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Teaching Svetlana Chapter 3 Oral Exams

Svetlana returns and she brought a friend. Time for oral exams.
It is now Spring Break. Mid-terms are over, time to let your hair down, blow off steam and just get laid back. I am working part time for a small company but getting paid as if I worked full time. I am the Systems Analyst, Systems Programmer, Applications Programmer, and Software Maintenance person. I work after hours because the computer is used to run the business, it does typesetting for printing.

Monday morning of Spring Break, my doorbell rings. I know who it is. It is Svetlana. Guess what, she brought a friend. Her friend’s name is Olga and she is built like an Amazon (except she has two breasts). She is tall 6 feet at least. She resembles Lucy Lawless who played Xena. She has red hair, big breasts, narrow waist, wide hips and very long legs. She looks to be very solidly built. I am in awe of whom I see.

We all sit at the kitchen table with coffee and tea. After the introductions are made, I start by asking Svetlana how she feels about our first two couplings.

“How do you feel about our two session? Were you pleased? Did they teach you anything? Do you want to continue?” I asked.

“I don’t know how I should feel. I have nothing to compare it to. I feel wonderful. Having sex with you is everything I ever wanted. I am very happy. I want to share my happiness. I learned how men and women can please each other physically. I learned that I have some very sensitive parts of my body and there are some that are not just there but serve a wonderful purpose.” She replies.

“Why is Olga here?” I ask.

“Olga is like I was, still a virgin, never been kissed, never had any affection given her by a man. I want to share what we do with her so she can feel complete.” Svetlana replies.

“Olga, is that what you want from us?” I ask.

“Um Uh, I guess so.” Olga replies.

I am thinking, oh boy she is unsure of herself. She is a beautiful woman, who, if it weren’t for stature, would have many boyfriends. I want to have sex with both women. If Olga is not sure then it might be a bad experience. Besides I have a thing for very tall women.

“Olga, has Svetlana told you what we did?”

“Yes, she described in great detail what you did together and how it made her feel. That is what I want to feel too.”

“Having the two of you here opens up another part of human sexuality that Svetlana and I could not explore together. That facet is the love two women can share with each other. Would you (both of them) want to try that?” I asked.

They both answer with some hesitation, “Yes I guess that would be all right.”

“All right, today we are going to concentrate on the oral side of making love. The man gives to the woman oral pleasure with his kisses, nibbles and using his tongue. The woman can also give the man pleasure with her kisses, her mouth and tongue. We will practice on each other. What I do to Svetlana, I will also do to Olga. When we finish you will have passed your Oral Exams.”

Both women are dressed in similar outfits. They have blouses with cleavage. I can see camisoles covering frilly lacey bras. There are skirts which reach mid thigh over frilly lacey panties. They have stockings on, which are reaching all the way up their thighs.

We move to the couch. I sit on one end; Svetlana sits next to me and Olga next to her. Rather than be the leader today I make Svetlana initiate the encounter. I stand up with her. We move the coffee table away from the couch. We spread two blankets on the floor. We remove our shoes and put them by the door.

Svetlana is very relaxed today. She is eager to start our love making, eager to share with Olga. Olga is watching intently absorbing all she sees like a sponge. We stand facing each other smiling, holding hands fingers entwined, and getting ready to start the dance of love.

Svetlana puts her hand on my cheek caressing my face. She moves forward, her lips seeking mine. We kiss softly at first, but our lips pushing ever harder against us. Our lips part and our tongues start the duel to gain master of the mouth. I let her win. She smiles in satisfaction.

She reaches down pulling Olga up to join us. Olga hesitantly joins us. Svetlana urges me to kiss Olga. Our lips meet and there is an electric feeling between us. She is clumsy, but warms up and is starting to put feeling in her move. The passion is growing and her kiss softens with her lips opening and our tongues meet. She probes slowly relishing the feeling of tongue to tongue. I am getting aroused. We break apart.

Svetlana reaches up putting her hand behind Olga’s head pulling her down to meet her lips. Olga and she kiss. It starts out with a little tension, but soon grows to a beautiful mating of lips and tongues, almost as if they were lovers. They break apart.

