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Teaching Svetlana Chapter 2

Svetlana is back and she wants more. She is eager to please and learn.
This is the continuing education of Svetlana into the world of sexual pleasure. It has been two weeks since that snow day when Svetlana and I shared her body. She has been hungry to continue her exploration. I have been trying to postpone this coupling for as long as I could. I am a married man and what we are doing could hurt my marriage. Svetlana does not seem to care.

We are in the middle of mid-term exams. We have been carpooling together as well as studying. Today was to be an off day for the two of us. We had no exams today. I was planning to study some more and get ready for my next exam. Svetlana called me the night before and wanted to study together some more.

I had a feeling what she really wanted was to study was my cock and her body and the many ways it could please her. She wanted to use and abuse our friendship to further advance her sexual education.

I woke up that morning and had dressed in my usual workout shorts and t-shirt. It was cool in the apartment but I did not care. My wife had gone to her job and was working overtime to get the circuit boards corrected and ready for the engineers tests. She was responsible for the building of the prototype boards which went into the test mini-computers of Data General. She played a key role in the design and test of the next generation of the product.

I had just finished breakfast and was watching the news drinking a cup of coffee when the doorbell chimed. It was Svetlana here to study some more for mid-terms. I really knew what she wanted. I let her in. She came up to our apartment and knocked on the door.

I opened the door. Before me stood a different woman. It was Svetlana but her hair was different. It had been done up with curls and styled. She had makeup on her face. Her eyes were bathed in a glow, her cheeks were radiant and her lips had a soft pink color. She was beautiful.

She was wearing a white peasant blouse that hid her charms subtly but accented her beauty. Her waist was cinched by a belt holding up a skirt which was short but revealed her lovely nylon encased legs. She was a different woman. She oozed sexual prowess and a confidence that had been hidden from the world. I had unleashed a cat on the prowl. She was out for prey.

I was the target and she was going to get me whether I wanted to or not. She had a determined look in her eyes. She would not be denied. I was her target and nothing was going to stand in the way. There was a hunger and lust in her demeanor. I had no choice but to submit to her will. I had unleashed the beast and it was time to tame her so the world could see her as she truly was, Svetlana the Tiger. What had I done?

She came into my apartment, put her books on my table, and moved her arms around me in a tight hug. She kissed me on each cheek and ended full on my lips. The kiss was soft and tender but radiated a hunger for sexual fulfillment. She had lust on her mind and only I could satiate that lust. She wanted to learn more about sex.

With her arms around my neck I returned her kiss putting my arms around her body. I held her tightly and opened my lips pushing my tongue into her mouth probing for her tongue to duel with her. Her tongue danced with mine in a tangle of pleasure that left us both breathless wanting more.

“Good morning Svetlana. I see you have been studying, but not for mid-terms”, I said.

“No I have been reading Cosmo and other fashion magazines to broaden my fashion sense and sexual prowess. Have I done well?” she asked.

“Oh Yes!” I replied. “You have done very well. What is on your mind for today?”

“I want to learn more about pleasing a man and gratifying myself at the same time.” She replied huskily.

I sat at the table with my coffee, looked at her and smiled. She moved into my kitchen got a cup and poured herself some coffee. She got down a small plate and made some toast with grape jelly. She sat across the table from me looking in my eyes waiting to start the next lesson. I pondered where to begin.

Do I start with charts from a book showing erogenous zones? Do I explain kissing, necking, petting, first base, second base, third base, home run, fellatio, cunnilingus, hand job and anal? What do I do? Those are all physical things. What about the emotional things? What about the sensations? No one ever taught me any of this stuff. My parents were prudes. I had to learn on my own. How can I know if what I teach is even what she wants or needs? I guess we will just have to find out together. I want this to be fun not clinical.

We move from the table to the couch, where it all started last time. I have made up my mind. We will start with kissing and caressing. This will set the stage for turning her on and getting things warmed up. I want to show her what a woman would like, but I am a man so I will need her help to tell me what feels good to her.

“Can we have another sexual romance lesson today?” Svetlana asked.

“I thought that was why you were here. Dressed as you are, you are not ready for a study session.” I replied.

