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The Cabin - Part One

A true story - my dirty night away
If you’re already a friend of mine, you know I have a one track, filthy mind. So imagine my joy when my gorgeous boyfriend, booked us a luxury cabin in the woods, so that I could live out my fantasy of a dirty night away. I thought it is only fair that I write a story based on the events that night in the cabin. I have changed our names to protect our identities, but apart from that there is nothing added, or taken away. I hope you enjoy reading about it, as much as I enjoyed experiencing it.

The keys to our hide away are jingling in my hands, as I walk up the narrow stone path. I am so excited that I can’t help acting like a child, who’s just been given the keys to a candy store, and told they can help themselves. I look round with a huge grin plastered on my face, to see him following me up the path. We round the corner and the path comes to an end. In front of me hidden in between the trees, there is a wooden door. I am reminded of reading The Secret Garden as a child. I feel like Mary, as I place the key in the lock and turn it to reveal the exciting new place to explore.

As I walk through the door, I have to stop and put down my bag. I take in the beauty of my surroundings. The Cabin is perfect, nestled in the hillside amongst the trees. It’s dark wood melding perfectly with the surrounding green. The cabin has a decked terraced, with a hot tub to one side, and a bench that looks out onto the rolling hills in the distance.

He comes up behind me and wraps his strong loving arms around my waist. “What do you think?” He asks, as he gently kisses my neck.

“Oh Sweet, it’s just perfect!” He laughs, as I can’t keep the excitement out of my voice. “You haven’t even seen inside yet. Come on.” He grabs my arm and pulls me towards the cabin door. Leaving the bags on the decking, just so eager to get inside and explore the love den.

Inside it’s just as perfect; I have been transported to another world. I am now in the mid-west. Oh yes I am going to have some fun in here.

“Fucking Hell, Jen come and look at this!” I follow his voice into the bathroom and can’t help but match his expression. “Fuck, it’s massive!”

The bathroom is as big as the bedroom and living area combined. It has a huge tiled cove to the right, which looks like a cave and has a double sized walk in shower.“Is that what I think it is?” I question, pointing to the small door straight in front of me. " Yes! It’s our very own sauna.” I turn to him and can’t help grinning even wider.

The floor is covered in marble tiles, there are twin sinks, and then I see it. A sunken, hot tub sizes, whirlpool bath, with a TV on the wall.

“We are going to have so much fun in here!” I tell him. “It’s been a long drive. Why don’t we freshen up? Then I thought you might like a massage.”

I turn the taps on in the bath and go and retrieve our bags from outside, my anticipation of what is to come, building rapidly.


 I sink back into the hot water and stretch out, taking full advantage of the bath that fits my tall frame. I allow the heat and the water to wash over my tense, aching, naked body. Pressing the button, the soft hum of the pump starts and the bubbles tickle me as they swirl around.

James, or J as I tend to call him, brings me a drink. I sit back sipping it. I watch him strip out of his clothes. My eyes eagerly take in the sight of his naked body. It still affects my insides to see him like this, even after 10 years of being together. I could look at him forever, but all too soon he has stepped into the shower and out of view.

While J was making us the drinks he must have set the laptop up in the bedroom, and started the playlist I had made. The sweet seductive sounds filter through to the bathroom. I lean my head back, relaxing, allowing myself to think about all that I have planned for the next 24 hours.

J knew what I had in mind. Having a love for writing, I have already given him his very own special story. Depicting how I want to make the most of the time we have in our cabin. I want to draw out the pleasure, prolonging things for us both; driving us into a frenzy, until we cannot take any more and the passion overcomes us.

Throughout the day I have purposely been building the tension between us; a small touch here, a meaningful kiss there. Just long enough to feel the passion start to burn, before withdrawing. I’ve positioned my body in just the right ways to slip subconscious thoughts into his mind.

I do so now, knowing that he will be out the shower soon. I kneel in the bath exposing my naked body, getting the shower gel, lathering myself with soap and massaging my body. I let my hands slide over my breasts and across my hardening nipples, closing my eyes and tilting my head back, as I enjoy the feel of my own hands slipping across my smooth wet skin. I hear him switch off the shower. I don’t stop or hide away like I normally would, not today, not here.

