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Swimming teachers can be more than just friends - Part 4

Hank and Fran continue to explore and expand with her friend Meg.
Fran and I had been living together for almost a month now. Her divorce left her without financial worries for the remainder of her life. The money that I made as the manager of the indoor year-round pool at the Y was enough to keep us happy, content and enabled us to do what we wanted whenever we wanted to .

The heat of summer was upon us and it had become our custom to swim every night in our backyard pool It had also become our custom to be nude at home. Tonight would be different though. Not only were we starting a class at five tonight, but Fran’s closest friend from her high school days was going to be staying with us for a week.

The class was a small one, only eight students. Four guys, all going into their senior year of high school at the same school. The four girls, women really, were in their mid-twenties and looking to eventually get their WSI’s so they could teach swimming. Fran and I went over the basics with them and then had all of them jump into the pool so that we could judge their swimming abilities and strengths. The guys were guys. Smart-ass high school guys, more interested in the women’s bodies than anything else. All they were in this for was so that they could become lifeguards later on. The women on the other hand seemed to be serious. I can’t really fault the guys for fawning over the women’s bodies though. All four were very attractive ladies and they had really great figures.

Fran and I marched back and forth on the deck of the pool we were being allowed to use up in the hills of a neighboring town, watching how our new students swam. They all seemed to be proficient swimmers. Once they had finished up, it was nearly seven-thirty and time to call the class to an end. We dismissed the students and then picked up our materials and towels and headed to the car. It was still pretty warm, so we decided to leave our clothes in our bags and just drive home in our bathing suits.

As we got into the car Fran asked, “Ready to meet Meg?”

“I suppose so,” I replied dropping the car into gear.

“You’ll love her,” Fran said. “We were very close in high school. We did everything together. Both of us were on the cheerleading squad, we rode our bikes everyplace together, our parents knew each other and we ate over at each other’s house all the time.”

“Did that stop when you graduated?”

“No, in fact,” Fran said, “we wrote each other letters once or twice a week all the way through college. I was upset she went to a school all the way out in California, and I was in Pennsylvania, but we always stayed in touch. We shared each other’s secrets about everything.”

“Everything?” I asked incredulously.

“Just about. We still do. I even wrote her and told her how happy we were together.”

“Did you tell her about our first time in the pool, when I just about crawled up into you?”

Fran laughed and said, “ As a matter of fact, I did. I told her that never in my life have I ever felt so alive and turned on. ”

“So, she know s just about everything about us?” I asked.

“No, I don’t get into the details. But in general, she knows how happy I am and why. I mean why in the sense that we've fallen in love and are enjoying being with one another all the time. She knows about your sense of humor and how handsome you are, but I haven’t told her how big you are or what you do to me physically, just what you do for me emotionally.”

We were just pulling into the driveway at that point. I pulled into the garage and as we approached the door into the house it swung open. Meg stood in the doorway backlit by the light from the kitchen. Fran left her things in the car and ran up the few steps and into the waiting arms of her childhood friend.

“Meg,” Fran cried out, “you look great. Come on, let’s get inside and let me take a good look at you in the light.”

“Fran, it doesn’t look like you’ve changed at all. Speaking of looking good, damn, you look hot in that bathing suit.”

I trailed the women into the house. Both arms were full of papers and towels from the swimming class. Once I deposited the towels in the laundry room, I went into the kitchen where the two of them were bantering back and forth about how good it was to see each other after so long.

Meg was a very attractive woman about the same height as Fran. Both had blonde hair and both were fairly lean in build.

“Meg, I want to introduce you to the man who’s taken over my life,” Fran said taking Meg by the hand. “Meg, this is Hank. Hank, this is my oldest and dearest friend in the world, Meg.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” I said extending my hand.

“Put that hand down and give me a hug,” Meg said to me.

”You’re going to find out that Meg is a touchy-feely kind of person,” Fran said as I approached Meg.

Meg wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a peck on the cheek, then she whispered in my ear as I was giving her an air kiss, “You hurt her and I’ll have you killed.”

I turned my head to whisper in her ear, “If I hurt her, I’ll kill myself before you even hear about it.”

Meg pulled back from me, holding me by the shoulders. She looked up my body, starting from my toes, up my naked legs, to my red speedo bathing suit, abs, chest, neck, mouth and then finally to my eyes. Our eyes locked and for what seemed like ten seconds, I stared into Meg’s brown eyes without flinching. I figured that I better keep my eyes off the more interesting areas of her body and concentrate on her eyes for the time being. No need getting Fran angry at me for eyeing up her friend as tempting as that might be.

“You know Fran,” Meg said, “you certainly picked right this time. Tall, handsome and well mannered. I’m reserving any further judgment until we sit and talk.”

