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The Botanical Beauty: Part II-The Budding Botanist

The Botanical Beauty: Part II-The Budding Botanist

Fate conspires once more to throw the incomparable Isabella in John's path
The Botanical Beauty: Part II—The Budding Botanist 

When we left our budding botanist and her wanna-be ardent wooer John they were departing the Cathay flight at Denpasar Airport, Bali, Indonesia. Serendipity had brought them together and Cupid had shot a few love potion dipped arrows in their direction. However, Bali is a tropical jungle and anyone who has read Darwin knows the chances of survival in the animal kingdom are slim, even for love. What is in store for our pair of star crossed lovers as Issy launches into her pursuit of the exotic perhaps non-existent Phal Appendiculata orchid on the rather orchid festooned slopes of Kintamani Volcano and John sets about recovering from months of no sex and an abundance of documents as dense and thick as the Indonesian jungle he is now arriving in for his well deserved break? Only time will tell.

Isabella Bloom, exhausted and relieved to have finally arrived after thirty-something hours of travel was looking forward to a bed to sleep in. John felt a tinge of the lugubrious overcome him at the prospects of another empty hotel suite (even one on the beach in Bali) and the necessity of leaving the presence of this newly discovered specimen of astonishing feminine beauty and vivacious stimulating intellect. Rarely had a woman captured John’s imagination quite as rapidly as the incredible Miss Bloom and his departure had a definite tinge of sweet sorrow to it. Hmmm he thought to himself, perhaps I should have grabbed a volume of Shakespeare instead of the Great Gatsby?

John never imagined in his wildest serendipity influenced fantasies that he and Miss Bloom would be headed in the same direction. He assumed a crossroads had been arrived at and that planes, cars and Nike’s would be taking their lives in decidedly different directions. John wished Isabella “good luck” with her search for the Phal and she smiled a sparkling smile amongst all the commotion of disembarking bodies and luggage, a smile that John somehow thought most beguiling.

John had arranged for his police captain named Made (all second children from the farmer clan are named Made in Balinese culture) to meet him at immigration to facilitate his arrival without the necessity of lining up behind a ream of screaming and crying European children and discount tourists. As reliable as a Swiss watch Made was smiling and waiting. Amazing the effect of the US dollar. John by-passed the ever-increasing line of the common-herd and was swept along by the captain and his assistant towards his waiting Toyota luxury van. John’s passport was stamped and his bags appeared as if by magic (Bali is a mysterious place) in the grip of a lowly police assistant and were loaded into the van. In the mull and mess of the crowd rushing towards immigration John had lost sight of his intriguing new sexy female friend Issy, perhaps forever. As John’s van glides away from the chaotic scene he feels something has been lost for good and he sighs.

Isabella has no idea the tumult she is about to encounter and feels no inclination to rush. Had she known that two European 747’s had landed along with the Cathay flight, only minutes apart, she might have taken a more nuanced view of matters. As it stood she dropped her bag by mistake, got pushed around by a rather fat family from Bulgaria and generally just meandered her way toward immigration. Unfortunately Isabella faced a massive line-up of people when she got there and had no idea a “VIP” line existed far to the right where she could pay a small fee for a somewhat more expedited arrival.

Isabella had been told a representative from the local orchid society-- one Miss Ida Ayu Ngurah (or “Ngurah” for short)-- would be meeting her with a sign at the airport. Having intimate knowledge of botanical terms but absolutely none regarding Balinese names, Issy had no idea that this name denoted a “beautiful princess, a Brahman woman, with Ngurah meaning “gift from heaven”).

Had Isabella realized she was expected to meet local royalty from one of the oldest and most sacred Balinese families for whom orchids were a holy trust passed down for generations she would probably been quite intimidated. As it was Issy just assumed, like most naïve Americans, that she was about to meet a fellow orchid “hobbyist” and chat about a common interest as if it were the latest Youtube craze? Innocents abroad abound and they are never cuter or more spectacular in their innocent missteps than when they are young Americans coming from elite universities.

