. He used to hold back and not tell me things and it got us in all kinds of trouble. I don’t want to hold back anything from you, just as I don’t want you holding anything back from me. So, no, the answer to the question is no. Have you ever, you know, been with or thought about being with a guy?”

“Oh, hell no,” I responded. “Two girls together is one thing. I find that kind of exciting to think about. But two guys? That just kind of grosses me out.”

“Yeah, there is something erotic about two women being together that isn’t there with two guys,” Fran said.

Our beers arrived and the waitress said that our burgers would be out in a few minutes. She looked at Fran a little strangely as she put the glass down in front of her. Perhaps she thought Fran was my mother and that it was a weird that we would be sitting so close together, but I really didn’t give a damn what anyone thought.

“To us,” I said lifting my glass. “May our friendship grow stronger, our lives grow fuller and our bodies grow closer!”

“Good one. To us,” Fran said tapping my mug with hers.

We each took a good long swig of the nice cold beer. It really tasted good after all that exercise in the pool.

“Hank, I really want to apologize,” Fran said leaning into my shoulder.

“For what, Fran?”

“I feel like I’m leading you on and you’re not getting anything in return.”

“Are you kidding me? Look at us. We’re sitting here about to get a late night dinner after having a great night at the pool…”

“Great night at the pool? You call getting told no by me over and over and then getting you all excited before being interrupted a great night at the pool?”

“Damn right I do. There isn’t a guy in here or anywhere else that wouldn’t trade sitting in a bar all night watching a ball game for what we have and what we’re going to be doing Friday and the rest of the weekend.”

“You don’t mind having to wait?”

“Fran, wait a couple of days?” I asked whispering in her ear. “Not only don’t I mind, but I’m on cloud nine. I never in my wildest dreams thought that my wildest dreams would come true with you!”

Our burgers arrived at the table. The waitress set the plates in front of us and put down a bottle of ketchup.

“Are you and the… uh… lady set?” she asked, giving Fran an awkward glance.

“My love and I are perfect,” I said getting angry. “As for you, if you want to get a tip out of us tonight , you can cut the attitude and just do your job.”

“Of course,” she stammered. “My apologies. If there is anything else you need, please just let me know.”

“Thank you,” Fran said to the waitress. Then she turned to me and repeated herself.

“What are you thanking me for?” I asked.

“My ex would never stand up for me.”

“That’s because he’s an ass. So, what do you have planned for the last two days of the week?”

As she dumped ketchup on her plate, she said, “Nothing much. I have to get the paperwork to the chapter house on the class, do some cleaning and some food shopping so we have stuff to eat this weekend. We do want to be able to keep our strength, don’t we?”

“Absolutely,” I said. “You know what, Fran?”

“What’s that?”

I took a bite of my burger, and holding up a finger for her to wait, took a swallow of beer. I just wasn’t sure of how to proceed and I certainly didn’t want to blow what was developing.

“I need to be brutally honest with you. Is that okay?”

“No other way to do it,” she said.

“I want to be sure that… what I… are we… shit Fran, I just don’t want to…”

She put her burger down, move her one hand on top of mine and slipped her other around my waist. She pulled herself close to me and gave me a very soft kiss on my cheek.

“I think I know what you’re trying to say, and it’s alright. I think you’re worried that our age difference will be an issue and you want to make sure we are going where we should be going. In fact, let me say this. Being with you and spending more than just a little time together each week is something that I have yearned to have for quite some time. I’ve thought about it and just couldn’t figure out a way of getting us together without making you think I was just a creepy horny old lady that was coming on to you.”

“I never,” I began to say.

“No, let me get this out and finish. Last week when you suggested we do the surfboard thing, and I felt your chest on me, you sent all the questions and concerns I had in my head to the bottom of the pool. I figured that I was being stupid and that all I needed to do for us to be together is to let nature take its course. We’ve known each other for four years. In that time I’ve seen a teenager grow into a hardworking, responsible and diligent young man. A man who doesn’t take guff from people and who knows what he wants. A man who with a little help and direction will be a leader in his field. A man who is just beginning on a journey to find his place. So, I determined that once my divorce was finalized from that moron I was married to, I wanted to join you on that journey. I want to be that person who sits with you on our bed and talks about our day and where things are going to go. I want to help you in your desire to succeed. Now that my divorce is final and I’m free to be with you, do you want to be with me?”

