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The Botanical Beauty: Part I-Her First Trip

The Botanical Beauty: Part I-Her First Trip

Serendipity and computers throw Isabella in John's path, but to what end?
The Botanical Beauty: Part I--Her First Trip

For as long as Isabella Bloom could remember, she'd dreamt of studying plant biology with Dr. Phineas Studman at Berkeley. Now barely eighteen, and acting against her parent’s wishes of attending University of Texas at Austin and the program directed by Dr. Phil Boreman which had one of the world’s leading botany programs, she anxiously prepares to leave home alone for the first time.

Why leave home and go so far away her parents had implored. Save money and live at home they had argued. As usual Isabella had listened and been the “good girl” they all expected. She had always been the “good girl”. Good grades, good behavior, no serious dating, no late nights, no calls from the police station, no tattoos, high SAT scores, rather unproductive flute lessons, cheerleading squad, honor roll; everyone knew that Isabella was the perfect daughter. Isabella was the sweet girl who ran around in the rain trying to put the worms back in the ground to “save them” and stopped boys from killing butterflies.

At sixteen Isabella had “blossomed” (in botanical terms akin to her name) into five-feet and five inches of gorgeous curves, sexy kissable lips and long curly dark tresses tumbling down framing her pretty face. Accordingly Isabella was not only perfect inside, she was perfect and beautiful outside as well. At sixteen Isabella also transformed into somewhat of a “nerd” and immersed herself endlessly in the “Star Wars” saga and thick books on plants and flowers, which came to fascinate her. In her own mind Isabella imagined herself as Queen Amidala embodied in a rather more exotic Mediterranean and curvy bodacious package undertaking a cosmic crusade to “save the plant kingdom” with her dad’s typical French savoir faire.

Out of her cocoon, Isabella now had the curves of a real woman, a body that could only be termed “sinful”. Isabella’s amazing body and quick mind were the result of a significant amount of “cross pollination”. Half of Isabella’s genetic bonanza had been contributed by her Parisian raised French father Philippe Bloom (a Sorbonne educated PhD. genius in molecular biology). The other fifty-percent of her genetic material was a present from Isabella’s sultry African American/Spanish mother (the original Isabella Bloom, a well known TV Spanish cooking show host). The tangled multi-ethnic roots of this genetic melting pot fused into a hybrid mix of genetic material that had resulted in the stunning Isabella. Isabella’s father’s genes gave her the “A’s” at school, but everyone universally proclaimed that for Isabella’s outer appearance the sexy mother’s genes had held sway completely.

At school the boys--rampant and in heat, testosterone driving them to fantastic ends to impress her--buzzed around Isabella like bees around a flower full of nectar. It could not be denied that Miss Bloom was a highly attractive flower so to speak. Isabella was largely oblivious to their goings-on and their pathetic efforts to impress her. Nonetheless she almost unknowingly had a way of teasing and flirting that she seemed oblivious to and which drove the boys crazy.

For some reason “boys” did just not do anything for Isabella? I mean really, painting a sign on the road in front of her house saying “I LOVE YOU” in big red letters eight feet high. It was so embarrassing. Explaining that one to her Dad was not easy. Perhaps the guy holding up the sign “I’LL DO ANYTHING” was worse. Didn’t he realize that every teenage girl has seen that movie? While most of her friends had been dating and having sex for two years it was no secret among Isabella’s girlfriends that she was still a virgin.

Her closest friends had tried their best to “set her up” but it had just never seemed right to Isabella and she always backed out before things could “heat up”. Her girlfriend’s accounts of their “first time” had also not done much to encourage her. Isabella really did not relish giving up her virginity to a sweaty pawing boy in the back of a truck or with a drunken boy at a party while people were yelling and dancing on the other side of the door. It just wasn’t how Isabella imagined and dreamed of her “first time” happening and Isabella was a strong believer in having dreams.

Isabella Bloom wanted her first time to be romantic, to be “perfect” and she had a vague steamy idea of what the man would be like. She imagined him being mature and confident and being attentive and sensitive to those “little things” in life that would cause her to feel tingles. Those “tingles” Isabella imagined would lead to deep longing looks, which would lead to long tender kisses and those long tender kisses she imagined would lead to? Well when Isabella’s mind wandered like this her pussy would really start to tingle and she’d get wet and she’d blush, even if she was in her own bedroom. It embarrassed Isabella a little when she needed to rub her pussy with her hand to take away the tingles.