John meanwhile had arrived at his hotel on the edge of the unusual peninsular outcrop of the romantic and secluded far end of Nusa Dua beach. His room, overlooking the outcrop, would have direct views of the spectacular surf and the “blow hole” when, in four or five days with a full moon and the tide at its strongest, massive jets of water would shoot skyward. Having visited the hotel several times the front desk manager, Oka, immediately greeted John as a “regular” and made sure a gorgeous young lady whisked him hassle free directly to his suite.

The speed and efficiency of John’s arrival ritual was so breathtakingly smooth he’d completely forgotten to cancel the adjacent room he’d booked for Angie his “friends with benefits” companion. John was sipping a crisp Chardonnay and the sexy young check-in lady, credit card signature in hand, had departed before John realized his oversight. John decided to relax a bit, enjoy his balcony and then put on some sweats and go for a quick workout and perhaps a relaxing Balinese head massage at the salon.

After a long wait Issy finally got her passport stamped, collected her two bags and found the sign of the people waiting for her. Ngurah turned out to have been quite justifiably named. Tall and elegant in a chocolate brown silk top and white-cream colored mid-thigh pencil skirt, her straight black hair gleaming, Ngurah looked every inch the part of a “gift from Heaven” wrapped and packaged as a sexy young Balinese aristocrat.

Ngurah’s body was more lithe and athletic looking than Issy’s. She looked say 5’7”, slim and toned with smaller 34B perky high pert breasts. Ngurah had a very slim waist and flared feminine “baby making” hips and nice toned legs shaped by her cream colored strappy heels. At probably no more than twenty-five years old Ngurah looked much younger and sexier than Issy had expected from a fellow orchid aficionado. In Issy’s limited experience fellow ardent orchid admirers tended, when of the female variety, to be more in the middle-aged category and to have added rather a few pounds over the years shall we say? Since orchid cultivation did not burn very many calories these ladies tending not to have the smoking hot body that Ngurah offered for display.

Ngurah’s long straight dark hair, light golden honey colored skin and deep chocolate eyes and arched pencil eyebrows made Issy immediately feel like she had certainly arrived in the exotic, sexy tropical paradise she had always dreamed of. What Issy hadn’t expected was just how off-kilter the sight and presence of such a tropical beauty would have on her. Like a bee excited by nearby nectar Isabella found the proximity of Ngurah’s incredibly sexy body vastly heightened her senses in a strange and wonderful way. “Just how many women in Bali were this gorgeous?” Issy wondered to herself feeling a strange feeling she had never felt before. Issy shook her head clearing her mind. I’m not attracted to women she assured herself catching just a whiff of Ngurah’s rich and earthy cinnamon-vanilla scented perfume. Bali certainly does have a strange effect on you Issy thought as she contemplated what a unique and wonderful scent the perfume had.

The two girls immediately got on like long lost girlfriends and Issy was taken to a car to be transported to her hotel. On the way Ngurah told her about attending Georgetown, how her parents wanted her to go into politics and how as a teenage girl she had gotten immersed in orchids under the tutelage of her Brahman grandmother. Once on the topic of orchids the two became like giggling teens discussing rather ab-licious men. The Phal sent them both into a frenzied excitement analogous to a “Beiber attack” as they speculated as whether or not it may actually exist in Bali. Ngurah took a strong liking to Issy immediately.

“If my Nini, my grandmother, likes you then she will teach you all about our secret orchids.”

Issy also felt an inexplicable strange and immediate connection to Ngurah. Sitting close together in the car Issy is enveloped by her perfumed scent and the heat emanating from Ngurah’s body, their thighs touching lightly in the confines of the back seat. Ngurah casually puts her hand lightly on Isabella’s thigh as they giggle about something inconsequential sending shivers up Issy’s body. Isabella tries to ignore the delicious feelings arising from the light touch of Ngurah’s hand teasing her thigh and composes herself to continue.

“I hope your Nini likes me. I will do anything to learn about orchids and to help protect them.”

“Well Issy, I’m sure she’ll adore you. We all call her “Oma” and you can call her Oma too. If she likes you she may introduce you to our most sacred orchid, the “First Time” orchid we call it in Balinese. I can’t tell you more, but if the time is right Oma will tell you about it and let you see one. This orchid changes people’s lives.”