I look at Olga, who is now breathing heavily. I ask, “How was that for you?”

“It was wonderful. I never knew a kiss could be so sensual. I was transported to another level of feeling, I never would have imagined. I loved it. I want to continue.” She replied in a husky voice.

Olga’s eyes were sparkling, her face was flushed. She seemed like a new woman. All this resulted from two kisses. Her blouse was tight across her breasts and her nipples were erect and clearly visible. She was getting aroused.

Svetlana asked Olga, “Which kiss was better?”

“They were equally stimulating, but on different levels,” replied Olga. Woman to woman had more passion, but man to woman had more animalistic feelings. “I want to continue.”

Svetlana grabbed me. I could sense a bit of jealousy in her, maybe this was going to be a contest to see who was better Olga or Svetlana and I was the prize. I had to tread lightly, making sure this did not turn into something that was a bad experience for all.

She started to kiss me passionately. We kissed moving our heads about. She was caressing my hair moving her fingers through it; I had my arms around her, drawing her into my body, lusting after her. My hands moved up and down her back, caressing her, setting off little charges arousing her. Her hands were doing the same to my head, face and neck.

We broke our kiss and move our hands to take off our clothes. I unbuttoned her blouse and removed it, throwing it on the couch next to Olga. She did the same with my shirt. Our hands explored our bodies, moving up and down our chests. She rubbed my chest feeling the contours of the muscles there. She touched my nipples and they hardened. She kissed them. I moved my hands behind her and undid her bra freeing her breasts. She gasped as they popped free.

I moved my hands to cover her breasts. Her nipples were waiting for my touch. They grew hard and pushed out against my fingers. I bent and kissed them nibbling and sucking them resulting in them growing even bigger. Svetlana started groaning in pleasure. She was anticipating my next move by starting to remove my pants. I stopped her, and she got confused.

I extended a hand to Olga to join us. She jumped up and came to us quickly. I saw a flash of anger from Svetlana. I turned to Olga and kissed her again raising her passion level. As I was kissing her my hands were unbuttoning her blouse. I reached underneath and caressed her breasts. They were firm and large. Her bra was not doing a good job holding them in. He blouse ended up on the couch too. I removed her bra and her hands went instinctively to cover her breast from my eyes and touch.

I move my hands gently to her shoulders caressing down her arms. She slowly removed her arms away from her breasts. Her breasts were magnificent. They stood out with no sag proudly on her chest. The nipples were puffy, pointing up ready to be caressed. I put my fingers on them and they popped up eager for my touch. She was moaning eager for more. I pinched and held her nipple in one hand. My other hand sought out Svetlana’s breast and nipple. She moved in closer to edge out Olga. The contest was on. Who would win? Would I let either one dominate?

I bent and kissed, suckled each of their breasts, not favoring one over the other. I was overwhelmed by having two women in my arms. I had never experience the attention of two sexual aroused woman. I was in heaven.

Svetlana attacked my pants. She undid my belt, unbuttoned and unzipped them and let them fall to the floor. I removed her skirt. Olga stood by watching. We remove Olga’s skirt together. We were giggling and laughing. This was so much fun. The women’s panties were wet from our foreplay. My manhood was standing tall. We pulled each other’s underwear off.

I stood back admiring each woman’s pubic area. Svetlana had curly light brown hair cover her. Olga had a flaming red curly mass of hair covering her. I reached for both. They were wet and matted.

“Can we do something here today that will make you more comfortable and enhance your pleasure?” I asked.

“What is that?” they replied in unison.

“I would like to trim your pubic hair to be more arousing in appearance.”

The both looked at each other, smiled and giggled. “Sure” they said enthusiastically.

I went to get a small pair of scissor and a small comb. I proceeded to cut and style their pubic areas. This was really turning me on and I hoped it was doing the same for them. As I moved around their areas they were cooing and moaning. Some juice was oozing making the job a bit more difficult. I was soon done and facing me were two neatly trimmed glistening pussies waiting to be caressed and penetrated. They looked at each other and nodded in approval. They were happy with the results.

