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The Bane of my Existence

Pure hatred turns into something more confusing

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Chapter 1

I hated him with a passion!

I’d maybe talked to him once…there’s something about a guy who thinks he’s God’s gift to women that makes me not find him attractive.

I’m sure I thought he was cute…before he opened his mouth and before I saw him walk with his distinctive “I’m the shit” swagger of his.

But before I launch into my tirade, I guess I should tell you a little about myself.

My name is Kelsey and I’m a freshman in college. I guess I should have realized that I would meet guys like Matt given the size of my college…but still. Don’t guys realize what a turn off it is when they’re so full of themselves? Though I guess it works for Matt because girls are constantly throwing themselves at his feet.

Maybe I shouldn’t judge him so harshly though.I’ve had people tell me I’m a bitch and that I think I’m all that and full of myself (usually when I turn a guy down).
Granted I’m not at all full of myself but still.

 I’m not hideous. But I definitely don’t think I’m pretty. I have shoulder length honey colored hair, aqua blue eyes, pale skin, and high cheek bones.

 I’m exactly 6 foot and 146 pounds. I measure myself everyday (OCD much?) so I know my exact measurements: 34D-26-34.

I hate being looked at…it makes me feel awkward and like people are making fun of me. I hate being told I’m pretty.

 My friends will tell you my response is usually “Go fuck yourself.” I can’t help it; I hate liars!

Anyways, back to the story…

I hated Matt with a passion, from pretty much the first time I saw him.

We used to have 3 classes together last semester and he’d always stare at me. It drove me insane! I didn’t understand it.

The thing is, Matt is gorgeous (only skin deep of course).

He’s taller than me…probably about 6’2 which is amazing! He has short black hair that’s just long enough to gel into a mini faux hawk.

 His eyes are deep brown…kind of like puppy dog eyes (not that I look at them often). They seem to always look mischievous…a little twinkle in them.
 His mouth always seems to be in a smirk and his hands are always in his pockets. His arms are well defined and he has absolutely mouth-watering abs.

I don’t remember how I saw them…I think he wore one of those stupid ripped muscle shirts. Ugh.

But before you go getting the idea that I’m attracted to him…let me assure you I’m not. When the year first started I couldn’t stand to even be around him!

In September, as everyone was finally getting comfortable in their new home away from home, one of the guys from the floor below me threw a big party. I decided to go, even though I’m not real big on the party scene.

I decided to wear this cute white collared shirt I had that had rouching around the chest area and a plunging v-neckline. It had crystal buttons starting halfway down my chest but they were just for show. I decided to wear my mini skirt. It ended right below my bum.

My legs are really long…about 3.5 feet so things that would be longer on shorter people are short on me. I swear I really do try and find longer stuff! I decided to straighten my hair and go with dark eye makeup and super glossy lips.

I got a ride from one of my guy friends and we made the 30 minute drive to the house together.

When we got there, the beer pong tables were already set up and people were playing beer pong. There were a lot of people there, close to 70, and most of them I’d never seen before. I’m pretty outgoing once I get to know someone, but I’m pretty shy before that, despite what people say.

I stuck to my guy friend Jeff and we found the hard liquor. I’m German so I have a pretty high tolerance. We had a couple shots and then decided to watch the beer pong games going on.

It was pretty fun, though I’m sure I coulda kicked most of their asses. Not to brag but…I’m pretty amazing at beer pong…go figure.

A girl stumbled over to me and we started talking. Turns out she lived in the room next to me. She was hilarious and very very drunk. So of course she absolutely “loved” me (you know how drunk girls get).

I kinda became her protector. She kept grabbing more beers but she was already sooo drunk so I’d keep taking her beers and drinking them.

 I was pretty tipsy myself, but I was looking out for her so I wasn’t really feeling it as much.

I started talking to the guy next to me. He was nice enough. I don’t know how but Matt’s name came up and I don’t know if it was the alcohol or just my pure unadulterated hatred for him, but I blurted out: “Oh my god. That kid is an asshole! What a fucking douche.” To which the guy I was chatting with responded, “Oh? We went to high school together…he’s one of my best friends.”

I turned bright red.

I decided to head up stairs to check out the second floor of the house when who do I see but Matt the Douche.

 Of course he was snuggling up with some ho of a girl who probably had more STDs than brain cells. Ugh. As I was glaring away, the guy I had been talking to came up behind me.

“Hey Matt!”

“What’s up Drew?”

Huh…I guess his name was Drew.

“You know Kelsey thinks you’re a major asshole?”

My eyes bugged out, my mouth dropped open.

Matt looked at me with a mixture of surprise and shock.

I got the feeling he wasn’t used to a girl being so brazen, or giving him shit for his attitude. I think they’d put up with anything just to get the chance to sleep with him…and he knew it!

I didn’t know what to say. I wasn’t going to lie and say that I hadn’t said that. I hated the kid with a passion, but I didn’t want him to think I was a total bitch.

I could have died!!! It was mortifying.
I just looked at him, shrugged, and walked away.

Note to Self:
Don’t talk to strangers

Chapter 2

I got back into my dorm room at about 2 am. Wayyy past my bedtime. I grabbed a quick shower, put on some lotion, and dragged myself into bed.

That night, I dreamt of Matt.

 I dreamt that we had gotten married and were very much in love.
 We had 3 adorable children and were blissfully happy.

