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Teenage Lovers

Am I pretty?

I was seventeen and she was just sixteen when we met, I thought she was  gorgeous, she obviously liked me too, because I caught her glancing at me as we worked.

I guess I stood out a bit from the other workers in the bakery, they wore white jackets and white trousers while I just wore the jacket over blue jeans. (remember them?)

The bakery shared a car park with the pub next door so we had a good relationship with the landlord, he allowed all the bakery youngsters in on a Friday evening.

We had to keep together in a little room at the back though. Everyone looked forward to it, it was very grown up or so it seemed at the time.

For our afternoon tea break I liked to sit outside the bakery if the weather was nice, so imagine my surprise when she came out and smiled at me.


"Hi," I smiled back at her, "Want a cigarette?"

"Yes please." her smile was beautiful and I remember wondering what her lips tasted like,

"You're Dave aren't you?"

"Yup and you're Brenda right?"

"The girls have asked me if I want to go over to the pub after work."

"You'll like it, it's okay."

"But they said you don't go over any more."

"No,  I've got my own flat, so the rent's gotta come first."

"Wow your own place?" she was impressed, "I'd love my own place."

"D' you wanna come round tonight?"

"Yeah, I'd love to."


"Yes really," she laughed, "I'll bring some vodka too, d'you like vodka?"

"Love it, shall I do us some dinner?"

"Ooh yeah."

I went back to work on a cloud with a big silly grin on my face, thankfully though it was only an hour until we knocked off. I managed a quick word with her before we left and she said she'd be round at about half past seven.

There was a supermarket opposite my flat where I did some part time work on Saturdays for which I got paid monthly and today was the day!

I did a big shop which cost me five pounds, (well it was 1964.) well over half my monthly wage!

Then I ran back over the road and drew a bath, I wanted to be clean, no flour dust in my ears, or my hair, I even thought about having a shave, but couldn't find even a hint of stubble.

I put a new pair of denim jeans on which I thought made me look good and walked down to the bus stop to greet her. The bus spluttered to a halt and I took her hand as she stepped off with a beautiful big smile.

"Do you like T bone steaks?" I asked her and she nodded.

"I've never had one, but I'm hungry."

"Go on then, put them on and I'll pour us out a drink." I watched as she put them in the pan. She wore a light blue two piece suit with matching blue shoes.

"You look lovely Brenda." I said politely and was rewarded with a smile, "Your shoes match your eyes."

"My dad says you're trouble."


He says any boy who leaves home at sixteen is trouble,

"No," I protested, "I didn't leave home Bren, I never had a home, I was bought up in an orphanage, you have to leave when you're sixteen, it's the law.”

"I'm going to leave home as soon as I can, I want my own place like this."

"It's not easy Bren, I've never got any money."

"Yes but you'll be eighteen soon, you'll get a raise."

"Yeah, I'll get a whole four pounds." .

"The boss likes you though doesn't he?"

"He's a great bloke, d'you know he stars work at a quarter past four every morning?"

"Yes and he knows everyone's name too."

There were two bosses; cousins, Reg and Paul, they'd both sponsored me to do a round Britain cycle ride the year before, I owed them a lot.

"You need to turn the steaks."

I did so and sliced up two onions to drop in with the steaks while she stood watching.

"Pat says you'll try to seduce me."

Pat, her elder sister worked at the bakery too along with her husband Tony.

"Not until after the steaks," I laughed, "But I wouldn't mind a kiss."


I took her into my arms and tasted her lips for the first time, they were full and pliant and I tasted the vodka on her breath as we kissed.

"Mmm," that was nice, she said softly, "You're a good kisser."

"How many boys have you kissed?"

"A few, but none like that,"

"Can I have another one?"

I held her tightly and caressed her back as I snaked my tongue between her teeth. Her full breasts pressed into me and she moaned into my mouth as I ran my hands down to her perky little buttocks.

Her blouse fastened up the back and she pressed her groin into mine as I eased it off her shoulders.

"We'll have the steaks later." she muttered and switched the oven off.

I found out that she had very sensitive nipples and loved having them kissed and licked.

"You've done this before haven't you?" she smiled as I unzipped her skirt.

"Once or twice," I smiled, "But you're the first girl I've ever undressed like this."

She stepped back and allowed her skirt to fall to the floor before stepping out of it and shrugging off her bra leaving her standing in just a little white suspender belt, stockings and pretty white knickers.

"Am I pretty?"

"Beautiful," I answered truthfully, "But you'd look even better in bed."