“Are you kidding? I’ve got to say, that was quite a speech. And all the things you want, I want too. And I don’t want you to think that all I want you for is your knockout body. I learned my lessons from the girls that I’ve been with. Sex may be important, but it only goes so far. Don’t get me wrong, you excite the hell out of me. But I think we have a lot more to offer each other than our bodies.”

“You’re right, we do. Let’s eat.”

At about the half-way point in our meal, the waitress came to the table. She brought with her two more glasses of beer. She put them on coasters in front of us.

“These are on the house. I talked to the manager and told him how snotty I had been and he agreed that we should do this for you. Is there anything else I can get you?”

“Not right now, thanks,” I said.

As she walked away, I said to Fran, “So, you decided to go commando tonight , huh?”

“You saw?” Fran said with a little embarrassment coloring her cheeks.

“Yeah, when you slid into the booth. I said you weren’t wearing a bra, but no panties either? A little risqué for our first meal.”

“Yeah, well I’ll bet…” Fran said before slipping her hand under the table and placing it over my cock. “It feels like you don’t have anything on under these shorts either.”

Her hand moved down to the bare skin of my thigh before starting slowly back up under the shorts. She used her fingernails to rake my skin like a small claw climbing my nerves. I put my burger down and slid my hand to her soft inner thigh and began returning the favor. Fran opened her legs a little to ease my path and I did the same, slouching down a little to make the material of my shorts a little looser. She found my limp dick in short order and began to gently squeeze me at the base and massage my balls at the same time. By the time I had placed my hand over her mound, I was a rock in her grip. She slid her hand down and just played with my swollen helmet as I worked a finger into her.

Her other hand grasped me by the wrist and she stopped me from moving. Fran turned to face me and I could see in the low light that her eyes were closed.

She opened them and taking her hand off of my dick said, “I would take you home with me tonight , but I want things to be just right when you come on Friday.”

“Do you mean that you want me to stop?”

“No, but yes. You sorely tempt me. Would you mind if I called it a night?”

“Yes, but no,” I responded smiling. “Let me pay the bill and I’ll walk you out.”

We paid and I left the waitress a twenty percent tip. The cars were just a short distance from the door and we were at Fran’s car in no time. She unlocked it and I held it open for her.

“Do you need me to bring anything on Friday?”

“Nope. Just you. Make sure your hands are empty when you get there. Oh, I want you to park by the garage and come around to the pool at the back of the house.”

“What time?”

“When do you finish up on Friday?”

“I can be done at four and to your house by four fifteen,” I said.

“Four fifteen it is.”

I leaned into the car and lightly touched my lips to Fran’s. Her lips parted immediately and our tongues began to play. Once again I felt the depths of my yearning for this woman tear its way from my heart and mind to my groin. Her luscious lips and tongue played with me from the tip of my pecker to the top of my mind. I slowly spread my eyelids to find her eyes closed and sedate, secure in the emotions that were driving us both. I closed my eyes to concentrate on the feeling of her warm and wet soft lips sliding across mine, lubricated by our dancing tongues and swirling saliva. The heat and passion radiating from this gorgeous creature singed my body and soul. We had to stop now before I would need to take her on the front seat of her car.

Moving to place my hand on her shoulder, her hand met mine half way. Our kiss ended as we both backed away to slowly open our eyes and find each other gazing with stunned eyes. She smiled warmly at me and I returned her glee.

“Wow,” I breathed out. “That was hot. You’re hot!”

“You are too my love. Be careful going home, okay?”

“Would you do me a favor?” I asked.


“I’m only five minutes from here and you’re ten. Would you call me when you get home? I want to make sure you’re safe.”

“Okay,” she said.

We parted company after I closed her door. She did call me and we spent no more than five minutes on the phone that night. We could have stayed on the phone a lot longer, but both of us were tired and I think neither one of us wanted to preempt what we might talk about on Friday. She reminded me that I should go around to the back of the house on Friday when I got there, and we both hung up.