Isabella paced the airport nervously, her sixteen year-old sister Danielle and parents watching on anxiously. Isabella, or “Issy” as everyone called her, heard the boarding call for her plane and gave her younger sister Danielle a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. Issy’s rather fetching Mom, Isabella number one, burst into tears at the prospects of her “little girl” leaving alone on a jet plane causing a bit of a scene with her typically Spanish emotional outburst. Mr. Bloom, as usual, was stoic and reserved in that very Parisian manner and gave Issy only a light hug and assured everyone that Issy was “Tu es si mature” or “You are all grown-up now” and “she will be fine”. Issy waved as long as she could see them from the gangway and then turned nervously to face her trip alone.

Issy was dressed comfortably for the long, long plane rides to come. She had on comfortable not too tight grey sweat pants, a sort of loose t-shirt that had the U of T botany department logo emblazoned on it. She also carried a hoodie sweat top in her carry-on bag in case it got cold. Not even these garments could hide her amazing body. But it was more Issy’s confidant demeanor, her dazzling smile and her sparkling lively dark eyes framed by her tumbles of gorgeous hair that turned heads. You only afterwards noticed her toned sculpted ass, her pert firm and full rounded breasts and her slim tight waist. When men’s eyes fell upon Issy it is clear they fell into lust.

The first flight to NYC was just under four hours and Issy was happy crammed into a typical American domestic flight. For her, even though everything was crap, it was exciting, thrilling and new. She was finally on what you would call a “journey”. The fabric on her seat may be threadbare, the food may be potato chips, the person next to her might smell, but she was delirious with excitement to finally be off on her own.

Issy was being sponsored on this trip by the university so most of the costs were covered. Sightings had been reported of the rare Phal Appendiculata orchid, long felt to be extinct, on the island of Bali. This year the students were focused on rare orchids and some had gone to Madagascar to look for Grammangis Spectabilis, others had chosen Nicaragua, but when Issy heard the word “Bali” she felt immediately thrilled. All the other students were third and fourth year botany students. It was highly unusual for a first year student to be invited, but Issy had done her admissions essay on the unique sexual propagation strategies of highland orchids. Dr. Boreman had noticed her interesting work and had put her name forward for this special opportunity.

Issy had always wanted to go to a “romantic” tropical place and Bali seemed just the ticket. She had spent hours surfing the Internet looking at pictures of Bali and her head was spinning in excitement. In addition to finding and documenting the Phal orchid and hunting down other rare orchids, Issy was a girl and wanted to browse through Kuta for hot bikinis, mini skirts, sexy club dresses and look at the beautiful silver jewelry that was hand crafted in the local villages.

The Phal was an amazing orchid and Issy was so excited by her project. First discovered by Dr. Carr in 1929 it had “disappeared” and was thought to be extinct until 1990 when it was discovered again on Peninsular Malaysia. Now a new sighting on Bali’s volcanic slopes was tantalizing if true. If it could be proven the Phal existed in Bali then the habitat of this rare beauty was much wider than originally thought and Issy could get a citation for helping with the discovery. The Phal was a tiny orchid with a flower only ten millimeters in size and it lived on small twigs and branches of other trees, so locating it would not be easy. Issy had always been up for a challenge in life and this was no different.

Issy landed at JFK and then connected to a Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong, which was the shortest connection to Bali. There she would connect to another Cathay flight to Bali. This was a fourteen- hour flight to Hong Kong and again Issy was crammed into a narrow seat. Being young, slim and highly excited none of this fazed her. The young guy next to her turned out to be rather good looking, but obnoxious and tried again and again to chat her up.

The guy asked Isabella what she was studying at university and when she told him she was studying botany the guy chuckled and asked what the hell could you do with a botany degree.

“Isn’t that useless? Sort of like a degree in philosophy isn’t it.”

He had obviously blurted this out without thinking what sort of impact it would have on the rather fetching girl he was trying to get to know. He puffed himself up and said that he was an engineer and that engineers “build things” and made them selves useful to society and that’s why they were paid so much. He then asserted that a good-looking girl like her didn’t need to worry anyways as she could marry a guy and he’d “take care of her”. Issy could hardly contain her anger; her face turning red and she had to bottle it up inside. What an arrogant asshole she thought to herself.