The bedroom was next door and she ran in front of me giggling as I watched her sexy little bottom bouncing as she ran.

"I've seen the polaroids you took of Pat like this."

"The photos were her idea, she was a very sexy girl."

"Did you fuck her?"

"Of course." my shirt was off and I stepped out of my jeans while she eases her panties down.

"Let me do that." I said and knelt between her open legs to take the flimsy garment right off.

She gasped in surprise as I touched my lips to her sexy little slit before running my tongue right up the whole length of it.

"Dave no, that's dirty."

"No it's not, you taste beautiful." and I took the swollen little bud of her clitoris between my lips and sucked.

"Oooh yes." she sighed and wrapped her legs around my neck, I licked the inner flesh of her pussy and swallowed the moisture I found there. She writhed and moaned, she held my head and pushed her cunt up against my mouth.

"Dave," she squealed, "Dave I'm coming." as she surrendered to the pleasure of her orgasm. I scrambled up over her and slid my cock in between her cunt lips.

"Yes oh fuck yes Dave," her arms went round my back and her tongue snaked into my mouth,

"Oooh this is good Dave, do me darling, shag me, shag me hard."

I drove into her and used both hands to cup her buttocks while she pushed herself back at me.

"God you look beautiful like that." I said as I began moving fucking her with long, deep strokes while she clung to me her finger nails digging into my naked back.

Her pussy was tight, tight and wet and I felt her muscles squeezing me, drawing me in, she used language that I never expected and it turned me on even more to hear the filth she whispered in my ear.

"Do you like me wet Dave?"

"I love it."

"I love your cock up me."

"Did you like it when I licked you?"

"Ooh God yes, I always thought people didn't do that"

"Your sister liked it too."

"Did she?" she sounded surprised.

"She fucking loved it Bren, she loved sixty nine as well."

"What's that?"

"That's when I lick you while you suck my cock."

"She did that too?"

"She fucking loved it."

"Ooh the dirty bitch"

"It's not dirty Bren, it's lovely."

"Mmm, it sounds nice."

"Do you want to try it afterwards, I'd love to feel your lips round my cock?"

"Ooh yeah, but you got to promise to shag me again."

"I'm coming Bren, tell me that again."

"I want you to shag me again David, I want that big fat cock right up my cunt."

I jerked and rammed myself forward without any thought of her, but she loved it, with a squeal she sank her teeth into my neck and we climaxed together.

"My dad thinks I'm staying with Pat tonight." she said softly as she lay with her head on my chest.

"Does that mean you can stay all night?" I asked stupidly and she giggled.

"Well he goes to Glasgow on the early morning train tomorrow, so it means if we don't have to be at work until Monday morning, I can stay all weekend."

We got up then and ate the steaks, she put my tee shirt on to cover her large breasts but it couldn't hide the bumps of her nipples and she giggled when I asked if she was cold.

"No silly, I'm excited, girls get like that."

"Take it off and let me see your nipples."

"You take your towel off."

"All right."

I dropped the towel to the floor and felt embarrassed that my cock stood upright.

"Ooh that's lovely Dave," she said and lifted the tee shirt up to display her beautiful breasts, "I want to suck it."

"Mmm! yes please."

Sinking to her knees she took it in her fist and kissed the dome before sliding it between her lips.

"Ooh Brenda," I gasped, "That's great."

She looked up at me and licked it obscenely, "It's a lovely cock, I'm going to do this every day."

Gently I pushed her away so I could lie down beside her with my face at her groin. Her slit looked all pink and inviting and it was her turn to gasp as I licked it lovingly. I licked her clitoris while she took every inch of me into her mouth and sucked eagerly. I felt her tongue licking over my dome and she caressed my balls too, she was loving it every bit as much as I was. She made funny little moaning noises as I lapped at her wetness and she squealed with pleasure as I ran my tongue over her sexy little anus.

Her legs tightened around my neck and she kissed and licked at each testicle in turn.

"Now shag me again." she gasped and promptly turned round to sit on my cock, I grabbed her breasts and squeezed them cruelly.

"Yes," she moaned, "Pinch my nipples too." I did and she squealed again.

"David," she shouted, "DAVID, OH FUCK YES I'M COMING."

Her eyes closed and she bared her teeth in a snarl as I lunged upwards, I pinched both nipples again rolling them savagely between my fingers and thumbs and she collapsed on top of me her bottom still undulating as I continued to fuck her rapidly. She was like an animal, her teeth sank into my neck as I gripped her buttocks and hissed that I was going to come any second.

