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The 8 Hour Tow

We started kissing passionately as we lay on the soft cool grass.
We were driving to our next destination on our vacation during the fall months. We had enjoyed some of the local distractions and were really enjoying our trip as we drove down that dusty old road in the country. What we had failed to notice though was that we should have filled up at the last gas station and eventually the engine stopped turning and we were forced to pull off to the side of the road. But not to worry though. Fortunately, I had AAA insurance which provided for us to get a tow to the gas station we had passed 30 miles back. So I placed the call and after waiting for some time, the AAA operator came back and informed me that there was a tow truck on its way. Of course, because we weren't very close to a nearby city, it would take at least eight hours for them to get here. So after thanking them, I hung up and suggested that we take the time to enjoy our surroundings.
We really couldn't have found a more perfect spot to run out of gas. There were trees with leaves changing colors with the season, a beautiful pond only about two-hundred feet into the pasture of trees. And the wind was blowing softly with a nice cool breeze, carrying the sweet scent of apples and spices. We stepped out of the F-150 to stretch our legs a bit and lowered the tail gate so that we could sit and talk while we waited for the tow truck to arrive. We discussed many things such as marraige plans and the children that we wanted to raise together. We talked about our past and what it was like growing up in each of our formerly separate lives. And of course every now and then one of us would say or do something that would have both of us laughing hysterically, especially when it was something to do about sex!
After a talking for a while, I leaned over towards you and waited for you to meet my lips with yours for a kiss. The longer we kissed, the more intense the feelings within us became for each other. We must have been kissing and holding each other for at least five minutes, even though it felt like forever. Eventually we decided to go lay on the cool dry grass next to the road, under the soothing shade of the surrounding trees. This was much better as both of our behinds were going numb sitting on the hard surface of the tail gate. We layed down facing each other, saying how much we loved one another before we started our passionate kissing once again. This time though, it didn't stop at just kissing as we started putting each of our hands to better use as we started fondling each other. I would take one hand and move your hood away from your neck so that I could begin kissing your neck, driving you wild while my other hand cupped your right breast beneath your hoodie. Meanwhile, you were using your hands to play with my hair before you moved down my back pressing deeply into my flesh.
As I ventured down your neck slowly, my hand that was on your large breast moved down to go under your hoodie to feel the actual flesh that I had so deeply wanted to caress for so long. Before moving my hand to your breast though, I reached around your back and made what seemed like a futile attempt to unclasp the bra that I was already aware now that you must be wearing. After struggling for several minutes to maintain my concentration on both my kissing and my efforts to remove that pesky bra you had on, I succeeded in my attempt to unfasten the bra strap and I had you pull your bra off magically through your sleeve. There can't be a single man in this world who isn't still amazed how a woman can do that! Now that your bra is off, my hand moves to encircle your breast again. But this time, I start to not only squeeze your breast, but also to start taking your nipple between my thumb and index finger and I begin to twist it back and forth, helping your nipple to become larger and more erect.
During this time, you have moved your hands from my back, around my sides and you have begun rubbing my crotch to ignite the fire in my boxers. But you don't stop there and without realizing it, you have unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans enough for you to get one of your hands around my steadily growing manhood. You are perfectly aware of how much of a distraction you are causing as I faulter in my efforts to get you excited by kissing your neck and shoulder line in addition to my playful fondling of your right breast. Recognizing this, you decide to grip me tighter through my boxers and begin stroking me faster causing continued growth and a definite thickening of my cock which I suspect is only serving to convince you to continue redoubling your efforts the more you are getting results. Before long I decide that enough is enough and its time that you ditched your hoodie, to your dismay since you are forced to cease working on getting my cock to its maximum length and girth.
You hurriedly remove your hoodie so that you can continue doing what you are taking so much pleasure in already, when you realize that I'm not kissing your neck anymore. Not only that, but now because I have my right hand free again, I move my right hand down to your still cloth covered mound and begin rubbing you vigorously making you get wetter and wetter. Once I feel the moisture coming through your pants, I move my hand down your pants but still on top of your panties. This is driving you nuts as what you really want is deep penetration by something large, but all I am doing is continuing to rub your pussy lips vigorously like before and occasionally applying pressure with one of my fingers on the spot where you want me to enter. Hoping that you can get me go even further, you pull my boxers down and grab hold of my large member, pumping it hard and fast with your clenching fist.
But I'm not done teasing you yet, and as my next move, I slide my hand beneath your panties and start moving my finger very gently around your pussy lips with just enough pressure so as not to make you ticklish while still making you horny. Pissed that I'm holding back shoving so much as my finger into your pussy at this point, you lean down, open your mouth and start sucking on my dick while you continue to stroke me. This takes me by surprise and in my sudden rush of excitement, my finger enters suddenly into your pussy all the way until my entire finger is inside, putting a sinister smile on your face as your lips are wrapped around my dick. I struggle to regain control as you continue sucking, and tickling the head of my cock with your tongue while you are stroking my shaft. And amazingly, despite how incredible I am feeling, I muster the strength to use the one finger in your pussy to rub the inside wall of your uterus, which although it feels good, what you've been trying to accomplish at the very least is for me to finger fuck you, hard and fast, just the way you like it.
At one point though, you become nervous that I might be getting too excited and might blow my load while I'm in your mouth, so you stop sucking and remove your hand from my engorged cock. Immediately, I stop and remove my finger from your pussy not knowing if I did something wrong. That's when you suggest that we continue this while we take a dip in the pond, to which I voice no objection. So we hurry up to the edge of the water and start taking off the rest of our clothes, except I notice that you've kept your panties on which is totally unacceptable to me at this point. So chasing after you with nothing but my birthday suit on into the pond, I grab hold of you and pull you close to kiss you deeply, playing with your tongue as you play with mine. Meanwhile, I move my hands down to your ass and grab hold of your panties when your eyes open wide like a deer in headlights. With one powerful motion, I tear your panties from your waist, which ironically for me causes you to form a huge grin on your face.
You don't even resist when I put my hands on your ass and pull you closer to me. Infact, you do the complete opposite and grab hold of my still rock solid cock and making your intentions known, start guiding it to your warm and inviting pussy. You don't even suspect anything when I all of a sudden thrust right into your pussy, forcing you to accomodate more than you expected, causing you to reel in pain. Except, the pain doesn't end quickly because as your vaginal muscles tighten around my massive cock, I immediately begin thrusting in and out of your pussy as hard and fast as I possibly can. And with every movement of my cock within you, you can't help but clamp down even more on my cock which is only serving to make me more excited, and so more rigid and unstoppable. After about a minute or two of this, I am unable to hold back any longer and I cum inside your pussy with a force you have never experienced before.
After halting my thrusts to stay inside you while your vaginal muscles regained control and relaxed, I pull myself out of you causing you to think that you've done your job in releasing my sexual tension. However, when I take hold of you and turn you around, you start to panic realizing that I'm far from finished off. You are so filled with shock and fear after enduring the pain of me forcing myself into your pussy, that you are unable to fight back when I take my hands and spread your ass cheeks to reveal another hole for me to fill, this one being far tighter than the last. But being determined as I am, I take the head of my cock and begin my invasion into your back door. Feeling the resistance, I move my hands around the front of your hips and begin pulling you steadily closer and closer to me, causing your ass to stretch to its limit to make room for the massive cock that is entering it.
To be continued...

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