I open my eyes and see him standing in front of me. His eyes are full of desire, as he watches me soap my naked body. I see his cock begin to twitch into life. I squeeze the sponge allowing the water to wash the soap off my breasts, revealing my erect nipples to him.

Then I give him my mischievous grin. With a twinkle in my eye I sink back down under the water, washing all the soap from my body, before emerging from the bath, climbing out and grabbing a towel, as my naked body moves past him, with just the slightest brush of skin to skin contact.

“You should give the bath ago, it is really good. I’m just going to set up for the massage, come out when you’re ready.”

When he emerges from the steaming bathroom, with just a towel wrapped round his waist, beads of moisture running from his damp hair down his torso. I am stood at the end of the bed. I am wearing a short white baby-doll, the light material is completely see-through. I have a matching tiny white thong, which is already damp from the escalating desire raging within me. In my hand I am holding a bottle of baby oil.

“Lie down and make yourself comfortable.” J does as I instruct and resumes the normal position, I like to give him back massages, but today’s massage is going to be a little different.

He has positioned the towel over his tight arse. With a light giggle, I grab the corner of the towel and whip it off his body, leaving him lying naked, face down on the bed. I kneel at his side and pour the oil into my hands, allowing it to warm slightly before letting tiny droplets fall from my hands onto his skin.

I could straddle him, but I want to keep the physical contact to a minimum. I know J is already aroused, as I sneaked a peak, and saw his erect cock when he laid down on the bed.

I start at his neck and shoulders, knowing he would be tense from driving all morning. Satisfied that I have worked out all the tension there, I work my hands down his back, over his firm buttocks and right the way down both his legs. I spread his legs wider, sliding my hands up the inside of his thighs; just lightly brushing my fingers across his exposed balls.

I take my time slowly working my hands over his body. Leaning over him, I allow my nipples to escape from their lace restraints. I let my breasts and nipples skim over his skin, as my hands work his body. Happy that I have covered his entire body from this position, I get off the bed. Taking the towel and folding it. I place it back over his naked bottom, and tell him to roll onto his back.

Stepping up my tease, I straddle him. The only thing preventing skin to skin contact is the towel, and the near non-existent material of my now wet panties.

I can feel his hard cock pressing into my pussy from beneath its cover. It takes everything within me not to grind myself against him, but as I look up at his face, with his eyes closed and a delicious smile on his lips, I can tell he is enjoying the tease, just as much as I am.

I don’t warm the oil in my hands this time; I just pour the cold liquid onto his chest, causing him to gasp in shock. I lower myself so he gets a great view of my cleavage. I start to work my hands over his chest. Ever so slowly I push my hips harder against him, with every stroke of my hands. I slide myself down his body, my nose and lips brushing down his body, hands trailing behind.

I enjoy the feel of his body beneath my fingers. My hands slip over his skin, I feel his muscles beneath. I tease my fingers closer and closer to his hard cock under the towel.

It would be so easy for me to rip the towel off and ride him senseless, and I can tell he feels the same way to. So I get up off the bed declaring. “My turn!” I strip off the baby-doll, stepping out of my panties and making my way back to the bed.

I get comfortable face down on the soft white cotton sheets; feather pillows gently support my head. Perhaps as payback for my teasing, or my earlier shock with the oil, J pours the oil directly from the bottle onto my back.

The initial shock makes me gasp like he did, but then the sensation of the cold oil trickling over my hot naked body feels so good. I sigh deeply and wait for his strong hands to make contact with my skin.

I don’t often get massages from J, usually preferring to have my back tickled instead, so this is a nice change to the usual soft touches. His firm, hardworking hands push hard against my aching muscles, leaving a path of relaxation behind them. I feel like I am melting into the bed as his hands work all over my body.