I brushed my teeth and changed into a pair of gym shorts before laying down on my bed in the dark. I thought through the night, from the testing of the students to our romping in the shower. My hand went on auto-pilot and moved across my abs to my crotch. I was already hard as I thought about her naked body on the floor of the shower when I rubbed out her cramp. I remembered the feeling of her soft pussy against my knee when I knelt with her. I fantasized about lowering my hard cock into her recesses and driving it to its full length into her. How it would disappear and our flesh would rub together and deliver us a carnal ecstasy. Then I remembered how Fran had taken me into her mouth and was sucking on me as I fingered her. This is the final thought that drove me over the edge and I delivered ropes of cum onto my stomach. Five, six, seven streams of white pearls shot and came to rest on me before I had to stop. My cock head had become very tender and sensitive from being teased so often that night. With tissues from my bed stand I cleaned myself up and then took another short shower. That would be all for tonight. I was exhausted and fell to sleep within minutes of my head hitting the pillow.


As I told Fran, I left work at the Y at four and was in her driveway at quarter after. I still had my speedos on. All I did when I left was pull on a shirt and slip into some flip-flops before practically racing out to my car. I had put a few clothes and my toiletry bag into a gym bag the night before and was ready for a weekend that was full of the promise of sexual delight. The night before I had gotten a bottle of wine to bring with me and that in a cooler in my trunk. I had no idea what was in store for me.

I pulled on the emergency break and put the car in park. The gym bag could stay in the car until I needed it. I got out of the car, retrieved the wine from the cooler, and headed around Fran’s beautiful home for the back. Rounding the corner of the house, a vision of angelic beauty met my eyes.

Fran sat under an umbrella at a patio table next to her pool. She was wearing a white bikini under a sheer white shift, had a straw hat on her head and shoes with three or four inch heels. As she stood to greet me, my eyes ran from her feet, up her well-toned and shapely legs, to the crotch of her bikini bottoms just visible under the shift, to her thin waist well over the tops of the bottoms, up to her beautiful yet covered bosom, to the elegant curve of her neck, past her perfect smile framed by luscious lips and finally rested on her cobalt blue eyes.

I was frozen, unable or at least unwilling to move and spoil the vision of beauty that graced my sight.

“Why are you just standing there? Come on over here!” she exclaimed. "And I told you to come empty handed. Why did you bring that wine?"

“Fran, you look beautiful,” I was finally able to say after swallowing hard.

“Oh, stop it.”

She put her glass down on the table and held her arms open to me. Approaching this angel was difficult. I wanted to run like mad, but I went as slowly as I could so that the image would be burnished in my mind. She had removed her hat and our bodies met for the first time today under a warm afternoon sun. She took the wine and set it on the table. She felt wonderful to hug. As I wrapped my arms around her, she enfolded me in hers.

With our bodies pressed together I could feel her small but magnificent breasts pressing into my chest. The heels that she wore lifted her just enough that we were almost the same height. She lifted her chin from my shoulder and I pulled my head back we looked into each other’s eyes.

“You have such dark beautiful eyes,” Fran said. “They remind me of a black onyx ring set in white gold that my parents gave me as a child. I’m having a screwdriver. Would you like one to sip on while we sit out here?”

“Sure, that sounds great.”

“Come into the kitchen with me while I make it and freshen mine up.”

We turned each other loose and after retrieving the bottle of wine she took my hand and led me into her home. She went to the fridge and leaned over to grab the orange juice off the lower shelf. She kept her legs straight, spread her feet and bent at the waist.

“Fran,” I said.

“Mm,” she intoned.

“You know you don’t have to entice me anymore than I already am don’t you?”

“What do you mean?”

“Bending over like that. I’ve seen you bend over to pick things up and you never did that before, the way you kept your legs straight and showed me your ‘assets’.”

She chuckled and said, “You caught that huh?”

“Of course I did. I love looking at you and believe me, I look every time I get a chance.”

“I look at you too I’ll have you know. Even more so lately.”

“It sounds like we have a mutual admiration society starting up here,” I said.

“Good, I like looking at you and I like that you look at me too.”

“So are you and exhibitionist and a voyeur?”

“As far as you’re concerned,” she replied, “I guess I am both.”

She was finished making the drinks and we carried them outside. We sat at the table next to one another and sipped from our glasses.

“Have you given any thought as to what you want to do tonight?” she asked me.