Fran said, “Do you want to go for a dip in the pool? We’ll stay in our suits if you do, otherwise, I know that I want to get out of this suit and into a robe or something at least a little more suitable for having a guest over.”

“No, honey. I’m fine. No swimming for me tonight, maybe tomorrow if you guys want to.”

“Okay,” Fran said. “ We’ll be right down.”

“Mind if I come up with you?” Meg asked. “I’ve spent all this time com ing here. I don’t want to waste a second just sitting around waiting.”

Fran looked at me and lifted her eyebrows to form her question. I just smiled and shrugged my shoulders.

“Well, if Hank doesn’t mind, then I guess its okay with me. It’s not like you haven’t seen me without clothes on before.”

We all paraded up the stairs. Fran led and I trailed up the rear. And what a rear it was. Watching those to beautiful asses swing back and forth as we went up the steps was quite a sight. Fran turned into our bedroom when we got to the top and we followed her in. She went into her closet and I went into mine.

A minute later, Fran called out, “Hank, where’s my white silk robe?”

“On the back of the bathroom door if I’m remembering right,” I called back.

“Shit honey,” Meg said. “Don’t you know where your own robe is?”

“To tell you truth Meg,” Fran said evidently walking out of her closet, “we both spend most of our time at home in the nude.”

“No shit?” Meg exclaimed. “I do too. I almost never wear anything unless I’m going out of the house or if someone is coming over. I mean why bother. Nobody else is there to see me and it feels, well, it feels really free if you know what I mean.”

“We feel the same way,” I said exiting my closet tying the belt on my blue terry robe.

Fran came out of the bathroom tying her own belt. She looked absolutely gorgeous in the white silk. I had bought it for her just a few weeks before as a surprise and she adored it.

“Oh hell,” Meg said. “I hate to think I’m causing you two to do things that you ordinarily don’t. The last thing I want to do change your schedule or make you go out of your way. Why don’t we all just get natural?”

Was she kidding me? The three of us sitting around gabbing in the nude? I mean I was used to Fran and I doing that, but to have another woman in the house walking around naked might just be enough for me to spontaneously blow a cork!

“I’d rather we didn’t for tonight,” Fran said. “Not that I don’t want to, but let’s just stay like this, okay?”

“Sure Hon,” Meg said. “It’s your home, so it’s your rules.”

I was very happy that Fran spoke up and said no. Most guys who were exhibitionists would probably jump on the opportunity to strut their stuff, but this was a stranger in my home, and I was uncomfortable at the thought.

We all sat in the den drinking wine and talking until almost one in the morning. I finally had to excuse myself to go to bed. I had work in the morning and had to be out of the house at eight. I didn’t know until later the next day when I called home that Fran and Meg sat talking until almost five before they finally called it a night.

An hour before I was to leave, Fran and Meg came to the pool. I was in total shock when they walked into my office. Both were wearing one piece red bathing suits that were cut high to display their magnificent legs and low necklines to display their other tantalizing assets. It was clear that Meg had quite a bit more chest to show off that Fran did, but both women looked delicious.

“Hi Hank,” Fran said as she walked through the door. “Meg and I decided to come in and swim some laps to work up an appetite. We thought we’d all go out to dinner after you get off.”

“After I get off?” I asked with a sly grin on my face.

“ Oh, you know what I mean.”

“Sometimes I do and then sometimes I think you are giving me hints and I just wonder.”

“Do you both have such deliciously dirty minds?” Meg asked.

Fran, beginning to repeat what I had said replied, “Sometime we do…” Then she laughed and said, “As a matter of fact we do and I love it.”

We all laughed before Fran said, “It’s too bad that you finish work at five today.”

“Why’s that?” I asked, thinking to myself that they wanted to go out for some dinner and wondering why she would want to go out much later.

“Because,” Fran replied, “I wanted you to try out your surf board rescue on Meg.”

“Why don’t you shut the door and come in and have a seat.”

Fran shut the door and they took the two chairs opposite to my desk. My office is a fishbowl just off the lobby. Everyone in the lobby could see into my office, but with the door closed, at least our conversation would be private. The revelation from Fran that she wanted me to get close to Meg in that way had come as a complete shock.

“Fran, are you sure…”

“Hank,” Fran cut me off saying, “Meg is a water safety instructor back home and I want her to have all the same information I have. I don’t think she’ll use it on any of her students, but you never know.”

“Hank,” Meg added, “Fran told me how you came up with the rescue idea and I think it has some real merit. The one thing I can’t figure out is how to take the sexual nature out of it so that we might actually be able to use it.”