Issy rolled her eyes (a rather attractive habit of hers) at his ignorance. At first Issy tried to explain to this boor that the possibilities in the botany world are nearly endless. New discoveries are made every year of new species of plants, indicating that we have only tapped the surface in our understanding of the plant world. A degree in botany, she explained, helps advance areas such as health, genetics and food production and is vital to the cosmetics industry. Didn’t he know that most of our foods relied on sexually reproduced plants and that a deep understanding of botany was critical to human survival as well as the survival of the planet when you consider global warming?

Issy soon realized this fellow was like most guys who were shallow and superficial and had little appreciation for the amazing world of plants. She turned away curled up and slept soundly in the knowledge that it was his loss. She chuckled to herself and thought for sure he was sitting next to her with a huge irritating hard-on and he’d never have the pleasure of kissing or touching a girl as amazing as herself. Issy drifted off to sleep smiling softly.

Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, John was quickly packing and getting ready to leave for Bali. It had been a hectic few months working on this deal and he needed a break. He had booked the nicest hotel in Nusa Dua with a big suite facing the ocean. He had also taken the adjoining room since his twenty-six year-old “friend with benefits” Angie had been planning to join him. At the last minute Angie had cancelled since her analysts job was pretty intense and UBS wouldn’t let her take time off.

John wasn’t too happy about Angie cancelling. He had been looking forward after a few months of no sex to having some wild romps with the blond and vivacious Angie. He thought she was just the pick-up he needed for his current overworked state of affairs. The only issue with Angie was that she was a bit wild for John’s taste. Angie was a wild young American girl and she loved to club late into the morning and often by 2:00 am or so John just wanted to go back to the room, lay her on the bed and lick her clit and pussy and touch her until she came a few times and then let her ride him cowgirl style until they both exploded in unison.

Angie on the other-hand often wanted to keep drinking until nighttime became morning and sometimes became so drunk no sex even took place. Also, often John just wanted to give her orgasms the good old fashioned way and have a nice fuckathon and she’d insist on elaborate rituals of being tied-up, being disciplined, long elaborate roll-play games and multiple sex toys being employed such that John simply became exhausted by her energy.

Oh well John thought it will be more relaxing without Angie and I can re-read one of the classics. He reached for his first edition copy of “The Great Gatsby” and shoved it into his carry-on. At the airport he whisked through immigration and waited in the lounge for the flight to Bali sipping on a wonderful latte.

Issy’s plane arrives in Hong Kong and she get’s off to transfer to the Bali flight. She is told the Cathay Bali flight is at Gate 46 and heads there to make sure she doesn’t miss the flight. There is a two-hour wait so Issy finds a seat by the new gate and tries her best to sleep. About a half-hour before the flight John heads down to Gate 46 and stands around waiting for the flight to be called. The plane to Bali has the new flatbed sleeper seats so he can stretch out and relax and John looks forward to his vacation.

Issy is at the gate spread across two seats sleeping lightly, exhausted by her already over twenty-hour journey with five more hours to come. She hears her name-- “Miss Isabella Bloom please come to the check-in desk”-- being called over the intercom and sleepily pulls herself up and heads to the Cathay check-in desk. What’s this all about she wonders hoping her trip is not heading for bad news already.

Out of the corner of his eye John sees the young girl in sweats get up and walk to the counter. Hmmm he thinks admiringly, nice ass, nice body, even in sweats and what gorgeous long curly hair. He realizes how young she is, perhaps only 21 or 22 he thinks and dismisses his prospects. She’d probably never look at me twice. At 43, she probably thinks I’m ancient.

The cute Chinese girl at the counter tells Issy that unfortunately the flight to Bali is way overbooked. Issy’s face falls and she knows that she is headed for more hours of delay at the Hong Kong airport. “Shit” she thinks to herself, I knew things were going too well to be true. So she asks the girl how to get on the next flight and what she should do? The girl smiles,

“No, you’ve misunderstood me. Economy class is full so we’re upgrading you to business class. Here’s your new boarding pass for Seat 8G. Enjoy your flight.”

