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Sean ended up at his girlfriend's house after a long week of separation.
He woke up with a shock. It was still dark out, no indication of the time or where he was. The glowing light from the tv made it difficult for his eyes to adjust. He couldn't remember anything before he went to sleep. 

I got off work and then...

Suddenly there was a little rustling next to him and a hand fell across his lap. He looked over with a sigh and laid back down. He pulled her closer until her back was pressed up against his chest, nuzzling through her hair to kiss her neck. 

He remembered now. He was the last one to leave the office after finishing his work. Without even thinking he had ended up at her front door hoping she was still awake. 

He knocked tentatively, not wanting to wake her up if she was sleeping. 

"Hey Sean." Trying not to mask the disappointment in his eyes, when it was her roommate who had opened the door. 

"Hey, is she awake?" He looked towards her room, trying to see if the light was on. 

"Hmmm.. I heard the tv a little while go? Go ahead, I'm going to bed." 

He pushed her door slightly and could see her snuggled underneath the covers, the tv turned low. He walked in closer, closing the door behind him, groaning inwardly seeing that she had fallen asleep reading Twilight. 

That accursed book is giving women everywhere too high expectations!  

He stood there for a second, content to watch her sleep. Her hair was draped across her face, while one hand hung over the bed the other still held the book. He squatted down next to her, tucking the hair behind her ear, he eased the book out of her hand. She continued to sleep peacefully. He knew he should leave, let her sleep, but he ached to touch her and hear her voice. 

The last few days had been busy for both of them. He was finishing up a big case at the firm and she had barely finished the last of her finals. They had barely exchanged more then a few texts each day. He grabbed the hand hanging off the bed and kissed her palm, trying to wake her slowly. She stirred a little but continued to breathe softly, he couldn't help but smile. 

He leaned in closer, rubbing his nose across hers, whispering her name as he gently kissed her lips. 

"Hmmm...Sean?" He smiled at the sound of her voice, still thick with sleep. 

"Hi baby sorry for waking you up. I missed you." 

She grabbed his shirt pulling him into bed with her. " I missed you too." 

He wrapped his arms around, as she settled into the crook of his neck, slowly stroking her back. He laid there for a few minutes until her breathing had settled into a soft steady pace. He listened to it letting it lull him to sleep. 


She felt something warm pressing against her neck, and hummed appreciatively realizing that it was Sean's lips. She felt his arm possessively around her belly and she reached down, pulling his hand up. Slowly, she kissed his palm, grazing her tongue slightly against his skin as she did so. 

She felt his gasp of surprise and giggled. She turned around and looked at him, trying to memorize the face she had missed all week. She stroked his cheek softly, moving her finger to graze across his lips. 

One of his hands stroked across her belly moving towards her back under her shirt. 

"Your hands are so warm." She said as she kissed him grazing his lips with her tongue as her finger had just done a second ago. 

He pulled her harder against him wanting to bury himself in her. She started unbuttoning his shirt kissing each patch of skin that appeared. She barely got half way down before he tugged her back up, kissing her deeply. He savored the taste of her, trying hard not to rush things after being apart for so long. 

He tucked her beneath him as he moved over her, nestling himself between her legs. He shrugged his shirt off and started unbuttoning his pants before leaning back down again. 

She made a small sound of appreciation feeling his arousal pressed between her legs. She couldn't help but lift her hips to rub it against him but he moved back to take off his shirt.Tease. She watched him as he threw his shirt aside and moved her eyes down as he began to unbutton his jeans. She waited patiently as he leaned towards her again. Immediately wrapping her legs around him, not giving him the chance to move away again. 

He kissed down her neck, lightly planting kisses until he reached her collarbone which was barely peeping out of the neck of her shirt. He traced it until his fingers were blocked by the thin fabric of her shirt. His hands continued over her shirt, down down. 

She breathed harder in anticipation, lifting her chest as she felt him moving his hands down. "Please baby, please." She said breathlessly. 

He could see her nipples poking through the fabric, begging for attention. He tried for some control wanting to tease her. But she continued to writhe beneath him, pushing her hips against his erection, rubbing herself along his length. 

"What do you want baby, tell me what you want." He whispered into her ear, kissing the sensitive spot behind her earlobe. He loved asking her to be vocal in bed, she was always shy, unable to get the words to come out. 

She moaned with frustration as his fingers traced a circle around her breast but nothing more. "You know what I want." She replied pulling his hand beneath her shirt to cup her left breast. 

