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The Change

Sarah and Daniel finally meet after a year of anticipation.
Sarah waited at the coffee shop, nervously sipping at her tea. She looked around at all of the people milling about. There was an older gentleman in a comfy chair reading his newspaper, a college student at the small corner table and 5 people waiting in line to place their orders.

Sitting with her back to the door, Sarah knew he was making his first power play by positioning her this way. She had yet to decide how much she cared about being independent or defiant.

She wore a short, tight denim pencil skirt with a floral print tank top tucked into it. Since she only had B cup boobs, Sarah never really had any cleavage. This made her tank top tend to creep lower during the day, showing off her bra accidentally, which is why she chose it and wore her sexiest lacy corset bra underneath. The skirt showed off her ass a bit, with no underwear of course, but the combination still left some to the imagination. She saw this as sort of a metaphor for her personality.

Her shoulder length blonde hair was down and natural, falling around her face in a way that made her appear a bit younger then her 22 years. Sarah considered herself to be average in many ways, but with how much she prepared for today, she had never felt more confident or sexy.

“Ding”, the bell on the door jingled and startled Sarah out of her thoughts. The wind rushed in signaling the entrance of someone new and unknown. As she watched a pair of broad shoulders saunter to the back of the line, she knew it was Daniel. The man she has loved for so long through the screen, longed to touch and hold, standing not 15 for feet from her. She knew she shouldn’t get up or move, he wouldn’t want that, but she didn’t care.

Sarah bolted from her chair and went to stand beside him, breathlessly whispering “hi” with a cheek-hurting smile.

He turned ever so slightly, looking stern at first but then smiling just as wide and turning to hug her tight. “We kind of suck at this” he said, still smiling and sounding so giddy that Sarah couldn’t help but squeeze him tighter.

“Tell me about it. How was your drive, babe?”, she said as she let go first so she could stare at his face and examine how tired he was.

“Wasn’t too bad baby. I got in a huge fight with my wife before I left. I told her I wasn’t coming back until I thought things through. I did quite a bit of that on my way here.”

Sarah looked into his eyes. He always did this to her, made her heart race at the thought of them being together forever, but she knew it wouldn’t be long before he was leaving her to go back. She had to be realistic. This week would be amazing, no matter what happened at the end of it.

After about an hour of just sitting and talking in the coffee shop, Sarah and Daniel got up and walked out into the sunlight. He took her hand immediately, making her smile a little on the outside, and a lot on the inside. “How should we do this?” she asked, wanting him to have all the answers, but knowing he’ll just state the obvious one.

“Well, why don’t I follow you to my hotel, and then we’ll get all checked in and you can show me around?”

An hour later, Sarah laid on the hotel room bed fully clothed and spread eagle, while she stared at the ceiling and listened to Daniel in the shower. Should she take off her clothes and surprise him? No, that is never as sexy as it sounds. Instead she rolled over and grabbed the remote, flipping on the TV until she found a channel with something interesting, a rerun of the Kardashians.

A few minutes later she heard the water shut off and Daniel came shuffling out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. Sarah was finally able to appreciate him in real life. After so many cam dates and pictures, she knows his body, but it was different in real life and her breath caught at the sight of him. He was 6 feet tall with natural muscles from his carpentry job and a chest with just enough hair. She realized she was staring and shifted her eyes back to the TV just in time to see Kim pick the perfect chandelier.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw him pull an outfit out of his suitcase and lay it out on the bed at her feet. She finally looked over at him again, surveying what he chose. “You should wear a black belt with that babe” she said, while arching her eyebrow at his selection, trying not to be too picky. He simply smiled at her, knowing that she meant well and not really caring enough to be offended.

Just as Sarah got up off the bed and started to straighten her skirt, Daniel grabbed her arm, and she felt butterflies. He stood square in front of her, leaning down he started to kiss her. He brought his other hand to her other arm, then slowly he ran his tongue along her lips, and she opened her mouth slightly, inviting him to kiss her deeply. His hands ran down her arms feeling her goosebumps, and he bent and leaned into her, bringing his hands around her back and down her butt until they got to the bottom and lifted up, digging his nails into her cheeks and pulling them up and apart, making her gasp into his mouth. Just a little tug and his hands let go, sliding back up her rear to the small of her back, as he pulled his kiss back and started to nibble on her bottom lip, he then grabbed onto the sides of her waist and finally pulled back, looking into her eyes, then grabbed her hand and turned towards the door. Sarah stared at his back for a second, not sure how to follow.

