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The Affair, Part 2,

A long term love survives.

It has been exactly a year since my husband was away on a week long business trip.  The week he was away, I entered into a torrid Internet affair with a man half my age.  I did it to save my marriage that had been in a steady state of decline for a long while. 


On the day that my husband returned from his trip, I set out to seduce him,  I had never done that before, always waiting for him to make the first move.  My poor Gerald, I don't think he knew what hit him, but I didn't hear him complaining any.  That weekend was one we will remember fondly for the rest of our lives. 


We spent the weekend in bed.  We learned to touch each other, to communicate our needs without words, a glance, a slow, sweet smile, a sharp intake of breath, a touch of the hand, a murmur.  It was a weekend of discovery for us and more like a honeymoon, than our first had been over 30 years ago. 


We made love, until we were exhausted, falling asleep in each other's arms.  If one woke before the other, there were soft caresses and gentle kisses to wake the other up.  We learned the beauty of each other's naked body, taking it all in with our eyes, hands and mouths.  We never bothered to get dressed the entire weekend (except for Gerald to don a robe to answer the door to the pizza delivery person).  We fed each other strawberries and whipped cream, and drank champagne and celebrated the renewal of our love. 


We were still in our robes when the two boys came bounding into the house from their sleep overs.  At seven in the evening, our oldest, who is now 13, was disgusted that we were "ready for bed already!"  His father and I exchanged a private smile as we dealt with the things that every family must on a Sunday evening.  "Mom, can I watch Transformers?". our youngest wanted to know, while the oldest wanted on the computer to play a game. 


I was trying to field questions, as I normally did, as Gerald had seemed to have lost the interest of the day to day raising of our children when our marriage and sex life slid into the sewer more than 10 years ago.


"I don't know boys, Mom and I have had a very quiet, relaxing weekend and we would like to end it that way.", Gerald said to them as he put his arm around my waist and drew me close to his side.  "Do either of you have any homework that needs to be finished, checked or signed, before school in the morning?"


I looked at my husband, with amazement and love,  Apparently, he had been paying more attention than I gave him credit for all those years.  We ordered pizza (again) to the delight of our two young sons, and played a game of Scrabble, which the oldest boy won handily.  Gerald and I weren't paying much attention to the game.  I was far more interested in the feel of his hand on my inner thigh and on my throbbing mound over my robe, to make any more than a one syllable word at a time, both on the game board and out of my mouth.  Thankfully, neither of the boys seemed to notice.


Soon it was time for the boys to shower and get ready for bed, and a new nightly ritual began.  Our youngest still liked to be tucked in and I went to do that.  When I went in to our eldest son's room, to kiss him goodnight, there was Gerald, sitting on the edge of the bed, having a heart to heart talk with our boy.  I knocked on the door, not wanting to interrupt, and Gerald smiled at me and asked, "Trade kids?"


We went into our room, and I locked the door behind me.  Gerald wiggled his eyebrows at me and I giggled like the schoolgirl I felt.  "If you think, my Darling husband, that I am going to let us fall back into our old patterns, you are sadly mistaken.  I love you and it wasn't till I felt you slipping from my life and my heart that I realized just how much. The lock is on the bedroom door to give us the privacy we need.  I want us to work on keeping our newly stoked fire burning."


Gerald came to me and undid the belt of my robe and slipped it off my shoulders.  I shuddered with desire as he looked at me and reached out and touched my breasts.  "Come to bed, Darling", he whispered to me, and I followed willingly.  He lay me down and continued his arousal of my body.  Hands, lips, teeth and tongue were all used to drive me to the brink of desire.  He reached under the pillow and brought out the vibrator that I had purchased on Friday from the sex shop in Seattle, before he got home from his business trip.  I blushed, and stammered, almost as embarrassed now as the day I purchased it.