He resisted the urge to roll her nipple through his fingers, wanting to hear tell him what to do. "I want to hear you say it." Refusing to move his hand as she tried to get him caress her on his own. He moved his lips to her ear, rocking his hips against hers, loving the moan he could get from her lips with something so simple. "I need to hear you say it baby." He continued to urge her giving her quick kisses to keep her so aroused that she would bend to his request. 

She felt flushed, her body trembling with need. "I need you to touch me please... I need...I want... you to play with my boobs. I need you to touch and suck them for me." She felt the blood creeping to her face, embarrassed by her request. But as soon as she was done, she felt his hand slowly massage her boob and then stopping. She stared at him, wondering why he was teasing her so. Before she could protest he pulled her shift off. 

Hearing her say it had made him almost shatter with lust but he wanted to drag it on just a little longer. He felt his dick throbbing inside his pants, aching to feel the tightness of her body. He bent down taking her nipple in his mouth. Slowly sucking and tugging while he massaged her other boob. She ran her fingers through his hair, slightly pulling unable to stop the pleasure from coursing through her body. She reach down between them, wanting to feel him. She slipped her hand beneath his pants, touching him over his boxers. He was so hard, making her shudder with pleasure, remembering the last time she had felt it inside of her. He looked up from the nipple he had just throughly assaulted, it was dark from his suckling. He blew on it causing her to shiver. 

He moved her hand away from him and shrugged off his pants and boxers. He stared at her, splayed out before him, her skin flushed, with nothing but a pair of black panties on. He cupped her mound, slowly stroking her through the underwear. She was soaking. She tried to make him stop but he pulled both of her hands together raising it above her head. He looked in her eyes, one hand holding her hostage while the other searched for the little nub of her sex. He found it and began to stroke against it, knowing the friction of her underwear would only intensify the sensation. 

She let out a languid moan. "Sean, enough, I can't take it anymore." 

He let out a deep chuckle before pulling her underwear off tossing it aside. "You're so fucking wet baby" he continued his assault, stroking his finger up and down. Circling her opening before pressing his finger deep inside. She bucked beneath him, as he fucked her with his finger. Her breathing started coming in heavy puffs, he knew she was close so he pulled his finger. He positioned himself at her opening pushing slightly at her. She tried to press her hips to push him in but he held her down slowly edging in barely anything before pulling out once again. 

She cried in frustration as he continued to toy with her. "You want me to fuck you baby?" Knowing the crudeness of his words would only turn her on more. She moaned again, feeling his head enter her again, only to be withdrawn so quickly after. 

He asked her again as he pushed his dick in a little further this time "Huh baby, is this what you want?" He watched her struggle to speak, he smiled at his effect on her. Knowing he wouldn't be able to hold out much longer but he wanted to hear her say it. He needed to know she wanted it as bad as he did. 

"Sean, please baby. I need you to fuck me." And he slid right into her, to the hilt. She gasped at the feeling. He started thrusting slowly, taking his time. She could feel the tension in his back as she held onto him. 

"How's that feel baby?" He asked as he tried to hold back his own moans of pleasure. "Does it feel good?" He gave her a nice hard thrust before she could answer.

She whimpered in agony, it was too much. She leaned forward slightly, touching her forehead to his as he continued moving inside her. "Harder harder" she whispered against his lips. She dug her nails into his back urging him. He was close, so close. Her words had him reeling. 

He put his weight on his elbows and began to thrust deep inside her, with new found urgency. He felt his dick start to swell and knew she was close as well. He put his lips to her nipple and tugged, sending her over the edge and she convulsed beneath him. Squeezing him deeper as she rode out her climax. He continued to fuck her as hard as he could, slamming into her as he felt himself cumming. He plunged into her one last time, the last of his cum shooting into her as he fell on top of her. 

He slid off of her pulling him to him. He hugged her tightly, snuggling her cute little butt against his disk. She didn't say anything. Worried that he had been to rough, he leaned over her, turning her head to look at him. "I'm sorry baby" brushing his lips lightly across her forehead. She turned confused at his words, "Sorry?" she turned into his arms and stroked his hair "I was going to say thank you." She laughed as he pulled her close, pulling the covers up. He sighed, happy that he hadn't hurt her. 

She put her palm on his chest, trying to nuzzle her way in to the crook of his shoulder. "I love you" she whispered sleepily. 

He placed his hand over hers, holding it tight next to his heart. "I love you too baby." He kissed her forehead, closing his eyes, seeing the first few streaks of the sunrise break through the darkness.

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