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The Battle For Carnal Delights

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“Holding / hugging you from the rear, I love how the curves of your body mold into mine as my cock…”

I’ve never considered myself to be a real writer. The writing(s) I’ve done over the years have been short speeches I’ve had to make for various meetings and have reflected what I felt most passionate about. This being mostly civic minded stuff and far, far away from LUSH type topics. Thus, I’m a little at a loss for words and ways of expressing myself in a LUSH like arena.

My fantasy ramblings often do have a bit of truth in it as it is easier for me to write about something I have had some experiences with. Thus I shall try to present you with another fantasy tale of life on the road of being a professional truck driver. There is one very special LUSH lady that is the inspiration and subject of my fantasy stories. She certainly knows who she is, but out of courtesy to her and joint modesty, she shall remain unidentified. She rides along in my mind to keep me company and to do a bit of sightseeing along the way from the vantage point of being high up in the truck cab. Plus she’s just FUN and damn sexy to look at!! I like to believe that fantasy is just some unfulfilled reality.

Driving long distance is tiring and monotonous at times. I am restricted by federal law from driving more than 11 hours in a 14 hour work day. After that, I must take a 10 hour break. Thus, I have to watch two clocks. The 11 hour clock is for time spent under the steering wheel and the 14 hour clock is for total time from starting time to quitting time. Loading / unloading / fuel stops / rest stops, etc. all fall in the 14 hour rule along with the driving time.

The worst thing that can happen is an accident. Other than that, it is to have something break on the rig while I’m out on the road. And that is especially so if the breakdown disables the rig and I have to get towed in to a garage. Read that as big money spent, and its not even my rig.

Things had been rather hectic all day long what with not being able to get loaded quickly and then unavoidable traffic conditions out on the interstate. I would have to drive hard and steady in order to get 500 miles done today. Finally things cleared up and we were moving along at a good mile-eating speed. We were way out in the middle of nowhere and traffic had thinned down and the scenery was boring. She had crawled back into the bunk area and was napping in my bunk on the lower level bunk. I put some soothing love songs on the cd player and turned on the rear speakers. The music along with the steady hum and throb of the big diesel engine soon had her sound asleep. I was getting a bit sleepy too, but the boost from another Mtn. Dew was doing its job.

I realized at one point that there was a slightly different sound coming from the engine and that there was also a different vibration. Miles from anywhere it let go with noises that did not sound good and could only mean big time consuming and expensive trouble.

We spent over two hours parked beside the highway before the tow truck came to the rescue and towed us in to a truck repair garage. I won’t bore you with the details of what all had happened to the engine, but the service writer did say it would be “a couple or three days” of repair time and we would have to get a motel / hotel room. It just would not have made any sense to try getting home and then have to turn around and come back to get the truck. Towing the loaded truck home would have been cost prohibitive. There was nothing else we could do but grab some clothes, toiletries, computer, etc. and take a taxi to the recommended hotel.

This was certainly going to be different what with having some room to spread out and a king size bed to sleep in. The bathroom had a nice size jacuzzi tub and dual shower heads. There was an indoor swimming pool as well as a nice restaurant affiliated with the hotel. After several days and nights of being somewhat cramped in the truck, this would be like a lap of luxury.

We decided that a nice meal was in order for the evening, but only after my Water Bug had had an opportunity to go shopping and then use the indoor pool. As it turned out, there was a small shopping mall within easy walking distance and we went shopping. The main thing she wanted was to see what she could find in the way of swim wear. We found a ladies / sports wear shop that had some bikinis on sale. After picking out a neon pink one, a pale green / black one, and a blue / white stripe set, she retired to the fitting room to try on the suits. After a minute, I heard my name called and went to check on her. She wanted me to come see what she had on and give her my honest opinion. This was to be a private showing.

Damn, that girl could have tied on a worn out dishrag and it would look good on her curvy, tanned body. She had on the blue / white stripe outfit and the top seemed to be just a wee bit small as her breasts were just about to spill out. Heaven could not have produced a lovelier or more sexy vision when looking at the bottom. The pale green and black outfit looked good also and the ensemble was even skimpier that the first. I had the unique pleasure of watching this gorgeous creature strip down to her birthday suit and then wiggle around getting the next outfit on. The pink neon outfit was my favorite and I loved how the thong like bottom helped display a perfect set of cheeks. The top just hid those delectable, kissable, succulent nipples from view while their outline was clearly showcased by the thin, soft material. She bought all three sets “ON SALE.”

We did some more wandering around in the mall and made some other small purchases … her favorite shampoo … bath soap … body oil … bubble bath … etc. I even found a pair of swim trunks that didn’t look too bad in her opinion.

We hurried on back to the room and changed into our newly purchased swim wear. We wanted to take a little swim before dinner. Not being modest, we just started stripping together right in the middle of the room. Now being in such close proximity to this sexy naked lady was just a bit distracting. My cock got a good look at that delectable ass and quickly rose up for some attention. She playfully stroked it a few times and then cooed “Later, big boy, later”. Damn, but that hurt to put him under wraps of my swim trunks as she hid her goodies from view in that pink bikini.