They attacked me pulling away my boxers. I normally wore briefs, but had changed to boxer for comfort when aroused. Olga stared at my manhood. Svetlana reached out and touched it.

“Ok, here is where we are going to change things a lot.” I said.

Svetlana asked “How?”

“We are going to add a new technique to this today” I said.

Svetlana was slowly stroking my penis and it was growing harder. Olga noticed this, wanting to join her. I took Olga’s hand and put it next to Svetlana’s on my aroused manhood. She held it there, but soon joined in the stroking. I took Svetlana’s hand and moved it to my balls. She started to caress them. Having two women playing with my manhood was very exciting.

“Ok, that’s enough for now. It is time to learn something new in how to please a man. Are you ready? This may turn you off at first, but believe me it really turns a man on.” I said.

They both asked, “What is that?”

“Svetlana, you put your lips on my manhood and kiss it. Follow this up by taking it and putting it in your mouth sucking on it. Take it as deeply in as possible. Is that Ok? Do you understand?” I said.

She reluctantly moved closer and kissed the tip. She kissed up and down my shaft eager to please. She pushed away the skin and put her lips around the tip, licking up my pre cum. She looked up smiling.

“I like this and it feels so good.” She said smiling.

She proceeded to put more of me into her mouth sucking and wrapping her tongue around me. She started an in and out movement that was getting me wild. I took Olga’s hand and moved it to my ball sack and showed her how to caress my balls. She eagerly complied. I was in my glory. I had two women at my balls and cock loving me.

“Switch positions “I said.

Svetlana released my cock and Olga took over. Svetlana grabbed my balls and caressed them. It was driving me to the brink of ejaculation. All of a sudden, Svetlana replaced her hand with her mouth. She was now licking and sucking on my balls. Olga was riding up and down on my cock with her mouth.

I moaned “I am going to cum. Who wants it and where?”

I started to spray in Olga’s mouth, but she quickly let go of me. I finished spraying on her breasts. Svetlana moved to slurp up my cum from Olga’s breasts. This got Olga more aroused and turned me on. I was still very hard.

“How did you like that?” I asked the ladies.

“It was wonderful and different” replied Svetlana.

“It was kind of ok, but I could get to like it” said Olga reluctantly.

“That was part of the Oral Exam for today.” I said.

They both giggled and I laughed. Svetlana went back to my cock and licked all the cum and juice from it making it clean and glisten. I was proud and surprised. She was looking like a pro now. I wonder where she learned that.

We had been standing and kneeling until this point. I invited both ladies to join me lying on the blankets on the floor. We all laid down cuddling together. Olga was on one side and Svetlana on my other side.

“Olga, do you want to continue?” I asked.

“This is fun. I do want to continue!” Olga replied enthusiastically.

I rolled over and kissed Svetlana. She responded by wrapping herself around me. She was still very much aroused in spite of the interruptions. She reached down and started stroking my cock. I grew harder and knew I had better continue.

I kissed my way down Svetlana’s body, stopping to caress her breasts and kissing around her belly button. She was moaning from my attention. Olga had joined in stroking my cock. I was being double teamed. My lips continued down over Svetlana’s thighs. As I moved on her thighs her legs opened wide automatically as if triggered by my touch.

With light touches and caresses from my fingers, I moved to her feet. I picked up a foot and kissed each toe. I sucked on each toe moving up and down her foot. Svetlana cried out with pleasure. I worked the other foot and started kissing my way back up her leg. I paused and kissed her behind her knee. This got another moan from her.

As I approached the junction of her legs, she started to wriggle and buck. She wanted me to get on her mound and ravish her. I purposely avoided direct contact with her mound just so I could increase her stimulation. She had stopped stroking me, to move her hands to capture my head and hold it to her mound. I evaded her easily.

I finally moved in on the target, her mound. I had decided that today we would do nothing with her bum. It was off limits. I wanted to spend more time on oral stimulation and I had two eager students to please. I kissed all around her mound moving closer and closer. I was driving her wild.