Then, I got in a car accident on my way home for work. It was bad…really bad. Luckily none of the kids were in the car with me…but I had severe head trauma. I slipped into a coma and remained in one for 3 years.

One day out of the blue, I woke up. I saw Matt sitting next to me, but, he was wearing a black shirt and jacket…and a white collar. OH MY GOD he’s a priest, I suddenly realized.
He looked at me with sheer joy and surprise! “Honey you’re awake!” “Matt….you’re…a…priest?!?!?!"
 “I can explain...see you’ve been in a coma for so long and I could never even think of being with another woman but, I felt so empty without you. I decided to join the priesthood.

I was heartbroken!

Our kids were living with their aunt and uncle in Kentucky since the accident. Matt couldn’t bear to take care of them.

 My sister decided to keep them for awhile longer so I could adjust to life again. I was grateful. So much had changed.

One day I decided to go to visit Matt at the retreat center where he lived and worked.

 It was beautiful! Old trees everywhere, flowers in blossom, and a small rope bridge over a creek down the hill on the grounds.

I found Matt wandering the gardens, obviously deep in thought.

 I called his name and he looked up at me. The look in his eyes made me regret the fact that he was a priest.

It was pure unadulterated I-want-you lust.

 I had decided to wear a flimsy blue summer dress that emphasized my figure and enhanced my blue eyes. I guess he liked it.

He slowly walked towards me. He looked so handsome in his “priest clothes.”

“Kelsey…you look terrific." He seemed to be thinking something over.

"Take a walk with me," he finally asked.

“Of course.”

He led me along one of the paths around the grounds, lust still glazing over his eyes.
As we crossed the little bridge, he stopped me.

“I’ve missed you Kelsey. You can’t imagine how much. I prayed for you every second of every day. I didn’t think I’d ever see your beautiful eyes again, looking back into mine.”

He leaned down toward me. I could smell his subtle cologne mixed with his scent. It intoxicated me.

He came closer and I stepped against the rope of the bridge.

His eyes bored into mine and his lips touched mine, searing them into my memory forever.
The kiss deepened. The pleasure mounted.

“I want you Kelsey,” he murmured in my ear.

Goosebumps cropped up all along my body.

He noticed and began to rub them away.

His head dipped down and he kissed the hollow of my neck.

I molded myself to his body. I could feel his cock hardening against me.

He trailed down to my chest, lowering my dress with his hands as his mouth sought my breasts.

I was glad that I hadn’t worn a bra.

As my breasts came into view, I felt his cock harden all the way, like a rock forming. “Oh my God. I almost forgot how incredible they were.”

Then his lips fastened around one of my nipples suckling at it like a man dying of thirst.

The feeling was incredible. “Oh GOD Matt!”

I arched my back and thrust my pelvis against his hard cock.

He sucked harder. I could feel him groan around my nipple. I moaned loudly, thrusting against him again.

“I need you Matt.”

He lifted his head, his gaze meeting mine.

His eyes were impossibly dark with lust. His hands fumbled with his zipper. Finally he got it down, his hands were shaking.

“Lay down Kelsey.”

I lay down before him on the wooden planks of the old rope bridge while his eyes caressed my body.

He kneeled down at my feet and lifted up my dress.

He hooked his thumbs into my cotton panties and began to pull them down.

“Lift your butt.”

I did as he asked and he quickly pulled off the panties throwing them aside.

He moved closer, lining up his throbbing member with my wet entrance.

He leaned over me his mouth seeking mine. As our lips touched, he thrust into me completely. I moaned into his mouth my back arching.

“Oh God Kelsey. You’re so tight.”

“Make love to me.”

He began to move in me, slow deliberate strokes.

The fire inside me burned red hot.

We moved as one as the bridge swayed under us.

I was so turned on, but I needed more.

I began to grind on him as he fucked me, rubbing my clit against our entwined bodies.
I humped against him faster, my pussy tightening slightly.

“OOOO baby. Just like that Kelsey.”

He picked up the pace, fucking me harder and deeper with every thrust.

I met each of his thrusts with my own. I could hear our bodies smacking against each other.

I couldn’t stop moaning the pleasure was so great. His grunts echoed my moans, his pace quickening.

I could feel my whole body tensing, like a spring coiling.

My moans grew louder. I grabbed onto his ass, pulling him closer.

 I was humping against him like a wild animal as his cock plunged into me over and over. The spring coiled tighter and tighter.

“Oh God Kelsey! O fuck baby!”

I arched my back and pulled him down to me. My clit rubbing against him. I could feel my heart trying to leap out of my chest. His nipples rasped across mine.

The spring coiled tighter and tighter until I thought it would break.

“Come for me baby! Come!”

He leaned down and bit my neck.

The spring snapped.

I arched against him my pussy pulling him deeper.

“ahhhh! I’m…I’m…,” I screamed my pussy spasming, my body felt like it was on fire.

“CUMMING,” Matt shouted and thrust into me, bottoming out.

His cock grew, spurting his seed into me in powerful blasts, intensifying my orgasm as my pussy began milking him.


I woke up cumming, my body dripping sweat. It was the most amazing dream I had ever had.

As the fog of sleep cleared my mind, confusion set in. Why was I dreaming about someone I so obviously hated? Why had I come so powerfully just dreaming of him?

What was I going to do about it???

To be continued?
To be continued??

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