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That Summer by the Pool

Romance under the sun
This summer is shaping up to be the best summer of my life so far. I started working at a gated community's pool as a lifeguard. I was being paid to watch rich brats swim and work on my tan. The pool only went to 5 feet deep and we had a strict age and swim skill limit on the pool so I mostly just told them off for running or doing something stupid – and, of course, staring at the gorgeous guy who worked in the snack bar, Andy. Standing at 6’5 he was too gorgeous for words. His jet black hair was shaggy but neatly so, his topaz blue eyes sparkled like gem stones and he seemed to have a constant 5 o’clock shadow on his face.

I had worked hard and after a year of healthy eating and working out every day, I had transformed my plus sized 5’3 body into a size 6. Miraculously, I still had humongous boobs. I wore a 40DD cup but my pants were a size 6. I loved it. I didn’t flaunt my body (not around young kids) but after hours when Andy and I were the only ones around, I would change into a really skimpy bikini to walk around in. We flirted shamelessly for weeks before I finally took a a chance and asked him to see a movie with me. He agreed as long as he could pick the movie. That was fine with me as I wasn’t planning on watching more than the opening credits!

The next night we raced through our closing chores and I gave him my address and told him to pick me up in 45 minutes. Riding my bike through the streets like a madman, I finally made it to my apartment just outside the gates of the community. I tore upstairs for a fast shower and touch up shave to my lady parts, and then slipped on a summer dress that was a tad too tight in the chest, so I’d had it altered to make the already low V-neck even lower so my boobs didn’t suffocate. I was just sliding a pair of wedges when I heard a knock on my door. I ran my chap stick over my lips and ran my fingers through my hair which was almost dry. I didn’t wear much makeup and I didn’t see a reason to now. Opening the door I struggled to keep my jaw from dropping. He was wearing a light blue polo shirt and a pair of black pants. His hair was slightly damp and spiky from his own shower. And, oh, my god did he smell great!

“Hi,” I said.

He grinned, which made my knees weak. “Hi to you, too. Wow, you look incredible!” With the large height difference, even if he were innocently looking down to look into my eyes, he could easily see straight down my shirt! Which, is of course what I wanted.

I blushed. “Thanks, you too.”

He led me down to his car and we hopped in. “So, where are we headed?” I asked.

He gave me a very wicked grin and said, “You’ll see...”

We drove for about 10 minutes, talking and flirting when we pulled up to a nice apartment complex. He got out and I followed him up to the top floor. My heart started pounding when I realized that this was his place. Letting us in, I let out a shuddering breath. It was huge inside! Gorgeously decorated and kept, this looked nothing like what I thought he’d live in. I saw that the door to the balcony was open and there was a blanket spread out.

“I thought we could have a picnic style dinner out there then come in to watch a movie.”

I smiled at him. “Sounds wonderful!”

After we had eaten, we sat with our backs against the wall of the apartment talking and flirting with each other. As the sun went down, I started to get a little chilly. When I shivered, he suggested we go in to start the movie.

With another wicked grin, he told me that the only DVD player was in his room. I followed him in and stood in awe of the huge California King sized bed. I slipped off my shoes near the door and sat down on the edge, making our height difference even greater. I knew he was staring down my dress and I liked it.

“Like the view?” I asked, shaking them a little. My eyes were on level with the rapidly growing bulge in his pants, telling me without words that he did like the sight.

“Hell yes!” His voice was slightly deeper than usual and a little gravely.

I reached out and slowly undid his belt while staring into the darkening blue eyes that had made my panties wet all night. I drew it off very slowly then tossed it aside and reached for the button. Undoing his pants completely, I gave them a slight push and sent them sliding to the floor with a small thump. His bulge had outgrown his boxers and I could see the moist tip sticking out at me. I leaned forward to lick the bead of moisture off of it and I heard a ragged moan from above me.

I looked up with an innocent look. “Are you ok?” I asked sweetly.

He groaned raggedly and shoved his boxers to the floor. My jaw dropped with it. Towering against his ripped abs was the most incredible cock I’d ever seen. About 8 inches in length and at least 3 inches in diameter, I licked my lips in anticipation. If I hadn’t been staring so intently, I would have missed the slight quiver of the shaft. I decided to tease him a bit more. I ran my fingertips very slowly from the inside junction of his thighs down to his knees, keeping my touch as light as a butterfly’s wings. He sucked in a breath and choked on a moan of need. As I leaned forward to taste him again, my long hair fell forward and brushed the sensitive skin of his thighs. His control snapped. Gripping my head gently but firmly, he pulled me forward and slid his throbbing cock in my mouth. He gave me a few seconds to adjust my jaw before he started to pump his hips back and forth, essentially fucking my face – like I wished he’d fuck my soaked pussy.