Her mound was getting wetter and wetter. Juice was practically running out of her. She couldn’t control herself. I think having Olga here was making Svetlana more sensitive. She was performing for her friend.

As I was playing with Svetlana, Olga had moved her lips down to my cock and was kissing and licking the length of my shaft. She was purring contentedly starting to make me wild. She was working on my cock and my balls. They were the center of her attention. I had to remind her to watch what I was doing to Svetlana.

I moved my mouth onto Svetlana’s mound. I licked up and down on the newly trimmed area. I tasted her juice and it was warm and sweet. My tongue was darting in and out of my mouth probing her slit. She spread her legs wider to open her slit. I moved my tongue deeper into her moving up and down the avenue of love. Her clit was emerging from under its hood. I sucked on it and nibbled it. She shook with pleasure. I pushed her clit around making her moan and groan loudly. Her body was racked with small orgasms.

I stiffened my tongue and put it way inside her. She sighed with relief. She had achieved her goal. I worked my tongue in and out of her for a bit eventually replacing it with my finger. I moved my finger around her inside her. I bent my finger inside her finding her g-spot. I rubbed and massaged her g-spot. She started bucking and moaning continuously. The walls of her pussy were pushing against my finger signaling the next orgasm. The pressure exerted felt as if it was going to be a big one. Her orgasm came and her body twisted and jerked as cum came out of her.

At this point I gently pushed Olga off my cock and moved to insert it into Svetlana’s pussy. I mounted Svetlana and she moved her hips up to join me. I slowly pushed into her hot pussy. She was pushing hard to capture and hold my cock. I slid in and out pushing ever deeper into her. She was bucking up and down with me to keep me inside of her. I was hitting her cervix on each attempt. Her pussy was closing in on me from the inside. She was going to cum again.

This orgasm was growing from her toes up to her head. This was going to be a huge explosion for her. He pussy was holding me in a vise like grip not letting go. Suddenly I felt an intense rush of hot juice pass around my cock pushing its way out of Svetlana. She was cumming. She squirted a big stream all over my stomach and loins, as well as her same area. I had not cum yet but I kept thrusting in and out of her. I could feel my orgasm starting, moving through my balls up my shaft and spraying in her while her orgasm continues. We came together.

Svetlana lay at my side completely spent from her orgasm. She was cooing and purring contented at what had just happened. Olga sat there her eyes wide with wonder at what she had just witnessed.

“I want that!” she exclaimed. “I want it now!”

My cock had gone down and was resting on my leg. It was completely spent. Olga saw this and proceeded to lick all of Svetlana and my juices of me. She was lapping it all up like a kitten with a full bowl of fresh cream. Her attention was having the desired affect. I was rising to the occasion. I had renewed energy to go again. This time it would be with the virgin Olga.

I did the same thing with Olga as I did with Svetlana. I avoided her mound. This did not seem to bother her. She had not experienced it before so everything was new. When I started kissing and caressing her feet she tried to jerk away. I held her foot firmly and continued my caresses. She eventually liked what was happening and started to coo and purr with delight. I kissed up her calf to behind her knee.

I was starting to affect her and she was melting and dealing with the pleasure. Up until this point she had been tense some what clinical in her approach. Now she was laying back loosening up succumbing to the feelings and emotions of passion. She was enjoying everything I was doing and reacting to it.

I moved up to the tops of her thighs, where I gently touched with my fingers and raked them softly. This started her thrashing about moaning and groaning. I kissed her newly trimmed mound and found that it was drenched with her juice more than Svetlana. I eagerly licked it clean. She was really moving now pushing her mound at me in my face. She spread her legs wider to force me into her slit. I probed her slit with my tongue and more juice came flowing out. I lapped it up. She was sweeter than Svetlana. I liked it.

Her clit had popped up from beneath its hood and was standing proud looking for attention. I wrapped my lips around it and sucked on it. She started writhing with pleasure. I nibbled and pushed on it giving it a good workout. She responded in kind by pulling my head tightly into her and bucking wildly. Her stomach was moving with strong tremors. Her hands were flexing on my head. I was driving her wild.

