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The Bus Yard

A quick rescue leads to steamy fun with the bus driver.
I was returning to my district's bus yard to park my school bus for the weekend. It was Columbus Day weekend and I was excited for three days off. The streets were black without a single vehicle on it besides mine. The Lakewind High School District's transportation department was placed in the middle of nowhere. Lakewind Township consisted of vast farmland and miles of long, winding roads stretching across the hills.

The bus yard was about twenty-five minutes away from the bustling, suburban heart of the town, which increased the level of darkness on the back roads. My headlights washed over miles of swaying grasses and stalks of wheat as I sang along to a random rock tune on the radio over the roaring diesel engine. Suddenly, a small, silver-lined shadow appeared about a half mile up the straight farm road as the bus sped toward it. It looked like a girl stumbling on the side of the road.

Thousands of questions rushed through my head. Should I risk my safety and pick up a stranger? There were no students on board, but non-students aren't authorized to ride a district vehicle. I didn't want to end up dying in the woods without a kidney and a stolen bus! As I got closer, the feminine figure became more familiar to me. At the purring of the Blue Bird's engine, the girl looked back at me and my heart sank.

It was one of my students, Ashley Urie, stumbling through the tall, moist grass. Her jeans and t-shirt were torn up as bruises and oozing scratches lined her arms. Acting on paternal instinct, I quickly stopped the bus alongside of her and opened the passenger door. I unbuckled my seatbelt and ran after the girl, pleading for her to stop running. I kept shouting her name until all of my breath was gone. Ashley finally turned around in a dazed state. Her pink and black eye shadow ran down her cheeks as she sobbed hysterically. Her straight black hair was matted and a mess.

"Mr. Richard," Ashley squinted through the gleam of the bus's headlights. "Is that you?"

"Yes, it's me!" I called to her, desperate to find out what was going on. "Come with me! You're too vulnerable walking these streets alone!"

Only a few feet from me, Ashley slithered toward the bus. She hesitantly took my hand as I climbed the bus stairs. Her body was trembling hard as she clutched onto herself, struggling to hide the bruises from me. I grabbed a large fleece blanket from behind the driver's seat and wrapped her in it. She was crying and shaking to the point where she couldn't even speak. Her usual shiny, elated blue eyes were reddened and cold. At that point, I decided to take her back to the bus yard with me. She couldn't possibly tell me anything even if I begged.

"Let's patch you up, Ashley," I growled, pulling the bus back onto the road. "Don't worry."


I managed to make it to the bus yard within fifteen minutes after flying down the country roads at 80 mph. Ashley fell asleep in a matter of minutes. When I returned around 10 PM, the transportation office was pitch black, which was unusual. Usually our supervisor waits for all drivers to return. From the outside of the automatic gate, every school bus was in its spot except for mine. With an unforgiving howl, the old automatic gate struggled to open for us. At last, I was able to park my bus and complete my post-trip inspection. As the bus's engine purred until silence, Ashley stirred in her seat. From that fifteen minute rest, she seemed better, but her body was still disheveled.

"Mr. Richard," Ashley whimpered as her eyes twinkled in the parking lot lights. "Where are we?"

"Sweetie, we're at the bus yard," I replied, gently. "There are nice, new showers at the back of the office for the drivers to use in between or after runs. They're always kept spotless. You can take my ID badge to get in while I do my post-inspection. Then after, I can find out what the hell happened..."

As I sent her down the bus stairs, I unclipped my district ID from my safety vest and handed it to her. Ashley just stood there, watching it with an apprehensive glare.

"Can you come with me, Mr. Richard? I don't want to go alone."

I sympathized with young Ashley, though I still didn't have an idea of what happened to her. With a deep sigh, I got off the bus and led her to the showers. You can access to them from the outside of the building with an ID to swipe in the door lock. I chose the first shower out of five, because the first one had a locked door entry to the driver’s locker room. Opening the heavy steel door, I let her in first. Her loud gasp and a "wow!" took me by surprise.

Each shower stall was gigantic and handicap accessible, having a shower, a large space to get dressed and a little sink with a mirror along with two benches. The sandy brown tile was gorgeous and a wise investment. My hope is that the other drivers treat it well and maintain it. The ceilings were high, causing a little echo. As she started stripping her clothes off, I got a better view of her in the bright light. She had a few bruises on her arms and scratches all over. I grew uncomfortable watching a student undress in front of me, so I decided to go to my locker and get her some towels and warm clothes.

"Ash, I'm going to the locker room," I warned her. "I'm in the other room getting you some sweatpants and a t-shirt to put on. Plus, I've got some fresh towels and wash rags in there."

I was gone for maybe five minutes until I returned, finding her naked and sitting on the shower floor. She was truly a sight to behold. Ashley’s eyes were a light blue as her jet black hair spilled over her breasts. She held her body tight, obviously insecure being bare in front of me. I opened the glass door of the shower, putting the bottle of body wash and everything in its place before lending a hand to lift her up.