I can feel my breathing start to deepen and increase in pace, as his hands trace a path over my waist, following the curve of my back out onto my hips. He purposely allows his fingers to skim the side of my breast; I arch my back slightly allowing him more access beneath me. I can’t help but moan as his hands work down to my legs. He pulls them apart and I can feel my wet lips opening. The feel of the cool air as it hits my pussy makes me burn with lust.

I’ve been wondering if all he’s going to do is tease me, but it seems that all my efforts during the day have paid off. He kneels down between my legs, massaging my thighs all the way up to by bum, pulling on my cheeks, exposing me more. I feel so vulnerable and dirty, lying face down on the bed, being exposed. His fingers brush ever closer.I want to feel his fingers on my pussy so bad. My body is so turned on; I need to feel his touch. I place my palms down by the side of my chest, pushing myself back to raise my pelvis to meet his fingers.

He pulls at my lips, fully opening my wet pussy, allowing my nectar to pool out of my wanting cunt. I imagine the view he has; over me, face down on the bed, pussy up in the air, moaning, as his fingers easily slip into my drenched hole.

This isn’t in my plan, but I don’t care. It feels so good to feel his hands against my hot cunt, his fingers delving deeper inside my velvet passage.

This isn’t long and slow at all. I am forcing my body hard back against his fingers, as he thrusts them deep into my squelching pussy. I support myself with one hand, and bring my other hand to meet his fingers as they pound into me. I find my swollen clit and my fingers go to work, matching the pace that J is setting.

It’s a good job we are set back from the hotel, as I think my screams could easily be heard as the pleasure overwhelms me.

“Oh Fuck!!! You’re going to make me cum!” I manage to cry out, as he increases his hammering inside me.

I collapse down onto the bed unable to hold myself as the orgasm hits. J continues to slowly work his fingers in and out of my soaked pussy, as my cunt walls contract around his fingers and my juices wash over his hand.

I come back to reality; J kisses me softly on the lips. I know it’s only fair that I repay the favour, but I have an idea and we need to make the most of our time here, so I jump up off the bed.

“Did you leave the water in the bath? I think we need to try and get some of this oil off?” I walk into the bathroom and jump in.

He follows me in, settling opposite me in the tub. I wait until he is comfortable then start the jets so the bubbles stir back into life. From my position it is easy to slide my hand up the inside of this thigh, until I find what I am looking for.

I always feel so sexy when my tiny little hand is wrapped round his long shaft, feeling the hardness that has been created for me. As I slowly start to stroke my hand back and forth, pulling his skin back a little further each time, to reveal his gorgeous, bulbous head. He relaxes his head back so he can fully enjoy the feel of my hand as it works. When I have a nice steady pace with one hand, I move my other hand over and begin to play with his balls. Slowly I slide my finger across the soft skin of his sack, lightly brushing over his taint and gently over his puckered starfish, before I work my hand back to his balls.

I am so focused on the job in hand, (pun intended) that I haven’t noticed his hand gliding under the water, like a shark on the prowl, until he makes contact, sliding his fingers across my swollen pussy lips.

I have to concentrate hard on keeping my hand working steady, as his fingers invade my soft passage. The hot bath water follows his fingers inside me, making the heat between my legs even hotter. I slide round in the bath, lifting one of my legs, resting it against the edge of the bath, to give him better access. I increase the grip and pace of my hand working his hard cock. J’s breathing deepens, matching the intensity of my hand.

My body is buzzing with the different sensations I am feeling, the hot water against my skin, the bubbles dancing and tickling around my body. The feel of J’s fingers gliding back and forth inside me, and the power I feel as my hand pleasures the man I love.

Before I know it I feel my second orgasm building. I have to release his cock so I can grip onto the sides of the bath as it hits. It shakes my entire body. No words can truly do justice to that incredible feeling. I want to repay him so much at that moment. I want to make him cum, for him to feel the release that he has brought me.“Come with me to the bed, I want to do something for you.” I tell him, as I try to get out the bath as gracefully as possible, whilst still feeling the effects of the orgasm on my legs.

