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Hmm.. Another one to satisfy my softer side

Do you want to know a secret? I’m crazy about you.

Of course I won’t actually say the words to you, but I’ll show you because it’s easier for me.

Look at me. Look at my face when you smile at me, doesn’t it tell you everything that I won’t.

Feel my fingertips on your arm as you drift into a sleep, they’ll continue to stroke you long after you’ve lost awareness and when I eventually fall asleep pressed up against your warmth, I’ll have a contented smile as I dream of you, as I dream that you’re crazy about me too.

I wake first and I’m horny so my fingers (they know me well) they know the places that yearn to be touched they rescue me at times like this. I start gently because I’m in no hurry but I don’t want to be too gentle because I want you to wake and help me, your fingers they know me too.

I find my wetness and I rub my juices over my swelling clit, and as I move I make sure that my arm rubs against your side, you recognise the motion before you even wake. My breathing is becoming heavy and probably some of that is deliberate too but it arouses me further to hear myself like this.

You smile a ‘groggy’ smile one that pleases me instantly and I feel excited as you look down at my moving hand and ask.

“Are you having fun?”

my reply isn’t verbal, it’s a kiss that invites you to play.

“My god you’re wet!”

you say with shortness in your breath as you discover how needy my pussy is.

Our fingers slip and slide together and actually that in its self is driving me crazy as I feel your fingers soaked and warm against mine.
You guide my fingers into my soaked hole and then you join them and we’re both fingering me, working together to sate me, I call it teamwork.

Our fingers are frenzied now, mine they rub my desperate clit and yours run fast to meet my orgasm as juices squirt from my depths and I cry out as you draw out all the pleasure you can find.

“It’s a good start”

I think as I recover and snuggle in closer to you.

My hand rather predictably makes its way to your dribbling cock and I feel you gasp as my fingers grasp it and apply pressure. I love to feel your cock at it’s hardest, it’s smooth and already I am fantasising about the feel of it in my mouth.
I’m on my knees now and I look at you and smile before I sink my mouth onto you, taking you into my throat before rising back up all the while gripping you with my wet lips.

I know you’re enjoying it because your brain sends bypassed messages to your hands which are now on the back on my head, they play with my hair but I know their real purpose is to make sure that I don’t stop until I finish what I started, and don’t worry I won’t be stopping until I can taste
your delicious cum.
As I rise and fall I gain speed and your hands grip the sides on my head, somehow you need to be in control and it encourages me. I know what’s coming and I’m thirsty I’m hungry for it now.

If my mouth wasn’t full of you I would cry out as I feel your cum spurting into my mouth. I savour it, drink your seed and satisfy another of my needs.
Making sure I have every last drop I slow to a standstill
and rest my head on your thigh, I make that sound which indicates satisfaction but really I’m nowhere near satisfied yet.
I slide back up beside you and we stroke each other gently.

Being in your arms like this is something I’ve dreamed about for too long and still when I dreamt it I never even came close to how right it would feel. The rain taps on the window, as if it knows that it’s the last final touch to making this perfect for us both.

You’re lying behind me now, you arms wrapped around me, holding me firm against you. I feel you growing hard and I move your hands to my breasts and make you squeeze them, it makes me moan.
I lift one leg back on to you opening myself up for you and you seize the opportunity and guide yourself into me.

That moment when I feel you push into me, the moment we both feel it, we understand each other, the physical sensation is something, it’s endless and the journey into me seems never ending which suits me just fine, but the emotional sensation of meeting each other so completely on this level, it makes us pause as just for a second we study it, analyse it, and bottle it,
metaphorically of course.
Your cock reaches my depths and I cry out with pleasure as you thrust into me, enjoying the reactions you’re inducing as you continue relentlessly.


I say to you, because I don’t know what else to say. I don’t want to use the fuck word in this moment, not now because this is beautiful. You understand my plea and as our bodies turn and your weight is on me, you withdraw almost completely before thrusting back into me, pinning me with your need, as you strive to reach a new place that asks silently to meet you.

Your mouth is on my back, your breath, your incoherent moans, the ones that aren’t so incoherent when you feel it too, are all that I will think of when I remember this moment as you fill me with cum, so much of it that you wonder for a second whether it will ever stop.
We collapse together in a sticky heap and listen to the sound of our bodies and minds returning to normal. We smoke a cigarette and smile about the unspoken achievement.
We fall into a contented sleep again, our hands joined mutually and our dream the same.

My waking thought doesn’t have a word I can use to describe it as I feel your tongue and fingers on my sopping pussy, you’re breathing in the scent of your own juices and licking them from me.

I spread my legs instinctively wider for you and moan gratefully my eyes still closed.
I imagine what your tongue looks like on me and your fingers they open me wide as your tongue delves into me and touches a place that twitches with anticipation.

I can’t contain myself as your fingers and tongue work on me expertly, I know you can feel my orgasm coming because you're listening to the silence that isn’t really silence at all as you bring me closer with speed and priceless enthusiasm.
My stomach rises up and every muscle lurches forward as I cry out and you bury your face further into me, drinking the evidence of my ecstasy.

“Mmm I want to fuck that wet pussy now”

you say to me, and I need it more than I can tell you, just the thought of it is already driving me wild again and immediately you thrust your cock straight into my depths..

“Fuck yes yes yes, give it to me.”

I cry because I can’t help it. I need you I need all of you.

We are lost now, lost in each other and at the same time we’re finding each other like two lost souls drowned at sea. Our eyes are fixed as we connect mentally and promise without words that we’ll always do this, even when the years have passed.
Before this gets too sweet, I betray my body by begging you to fuck my ass, without waiting for a response I turn myself over for you, slipping away from your soaked cock.

You can’t resist my round ass and I don’t want you to, I want your cock to know every part of me.

It hurts as you enter me but the desire to have you inside me is overshadowing the pain and I cry out as you push past the tight muscles and all the way into my cool tight ass.

“Fuck my tight ass, fuck it hard, please”

I whisper with desperation in my tone and you don’t need telling twice, you’re enjoying watching your cock as it disappears and re-emerges with your eager plunging.

“Fill me with your cum, I need it”

I say to you to you barely audibly but you know what to do, you can read me, we’re a team.

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