“I think you would say I’ve given fantasy to what I hope we would do tonight.”

“Yeah, I guess that’s what I’d call it too. I would like for tonight to go nice and slow. I want us to take our time and enjoy each other to the max. Do you get what I mean?”

“Yes, I do,” I replied. “I took a shower before leaving work, but I thought that we might go inside and take a shower together and be clean for each other and then just let things go where they go. What do you think of that idea?”

She smiled at me and said, “That’s pretty much what I had in mind. I took a shower about a half hour ago, so we can skip the shower if you want.”

“Well, the water is kind of where we started together, so I’d like for us to go in the water and then shower off after that. Okay?”

“Perfect. Before we go in, let’s just enjoy our drinks and talk a little first.”

“Okay,” I said lifting my glass to my lips and sipping the strong drink that she had made.

My thoughts were somewhere else though. I wondered what it was that she wanted to talk about. I prayed that she wasn’t having second thoughts.

“Do you mind telling me something?” she asked.

Why did I have the feeling that I was stepping into a minefield?

“Ask away,” I said.

“The other night, after we got off the phone, what was the rest of your night like?”

I knew it. This was a veracity test. She wanted to know if I was going to be honest with her about what other people might think is embarrassing. If I couldn’t tell her everything that happened in my bedroom, who could I tell?

“Well,” I started, “I hung up the phone, brushed my teeth, got changed for bed and then I thought about you and masturbated. Once I came, I cleaned up, took a quick shower and then after about ten seconds, I fell asleep. How did your night go?”

She smiled at me and said, “Very similar to yours. I had a very powerful orgasm just thinking about you.”

“I hope I’m as good in person as I am in your fantasies,” I said smiling back.

“I have no doubt. Even if you don’t put me over the moon on the first try, we’ll practice until you do.”

“Good,” I said. “Will you teach me and tell me what you want me to do.”

“We are going to teach and explore together. I’m hoping we both learn from us being together. You taught me something the other night.”

“I did,” I said amazed.

“Yep. I really liked it when you were washing me and soaping up my ass. It felt really good when your fingers were near my ass hole. I think, no, I know I want you to do that some more. What did you like?”

“Everything. Nothing you could do with or to me wouldn’t be exciting. Everything about you excites me.”

“Are you hungry? Would you like to have dinner before we… Before we go swimming?”

“Why are you changing the subject?”

“Because I want to be a good hostess and I want you to be happy with all and I mean all your needs fulfilled.”

“Baby, don’t worry about me. If I want something or need something, I’ll tell you, I promise. Tell me that you will too.”

“I promise,” countered Fran.

“Why don’t we go in the pool?” I asked. “We can just swim around a little and get cooled off in the water.”

“Okay,” said Fran, “but I have one request.”

“Name it.”

“We swim in the nude.”

“Cool,” I said standing.

I started lift my shirt when Fran stopped me saying, “No, no, no, I undress you and you undress me. We do it slow and take our time. We don’t need to hurry.”

She stood up and walked to me, still wearing her heels.

“You have got the best legs,” I said.

She smiled at me and then slowly lifted my shirt over my head. I decided we should alternate, so I grasped her shift by the bottom hem and lifted it over her head. When she lifted her arms, the sight of her breasts lifting gave my groin a little tug. She was a wondrous and alluring sight.

She then kicked off her heels and knelt before me. Turning the waistband of my trunks down, she slowly worked at the knot in the string and then, once it was undone, she pulled my trunks slowly down from my hips. My cock had begun to swell and as it cleared the waistband, it bounced a little as if cheering at its freedom. Fran got my suit down to my ankles and I stepped out of them. She threw them onto the chair I had been sitting in and then looked up at me. I saw a little mischief in her eyes before she put her hands on my hips and lifted herself to my growing manhood. Staring at my eyes, she kissed the tip of my cock and then took me inside her mouth. She was warm and wet. Her one hand moved to my balls and she lifted them and gently played with my nuts as she sucked and pulled on my now hard cock. Her other hand took my shaft and began squeezing and moving my skin up and down my rod in time with her mouth. All this time our eyes never lost contact. She pulled me from her mouth making a popping sound as it cleared her lips.

She stood and said, “I think you’re ready.”