We put our coffee cups down and sit facing each other. I explain that we are going to go over basics of foreplay. I ask her to tell me if something does not feel good. I need feedback from her to know what she likes. All women are different and one thing to one may be good to another it is a turn off.

“I am ready.” She says.

“OK. We will start with the simple things, the touch, caress and the hug.” I tell her.

I take her hands in mine. I lace our fingers. I run my hand up her arm. I hug her to me gently. She likes this and is starting to breath heavily. I slow it down. I caress her hair, behind her ears, the side of her face, her chin and her lips. She is reacting to everything. She loves it all. Off to a good start.

I kiss her hand and fingers. I kiss up her arm onto her neck, behind her ears, her ears, her hair, her cheek, her eyes and her chin. She is moving her head to get the full effect and is purring. She loves it. I explain that these are things that every man should do to set the mood and tempo for what is to follow or just to show affection to and for the other person. She smiles.

“Was that good?” I ask.

“Yes it was so good. I really feel good, wanted and desired.” She replies.

“Would you like to continue doing this or move to the next step?”

“Let’s do this for a bit more and then move into the next step without stopping.” Svetlana replies.

I can feel that she is enjoying this and is getting warmed up. I really want to ravish her now but am forcing restraint on myself. It is very difficult. She looks so lovely and is so vulnerable sitting next to me.

I repeat the earlier steps more slowly and linger at each area to accentuate the feelings. She is swooning and enjoying all the attention. She is smiling and her face is radiating as if she were a queen and everyone had to look up to her. I go up and down and back and forth varying the sites and steps to make it seem more random. She is eating it up. She is breathing hard and her breasts are heaving up and down. It is so sexy that I am distracted.

I move my lips to hers. I softly kiss her. I keep kissing her moving my lips around but not seeking to invade with my tongue. She kisses me back the same way. There is no hunger or lust there. It is only the caress of our lips touching.

I put my hands on her head and move it in closer to kiss a little harder with more urgency. This is still without tongues. Our lips make smacking noises and we are locking together. I kiss her. She responds and kisses me. I nibble on her lips and she nibbles on mine. We do this for about 10 minutes.

I open my mouth and push my tongue at her lips. She yields and receives my tongue eagerly, virtually sucking it in. Our tongues start dancing, first in her mouth then in mine. They tangle up in each other. They probe and suck from each other. There is a constant dance to see which can dominate the scene. She seems more aggressive so I let her win. We separate, gasping for breath. Our saliva runs down our faces but we don’t care.

“Are you all right?” I ask.

“Yes, just a little out of breath.” She replies.

“You need to learn to breathe through your nose”

“I will try.”

Instead of warning her, what is next, I just jump in. I start back kissing her to set the stage for the next level. As we kiss my hands go from the back of her head, down her back under her arms and onto her breasts. Through her blouse, I can feel the soft silk of her bra and her very hard and erect nipples. She still has her hands wrapped around my head concentrating there. I caress her breasts, softly moving my hands to stimulate them to be ready. She starts to moan a little. She is getting aroused and so am I. It is taking all my restraint to go very slowly here.

I want to release her breasts and kiss, nibble and suck on them. I rub her blouse. It has no buttons. It has a scoop neckline with elastic bonding. The bottom is also stretch elastic bonding. I push the bottom of the blouse up so it is over the top of her breasts. Her bra is exposed and I am caressing her white lace encased breasts. She is breathing heavily now and moaning a little louder.

I stop kissing her. “It’s time to remove your blouse.” I tell her.

“OK.” She says raising her arms over her head.

I remove her blouse. We go back to kissing and my hands continue to caress and explore her breasts. To make it easier I slide her bra straps off her shoulders. This allows me to move her breasts out of her bra but still have them pushed up and out.

I stop kissing her. My lips move down her throat stopping along the way to nibble the side of her throat and her cleavage. One hand is caressing her breast while my lips are caressing the other. I pinch her nipple. She winces and lets out a small squeal.

“Did you like that?” I ask about the pinch.

“It was too hard and it hurt. My nipples are very sensitive.” She says.

“OK. I’ll remember that. What are you feeling right now?”

“I am warming allover but there is an empty hollow feeling down in my private area. It is warm and tingly, but there is something missing.”

“OK. That is part of the foreplay process. There is a desire building to have my penis penetrate your vagina. This feeling will build until that happens.”