"Can you take a shower with me, Mr. Richard?" Ashley fluttered her eyelashes up at me.

Now, THAT was asking way too much! In shock, I stuttered, explaining to her on how I was sixty-three years old and old enough to be her grandfather. Even though she was eighteen, I'd still risk losing my job if I was caught with a student, especially on district property! What a goddess though... her young tits were large, milky globes with hard, pink bitty nipples. Ashley could tell I was aroused due to my constant staring at her chest and a tent growing in my pants. Being this old, it takes a lot to give me a hard on...After a few minutes of pleading, I stripped off my clothes and sneakers and joined the young woman in the shower stall. A relaxed smile grew on her face as she looked my old body over. She turned the handle of the faucet, letting loose a strong stream of steamy water to sooth our weathered skin.

"Now," I trembled, handing her the bottle of body wash. "Can you tell me what the hell happened before?"

Her thin, slender fingers wrapped around my wrist, pulling my body into hers. Ashley's eyes lit up at my nervousness as she seductively massaged the strawberry soap into her skin. My cock was rubbing against her ass cheeks, hardening at her movements. Suddenly, she turned around and started to lather my large, hairy stomach.

"Well, I had little argument with my parents over the dumbest little things. But, I thought I was woman enough to walk to Upper Lakewind at 10:30 PM alone. Then, when I was walking along Pembroke Road, I slipped off of the dirt path and ended up in the drainage basin! I blacked out for a bit, because I slammed my head hard against the boulders. So, when I woke up, I started to walk toward the district offices since they were the closest buildings out here. I feel like such an idiot though."

I watched her small hands roam my body, admiring each gentle scrub of my skin. "As a teenager, hormones are raging and any situation could be blown up due to emotions. Even when I was that age, I would challenge my father to physically fight me. I knew damn well that I would never win, but my male testosterone was only validated by 'noble' challenges. My friends and I thought we were man enough to do anything, like we were invincible. We were even bold enough to ride horseback to Ryan County, the place notorious for daylight coyote attacks."

She gasped, still massaging my pelvic area. "Why would you ride all the way out there? What if you had gotten killed?!"

"And, I ask the same to you." I retorted, sharply for her to understand my point.

Ashley's eyes widened at full comprehension. She sulked, knowing fully well that I was correct. With the influx of criminal activity on these farm roads, something worse could've happened to her and she wouldn't be found for weeks. Her sparkling blue eyes stared up at me with a wave of tears cresting at the bottom. With gentle sobs, she threw her sore arms around my neck.

"Mr. Richard," Ashley sighed, tearfully. "I'm so glad that I made it out of that ditch and you found me. You are so right and I promise that I won't walk out on my parents again. Thank you so much for stopping and helping me like this as well. There’s no way I would've made it here by myself, not to mention no one would've been here.”

I reciprocated her affection with a hug back. “I know your parents well and they’re trying their hardest in raising you in this rough town. You don't want arguement to spawn preventable events, like what occurred tonight. Like I said, what if you didn't wake up after falling into that basin? What happened in the past is over. I won’t hold that against you, but I want you to remember that you’re loved by your parents, friends, teachers, and even me. Life isn't going to be a bouquet of roses all of the time, but it’s still important to hold the reins of where life takes you. One decision can make a lifetime of difference in a second…”

“I know…” she whimpered, still wrapped around me.

I grew hesitant in my hands roaming her body, as Ashley was much smaller than me. As she went limp in my arms, my soapy hands cascaded down her breasts to her shaved pussy. Faded bikini tan lines swirled across Ashley's whitening skin as the last reminisces of summer disappeared. My grasp on her ribs tightened as I struggled to control my bestial urge to mate with this young, vulnerable female who was allowing me to touch her sensitive areas. Suddenly, a hand started tugging on my cock causing a groan to slip from my throat. Ashley bent over, exposing her slick, pink pussy lips like a bitch in heat.

"C'mon, Rich," she coaxed softly, wiggling her perfect ass at me as she leaned against the soap ledge. "Show this girl how a real man loves a hungry, sex-crazed woman."

Dutifully complying, I mounted her without hesitation. The heat of her sex was comforting as I made my first deep strokes. She moaned loudly, almost screaming in agony. Ashley scratched at my swaying hips, pushing my throbbing organ closer to her core. As my thrusting grew wilder, her body rose into a straighter position, where I could catch a small glimpse of her face. Pain whisked with excitement filled her expression as she quaked beneath me. My paternal instinct intervened once again, taking hold on my barbaric urges in consideration of her bruises. I slowed down inside her until I could catch my breath.

"Mr. Richard!" the young woman howled, desperately. "Fuck me hard!"

When my hand returned to my hard shaft, my fingertips touched a thin, sticky liquid. Something encouraged me to look down at myself. I let out a harsh gasp at the sight: bright, red blood coated my cock. I slowly backed away from her in the shower as she turned to me recognizing that I realized that this was her first time.