"Oh honey, don't be embarrassed now.  You bought this for a reason and I don't think it was for solo play, so let's see what this thing can do."  Sitting at my hip, he reached between my legs and gently spread my outer lips apart.  With a dollop of lubrication, the kind that warms on contact with the skin, on the tip of the vibrator, he flipped the switch on low and ran the tip of the vibrator up and down the folds of my pussy.  The pleasant buzzing feeling was very erotic, and I started to become very excited and flushed.  I arched my back, "Oh god, Gerald!", and with that he hit the switch and set it on high and nestled it right up on my clit.  I gasped, and then he moved it away, but continued to move it around my lips and down into the entrance of my canal.  He watched my face intently for my reaction as he slid it farther and farther into my moist channel.  He thrust it in and out gently, as I started to writhe on the bed, and moaned with the beginning of an orgasm.  I brought my knees up and spread my legs in wanton desire as he moved the toy in and around my clit and the moist folds of my pussy.  He kept up his movements until I had that now familiar rush of warm cum flow between my legs. 


I reached down between my legs and stilled his hand, and took the vibrator from him.  My mound was still buzzing, and it was a strangely, wonderful sensation.  I pushed him back on the bed, and sat between his legs.  I slowly ran the vibrator over his now almost erect cock and twitching balls.  He too moaned in excited pleasure.  I continued my foray with the vibrator until he was throbbing hard.  I scooted my backside farther down on the bed, and leaned over his cock, and took it in my warm mouth, sucking and licking harder and faster, until I heard him moan, "Oh god, Kim, Don't stop now. Please!"  I felt his hands in my hair, as he thrust his hips upward, and in doing so I was able to take his member deep into my throat.  I could feel the spasms of his orgasm start as his balls tightened in my hand.  I felt the first warm shot of his nectar, and then another fast after that.  The third and fourth followed quickly and I lifted my head ever so slightly so I could swallow the gift he had just given me.  I could feel his body start to relax, as I licked him clean and gently kissed the tip of his cock.  I crawled back up the bed and lay beside him, with my head on his chest , as I listened to his heartbeat return to normal and his breathing go from gasping, panting breaths to slow and even again.  "My god, Kim, where in hell did you learn to do THAT?"


I thought it was about time I confessed my "sin" of the week that he was away.  I was worried that he might be angry, but as I told him my story of the torrid Internet affair with a boy half my age, and the porn site I had visited and why I did what I did, he said he wasn't angry, in fact, he smiled at me, "Porn, huh?  I never pictured you watching porn Darling!"


"Honey, I was desperate, and not in the way you might think.  I had to learn to do what my young Internet lover described to me in his email.  I needed to know Sweetheart, what men find pleasurable.  I needed to do it for US.  You are the man I love with all my heart, and the only one I want in my bed, pleasing me, but I was afraid that we were going to lose everything.  I was willing to risk your anger to bring you back to me."


As we cuddled and talked, I asked him what he was saying to our oldest son.  A lazy smile came across his face, "I told both boys that things were going to be much different around here from now on.  That you and I would be going out on dates, and that they shouldn't be surprised if they saw us kissing and hugging more than we used to.  I also told them that when our bedroom door is closed and locked, that is a private time between Mom and Dad, and they could only disturb us for one of two reasons, the house is on fire or one of them is seriously hurt or ill.  I was surprised to hear both boys ask if we were going to get a divorce.  I assured them that we were NOT getting divorced."


"Oh Gerald, we came so close to losing it all.  Can you ever forgive me Darling?", I asked with tears of joy and relief running down my face.


Gerald kissed away my tears gently, smiling at me through eyes that were bright with his own unshed tears.  "Only if you can forgive me Sweetheart.", he said as he nestled himself between my legs and made love to me, long and slow and sweet, until we were both sated.  He lay on top of me for a long time after as we both savored the post climactic closeness.  I have always loved having him stay in me for as long as possible afterward, until he finally slips out of me and we curl up together like spoons in a drawer.


"I love you Gerald."  I tell my husband as I feel him nestle as close to me as he can get. 


"I love you too, Kim.", he tells me as his one hand cups my breast.


I could not help but offer a silent prayer of thanks for my loving husband, as I drifted off to sleep 

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