I moaned around the huge shaft in my mouth and watched as his eyes rolled back with pleasure. I surprised him by pressing forward more than he pulled and I ended up taking all 8 inches deep in my mouth. His hips bucked with the sudden pleasure and he had to withdraw completely before he came in my mouth. His breathing was hard and fast for a few moments while he struggled for control. I tried to lick the tip but he was just out of my reach. I moaned in frustration and decided that if he was going to torture me, I was going to torture him. keeping my touch feather light still, I trailed my fingers along the sides of his throbbing cock. I let my nails scrape gently over his balls and my pussy contracted when I heard his hiss of pleasure.

“You’re going to kill me,” he moaned.

I just laughed wickedly and kept moving my fingers and nails over his ultra sensitive flesh. I looked up when he let out a strangled moan and my body jerked a little when the first wave of cum hit my face. I opened my mouth to catch some of the rest but because neither one of us was guiding him; his seed flew all over my face. Some landed on my forehead, my nose and my chin but mostly on my cheeks. After he finished coming, he stood there holding my head and trying to get his breathing under control. I reached up and began collecting the streams of cum on my face. He opened his eyes just in time to see me sliding my coated fingers in my mouth. The sight turned him on so much that another shot flew out of the end of his still hard cock and into my waiting mouth. I moaned and licked my lips.

“Mmmm,” I moaned. “Yummy.” I winked at him wickedly.

I watched as his gorgeous blue eyes dilated to become almost black with lust. He stepped back and tore off his shirt, pulled me to my feet and tossed my flimsy dress to the floor. That’s when he discovered that I don’t wear underwear. He growled and tossed be on the bed. Laying over me, he held my hands above my head and pinned me down with his long, sexy body.

“You’ll pay for that.”

I arched my hips and rubbed my freshly shaven pussy on his burning hot cock. “Mmmm, I hope so.”

He leaned down and kissed me deeply. There was lust, but also a hint of something else. Restraint? Longing? I wasn’t sure. All I know is that I melted against him and kissed him back deeply.

He slid one hand down from my trapped wrists to gently stroke my skin. I was instantly covered in goose bumps. I shivered and arched against him in need. By the time he got to my pebble of a nipple, I could see that holding back was killing him. I looked into his eyes and whispered, “It’s ok... you can let go of your control.”

Apparently, that was all the encouragement he needed. Suddenly, three of his large fingers were inside me all the way to the hand. He slowly curled them and pressed against my g-spot. I whimpered, and he grinned evilly. I knew I was paying for the feather light touches I tortured him with. Without warning, he was suddenly moving his hand roughly in and out of me. I arched my back off the bed and moaned deeply. My moans turned into screams of pleasure as he roughly pushed me toward what I could only hope would be my first squirting orgasm. My eyes pleaded with his to not let me down. Instead of slowing down, like I feared, he sped up his movements and made me scream louder. Keeping his eyes locked on mine, he lowered his head and bit my nipple – hard. That’s all it took. Suddenly, it was like someone had opened a fire hydrant inside me. I screamed and shook and came so hard that I almost blacked out. He barely got his fingers out in time. When I finally stopped shaking and my body came down from it’s insane high, I realized that I had soaked his bed and the rug on the floor. He looked as shocked as I felt.

“I’ve never made a girl squirt before,” he said in awe.

“I’ve never squirted before.”

He grinned and flicked my incredibly sensitive clit once with his fingernail and that set off another series of cataclysmic orgasms. Watching me orgasm again was more than he could bear. Standing at the foot of the bed, he dragged me down so that my butt was almost hanging off the edge. He spread my legs and propped them over his shoulders. I stared into his eyes and trembled slightly. He teased me for just a moment by sliding the head of his cock against my still throbbing slit. As he lined the head up to slip in, he slid his hands to my hips to help anchor himself. With a deep and rough thrust, I had all 8 inches inside me. I came again. Even with him filling me more than I’d ever been filled before, I still managed to squirt around him, soaking him and the bed again.

My sexy Andy turned from human to animal in a few short seconds. His primal growl vibrated through both of us and he let loose. He slammed into me so hard and so deeply that I continued to orgasm, never losing the height of ecstasy, but sliding from one orgasm to the next endlessly. His grunts and moans turned me on even more, which I didn’t know was possible. He stared at my boobs which were shaking wildly with every slam of his body. I could see the fierce set of his jaw, showing just how hard he was holding on to his control. Realizing for the first time that my hands were free, I slid them down my body slowly. Willing his eyes to follow them. When they did, I trailed my fingertips to my clit and started to rub it. As soon as my finger was soaked, I lifted it and slowly sucked it dry while staring into his eyes. Again, his control snapped. His hips slammed harder... faster... rougher... and he finally let go. With a loud animalistic scream, he shot load after load of hot, creamy cum deep inside me, causing me to squirt once more.

Exhausted, he collapsed on top of me. Minutes later, with us both still gasping for breath, he rolled off of me and pulled me close.

“I knew sex with you was going to be amazing. But I never thought it would be that intense.” He stopped to gently kiss my lips. “I’ve never felt like that before.”

I whispered, “Neither have I...”

I fell asleep wrapped tightly in his arms with a gentle throbbing still going steady inside me. As I drifted off, I imagined waking him with a few light licks...

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