Rather than reply with a voice that would have embarrassed Donald Duck, I pulled Fran close to me and undid the fastener of the bra while looking over her shoulder. As I did, Fran pushed my full staff erection down and nestled it between her legs. She put her arms around me once I had completely remove the upper part of her bikini and pressed her pert firm tits into my chest. She turned her face up to mine and we once again began dining on each other’s mouths. Her breath was exceptionally hot and sweet and we tried our utmost to make sure we knew each other’s teeth and tongue to the best of our abilities. I closed my lips around her tongue and sucked it into mine while toying with the tip by flitting my tongue up and down across hers. Turning our heads in opposite directions, we were able to place our tongues top to top. We each then began pushing and pulling our tongues, tasting each other as if we were both licking ice cream cones.

I pulled my dick from between Fran’s squeezing legs and knelt before her. I saw on her bottoms a spot of wetness in the crotch. I didn’t know if it was from her or pre-cum from me that caused the wetness. It didn’t matter to me. Taking the thin ties of her bikini bottoms in both hands, I pulled the knots out on both sides at the same time. The suit began to fall away and I took it and heaved it to the side. Fran put both her hands on my head as I put both of mine on her ass. She spread her legs a little for me as I kissed her tummy right above the growth of blonde hair. Leaving one hand on her ass, I gently began to explore her snatch with the other while looking up at her eyes past her puffing nipples.

She was wet and ready. Fran tilted her hips up so that I could begin to explore her with my mouth and fingers at the same time. I ran my fingers all around her lips, never dipping them in as I kissed each hair and gently pulled with my lips or prodded with my tongue. I could hear her breathing quicken. The lips of her pussy were swelling and I got my fingers in position so that I could enter her. Just as I brought my tongue to her clit, I gently and slowly entered her with two fingers.

Her knees gave way and she fell upon me. I was on my back and she was laying on top of me.

“Shit, are you okay?” I asked.

“That was just too much. I couldn’t stand it, literally, I just couldn’t take it.”

“Did you have an orgasm?”

“No, you’ll know when I do. I shake. My knees just let loose. I think it was that I’ve had two and a half of those drinks and the sun and then you and what you were doing to me, it was just too much for me.”

We stayed that way for a good five minutes. Her naked body pressed down onto me. Her legs were between mine and her face was on my chest. Her breathing had slowed and gone back to normal. I massaged her back from her shoulders to her ass as we both just absorbed each other.

Finally, she lifted her head and asked, “Do you want to go in the water?”

“No, I want to take you someplace and finish what we started,” I replied.

“Is my bed okay?”

“Is it softer than your patio?”

“Of course it is,” she chuckled as she stood.

We both got up and she moved behind me to brush me off.

“Christ, look at you. Why didn’t you say something?”

“Because what I felt on my front felt far better that the pain on my back.”

“You’re covered in little marks all over the place.”

“I’m fine. Come on,” I said taking her hand.

She took the lead and we walked hand in hand into the house. At the top of the stairs, we turned and were about to go into the bedroom. I pulled her toward me and lifted her into my two arms with one arm behind her back and the other under her knees. Carrying her to her bed, I gently placed her on the covers.

“Let’s take the top covers off,” she said getting back off the bed. “I bought special satin sheets for us to be on.”

We stripped the covers off the bed and put them on a chair off to one side. The sheets were white satin and were silky smooth. She came around the bed to me stood behind me as I faced the bed. She took me by the shoulders and turned me around.

“Thank you for being so sweet. Carrying me across the threshold like that was really unexpected.”

“I don’t want to be sweet, I just want to make you happy.”

“And you do,” she said pushing me onto my back on the bed.

She ate me up. The first thing Fran did was climb on the bed straddling me. She began at my neck and kissed, licked and sucked her way down. Stopping at my nipples, she took each in turn and played with it using her lips, tongue and fingers. While she did this, she used her hips and cunt to put pressure on my cock and make sure it was as hard as it would get. It was working.

“If you keep doing that,” I said, “I’m going to cum in no time.”

Fran pushed up to all fours and said, “Okay, I tell you what. You’re young and I’m willing to bet that you’re a real stud, so here’s what we’re going to do. I’m going to keep doing this until you cum. Then you’re going to do some oral magic on me. Then we’ll see if you’re ready again and when you are, then you can fuck my brains out. Wudda ya think of that plan?”