Issy was flabbergasted. My god, business class, now that’s exciting she thought to herself and smiled? A few feet away John caught the exchange and he also smiled widely thinking how cute her reaction was. This girl was obviously a novice traveler he thought to himself. He glanced at his own boarding pass, which read Seat 9G. So John thought to himself I’m right behind her one row, now that is serendipity.

They boarded the flight and John now had a chance to observe this young beauty from closer quarters. John arrived at his seat first and when Issy arrived she was struggling to get her carry-on in the over-head bin when a big thick heavy book fell out with a huge “thump”. John, organizing his own stuff quickly jumps to Isabella’s assistance and grabs her bag and gently positions it in the over-head.

Issy was now flustered and blushing a little from the confusion she had created and the loud noise of the crashing book that had reverberated through the cabin causing everyone to look at her. John reached down and picked up the thick book. He glanced at the cover “The Secret World of Rare Orchids” by Dr. Phineas Studman. He handed the book towards her registering the name in his brain.

“Well young lady if you like orchids you’re certainly traveling to the right place. Hello, I’m John.”

Issy was wide-eyed and smiling but feeling quite off balance by her chaotic arrival at her seat. She recovered her composure slightly and took the book from John’s hand,

“Uh, oh, I’m Isabella. People call me Issy. Thanks so much for your help. I feel so stupid.”

“Not at all. It seems like you’ve had a long day. You still have a few hours to go so relax and enjoy these new flat seats.”

Issy smiles a huge smile. Wow this guy was so nice and so easy to talk to. As Issy settled in her seat she couldn’t resist taking some sideways glances at this handsome older guy. John sits down and before they tell him to shut off his smart phone he Googles Dr. Phineas Studman and sees he’s a professor of botany at UC Berkeley and a leading world expert on orchids.

As the flight carries on John gets up to put his MacAir back in the overhead and Issy stands at the same time to go to the washroom needing to pee oh so badly. Just when Issy stands the plane hits a big patch of rough air and Issy stumbles. John quickly grabs her as Issy falls backwards towards him. As John holds her he becomes aware of Issy’s incredible soft and supple body. Issy is now completely flustered and starts to giggle uncontrollably which John finds, for some reason, so cute and attractive. What Issy really notices, however, is that she feels so amazingly safe in this older man’s strong arms. Issy pauses just a short moment to enjoy this new and thrilling feeling of being held safely by a dark handsome stranger.

Issy tries her best to apologize in a half-giggled jumble of words. As John lifts Issy up he holds her close to steady her and he can’t help it but her firm bum pushes into his pelvis. John holds her firmly about the waist with his arm wrapped tightly around her as the plane bumps up and down through the turbulence. His cock, with a mind of its own, begins to fill and harden pushing into Issy’s firm ass. John doesn’t see it, but on Issy’s face turned away from him, she has a smile a mile wide. In order to break the awkward silence John interjects,

“So Issy, do you study at UC Berkeley?”

“UH. Oh. What? UC Berkeley? Oh, no I don’t, University of Texas actually. Why did you think I went to Berkeley?”

“It’s just your textbook on orchids. I know Dr. Studman is from UC Berkeley so I just assumed. Well, so do you study botany? Orchids are fascinating you know.”

This exchange started the most wonderful “first conversation” Issy had ever had with a man. He was actually interested in her passion for plants and he even knew who Dr. Phineas Studman was. The fact that all of this was happening while John had his big strong arm wrapped around her waist, his pelvis pushing into her bum and his face practically inches from her quivering lips made everything all the more intoxicating, all the more thrilling. It was all Issy could do to pull herself away, but when the plane ride calmed her pressing need to pee overcame her growing interest in John and she pried herself from his amazing embrace.

As Issy walked to the bathroom she felt a bit light headed and her face was blushed pink, her face glowing. Why did she feel like this? Actually she had never felt like this. It was so silly. She hardly knew this guy and would probably never see him again in her life. Was it “naughty”-- she thought to herself --to want to stay in his arms like that longer? Issy tried to dismiss all this romantic speculation with the thought that he was much older and probably just thought of her as a “little girl”. No matter what she did, however, the feeling of his arms holding her would not go away and she started to feel those certain tingles girls get.

John for his part could not tear his eyes of Issy’s swaying feminine hips and the sexy silhouette she cast as she moved toward the washroom. What an amazing body he thought to himself and she seems like a really down to earth and wonderful girl as well. She smart as a whip he thought and smart girls are always the best lovers.