Coming out of my stunned silence I said, “Looking back on it, it was not a very good idea. I don’t think there ’ s any way to take the sexual suggestiveness out of the equation. When I demonstrated the rescue on Fran that night, the last thing on my mind was sex. I just wanted to show her what I’ been thinking about. The fact that it opened the door to us finally expressing to one another how we felt about each other speaks volumes to just how suggestive it is by its nature.”

Fran said, “Meg is a wizard at getting rescues and releases approved. In fact, she’s the one who’s responsible for the updated way we do the front head hold release. Who knows, maybe she’ll come up with something. If she does, then great. If she doesn’t, then maybe she ’ ll just have some fun trying it.”

“Okay,” I said relenting. “If you’re okay with it, then we can come back after dinner and after everyone leaves, we can try it. I have the surf board stowed in the back equipment room.”

“Cool,” Meg said standing. “For now though, let go swim some laps.”

When she stood, I noticed for the first time that both women’s nipples had become erect under their tight suits. I had the distinct impression they had discussed this last night or early this morning and had just pulled a fast one on me. Not that I minded. If Fran wanted to share me with her girlfriend, who was I to object. In fact, being with Fran and Meg would be like being with a set of twins.

They went into the pool area and dove into the pool. Both were very strong swimmers and they cut through the water the same way you see Olympic swimmers do when they are practicing. Smooth, long strokes that displayed a mastery of motion in water. I called several members of the swim teams over to watch so that they could see what really good swimmers can do.

During our dinner, the women told me that they had decided during their talk the night before that we were all nudists at heart. As such, there was no reason that we needed to be reserved at home. The news that we would all be walking around the house naked for the next week didn’t come as much of a surprise. After all, Fran as much as told me that she wanted me to try to turn her friend on that night when we went back to the pool. I can’t imagine how the conversation progressed after I went to bed. What I was sure of was that it had turned to sex. I just hoped that any details of my performance were positively reviewed by Fran.

After a nice long dinner and really great conversation, we went back to the pool. After about fifteen minutes, the place cleared out and we had it to ourselves. I made sure to tell Sally that Fran, Meg and I would be in the pool late and that the lights would be on until we completed our testing. I wanted her to think we were doing something official and didn’t want to be disturbed. Now, the doors were locked, about three quarters of the lights were off and we were ready to see if Meg could desexualize having a man press his chest into her crotch.

Meg went into the water first. I had gotten the surf board out of the equipment room and had it in the pool at the deep end.

“Fran,” I said after Meg dove in. “Are you sure about this?”

Fran took me in her arms. Her lips came close to mine and she brushed them against my cheek as she moved close to my ear.

“I’m positive,” she whispered. “I want you to have some fun and make her forget all about water safety before you get to the other end of the pool.”

“Where are you going with this?” I asked wanting to make sure I was not going to overstep any boundaries.

“Just have some fun, Hank.”

“What are the boundaries of having fun, Fran?”

“There aren’t any.”

“None?” I asked.

“None. Go where it takes you. If I can’t share you with my best friend and can’t share my best friend with you, then who can I share with?”

“Will you join in?” I asked hoping she would.

“Well duh! You think I’m just going to stand there and watch?”

We let each other go and stood on the lip of the pool waiting for Meg to swim back to the deep end. When Meg neared, she submerged and came up at the side at our feet with her hair flowing down her back.

“So, are we going to do this or what?” she asked.

After exchanging a short kiss with Fran, I jumped into the pool over Meg’s head and took control of the surfboard.

“Do you want me to do the whole thing as I did with Fran or do you want me to just get to where it felt best to do it?”

“Let’s do the whole thing,” she replied.

“You got it. Do a dead man’s float and I’ll start the rescue,” I said.

Meg went into a dead man’s float and I brought the board next to her. I flipped her onto the board on her back and positioned myself between her legs. Her feet hung off the sides of the board bent at the knees. Pulling myself up the board until my face was only a few inches above her crotch, I began to turn the board and got ready to paddle to the shallow end. Unlike Fran, who had a single pubic hair she had missed while shaving, Meg had not a single one for me to concentrate on. In fact, I could see the outline of her pussy through the tight thin bathing suit. The sight of her semi-camel toe was working wonders on my cock. Already I was beginning to feel a slight discomfort as my dick pressed into the board.

As I did with Fran, I pulled myself up further until my chest rested squarely on her mound. As I paddled slowly toward the shallow end of the pool , the motion of my chest against her pussy was beginning to take its toll on her composure. I heard a small yet distinctive whimper escape from her lips and I felt her hips turn up a little as she tried to press back against me. Unlike any unconscious victim I had ever seen, her hand s came out of the water and she buried her finger s in my hair and made fists. Her middle finger massaged my scalp in time with my motions across her crotch. I smiled, thinking that she was not going to be able to take any of the sexuality from of this and make it a legitimate rescue technique. About two-thirds of the way down the pool, one of her hands left my hair and I watched her move it to her breast whereupon she began massaging and kneading herself. Her mouth was open and her eyes were squeezed shut.