"Yes," she hissed into my mouth, "Shove it up me Dave, shove it right up my fucking cunt you dirty bastard."

It felt nice, a pleasant warm tingling in my toes that quickly spread up my legs and thighs to my groin. Suddenly I lay still and my cock erupted inside her, spurt after spurt of red hot spunk jetted into her as she writhed on top of me in her own quieter orgasm.

I had to get up at eight for work in the supermarket, but I kissed her forehead before leaving, I felt incredible, light headed and happy. 

The other shelf stackers knew something had happened and ribbed me unmercifully all morning. I took it all in good humour though and finally half past twelve came round and I clocked out happily.

"I missed you." she said with a smile as she came into my arms, her mouth tasted of toothpaste and she smelt lovely and fresh.

"I've run you a bath," she said as we kissed, "I've already had mine."

"I can tell." I smiled as I ran my hands up beneath the tee shirt which I discovered was her only garment.

"But I'll wash you if you like."

"Ok, but you'll get my tee shirt wet."

"Wrong." she laughed and whipped it off.

It felt great being with her, she was young, funny and sexy, very sexy. She washed me all over teasing me with her lovely firm breasts before sitting on me again and I chewed on her nipples as we made love again.

She cooked us a meal of bacon and eggs and laughed delightedly when I pronounced it the best meal I'd ever had, then we sat out on the verandah at the rear of my flat soaking up the warm sun.

"What do you want to do tonight?" I asked and she snuggled up to me to whisper.

"Anything you want as long as it's dirty and it involves your cock."

"I can think of quite a few things like that." I leered as she nibbled my ear suggestively.

"Well I need to get some more stockings this afternoon and if you see any knickers you like, I'll buy them too."

"Would you wear a g-string?"

"Ooh yes, I love them."

"I'll buy you one then as long as you leave it on in bed."


We found a tiny white string that she cooed over and my cock stirred as I imagined her wearing it with her stockings.

"Are you thinking rude thoughts David?"

"Me? No honestly," I laughed and she pouted sexily, "Well we'll just have to think of something won't we?"

"Shall we go home and think about it?" I slipped an arm around her waist and she giggled.

"Wait here, I've just got to nip into the chemist."

"Oh, okay."

She was in there less than a minute and came out grinning.

"I bought a Polaroid film for your camera."

"Any particular reason?" I said with a smile.

"Of course," she laughed, "I want a picture of me with your cock in my mouth."

"Oh Jesus, what for?" even though I already knew.

"I want to keep it under my pillow when I'm in bed and in my bag when I'm at work, I want to take it to the toilet and diddle myself while I look at it."

"Would you like one of my cock in your pussy as well?"

"Ooh yes."

Back at my flat she took all her clothes off unashamedly and sat on the sofa stroking her pussy.

"I'm feeling ever so randy David, do you want to take a picture of me like this?"

"God yes."

"You mustn't show it to anyone"

"Of course not."

I got my camera out and loaded the film in it while she made herself comfortable.

"How do you want me?"

"Lie on your side with your legs almost completely closed, put your hand under your head for support and smile."

"That's easy." she giggled.

"That's it, just open your legs a little bit, I want to be able to see the top of your pussy, yeah, perfect."

I clicked the camera and then we had to wait while it developed with the aid of an alkali solution that came with every film pack.

"Oh yes," she laughed, "That looks sexy doesn't it?"

"Very." I agreed and promptly stripped off.

"Ooh goody." she laughed as my cock sprang out as hard as ever, opening her legs, she reached for me and guided me to her pussy.

"Go on then," she urged as I aimed the camera, "Put it in me."

It slipped easily into her wetness and I clicked, it was awkward rubbing it with the solution whilst fucking her, but she was adamant, she wanted a good hard shagging.

We used the whole pack of eight films over the next hour, I took one of her in just the g-string, one in just stockings, another one with my cock in her mouth.

It was her idea that I took one of her bending over to display her sexy little rosebud and mine to take one of her with a finger inside herself and we used the last one to capture the moment when I came in her mouth.

"That was a new experience for me." I told her as we lay together on the sofa.

"Didn't Pat do it for you?"


"It taste's nice."

"I bet it's not as nice as your pussy juice though."

We married a month later, both of us still only seventeen.

Money was tight but we were happy and eighteen months later our daughter came along, but sadly it didn't last and we divorced after just four years of marriage.

All this happened over  fifty years ago, but I still remember that first weekend we spent together.

And it is all true.



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