Issy was more than a little excited by the mysterious tone of Ngurah’s conversation about her old Brahman grandmother. What secrets could she learn? What orchids could she know about? What was this enigmatic “First Time” orchid and how could an orchid change your life? The tropical jungles of the Far East were becoming more unfathomable, sexy and tantalizing by the minute.

After a highly pleasant ride Ngurah explained to Issy that she would have the next day and evening off to recover from her long journey before she would have an orientation session to review the topography of the Kintamani volcanic slopes and the Lake Batur area which was to be explored looking for the Phal. Ngurah also explained that Issy’s hotel was the nicest on the Nusa Dua stretch, but the university had booked an economy room at the back of the property with no view of the ocean and she hoped it would be acceptable. Issy and her bag were deposited at the front reception and Ngurah told her to relax and she would contact her soon.

Isabella was amazed as she and her bags were escorted towards the check-in counter. She had met not one, but two, startlingly interesting and sexy people in the course of just a few hours. However, Issy was suddenly overcome by exhaustion and now desperately needed a bed. The huge open-air lobby, water ponds, flowering trees and panoramic view over Nusa Dua beach had little impact on her overcome as she was by the endless hours of traveling. At the hotel check-in desk came the shock. Apparently the university had neglected to re-confirm the room and the hotel was massively over-booked at high season.

Issy became frantic, what did they mean no room? Issy implored and huffed and puffed with all the feminine wiles and stratagem she could muster in her exhausted state. Issy was brought almost to the point of tears. The fuss and commotion had attracted the attention of Oka the front desk manager. Oka calmly (in the fashion of front desk managers worldwide experienced in dealing with such distraught travelers) explained that it was simply “impossible” as there was “no room at the inn” so to speak. He would do his best to find accommodation for her at another “simpler” more basic property, although even this would be difficult at high season.

At this very moment John was on his way to the gym in his sweats and was walking via the front desk to attend to the cancelation of his extra room. Imagine his shock and surprise at the serendipitous re-appearance in his life of the one and only lovely Issy. Isabella’s slumped form, her hanging face and her panic stricken eyes all bespoke a lady in distress and in need of rescuing. John having always fancied himself somewhat of a chivalrous knight leapt forward to assist his Guinevere as if he were a horseless Lancelot. Hmmm did they even have horses in Bali John wondered? John strides towards Oka and Issy while mustering all the puffed-up male determination he can; a veritable peacock ready to fan his tail.

“Oka, what seems to be the problem here? This young lady is a good friend of mine.”

John feels a little exaggeration is not out of place in the circumstances. Claiming a non-existent “close friendship” in the service of a chivalrous cause is a lie John’s mother would have considered a “white lie” justified by the ends being sought. Issy looks up at the sound of John’s voice and truly does feel he is a sort of knight in shining armor come to save her from her incredible predicament. In her confused and distraught state Issy wonders where John has left his horse and armor? John listens patiently to the facts as presented (his training as a lawyer coming to the fore) and then to Issy’s astonishment announces that he has a spare room.

“You have what?” Issy proclaims, eyes wide and mouth dropping open.

John explains to Issy that he has booked the room adjoining his suite without filling her in on all the facts about Angie and the wild sex he had planned to engage in with his American vixen. He tells Oka to allow Miss Bloom to have this room and to check her in immediately. Oka tells John it is impossible to “release” the room and re-book it since the computer system will allocate the room to someone else. John says no matter.

“Oka, leave the room in my name. I’ll pay for it on my bill. Issue Miss Bloom a key and I’ll lock the connecting door.”

Issy looks stunned and protests, but her protests are significantly weakened by the exhausted state of her body and the fact that having no room at all in a foreign jungle scares the daylights out of her. Finally after a feeble protest Isabella succumbs and simply adds,

“How can I ever repay you for his John? You are really like my knight in shining armor.”

John puffs up as the male species tends to do in these circumstances and smiles at Issy’s comparison of him to a chivalrous knight, but simply adds,

“Consider it my small contribution to your research efforts to save the Phal.” And then subtly adds, “Perhaps, however, you might join me for dinner tomorrow night?”