I move my mouth from her clit to her slit and down to the love canal. I poked my hard tongue in there. She screamed in pleasure. A few small orgasms erupted with a stream of juice. I lapped it all up. I replaced my tongue with a finger and stroked her g-spot and the walls of her pussy. She responded by rolling her pelvis around keeping up with my movements. She was ready.

I removed my cock from her grasp and moved over her, mounting her. I wiped my cock on her lips and clit getting it lubed ready for penetration. I pushed slowly into her. She was extremely tight. I was surrounded by pussy walls undulating around me drawing me further inside. I hit her hymen, which did not yield. I pulled out a little and plunged forward. We both felt a pop and she winced as her hymen was breached. There was a small cry from her followed by a loud moan of pleasure.

I started moving faster in and out of her. She kept right up with my rhythm. Her pussy was holding me tight creating a great deal of friction pushing me to grow inside her. I could feel her walls getting tighter as she was building up to one big orgasm. I was building up with her. We were in lockstep with our orgasms. I could feel the rush of my cum starting up my cock. Her cum was spreading down and around me. We both started spraying at the same time. I moaned loudly, she screamed. We held onto each other and shuddered with one long burst of passion.

“It was amazing!” Olga screamed as she held me tightly in her arms. “I want to do it again and again! I never want this feeling to stop!” She looked at me smiling with contentment.

As things quieted down I asked them, “Are you ready for something new?”

“What could be newer than what we just did?” asked Olga.

“What is next?” asked Svetlana.

“I want you to experience each other.” I replied.

They looked at me quizzically. I explained that there was one more oral exercise which they could do. They could kiss, lick, and probe each other’s mound, slit and clit with tongue and finger. They could do this to each other at the same time. I could watch. I explained that they could kiss each other’s lips, caress their breasts and nipples just as I did. They could kiss and caress their stomachs, their hips, their legs and feet.

They could then center on their pussies stimulating them to orgasm exactly as I did with my mouth and fingers. They started out kissing each other moving around each other clumsily. As they got more practiced I could see them get more turned on enjoying each other. Their kisses and caresses got more heated, more passionate, and more urgent.

Their mouths were on each other’s mounds probing, prodding, sucking and kissing. I saw tongues licking slits and entering the love canal. They were moaning, groaning and screeching with pleasure. Like an orchestra they were in tune with each other. When they switched from tongues to fingers their bodies thrashed and bucked violently. Their fingers moved rapidly in and out. Suddenly they rose up and stopped. They had reached orgasm and it was spreading through both of them at the same instant. Both women squirted over each other. They had achieved another big orgasm.

They fell side by side holding each other’s hips. They lay contented with the knowledge of having given sexual satisfaction and gratification to each other. They were smiling and as they recovered started giggling uncontrollably. They moved up beside me and wrapped their arms around me hugging and kissing me tightly.

“I love you!” Svetlana shouted.

“I love you too!” Olga shouted.

"I love you both!" I shouted.

I looked at them both and asked, “Was it all you expected?”

“All that and more” replied Svetlana.

“More than I ever imagined.” cooed Olga.

“You have passed your Oral Exams with high honors!” I exclaimed.

We all cheered, hugged and kissed. A huge sense of accomplishment surrounded us.

“Does that mean my lessons are over?” asked Svetlana disappointedly.

“No your lessons are not over. There are some finer points to cover and a few more techniques to master” I replied.

She smiled and giggled clapping her hands. “Oh boy I get to continue learning from my master!”

“What happens to me?” Olga asked sadly.

Before I could answer, Svetlana said happily, “You have to continue with us, so you can experience all that I have Olga.”

We all laughed. We lay there arms around each other basking in the warm afterglow of lovemaking. Feeling the emotion and passion covering us, we were content that there was more to be done and things would continue at least one more time.

We rested for a little while just savoring the moment. After the rest we showered together, touching and feeling each other, washing each other from head to foot.

They left together safe in the knowledge that they would be returning again to share our love for each other.

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