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Tension at First Sight

Tags: love, school
A lust becoming love
I walked into the hallway after my 3rd block class. Looking around, I couldn't find my 5th block class. Finally finding the door to go in, 5 feet away, the teacher closes the door and I'm sent to the cafeteria to get a tardy slip. I go get one because I didn't care nor feel like explaining it was my first day. So when I get back to class I give the teacher my slip and I find my way to my chair. Noticing people sitting around me, except one. I didn't even notice her at first, too bad. After a few weeks, some of the girls around me seem to stalk me in the class room, I quickly learn to ignore them. Soon after, the girl in front of me notices the other girls bothering me so she turns around and says "Hi." She was really cute, light black skin, soft. She was possibly the cutest thing I had ever seen. Her voice was even cuter, she wasn't a turn on at first. She made me want to come to class to see more. I found out her name was Amaia, a beautiful name. We started talking everyday, and I could tell she liked me, but I didn't entice her because she had a boyfriend. In the back of my mind, I knew she was too young, but that would never truly stop me. At that time, I wasn't really looking for a girlfriend either, but that doesn't mean one can't find me. Every other day, we went to class in excitement to see each other, but we tried not to show it. I could tell she was happy to see me when she walked in, she smiled really hard and looked at me. It didn't look like she tried to show that she liked me, but I could easily tell. I read her like a book, but she can still sometimes surprise me.

    We had started talking on a normal basis now. On the phone, in the hallway, she even skipped lunch to hang out with me because I didn't eat school food. She was the most fun to be around. She had been more fun to hang out with than anyone I've ever just talked to. It seemed like she found something to say every time we spoke and turned out to be either interesting or just plain funny. She tried a few times to get me to admit that I liked her, but I knew better. She had wanted to kiss me a few times during lunch, but something always stopped her. I had told her she had to stop, that her and I couldn't do what we were doing anymore. Even though we weren't doing anything, she had a boyfriend, and we both knew what we wanted and what was going to happen if we continued. I wouldn't be the one to break her and her boyfriend up who'd been dating for 2 years already. Christmas break was coming soon, and Amaia convinced me since we wouldn't be at school for a few weeks anyway, why not make the day before christmas break our last day to hang out. So during lunch that day we went outside in the courtyard like normally and talked normally as well. My bus had pulled up and we had to split ways so we went in for a mutual hug and I kissed her on the cheek. I knew she wanted a kiss on the li but I told her thats all she was getting. She looked at me with curiosity and whispered, "but why?" She started smiling when she knew she had me as she went in to kiss me. We kissed so passionatly as I pulled away and shook my head, I wanted more, so I went in to kiss her again even harder than the first time. We stopped breathless and a bit confused. Said our goodbyes, and walked away. I was harder than I had ever been off a kiss.

    Needless to say, that wasn't the last time we talked or hung out. We continued to talk on the phone about the kiss, and where we might lead to. Not too long after she broke up with her boyfriend. i felt bad at first, then I convinced myself that she wasn't truly happy with him if she could feel so strongly about me after only a few months. We didn't do much between then and the end of January. Then the exam week came along, where we get out of school early. Well on the days we got out early, we stayed after and made out harder than ever. We started touching, grabbing each other. We stared into each others eyes', I started to kiss her passionatly, full of love. I held her hips tight, sliding my hands up and down her soft sides. I reached around and grabbed her ass firmly pulling her up wrapping her legs around me. I kissed her softly, biting her lip, nibbling on her ear. She wrapped her arms around my neck and started to grab my back pulling me closer. She could feel my hardness through her jeans, but we didn't go further than just kising so passionatly. It's all we needed. Febuary came along, it was cold out, and Amaia and I had gotten even closer than ever.

    One day after school we stayed after and went behind the church next to our school and started making out heavily again. This time, I went a little further, I layed her down and I started kising her stomach and grabbing on her tits. She moaned softly whispering, "Oh my god." As I put my hands on her zipper, looking at her to give me permission, she didn't want me to stop. She being nervous started to giggle and bite her lip. I unbuttoned her jeans, and unzipped them. I slid my hand down her pants on top of her panties and started to rub on her wet pussy. She let out a soft sigh holding in the moans.I moved her panties over as I slid my finger in her pussy and started to push against her walls. She started to grab my arm tightly trying to keep quiet from being embarrassed. I stopped and buttoned her jeans back up kissing her stomach. I helped her to her feet and we headed back to school to go home.

    Soon after that we started going out. We had talked on the phone about sex. She told me she was ready for me. Another Friday comes along and we decide to stay after school again, but this time we bring a blanket. We find a spot behind some house with an abandoned car and some bushes blocking the view from every which direction. We lay the blanket down on the wet grass because it had rained earlier. It was cold and damp, but we didn't care. We had so much sexual tension between us. We quickly jumped into it, we started kissing and we laid down on the blanket. I started grabbing her tits and rubbing on her clit. I pulled my jeans down to my knees and pulled my dick out of my boxers. She looked at it with curiosity. I slipped the condom on and put the head of my dick on her clit and started to rub. I starting sliding the head into her wet pussy when she told me to stop. "I'm not ready," she said. "I'm sorry." I kept telling her it was ok, I completely understand. I wasn't going to force it on to her. We had picked up and started walking back to school. We stopped at the church and started to make out passionatly again. The tension was still there, and will remain even to this day.

    Probably about two weeks after that, after realizing the tension we had, she wanted to have sex to maybe relieve some of it. We went to our spot after school, laid the blanket down, it was a little cold still, but no rain. We quickly jumped into it again. We started off grinding up against each other. Running our hands all over each other. We laid down on the blanket and started to unbutton and slide down our pants. I pulled my dick out again, anxious to finally slide my dick inside her dripping wet pussy. I put the condom on my hard dick. As I slide it in she lets out a soft moan, pushing against my chest to go in slower. I start ti grind into her pussy as she lets out low, whispering moans and sighs of breath. As I start getting closer to cumming, I pulled out to let it settle back down. Then I started to grind again. She got really into it, grabbing my back, digging her nails into me. Then I started to cum, groaning and laying down on her chest as my cock bulged inside her pulsing pussy. I pulled out and cleaned up. While I was about to zip up my pants, she wanted to go again. So I quickly laid back down with her, and this time went in raw. I assured her once a man cums once, it will take a while to make him cum again so soon. I quickly penetrated her still wet pussy and grinded even harder than the first time. I started off slow making love to her, breathing hard, both of us tired from the heat we made around us. Then I started to get faster, but soon had to stop looking at the time, we had to head back to school. On the way back to school we kissed every few steps sometimes stopping completely dropping our books and making out in the middle of the street. A passion that still goes on today.

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