Through the rest of the flight Issy used every excuse to flirt with John. She asked him how to use the movie system, how to get the seat flat, could he help her get her bag down and so on and so on. With each exchange Issy used the opportunity to get close to John and when she was lucky she would feel his body bump or touch hers. These little touches and bumps would send thrills and shocks through Issy’s body.

John for his part was not oblivious to this young girl’s attractions and asked to “flip through the book on Orchids” and would lean forward with silly lines like “Oh, this little tiny purple one is nice”. Well that set Issy off as she passionately told John all about the Phal and her quest to identify and document this highly rare orchid. Rather than labeling her a “nerd” and immediately shifting the conversation to football like most boys, this man locked his eyes onto her hazel orbs and listened intently to every word that poured out of her mouth as if it were the most important statement ever made by humanity.

To say Issy felt flutters in her stomach would be an understatement. No man had ever looked into her eyes like this and she felt almost naked under his gaze. Not even the tingles in her love triangle, however, could deflect Issy from her tale of the Phal and it was only the announcement that the plane was landing that forced an end to her monologue. Realizing what had just poured out of her non-stop she turned beet red. OMG she thought, have I turned this guy off forever. I just talked to him about a ten-millimeter purple flower for over an hour. He must think I’m nuts.

John reached out and touched Issy’s hand lightly. She almost jumped in shock at the reaction of her body to just this most teasingly light touch of his fingers on her hand. The thrill it sent through her body, the tingles that resulted, the pounding skipped beats of her heart. What would happen to her if John’s hand went further she wondered? What if he touched her more, and touched other secret forbidden spots even more sensitive? Touches and spots her mind was now contemplating in the most devilish and naughty way she could have ever imagined. Issy could only dreamily contemplate the volcanic consequences of such an event and her mind was spinning deliriously. John’s eyes bore into hers as if plumbing her deepest fathoms.

“That is perhaps the most engaging and interesting first conversation I have ever had with a woman in my life. You’re a fascinating young lady. I so wish we had time for me to learn more.”

John offered with soft-spoken and clearly sincere words. Issy, her eyes cast down in embarrassment at what had just poured out of her mouth non-stop looked up startled. What did he just say to me Issy thought? Did he say what I thought I heard? Her heart was thumping against her chest in youthful panic at “foot in mouth syndrome” and her stomach was doing little summersaults. Is this what a “crush” feels like she pondered? OMG this guy is like perfect, he’s so nice. He really listened to me blabber on about a tiny plant that may not even exist for ninety-minutes and his eyes never left mine for a minute. OK, well, perhaps he was looking at my boobs sometimes she giggled to herself and that’s good, right? How could this happen to me? I think I’ll die. I find this amazing guy and I’ll never see him again in my whole life.

While Issy’s exposition on the Phal was pouring out, John was watching her animated face and her beauty only became more compelling as Issy became absorbed in the passion of her life. To say John fell under Issy’s spell would be one way to describe it, but also perhaps an understatement. Women can cast spells you know, it’s not only in Harry Potter that magic happens.

John was completely besotted with this young sinful looking woman with an IQ to rival her curves. Yes, John was really interested in this fascinating story about extinct orchids hiding in deep tropical forests on volcanic slopes. But also, occasionally his eyes could not help moving down to Issy’s amazing breasts, her luscious eighteen-year-old body and his cock, again not listening to his admonishing super-ego, was growing harder and harder by the minute, throbbing and pulsing in his pants.

In Freudian terms John’s “id” became consumed with a desire to fertilize this beauty, a drive so basic and primal it equaled the need of the Phal to hide in the deepest darkest volcanic forests and attract insects to pollinate it’s stigma and drive a pollen tube deep into it’s ovary. Penetration of the ovary by the hard tube would lead to implantation of a seed. A seed was the future; a seed meant the survival of the Phal. The Phal survived by sexual attraction and so do humans. There is no stronger impulse and both Issy and John were falling under its grip. The basic human desire to reproduce is one of the strongest drives in nature and the selection of a suitable mate consumes most of our waking hours and much of our dream hours as well. John’s super-ego didn’t have a chance. To put it bluntly the girl amazed John, but deep down he wanted to bed her so badly the desire was unstoppable.