John’s eyes look deeply into hers with an expectant yearning. Well things had gone from worse. I mean had gone from “can things get any worse”, to now “incredible” or “can things get any better”. Isabella didn’t want her face to register it, but she is overjoyed to be invited to dinner by this handsome, generous and sexy older man. What would she wear? That is now the issue of the moment, what would she wear? Issy agrees immediately to dinner and John leans in and kisses her lightly on the cheek.

“Dinner then. It’s a date.”

Isabella’s knees turn weak and wobbly. Oh my god, did John just kiss me in the middle of the lobby? Did all these people just see him kiss me? An incredibly handsome man has asked me on a date and kissed me in the lobby of a hotel in Bali. Issy felt tingles and more tingles. John did not wait around knowing Isabella needed to get settled and to get some rest. She must be frazzled after thirty-something hours of travel he thinks and yet she still looks beautiful in sweats.

“Oka will have someone show you to the room. I’m going to the gym and I’ll see you tomorrow for dinner. It gets dark early in the tropics, shall we say 6:30?”

John can’t resist turning his head and watching Issy’s hips sway as she is led towards the direction of John’s suite and her room. What an amazing body Issy has he thinks watching her tired form retreat. John speculates about the adjoining door of their now adjacent rooms. The most devilish possibilities pop into his head as he thinks of the bounty of feminine sexual treasures that will now be only a few feet from his sleeping body.

To say John was pleased with this serendipitous turn of events would be a massive understatement. Fate had conspired to put Isabella in the seat next to him on the plane. And now this amazing girl he has just met has been ensconced in the room only a few feet from his own bed. His mind was a-swirl with the possibilities. What was going on here thinks to himself? Fate is one thing, but this series of improbable events was so perplexing John couldn’t help but smile and feel some inexplicable force was at work in the world. Is this what poets write about he wondered to himself?

Issy falls asleep in seconds and is up at the earliest shade of light due to the time difference. She puts on some jean shorts and a pink t-shirt. Eager to explore the resort Issy heads out to watch the sunrise over the Balinese Sea. The flowering trees, the inter-connected endless swimming pools and the long empty fine soft sand beach all amaze her. Issy pulls off her shoes and runs in the sand, her heart pounding in excitement, her arms spread wide as she flies across the soft warm sand feeling her heart open and free. Issy is a young woman alone, away from home for the first time and free as a bird. Isabella stands and lets the tips of the waves wash across her feet and wiggles her toes under the foam and bubbles and laughs. The ocean breeze blows her hair and then she is gripped by a thought. I need to get a dress.

Issy has breakfast, her eyes scanning for any sight of the hunky John unaware he is eating at the private club lounge. Later she checks with the concierge and books a spot on the shuttle bus to Kuta. It’s time to do some shopping and find a dress suitable to beguile and bedazzle an older sophisticated man. Issy has never actually wanted to attract a man before. As she thinks of John and the dress she ponders her choices. Issy knows she wants a dress that will truly show off her completely devilishly sexy looking curvaceous young body. She wants a dress that will ensure John’s eyes never leave her body for a second.

Isabella heads to Kuta and spends hours looking at this shop and then that shop. Should she go black? Should she go white? How short should it be? She tries this one and then that one. She is undecided. Then she tries on a white halter mini dress with a deep plunging neckline with draped fabric to cover her breasts. The two sides are held together by a small strip of white fabric to keep her breasts from falling out. The dress is backless and scoops down almost to the start of her bum. There will be no chance of wearing a bra with this dress. Issy looks at her firm rounded breasts swelling the white fabric in profile. No worries with these firm young melons she thinks and giggles proudly to herself. She wonders what John will think when he realizes she is bra-less? The skirt portion is quite short; hugging her hips it falls just above mid-thigh and it makes Isabella’s ass and legs look stunning. Issy knows immediately this is the right dress to capture her prey. As a botanist Issy knows that when you want to attract a pollinator you use an attractive flower.