“It is almost like I am hungry but it is well below my stomach.”

I reach around behind her and remove her bra. Her breasts pop out as they are released. Her nipples are dark and erect. I have to remember that they are very sensitive. I cover her breasts with my hands. Her nipples poke through my fingers. They feel so good. I move my mouth to take a nipple in with as much of the areola as possible. She lets out a long loud moan of pleasure. Her hands go to the back of my head pulling me to get as much of the nipple as possible. She does not want to let go. I gasp for air.

I sit up and have her remove my t-shirt. She rubs her hands on my chest moving the hair there around. She kisses my neck and my arms. She moves to kiss and suckle my nipples. She nips each of them. The little discomfort feels good. She runs her hands up and down the front of my body savoring the hard muscles and short hair. She works her arms around me and pulls me tightly against her. She hugs me and does not want to let go.

She looks into my eyes. I see love there and passion. She is really smitten with me. I can see that I need to do something about that as I am a married man. I have been married for less than 2 years and I love my wife. Then you ask why am I doing this? I don’t know. It started out as helping a friend but is turning into the 800 pound gorilla in the room. I will have to deal with this later. For now back to the matter at hand.

I stand Svetlana up. Her breasts jiggle and she has a huge smile of pleasure on her face. I am still on the couch. My face is right at her waist. I reach out and remove her belt. I turn her around and unbutton and unzip her skirt. The skirt falls to the floor and I am presented with the most beautiful lace covered bum I have ever seen. She is wearing white lace bikini panties. There is also a white lace garter belt holding up her sheer nylon stockings. Her bra, bikini panties and garter belt all match. I am impressed.

I turn her back to face me. I look up at her and she is looking directly at me waiting to go on. I reach out and put my hands on her stomach. I caress her stomach circling her naval. She wriggles as it tickles her. I put my hands on the waistband of her panties. I slide one hand down her panties seeking her womanhood. The other hand goes around to the back caressing her bum.

Her bum is firm and when I touch it she moves closer to my face. She opens her legs slightly to allow my hand in. I squeeze each of her bum cheeks. She coos. I slide my hand up and down. I push her panties into her bum crack. This makes the front develop a camel toe. It is so sensual. I slide my hand under the lace material and squeeze and pinch her bum. She is moving around to assist my probing.

I am looking at the newly formed camel toe and notice that it is very wet. Her juices have been flowing for a while. Her thighs are also wet. She has been having small orgasms during our rousing foreplay. I look up at her and give her a wicked smile, like a pirate would when he is about to take the treasure. She giggles.

I kiss her naval and start working my mouth down and around her stomach toward her womanhood. She is moaning louder now. I feel her legs start to tremble as she gets more aroused. I kiss down her leg stopping to remove the garters holding up her nylons. As I roll her nylons down her leg I follow it with my mouth kissing her along the way. I repeat the same for the other leg. She is really wobbly now. I reach up and remove her garter belt.

I take a blanket off the couch and put it on the floor. I have Svetlana join me on the blanket. I lay her down with a pillow under her head so see can watch what I am doing and not strain her neck. Her eyes are open wide with amazement. I push her legs further apart and crawl between them. My mouth goes for her thigh and starts kissing my way up and over to her mound. With my hand I very softly trail my fingers up and down her other thigh. Her hips start to rock back and forth under the sensation.

My mouth is on her lace covered mound and I can taste her juices that have seeped out of her. The juice is sweet and I lick it up. Her moans become longer and louder. I raise her legs straight into the air and remove her lace bikini. She puts her legs down. She is now totally naked exposed for me to see. I run my eyes up and down her body leering at her. I feel like a kid in a candy shop. I possess all I can see.

Her light brown hair covered mound is glistening with her juice. It is beckoning to be touched and suckled. I slowly move my lips to it. I am kissing and nipping as I go. She is thrashing about as I am driving her wild. She spreads her arms wide then brings them in to cover her breasts. She takes her breasts in her hands and squeezes and caresses them all the while moaning with pleasure. She pulls on her nipples.