John still imagined at this point that Issy was about twenty-two, or twenty-three years old and her conversation certainly confirmed that she was mature and confident. Had John learned at this point that Isabella was only eighteen he might become extremely sexually excited and then despondent at the same time. John would be excited just by the thought of being with such a beautiful and desirable young woman and then despondent at the prospects of overcoming their age difference and successfully wooing her.

Had Isabella’s age been revealed at this point John would have assumed nothing could or ever would happen? Had this occurred then fate might have taken a completely different course? However Isabella’s age never came up and John continued in his misguided assumption that Issy was somewhat older than she really was. Still here they were thrown together on adjacent seats on a plane, a completely serendipitous event caused by a computer randomly selecting Isabella for a complementary upgrade to business class. What were the odds of this chance meeting becoming anything more than a rather intriguing conversation between two strangers en passant?

What could John do? He would probably never see Issy again in his life. They had met by chance on a plane and the chance of ever meeting again was so slim as to be worse odds than the lottery. John was a huge believer in “serendipity” but sometimes serendipity needed a helping hand. Cupid was only one guy and he certainly had a lot of territory to cover and a limited number of arrows to let fly every day. If Cupid’s arrow by chance plucked you, then it was up to you to make sure the opportunity would not be wasted. Luck was one thing. Meeting this delicious morsel of intelligent sinful sexiness was luck. Now as a man John needed to take the initiative.

John scratched away on a piece of paper.

“Here Issy. I really enjoyed our conversation and I hope if you have time in Bali maybe we can resume it and you can tell me more about the Phal. If you find it and document it, then it will certainly launch your career as a botanist. Perhaps tell me more over a dinner some night?”

John looks at Issy, his dark chestnut eyes and long eyelashes making a deep impression, her insides all a-tumble at what she was feeling inside. He hands her a piece of paper with his email, “youcomeasyouare@____” and his cell phone.

Issy smiles and her heart leaps. She looks at his email.

“Is that….”

“Well it’s from the Nirvana song. It’s NOT sexual you know. For your generation you may have heard it on the soundtrack for the movie Definitely Maybe?”

“OMG my sister Danielle and I LOVE that movie. It’s like so romantic. Yeah I thought I recognized those words.”

John is dazzled by Isabella’s smile and her animated energy. After over 24 hours of flying this girl still looks AMAZING he thinks and becomes just a little more smitten. John hopes more than anything she will call him, but knows the chances are slim. Isabella is so young and so beautiful and so SMART. John can’t help it; he is terribly turned-on by smart girls. John is quite sure Isabella has a “steady” at home and has no interest whatsoever in him. A girl like that is a cheerleader, is fucking the quarterback silly and has her eye on choicer steak than he can offer at his age. Most probably she was just talking with me because she is so passionate about orchids and was happy to find someone to listen.

Issy is crestfallen the flight has ended. She is totally “in crush” with this newly discovered hunk of an older guy who listens to her and pays attention to her conversation and doesn’t think she is nerdy at all. She noticed how his eyes played across her body as they talked and instead of bothering her like it did with the boys at school it made her all tingly and warm inside. She wished the time together never had to end. Isabella was so nervous. Could she ever call him or email him? She doubted it. He probably only gave his email to her out of courtesy. How could he be interested in her? He was so confident and intelligent and worldly. He’d traveled like everywhere and she’d been like nowhere. He’d probably been with bunches and bunches of sexy older women doing who knew what and she was a virgin. A virgin! OMG just the thought of it now mortified her. She would never have a chance with this man.

John smiles broadly at Isabella sending a last quiver through her tight teenage body. Issy is now in a state of horny arousal and sexual need she barely recognizes, but that thrills her completely. As the plane pulls up to the gate commotion begins and people leap up to grab their bags. John stands and helps Issy get her bag and uses his carry-on to shield Isabella from the large bulge in the front of his pants.

Immigration in Bali is a bit of a chaotic mess and those familiar with it have a plan. Those new to the game like Issy will suffer the consequences of their naïveté.

So we are left to wonder. Will airplanes and time tear these two lovers asunder? Will fate render their serendipitous meeting and cupid’s arrow a mere a foolish apparition? Was this nothing more than a stimulating conversation about rare orchids?

To be continued………….

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