We towel our wets bodies off as quickly as possible, both equally to continue the fun.

He reaches the bed before me, lies back and rests his hands behind his head, his cock standing hard and proud against his stomach.

I join him on the bed, resting my head against his chest. I feel secure with his arm wrapped round me. His light hair softly tickles my cheek. My hand starts to roam his body. My fingertips trace his neck line, brush across his hard nipples. I can hear his heart beating in his chest with my ear pressed up against his rib cage.

I want to feel his cock in my hand again, so I begin the descent. J’s hand softly tickles up and down my back, as I take his hard shaft in my hand and begin to stroke him once more. A small bead of pre-cum emerges as I work my hand back and forth. The sight is so intoxicating. I have to lower my head and lick it. A small moan of pleasure sneaks out from my lips as his salty cum tickles my taste buds. I lick my way up and down his shaft, and take his balls in my mouth and suck on them. This causes J to uncontrollably indicate his pleasure, in the form of a vocal onslaught of “Oh fuck yeah.”

I love the feel of a hard cock in my mouth, so I relish the task of taking him into my mouth. I allow my mouth to fill with saliva, coating his hard shaft as I take it further and further into my mouth, swallowing him up. I wish I were one of those lucky people, who don’t have a gag reflex, but I can tell you, mine is in good working order. It takes concentration and effort from me to take him further. I take pride in my work, and have been practising the art of deep throat with him for a while. I know what to expect as his cock touches the side of my throat. My body’s natural response to move back and remove the object from my throat kicks in, but I fight it and hold him there, breathing through my nose.

His hand comes to rest on the back of my head. I can feel his enjoyment as he grips my hair tightly and begins to slowly move back and forth. I remove my mouth completely from his cock before I plunge my head back down. My eyes begin to water; my face is dripping with saliva. I want him to release his hot load down my throat, and make me swallow his cum, but he has other ideas.

He releases his grip on my head, and removes himself from my mouth. He moves me so I am on my back. He pushes my thighs apart, exposing my pink and swollen lips. I long to feel the familiar sensation as he plunges into me, but he makes me wait. He teases me with his head brushing over my entrance. His hands come up and find my breasts. As he pulls on my nipples, sending shivers down my body, he immerses himself deep within my drenched pussy.

It feels so good to have him deep inside me. He holds still there, allowing me to adjust to being so completely filled. I start to slowly rotate my hips, feeling him pushing against the insides of my pussy walls. He brings his thumb down and lightly teases my clit, as I work my hips faster.

Soon it is not enough to just feel him inside me, I need that friction, and I can tell he does too. Our bodies move in unison, after having given ourselves to each other so many times before. My cries of pleasure increase, as he slams deep inside me. He can read my body well after so many years together and he knows I am close. I grasp at the bed sheets as the feelings build from deep within me.

I look at him seeing the desire on his face as he makes love to me. It is enough to tip me over the edge. My body convulses with pleasure as I let go and allow the orgasm to take over my body, causing a flourish of incoherent words to cascade from my lips. The second wave of my orgasm hits, when I feel him release himself. I can feel his cock twitching deep inside me, filling me with his seed prolonging my pleasure.

He drops down and I wrap my arms tight around him, holding him close me. Our breathing gradually evens out. He moves to remove himself, but I hold him in place. I want to keep him inside me for just a moment longer, not really ever wanting the moment to end. Our bodies are as one. I feel an overwhelming feeling of love and happiness coursing through me. I know we can’t stay like this forever, but it’s always nice to dream.

I eventually let him go. He gets up and goes to make us a drink. He’s preparing the drinks and something for both of us to eat; I go to my bag and remove the silk scarves I have bought with me.

I move to the side of the bed and tie the first scarf round the post. J notices what I am doing. Before he has time to ask, I answer his question.

“Making love is all very well and good, but I thought after a dip in the hot hub, you might like to try something a little harder. You know I’ve wanted you to tie me up for a while.”

I tie the other scarf to the post on the other side of the bed, and walk into the bathroom to freshen up for later.

To be continued……….

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