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The Arguement

Neither one of them remembered what the arguement was about......

In the end, neither one of them remembered what the argument was about. They just knew that is was serious enough to have both of them at opposite ends of their apartment. It was beyond venting now, just casual stares of wonderment and disbelief. However, time is of the essence and of course, and still being in love they continued their routine of dinner, dessert, and dishes.


They feigned politeness as she washed and he dried, barely cracking a glance in the others direction. The water was extra soapy as the fakeness of her washing became evident as floating clouds of suds became more and more airborne. That's when it started, as the suds began to hit home on him more and more. He was becoming more and more irritated but settled for a more humane approach by launching some suds of his own. It quickly escalated into a suds fight. They realized that they were working it out in their own special way, meanwhile getting wetter, and wetter.


They stopped their play to take time to dry each other off. His hands worked their way from her neck to her beautiful round breasts and nipples, which became achingly erect by his touch. He lovingly rubbed his towel across her slightly hidden tattoo, almost tracing it line, by colorful line. He was in a trance and not noticing her eyes looking deep into his face, her lips opening to speak but rather she thrusted her lips upon his, her tongue probing for his. Once she found it, she pulled it in her mouth to suck him down in her smooth motions. His hands reached for her breasts again. Taking both in his hands and feeling her nipples rubbing across his fingers, he needed to taste them. He just ripped her buttoned blouse in half, not noting to be polite and sweet, he wrested her bra down and to put that left one in his mouth, her back arched as she moaned in wanting ecstasy. She gripped the back of his head as he licked from left to right, sucking harder and harder; his mouth is opening wider and wider to suck on her. His mouth was transferring from both nipples, making him rock hard. A fact was noticed by her.   She didn't play around, her wanting just as bad. She tore into his pants, sliding her hand across his fully hard dick, she loved the touch and the heat that every inch of his smooth dick made her feel. She hastily pulled his pants halfway down so she grab it with both hands and began to gently stroke him, which brought a undertone moan to him, and sent both of them into a frenzy.


They kissed and tongued each other in that kitchen, they were wet and sloppy and by now naked. She felt his hands slide up and down her now throbbing and wet pussy, his fingers slightly penetrating her trembling labia that gushed her juices on his fingers like a broken levee. She knew her daddy was hungry to worship her and she obliged him by guiding his head into her sweet pussy. But this time, he wanted her pussy in another way. He picked her up upside down and pinned her ass to the top of the fridge, he began to eat her right there, she responded by placing his huge dick in her mouth.   They were 69'ing on the fridge. She slid his dick down her throat as he flicked his thick fat tongue on her stiff clit. She wrapped her legs around his head for balance as he guided them to the floor with her riding his face while tonguing and stroking his stiff dick until the head was boiling was blood, and begging for her pussy.   Her ability to dance her clit on his face was amazing; it was like a king having the finest grapes!! But she turned around and slammed his dick into her gushiness bringing both to yell in pleasure. She dug her fingers into his chest as she breathed deep to get him deeper into her. Both of their eyes rolled into the back of their heads as she just began rock his world with motions that made hula-hoops jealous!! Her hips were like the greatest belly dancer, cradling and stroking his dick at her every whim. She took total control as she began to angrily fucked him, mercilessly. With every thrust of hers, she brought herself wave by wave into that orgasm she craved so much for. She started bucking and thrusting, throwing her head back, screaming sounds of "fuck yeah" and actually calling him a motherfucker (he really didn't mind) as he felt her pussy contract and she let out this incredible cum that streamed down his dick. She quickly jumped on his face, rubbing her clit for more juice as she flooded his mouth with her cum, she screamed and moaned as she kept cumming and cumming, every drop, sliding down his throat and glistening on his chin.   He was ready, licking, and licking every drop. He turned her body to the floor on her tummy. She was already trembling and panting, now she almost in emotional tears as he took control of her wanting body. He slammed his tongue dead in her asshole, thrusting it in her tightness as she began to squirm and resist him but she couldn't. She tried to control herself by trying to escape but he just pulled her back into his grasp. He lifted her up in the air as though she was a feather and bent her over the table, then he slid all of himself into her, as he began to grunt, she realized that...he was angry too!!!   He thrusted like he never had before, hitting angles and pinning her down until she could hardly breathe. The table shook and eventually broke, but he kept going. He moved her toward the fridge, knocking off the knickknacks, but he kept going, never missing a stroke. He made her touch every wall, every cabinet, and every dish they cleaned...until they found themselves back on the floor. He was loving and merciless as he beat the shit out her pussy, until he wasn't mad at her anymore. He didn't hesitate to then slam his molten hot cum into her as she just cried "OH my God!!" "Oh my God"


When they came into themselves, they were out the kitchen. They had fucked themselves onto the living room bar. They both collapsed onto the floor exhausted and with a deep sense of satisfaction all over their faces. They never apologized, they didn't have to. They went back to cleaning the kitchen again. But then someone threw a suds bomb at the other...and then...?


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