As luck would have it, the pool was vacant and dimly lit and there was some soft music playing over the speakers. We set our towels aside and went into the water. I waded in and she dove in. We both were pleasantly surprised with the water temp. The big surprise was that the pink bikini became almost transparent when wet. The dark color of her nipples was readily apparent and her nipples standing erect atop those amazing breasts just made my mouth water!! When she climbed out of the pool to go to the diving board, I happily noted that the bikini bottom was also transparent. The neatly trimmed landing strip above her pussy was clearly visible and her pussy lips made the neatest little camel toe in the wet material. The camel toe had not been apparent when she had tried on the suit in the store. It only showed up when wet. After a graceful and almost splash free dive off the low board, she was under the water for a bit longer than I expected. When she surfaced, she was holding her top in one hand and her bottom in the other. “STRIP, buster … NOW!!” I did so immediately and handed her my trunks. She wrung out the items and flipped them onto the pool deck. I then had this crazy notion that I just might 'get lucky' in the pool and reached for my rewards but all this little mermaid wanted to do was for us to swim naked. Our playing in the pool soon turned into a game of trying to grab each others sexy parts and keep the other from grabbing yours. Needless to say, she finally grabbed me and could then lead me around wherever she wanted to swim in the water. I was in no position to do anything but comply. It was fun, though, watching her breasts float through the water. There was no sex per se in the pool, but we did have fun with the teasing and playful antics. We finally decided that 'enough was enough' and got out of the pool. We did not put our wet swim wear back on, but rather just wrapped towels around our bodies to get back to the room. We passed a couple of other guests in the hallway and the look on their faces was priceless when they saw how we were dressed and what we were carrying in our hands. My towel had a rather prominent lump in the front. I wonder why?

She wanted to shampoo the chlorine from her hair and I offered to help her. We dropped our towels on the bathroom floor and got in the large shower (with the dual, high mounted shower heads) and rinsed / washed the chlorine off. I then took a big dollop of the new shampoo and started to wash her hair for her, giving her head a good fingertip massage and thoroughly soaping up her long tresses. The soap made her skin slick. The suds made her sexy body look even sexier as it flowed over her breasts and down across her pussy on to the drain. The soapy stuff made her ass slick also and just made her body seem extra alive and sexy. She leaned back into me feeling my cock seek a nesting / hiding place somewhere between her legs. The MMMMMSSSSS were telling me that she was enjoying this intimate bodily contact just as much as I. We just stood there for several minutes with her leaning back into me and my arms wrapped around her. My hands idly were playing with the soap suds on her belly and pubic area. I lifted her hair out of the way and kissed and nibbled on her neck and her lower jawline. She wiggled around in my arms and then was facing me. My cock found another place to 'rest and hide' just under her pussy. Her firm breasts felt so good against my chest. I let one hand slide down to her ass to hug her tighter to me and used the other hand to pull back her hair and tipping her face up to me. We kissed softly at first; then more fervently with a building desire to sate our lust for each other. It was getting a bit late, and we still had not had any food. I hastily finished rinsing out her long hair so we could get dressed and find a nice meal. I / we still had not gotten 'lucky' yet. However, I KNEW what I wanted for dessert and it would not be found on any restaurant menu either. I wanted HER for dessert all served up dripping of juices that were freshly heated in the middle of that king size bed!!

When you are out on the truck for an extended period of time, you only pack comfortable clothes with nothing fancy or especially 'nice', but just something comfortable. Weather permitting, I like to wear neat shorts and polo shirts or cotton slacks if it is cool. I despise the ragged cut-offs and torn t-shirts that seem to be the norm these days. We both had shorts as well as long pants. Her shorts were 'short' and snug fitting. We both opted for long pants with a polo shirt for me and a sleeveless blouse for her. I thought we made for a nice looking, very casually dressed, couple going for dinner in the restaurant.

The rules / law about alcohol are extremely tough for a commercial driver as well they should be. It is an awesome responsibility to be handling a piece of machinery that weighs 80K lbs. while moving down the highway at 70 MPH. Even the 'smell' of alcohol on your breath can be an 8 - 10 hour “park it here and don’t move” ordeal and that is regardless of what any subsequent testing might reveal. We can be in deep trouble if an open container of alcohol (beer included) should be found inside the truck cab whether its empty or not. As a results of that, I have just made it a personal rule that I will not drink anything with alcohol as long as I am in 'possession' of the truck. However, due to the truck being 'there' in the garage for possibly 3 days and us being 'here' in the hotel for the same, I felt we could indulge and have a bottle of wine with our meal. We 'indulged' ourselves and had a wonderful meal and just relaxed in comfortable seating that did not bounce, wiggle, or jiggle constantly. We passed on having dessert in the restaurant as she claimed to be full and I had other ideas about what I wanted to consume.