“Why don’t we sixty-nine?” I asked

“Not this time. First you, then me, then us. Take it or leave it.”

I took Fran’s head and began pulling it back down onto my chest.

She got the message and got busy. Her lips, tongue and fingers were all over me. I don’t know how she managed it, but she kept her cunt on my cock until she was almost down to my navel. When she got there, she dipped her tongue down into it and swirled it around a little. Then she put her pinky finger into it and I felt a jolt of electricity shoot from there right down into my pecker. My entire body jumped. She left my belly-button for parts further south. She didn’t have very far to go before she reached the head of my cock. With her hands on my thighs, she eased off the bed and took me into her mouth at the same time. She began to lift my nuts with her fingers and stroke me with her mouth and other hand. I felt her tongue swirling around my head and licking me as her head bounced up and down at a fevered pace.

I grabbed the sheets with my hands. The feeling of her warm mouth sliding up and down my shaft was driving me insane. I wanted to watch her more, but I had to put my head back to concentrate on trying to last. She lifted her mouth so that just my head was inside and continued to suck and pump me. My groin tightened and I hardly got the words out of my mouth that I was coming before I shot squeeze after squeeze of sperm into her mouth. She took it all. I heard her slurping and sucking all my cum up. She still held my dick in her hand as she licked me clean. Managing to look down, I saw Fran intently licking me, working on every side and in every crevice. She finally let me go and crawled up in the bed to lay beside me.

“You really do taste good, lover,” she said. “And you were loaded. That was a lot of cum you gave me.”

“I think,” I said breathing hard, “that it’s a measure of how much you excite me.”

“Is it really?” she asked as she took my hand and brought it to her breast.

I rolled onto my side and began nuzzling her other nipple with my nose. Thinking that she started at the top and kissed down was an indication of how she liked it done, I moved up to her ear and began nibble on her earlobe. She turned her face away from me and looked up. “Ah, the neck,” I thought. Obligingly, I moved my mouth to her neck and began to softly bite her skin with my lips. Rising into a kneeling position, I placed one leg between hers and lifted my leg so that my thigh was pressing into her pussy. She tasted so clean and fresh as I continued to nibble and lick her neck. Her tits were in my hands and I kneaded them while rolling her nipples between my fingers. They were so hard yet so soft and I could feel that she was beginning to get puffy around them. They got steadily harder as I moved my attentions to the other side of her neck.

Deciding that if I spend any more time on her neck it would be raw, I began moving down her body to take one of her tits into my mouth. My hands had not lied. Her nipples were hard little stones and her breasts were swollen with anticipation of my mouth. Fran’s hips rose and fell against my leg as I sucked on her tit and flitted her nipple with the tip of my tongue. One hand now free from its happy chore on her chest, I moved it down across her tummy to her belly-button. Dipping my pinky into her, I was happy to see that she had the same reaction I did. Her body jumped and she brought her hands to my head. She pressed my head to go lower, foregoing attention to her other boob. I obliged. Removing my thigh from its happy nesting place between her legs, I laid flat on top of her and began pushing myself lower and lower, licking every inch of her tight abs along the way.

Finally, I approached the target of my carnal desire. I felt the first pubic hair on my tongue and she responded by bending her legs and the knees and opening her legs as wide as they would go. My hands snaked under her ass and I massaged her cheeks as I gently bit the inside of her thigh and nibbled all the way down, half-way to her knee. I worked my way back up and, passing right by the source of her lovely aroma, treated her other leg to the same sensations.

I had just started kissing and licking all around her clit when she breathed, “Oh Hank, get there. Get there baby.”

The lips of her cunt were all swollen and pink. I took one hand from her ass and played my fingers across her distended lips, opening them so that I could find that lovely little bud that would make her bloom for me. She lifted her feet off the bed and pulled her legs up and wide for me. I dipped my tongue down into her sopping cunt and sucked the sweet and pungent juices that were freely flowing from her. She let out a gasp as I began to lick her clit and push it and suck on it and move it from side to side with my tongue. When I pushed two fingers into her cunt she shuddered and brought both her hands back to my head. She pulled me down into her, causing me to mash my face into her pussy. I moved my thumb down so that I could play with her anus while I fingered her. That was when she began to thrash all over the place. Her legs squeezed the sides of my head as she rolled back and forth and quaked from her orgasm. I continued as best as I could manage. It was like try to hold onto a bucking bronco.

