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The Awakening

The morning after
The morning sunlight broke through the windows, casting a brilliant golden hue in the small bedroom. Jerry awakened slowly and looked over to see that Sarah was still asleep. She was lying on her side with her arms caressing the pillow. Her dark curls partly covered her face leading Jerry to focus on her full puckish lips. He couldn't help but recall the night before and the heights they reached with their love play which concluded in a magical union of flesh, fluid, and spirits. They drifted off to sleep together in a oneness that only a few are lucky to experience.

As his eyes scanned over her, a familiar pressure began to increase between his legs. It was accompanied by a tingling that spread from his scrotum up through his ass and buttocks. Sarah was naked but one long, perfectly turned, exsquisitely tanned, thigh concealed her sweet puss. In his heart, Jerry felt that he had gotten the better of the night and owed Sarah some"lagniappe" (a Louisiana term for "something extra"). Jerry gently nudged her thigh and she sleepily obliged by responding to his tactile urging. As she rolled onto her back, her curly bush hair captured the sun light and glistened, either with new wetness, or the dried exudates from the night before. Her luscious thighs were slightly parted, framing a perfect love triangle. Jerry leaned over Sarah’s bush and inhaled a heady mix of her luscious musk, tinged with a mild fragrance of lavender, and leftover sex.

Sarah was still dozing as Jerry tenderly parted her pussy lips. He blew gently on her clit before kissing it and nudging it with the tip of his tongue; the salty-sweet taste causing his turgid cock to flower into a full throbbing erection. It was all he could do to maintain his gentle approach. Next, he rimmed the inside edge of her vaginal lips with the tip of his tongue and was rewarded with fresh puss liquor. He looked up and saw that Sarah had a small smile on her face. She was still half asleep and maybe even thought she was having a sex dream.

Jerry began to French kiss Sarah's succulent puss. His lips pressed against hers as his tongue found her inner lips, and pressed deeply beyond. He gently sucked and twirled his tongue against her velveteen walls and Sarah literally began to gush. She was now wide awake. Sarah put her hands on Jerry's head encouraging him to continue. Within a very short time she was thrashing her hips into Jerry, hoping his tongue would find the deepest reaches of her hungry cunt. He was struggling to keep his breath and keep from drowning in her juices, which were commingled with his from the night before. It was a strong and unexpectedly heady cocktail which he found sexually intoxicating. He was, so to speak, in over his head. As he continued tongue lashing her puss, he moved his hand around to find her clit.

They fell into a frenetic rhythm which intensified and Sarah began to growl.
Sarah entreated Jerry in a throaty voice, "Tongue my fucking pussy lover. Drink my pussy juice and finger my clit." Clearly she was about to explode.

In one final heave she screamed, "Baby, I'm going to cum in your mouth like I've never cum before!"

Jerry could feel her clit quiver and felt her vagina contracting; her orgasm beginning with one especially forceful thrust. This was followed by subsequent more gentle humping motions as her pleasure subsided. Sarah began to coo and tell Jerry how much she loved him as her hand found his swollen pulsating cock. She knew that it was her turn and could hardly wait…

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