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The Art of Intimacy (Part Two)

A story of an unfolding fantasy and love story
Katy closed her eyes, a soft sigh escaping her full lips. The overwhelming pleasure of feeling his hands running trails over her body making her shiver. His lips following where his hands were, the kisses leaving her body feeling like it was on fire. She arched her hips against his, the ache between her legs begging for attention. A warm wet mouth closes around her breast, making her gasp with pleasure. Her hands sliding into his hair, drawing him closer to her. At the same time she feels a finger slip into her tight wetness. Her senses overwhelmed, she moans and pushes down on his hand, rocking her hips slowly. A slow smile curves her face as she realises that he is panting as hard as she is.

Pulling away from him, ignoring his questioning look, she looks at him with a sudden broad smile. ‘My turn, honey’ she says in a husky voice. She steps closer to him and with her nails and lips she blazes her own trails of fire on his body. Slowly kissing and licking her way down. She loves the way he shivers when she touches him. His nipples she gives special attention to, making the nubs stand out hard, licking and lightly squeezing and nibbling on them. She pushes him down on the floor and for a moment, she stands directly over him, with her feet planted on both sides of him. Giving him a breath taking view of her petals, making his cock jump with anticipation.

Spreading his legs and kneeling between him, she lifts her hair to the side and continues her journey down ward. Moving slower, not wanting this sensual exploration of his body to end too soon. She flicks her tongue into his navel, feeling him jump from the unusual sensation. She smiles again, loving the way he reacts to her. Lightly grazing his body with her breasts, she moves back up his body to kiss him hungrily, slowly running her tongue across his lips. Then she opens her mouth and takes his tongue inside her mouth, softly sucking on it.

She ends the kiss regretfully, other regions now capturing her attention. Moving down, she runs her fingers up and down his long hard shaft with appreciation. The silky softness contrasting with the hardness. Bending down, she keeps her eyes on his face as she slips his shaft into her mouth. A moan escapes from his mouth. She moves her mouth slowly up and down on him, suckling softly. Her hands mimicking her mouth with firm strokes. Pulling back for a moment, she licks the tip of his shaft, watching it respond with a jump. Pre-cum is spilling over on to her hands. Taking him back into her warm wet mouth, she sucks a bit harder. Moving her head up and down in a slow rhythm, she takes him a bit further into her mouth each time. She starts to speed up the rhythm taking him into her throat. His low moans gathering in intensity with each downward stroke her mouth and hands make.

She slowly suckles his head for a last time, coming up for air. The burning need in his eyes reflected in her eyes. She positions herself above him and slowly slides down on him. His hands moves from her breasts to her hips, as he tries to push her down hard on his shaft. His need and want for her burning out of control. She smiles and pushes his hands back to her breasts. Rocking her hips slowly, she gasps when she feels him filling her up, stretching her tightness to the limit. He sits up suddenly, pinning her down on his shaft, now rocking his hips up to meet her. Wrapping her arms around his neck they kiss hungrily. He moves up to his knees, still holding her light body in his arms, laying her down on the floor. Poised above her for a moment, he drinks in her flushed face, the sparkling green eyes that a man could get lost in forever. Pushing into her depths, he revels in the perfect fit she makes. Picking up the rhythm again, feeling the way she moves to meet his thrusts, drives him a bit further over the edge. He knows that both of them is close to the edge now.

Flipping her over on to her knees, he catches his breath at the way her tiny waist tapers into her hips. The soft skin on her back is begging to be caressed. He slowly plants kisses down her back, caressing her bottom. He slowly enters her again, her moans fuelling his thrusting. He loses himself in the feeling of her, the view of her hourglass figure making him loose control. He buries himself deep inside of her, feeling her orgasm erupt like a contracting volcano around him. With a roar, he releases his own hot seed inside of her.

Not wanting to loose contact with her, he holds her close to him, as he sinks back onto the floor on his side. He pulls her close to him, kissing the soft skin on her shoulder. She snuggles closer to him, feeling like she could pur like a kitten with contentment.

They both know that this was just the start. Talking softly, holding on to each other tight, they know that this was the beginning of them.

The art of intimacy - Part 1

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