I have zeroed in on my target. My mouth has found her slit. I kiss it hard and suck on it. She raises her hips. My tongue stiffens and I poke it out into her slit. I move up and down the entrance to her slit all the while drinking her juice. It seems to be continuously flowing now. I put my tongue in deeper spreading her open. She is ready, but I have not finished with my tongue. I probe deeper as I find her entrance. I put my tongue deep inside her. I feel her stiffen as I draw out another orgasm. I pull out and go in search of her clitoris. It has just appeared from under its shroud. It is standing there proudly waiting to be acknowledged. I flick it with my tongue and she jumps. I wrap my tongue around it and squeeze it. She screams. I nibble it with my teeth. The thrashing comes more violently.

As I am tickling her clitoris, I am inserting a finger inside her rubbing her, probing her. Her inner walls are well lubricated with her oily cum. They are throbbing pushing back with a pressure to hold my finger inside never letting go. I move in and out hitting her g-spot setting up a rhythm. She is rolling her head side to side in ecstasy. I insert a second finger. This really sets her off. She is bucking, rolling her head and thrashing about.

I stop. She lets out a load groan of disappointment. I stand up and look down at the huge tent in my shorts. During all this time, my arousal has been neglected. I have not taken my shorts and tidy whiteys off. She sits up and reaches over and rips my shorts and underwear off. My manhood jumps out, standing at attention. She covers her mouth and giggles.

“Are you ready?” I ask.

“I want you NOW!” she yells.

“OK, here I come!”

I descend back to the floor hovering over her poised to strike. My manhood is hard and up to the task. I rub it on her slit getting it lubricated. I bounce it off her clitoris to let her know I am there.

She yells, “Put it in NOW!!!”

I put it slowly in, but only the head and I stop, teasing her. She tries to raise her hips up to help me. I move higher away. I stay like this for a few seconds. She is getting frustrated. She moves her hands around me to push me in. I resist.

I push in a little more. Her walls immediately grasp me. They are moving to pull me deeper inside. It is warm in there. I eventually yield and push all the way in. I hear a load sigh followed by a moan of pleasure. Her walls enclose me tightly. Unlike last time there is no pain only intense pleasure.

I start moving in and out and she follows. I feel her walls squeezing, pulling sucking me in and out. It is an incredible feeling. She is having small orgasms as I enter her completely. I quicken my pace and she keeps right up with me. I feel her walls start to tense up. Her big orgasm is coming. I move faster because I want to be there with her. I want to share and savor the moment with her. I push one last time into her as deep as I can. I start to release my cum deep inside. She gushes her juice at the same time spraying all around me. She squirts out and onto my stomach and down her legs. She moans real loud and long. She falls back down and lays very still as her orgasm washes over her.

I lay on top of her looking down at her satisfied face. I am still inside savoring the throbbing of her walls. She is milking me for every last drop of cum. She is holding me hostage never wanting to let me go. She wants this feeling to last forever. She wraps her legs around me holding me motionless to her.

I slip out of her and roll over onto the blanket on my side looking at her. She seems so content and happy. She rolls over looks at me and smiles. She is completely satisfied.

“I Love You! Thank you” she says.

I want to give some smart ass remark, but just nod in acknowledgment. I am smiling too.

“Have I learned everything now?” she asks.

“No there is still more to come. All you have learned today are the basics.” I reply.

“Can we do more today? I want to learn it all.”

“No sweetheart. Today was all about you and the simple act of sharing your body with a man. There is more to come about how to please your partner, other places on your body for my manhood to penetrate.”

“You are going to learn more about pleasing yourself and your partner, so that your love making will be a pleasurable experience every time. This is what I want for you and you will love it.”

I put my arms around her and we hug and cuddle basking in the warm afterglow of our love making. We kiss a little but nothing as intense as earlier. We are enjoying each other.

“When can we continue the lessons?” She asks.

“After midterm exams are over. We have a break. We can continue then.”

“Can I bring a friend next time?”

“Err… I don’t know. I’ll have to give it some thought. Is this friend female and like you were?”

“Yes, she is older than I am but has not had any intimate contact with a man ever. I would like to share her with you. I would like to watch you demonstrate how love making is done.”

What kind of woman have I opened up here? She has had sex twice and now wants to have a threesome. She is real eager. She wants to share what we have with others. I don’t know. What have I done? I could be in real trouble.

But alas that is another chapter in “Teaching Svetlana”.

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