The lounge next to the restaurant had some lively music playing and there was a good crowd of people there with many of them dancing. We decided that an after-dinner drink or two was in order so we found a couple of seats at the bar and ordered our drinks and turned to take in the action of the people on the floor dancing. Before I realized what was happening, she set aside her drink and proceeded to give me a lap dance. Now that got the attention of other patrons of the lounge. I sat there grinning from ear to ear in huge appreciation of her personalized attention and just knew I was probably going to be the luckiest man anywhere in the world tonight!!

We finally left the lounge and retired to our room. This day had been full of tension with the truck breaking down and also full of surprises in the swimming pool, shower, and lounge. It was also somewhat disappointing to me because I hadn’t gotten 'lucky' yet with the love of my life.

We found a music video channel on the television. I adjusted the volume while she prepared for bed. This was going to be a new experience for us to have such a big bed to share after being together in such close confinement in the truck. I noted with some disappointment that she came out of the bathroom wearing panties. When it was my turn, I dressed the same for bed wearing my briefs. The room was a bit on the cool side, but not really cold. It was just cool enough that the spread on the bed felt nice. After kissing good night we laid there side by side and talked a few minutes about anything and everything. We held hands with our fingers entwined.

I had just about drifted off to sleep when she started wiggling around a bit. Then, as sleep was once again about to take me, I felt something soft and feminine smelling caress my face and mouth. She had removed her panties and was rubbing them on my face and teasing me. Surely this was a dream. After a few minutes of teasing me like that, I felt her hand ever-so-slowly start rubbing my chest and belly and on downward towards the waist band of my briefs. Now, I wanted to see just how far she would take this and I feigned sleep. As her hand slid under the waist band and grasped my soft cock, I started thinking about what was wrong with the truck and what to do to fix my scheduling. I thought about the DOT cops and anything else to keep my mind off what this gorgeous babe was doing to my cock. She had put me off several times today and I wanted to play hard-to-get in teasing return. That’s really hard to do sometimes. I changed position and let an arm and hand fall across her body in such a manner that my hand was now on her pussy. I didn’t move. But whenever she tried to move, I mumbled in my sleep and grasped her pussy more snugly with my finger just barely parting her lips. WETNESS!! Her body doesn’t lie and I then knew she wanted 'it' to happen. I moved a bit more and my finger rubbed over her clit. Even though I was 'asleep' this was some 'hotstuff' and she “O”d right then and there in my hand. I continued to pretend to be asleep, but I was keenly aware of where my hand was and what was happening. I thought to my self, "I can play this game of teasing and denial, too."

Finally I let her know I was awake. We hugged tightly and she started pushing my briefs down and off. We were both naked now in the middle of this bed. I let her continue taking the lead that night as she was going to have to 'work' for it because she had been teasing me all day and evening. Kisses that started as light pecks on the mouth soon trailed down across my neck, shoulders, and chest and even paid homage to my nipples. That is not something most people think of as sexy for a guy, but I find it to be delightfully arousing. While she was kissing me, her hand was cradling my balls, fondling my cock, and trying to get a good erection out of it. I continued to purposely think about roadside inspections, road construction, and crazy 4-wheelers in a losing attempt to delay what I knew was going to happen. Her wet kisses soon caught up with her hands and I just knew then that I was going to have to submit to her feminine charms.

I let her have her way with me and just about lost everything when she started kissing and sucking on my hardening cock and got into a 69 position above me. Damn, I was losing this 'battle' but I was determined to win this war of wanton lust and hot passion.

Dessert!! (remember I / we did NOT have dessert with dinner) I was 'hungry' now and had been 'hungry' since earlier in the day in the swimming pool. My lips and mouth connected firmly with that wet pussy just above my face. I started with kisses and then using my tongue, I went in as deep as I could go feasting on the liquid delights flowing from her pussy.

When I realized that flashing blue lights in my mirrors, orange barrels in the road, and lane restrictions were NOT going to slow down the inevitable pending “O” any longer, I decided to work with it and see if we could “O” it together orally in a mutual experience. She worked her tongue on my cock head while I played 'flip the switch' with my tongue on her clit. While she payed oral attention to my 'boys', I reached up with one hand and played with those perky nipples and breasts that were just hanging there. My other hand provided additional stimulation and then it happened. BANG!! It was just like having a steer tire blow out. I had that experience of a sudden deflation of my cock and losing control, and had to hold on firmly until things settled down and were under control again. She had a 'blow out' of an “O” at the same time with a sudden loss of pussy juice into my sucking mouth. A cease fire was called in this battle for carnal delights.

We pulled the covers back up and fell asleep in each others arms. Tomorrow would be another day of … ???? … in the fantasy world of this truck driver. Thanks to a special lady of LUSH, my days on the open road are a bit less lonely because she rides along in my head and firmly entrenched in my heart. ily
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