"I thought you weren't a virgin!" I shook my head, still staring agape at her raw pussy. "I don't want to hurt you, Ashley. This is a lot of emotional pressure after what just happened to you and I don't think you'd want it with me: an old, frail bus driver."

She reached around and pulled me back into her body, then locked me in a tender, sweet kiss. Ashley slowly rocked on my cock, shuttering at the new electrifying sensations and mumbling to herself.

"When you picked me up, I was reminded of what a selfless, experienced man you were. For the past few years, you've been a father figure to me and I trust you the most. You're intuitive and sensitive with my body, knowing each curve and breath I take by heart. Take me, Mr. Rich... don't be afraid."

The steamy water pattered on the beautiful tile floor as we stood in its path, indulging in each other's sheepish stares. As I buried myself into her pussy, a new love for her grew in my heart. No longer was I screwing a distraught teen, I was making tender love with a girl who was desperately searching for genuine affection. Ashley's hips swayed harmoniously with mine as she begged for more. Her sweet, warm love muscles wrapped around my shaft, gently massaging my organ until I couldn't take it any longer.

By my erratic breathing and pumping, Ashley sensed that I wasn't going to last. Rope after rope of cum, I erupted deep into her core as I grasped her thick hips hard. She let out a raspy howl as the hot, gooey sensation filled her little stomach. With a sigh of relief, Ashley pulled away and stood directly underneath the steaming stream of water. My limp cock hung with exhaustion as I watched the young girl's sexy body shutter from a tremor that quaked in her loins. After a few seconds to recover, I turned the faucet off, cutting the steaming stream short. She sheepishly pecked me on the cheek while I turned to the shower stall door. I gave her a gentle smile back.

"And you said you didn't want to be my first," she giggled, grabbing a thick towel from the bench where I sat.

"I didn't think I could make it memorable enough," I choked, blushing like a schoolboy.

With thin, slender feet like a princess, Ashley took an elegant step onto the bathmat. She wrapped her entire body in the warm towel, in hopes that comfort exuded from it. I sat on the bench half naked, only with fresh boxers covering me.

"Well," Ashley winked, throwing my navy blue sweatshirt over her head. "There are no worries there. You were perfect."

I sighed in my mind while she dragged my grey oversized sweatpants on. After I dressed her wounds with some bandages and peroxide, I went back out into the parking lot to fetch my car. Her right leg was bruised and God knows I didn't want her to walk far on that. Beyond the bus lot was the main parking lot for transportation staff. The dark yard was lit up as the moon rose above the entire town, extolling it's precious light on us. As I walked further, the buzzing of the camera heads turning toward my motion instigated a painful migraine in my head. Reality was gradually returning to me as I realized the severity of the situation. "How the hell were we getting out of here without being seen?" was the question that circled throughout my mind.

The shower building had the least amount of light and cameras. My car was a black four door sport sedan, so I could get away pretty easily in that regard. When I managed to throw together a plan, I pulled up directly to the shower room door where Ashley was hidden in the dark. I frantically rolled down the window.

"Get into the back seat, quick!" I said as quietly as I could.

As the cameras began to detect the sound of my vehicle and turn, Ashley threw herself into the backseat of my car with a loud thud. Hurriedly, I slammed on the gas and almost blew through the automatic fence. I never said my plan was perfect...


Ashley's house was about twenty minutes away in Scottoline, a neighboring farm township. The roads were carefully placed around steep hills and vast wheat plains that stretched for miles. It seemed almost foreign to have Kansas-like farmland in your New York suburban backyard. When we finally arrived at her house on a hill, she told me to pull off to the side of the road where we couldn't be seen behind a cluster of giant shrubs fencing the property.

"Well," she stammered as her aquamarine eyes shimmered in the starlight. "Thank you for keeping me patching me up tonight. The advice you gave me was completely accurate."

"You're very welcome," I chuckled, pecking her cheek gently. “Now, rest up this weekend with all of those bruises and talk to your parents! They’ll understand where you’re coming from in your argument.”

“And,” Ashley giggled. “What happened between us stays a secret, though I hope we can do it again soon.”

Ashley shifted closer to me, snuggling into my shoulder. Her warmth comforted me as heat gently rolled off her soft skin. I grinned back at her and thanked her for allowing me to be her official first sexual encounter. Before stepping out of the car, Ashley leaned forward and took me by the lips. She tasted sweet like a light, sugary confection as she held me tight in our embrace. Time seemed to disappear as we locked lips for an unknown amount of time under the moonlight. Memories from high school flooded into my mind as her hot mouth melded with mine.

After a few moments, Ashley begrudgingly pulled away from me, not wanting to leave my side. The anxiety in her eyes was damning as she blew me a faint kiss then slammed the car door shut. I watched her melt into the darkness, swaying her curvy hips with striking confidence. She hadn't said a word to me nor I to her in our parting, only sealing whatever our became of our relationship with a deep, sensual kiss.

"Sixty-three years old and I'm swooning over a teenager," I sighed to myself as I pulled my car onto the road. "I wonder if any of the other drivers ever had this happen..."

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