She soon stopped quaking after I stopped playing. She opened her legs and pulled me to come up and lay next to her.

“Did I do it right?” I asked.

“Oh lover,” Fran sighed, “That was the best and most intense orgasm I’ve ever had.”

“Good,” I said, “I wasn’t…”

“And look at you! Ready to go again are we?”

I looked down to see that I was hard and at full attention. I hadn’t realized just how excited Fran’s orgasm had been to me.

She put her hand on my chest and crawled on top of me, straddling my face with her legs. Her mouth went to my nuts and she sucked on first one and then the other. Her hand grasped my shaft and she tugged on me. I brought both hands up over her legs and around from behind. Her pussy was still swollen, but her cunt wasn’t as open as it had been before. She might not have been open, but she was still wet and smelled delicious. I decided that I was going to go at this slowly, so I began by licking all around her lips. Up one side and down the other I licked and sucked on her lips until her hips started to move above me. I couldn’t see what she was doing with me, but it felt like she had me entirely in her mouth as was somehow massaging my head. It was magical and my boner was almost painful. But in a great way. I was so excited and hard that it felt like my head was about to pop off.

I took my fingers and spread her cunt open until I could see up inside her. She had swelled and opened again and her clit was standing out, begging for attention. As soon as my tongue touched her clit, she jumped and came off my dick.

“Shit, I can’t take this anymore,” she said sitting up and turning around.

She squatted back down and took my cock in her hand, standing it straight up. I could not help myself from playing with her magnificent tits as she slowly brought her cunt down on my rod. She put just the tip in at first, then she straightened up and dropped herself and buried me inside of her. Her pussy was so tight, wet and hot. She was wide open, but she felt so tight. She leaned forward and let me squeeze her tits and play with her nipples as she bounced on me, the flesh of our legs slapping together over and over. Her head was whipping up and down with her motion and her blond hair was flying all over. Each time she brought herself down on me I would buck up to meet her thrust. Even so, it felt like she was doing all the work. I let go of one of her tits and brought my hand down to her snatch. Using my thumb, I put pressure on her pelvic bone and rubbed her clit as she pounded me.

Her moans became louder and I could tell she was getting close to exploding. I wasn’t there yet though, so I pulled her down onto the bed. Rolling her onto her stomach, I lifted her hips. She got the idea and lifted her ass to me and opened her legs wide. I was so excited and hard, I had to push my cock down so that I could get it into her. That was when I started banging her hard. With a hand on each of her protruding hip bones, I pulled and pushed her as hard and fast as I could. I was getting closer.

“God Hank, fuck me. Fuck me harder.”

I moved one hand to her ass and began playing with her anus. That seemed to rip her apart. At first, her back arched up as though her stomach muscles were cramping, then she dropped her chest to the bed and began to whimper. Her body waved that way which caused her hips to tilt one way and then the other over and over. Her cries of lust became louder and more urgent. It was difficult to squeeze my ass to keep from coming and fuck her with all my might at the same time. I could hold back no longer and unleashed a powerful orgasmic load deep into Fran’s pussy. Whatever the reason, my cum or the pulsing of my spewing cock, or just good timing, Fran went over the edge and shook uncontrollable beneath me as we dropped down to the bed together, my cock still in her pussy.

We were both breathing hard as I limply slid out of her pussy, got off her back and laid down next to her on my side. Resting my head on my arm, I stroked her back and curvy tight ass with long sensuous strokes.

“Fran,” I said, “you are an angel. This was just so great.”

Fran turned her head to look at me, choosing to remain laying on her tummy. She moved her hair away from her face and smiled at me.

“You’re wrong, my love. This was fantastic. I can feel your cum oozing from me. Oh. My. God!”

“I don’t think I’ve ever cum like that. Not even once, let alone twice in the same day,” I said.

“You know what, Hank?” she asked rhetorically. “Here’s hoping for many more times like this.”

“Amen to that.”

Still to come – more fun and adventures that our teachers who were friends discover new situations to enjoy!

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