Issy looks at the time and heads back to the resort to get ready for her date with John. Just the sound of the word “date” and the thought of spending an evening with a much older handsome man make her tingle all over. She feels especially strong tingly feelings in her pussy and knows she is making her panties wet. When Issy arrives at her room she is startled to find a large bouquet of flowers with a note from John. Her heart thumps against her chest.

Issy wonders why she feels so anxious and why her tummy is feeling so queasy? No man has ever made her feel this way. “Flowers” she thinks to herself, “He certainly knows how to get a girl’s attention!” She flutters about her room glancing again and again at the flowers knowing that only a few feet away through the connecting door John is also getting ready. As the minutes tick by Issy’s anxiety level rises and she becomes giddy and giggly waiting for John.

John himself is more than a little anxious. He is very taken with this gorgeous young girl Isabella Bloom and thoughts and doubts drift about in his mind troubling him. Perhaps she is only having dinner with him out of a feeling of obligation? Could she really be attracted to me he wonders? John showers, brushes his teeth twice, gargles with mouthwash three times and splashes on liberal amounts of Rocabar his favorite cologne. John looks at his watch and heads to the door.

Isabella is waiting nervously and almost jumps when she hears John’s knock. Opening the door she sees John standing there and can’t help smiling he’s so handsome. John for his part feels his mouth drop open. He tries to gather himself. Isabella’s dress is unbelievably sexy, she has transformed. John already knew Issy was beautiful in her sweat pants and travel clothes, but now she was breathtaking. Isabella’s dark lustrous hair is curled into large looping rings. Her delicate heart shaped silver earrings are glittering. John and has no control over his eyes as they are drawn as if by a magnet down the plunging neckline to Isabella’s rather prominent attractions. John’s eyes travel further down to her skirt tight around her flared hips and firm ass, her beautiful toned legs and the sexy strappy white heels. John leans in and kisses Isabella on the cheek.

“Isabella you,” He pauses and composes himself. “Well, you look stunning!”

Isabella smiles and turns for a side profile, smiling and enjoying John’s obvious approval of her selection. Isabella offers in a most teasing manner,

“You really like it? I bought it today for our date. I thought you might think it was too sexy? I can change into something else if you prefer? Jeans perhaps?”

Isabella looks at John and bats her long lashes waiting for his reaction and reply. She is giggling inside never having used her feminine wiles to tease and play with a man like this before. Looking her in the eyes John smiles right back.

“Oh I think this dress is acceptable. I don’t think they have outlawed incredibly sexy dresses and smoldering hot young bodies in Bali just yet. I think I can handle all the men looking my way jealously and the women firing daggers in your direction.”

John chuckles and Isabella bursts into giggles as John takes her arm and leads her out the door. He guides her along the dark stone covered path and the three-quarter moon casts just enough light for them to make their way. John has booked a car to take them to La Lucciola on Seminyak beach. A romantic and wonderful Italian restaurant right on the beach with the sound of waves for your dinner music and he hopes Issy will like it. Walking slightly behind Issy to let other guests pass John can’t help looking at her amazing figure, her amazing legs and ass, her beautiful bare back; he begins to get hard.

Feeling John’s hand on her hip and arm gently guiding her along the path Isabella feels so secure and her "tingles" grow stronger. Issy is excited and wonders not how the evening will begin, but how it will end? Isabella wants a kiss. Well actually Isabella wants much more than a kiss, but is afraid to admit this to herself so she calls it a “kiss” for want of a better term. “Good girls” just don’t say to themselves, “I want this older man to seduce me and take my virginity tonight!” Or how about, “I want this handsome older guy to kiss and touch every forbidden spot on my body again and again and make me come and then fuck me hard tonight!” Or maybe, "I want him to fill me up while I straddle him and have my body arch and convulse in release as I gaze down at his broad chest and dig my nails into his skin." No not at all. Good girls say to themselves, “I hope he kisses me ever so passionately at the end of the date.” And this is enough to make their "good-girl" pussies tingle and turn sopping wet.

What “end” will our lovers date have? What is the fate of the fetching Miss Bloom and the chivalrous John?

To be continued…….

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