By the three-quarter mark, she had lifted her legs out of the water and she hooked her heels inside my legs. This made the board considerably heavier and it began to go under the water. To counter this, I had to try to pick up some speed, so I paddled harder. This caused my chest to press even harder and with more movement into her. Her other hand left my hair. She had both her tits in her hands, squeezing them and pinching her nipples through the thin bathing suit. Meg’s stomach muscles were working double time as she humped me. Finally, I bumped the board into the end of the pool, ending the ride. She scissored her legs behind me so that when I slid us off the board, she settled down my body and her cunt came to rest on my hardened cock.

She had put her arms around my neck when I got off the board. My hands automatically went to her ass to hold her up. Het butt was well toned and her hips rotated in circles as she ground herself against me. I heard a splash and turned to see that Fran had jumped into the water. Fran move behind me and put her arms around my waist and she hugged herself to me. Meg continued to masturbate on me as Fran kissed my back, her perfect breasts pressing into me.

“Go for it Hank,” she whispered into my ear.

As soon as she had completed her sentence, her fingers went to the string in my speedos and she untied the knot. She let go of me and tugged my trunks down to my knees. Fran moved around behind Meg and I saw her whisper something to Meg. Meg’s eyes opened and she looked at me with a smile on her face.

Fran dipped down into the water and she took hold of my rock solid cock , slow moving my skin back and forth in her fist. I felt Fran’s other hand doing something else and figured she must be pulling Meg’s suit off to the side. I lifted Meg up a little and felt Fran move my cock up to vertical. She played me back and forth across Meg’s lips and then I felt myself enter into Meg’s swollen and waiting cunt.

I lowered Meg onto my pole slowly until I was buried completely in her. She moved her hands to my face and attacked me with her lips as I bounced her up and down, trying to get to the side where I could bang her properly. Fran had moved behind me again and she was playing with my nuts as I lifted and lowered Meg.

When we got to the side, I put Meg’s ass on the side of the pool and she lay back on the tiles, squealing at their cold touch. She put her hand up and through the shoulder straps of her suit and then pulled down her top revealing gorgeous firm breasts with outstanding puffy latte colored nipples. Fran moved next to me and we kissed passionately. Her one hand massaged my back and her other ran up and down my abs. The hand in front slowly descended until it got between my attacking pelvis and Meg’s encouraging cave. Fran moved away from my side, got out of the pool and knelt on the side next to Meg.

“Are you enjoying this Honey?” she asked Meg.

“God Yes!” Meg exclaimed.

Fran, totally out of character and for the first time to my knowledge, leaned over and began to suck on Meg’s nipple. Her one hand ventured down Meg’s stomach to her clit and Fran began to stroke her gently. Meg was as wet and slippery as any woman I had ever seen or been with. Her legs were up and resting on my shoulders. I was holding Meg by the thighs and continued to ram myself into her. I was beginning to think of it as a game and tried with every stroke to push myself deeper and harder than the stroke before.

Meg’s hands shot out to the sides as if she were trying to grab the sides of a bed. Fran continued to suck and stroke and I continued to try to drill the hole deeper and wider. Meg began to bounce all over the place as she reached orgasm. The sight of her getting so much pleasure out of what Fran and I were doing was too much for me. I pulled out of Meg and moved slightly off to the side. I pulled Fran’s head down off Meg’s nipple. She took me greedily into her mouth and began stoking and sucking on me. She took everything that I had to give. I unloaded stream after stream of goo and not a single drop escaped from Fran’s mouth.

Meg lay on the side of the pool with her arms and legs spread wide, breathing very hard. I was breathing hard as well. Fran sat on the side next to Meg. She was smiling at me.
“That was certainly a complete rescue. From soup to nuts you might say,” Fran said.

“And if we were eating out, you even got the special sauce,” I said.

“Oh my god,” Meg said. “I still feel like you’re in me. Jesus H. Christ! That was magnificent.”

“So,” Fran said as she slowly rubbed Meg’s breasts, “do you think you can make that into an approved rescue technique?”

“No fucking way. So to speak,” Meg replied.

We all laughed and then began getting ourselves back together. I pulled my suit up and Meg adjusted her suit to cover her pussy and tits. I laid down on the side between Fran and Meg. To say that I was in heaven laying between two beautiful women as they played their hands across my stomach and chest would be the understatement of the year. This is especially true since I had just fucked one to orgasm and shot my wad into the other’s waiting and willing mouth.

It was a good five minutes before any of us spoke. The next words came from Fran and they changed our lives forever.

Please read the first three parts of this story so you can enjoy this part to its fullest. Part 5 will be coming soon.

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