How could such a simple kiss make her heart want to jump out of her chest? Is this love? At just 22 years old with only one short relationship under her belt, this was all new to her. But him, he has kids and a decade long marriage of love. She wondered if he was trying to play her. She shook those thoughts out of her head and followed him out the door.

Dinner went well, she took him to the Chilli’s, assuming all the chaos of the tourists would keep them busy people watching. Maybe later in the week she would take him down to Winter Park for a stroll, or they might sneak into one of the fancier hotels to use the pool, share a little bit of her life here with him. But for now just his company in a cheesy chain restaurant would do.

It was dark out as he drove them back to the hotel, even though she knew the way back much better she liked having him drive her around, patiently waiting for her directions, as she stared out the window at the bright lights unable to calm her nerves.

The trip seemed like a blur as the next thing she knew they were in the elevator, her leaning into him as he stroked his thumb lightly across the back of her neck, with his other arm holding tight around her middle. They stepped off and walked to their room. She could feel he was somewhat nervous as well, but he was steady as he opened the door and turned on the light. The bed that was so inviting earlier in the day now made Sarah want to run away. What if she’s bad at this? He led her straight there and sat down on the edge patting the spot next to him, inviting her. Once seated he leaned into her gently, kissing her softly and tucking her hair behind her ear, “I love you, Sarah.” She smiled into him, and relaxed, then realized she was ready for what has been an entire year in the making.

Sarah slid off the edge of the bed onto her knees and moved between his legs before she started to undo his belt and pants. He helped her pull them off, along with his underwear as she finally got to see his hard cock right there in front of her, making her gasp slightly. She reached out instinctively, grabbing it at the base and slowly moving her hand up and down. She couldn’t resist the urge to lick it very long, moving forward to get closer between his legs, she leaned forward and kissed the tip, then down the bottom of the shaft, planting each one just beneath the last. After kissing all the way down she took his balls into her hand, massaging them a bit before taking them into her mouth one at a time, lightly sucking each one. She started to move her hand faster on his shaft, turning her attention back to his pulsing member. Finally she took just the tip into her mouth, sucking it lightly, rolling her lips down, taking half his length into her mouth and rolling her tongue like a wave along the bottom. She slid her hot wet mouth down to take his entire length into her throat, feeling him pulse as it hit the back and she forced herself not to gag on it. After holding it there she sucked her way back up the shaft, letting him pop out of her mouth as she looked up into his eyes.

He looked at her hungrily.

Daniel watched this girl suck his cock all the way in, something his wife never did, and realized that he wasn’t going to last long with this girl. Thankfully she didn’t stay down long, but when she finally looked up at him he wanted her even more. Seeing the tears in her eyes from taking him in. He loved this girl with all his heart, but all he could think about was fucking her and cumming on that pretty face of hers.

He gently grabbed her arms and pulled her up, before turning her around and pushing her back onto the bed. He reached up and rolled her skirt down around her hips, exposing her lack of underwear and shaved tight pussy. He climbed between her legs, running his finger gently up her slit, making her shiver with anticipation. He knew she hated to wait for anything, and he certainly didn’t want to wait either, but it was necessary. He moved up to her shirt, lifting it up to reveal his favorite lacy red bra, and a surprise, her nipple clamps were clamped on the side of her bra, like she just clipped them there for later.

She smiled at him, laughing a little at his stunned expression. He reached behind her and unclasped the bra before taking the nipple clamps off and laying them between her boobs, watching her chest rise and fall in anticipation, he reached down and gave each nipple a little suck and nibble, feeling her perfect little nipples grow in his mouth. Even though they weren’t the biggest, Daniel hadn’t been able to get her boobs out of his mind since the first day he saw them. And when she clamped them for him on cam, he was a goner.

Now it was his turn to play. He took his time, blowing on her nipple, before positioning the clamp and looking up into her eyes, seeing her urge him on, he clamped the first one down, hearing her exhale. After repeating this on the other one he sat back and surveyed his girl, seeing the lust in her eyes, and her perfect little nipples clamped he reached down to yank on the chain. Watching them react to the tug, he wanted to cum right there. But not yet, he wanted this to be special.

Leaning down he kissed her lightly on the lips, holding her chin, then started to trail kisses down her neck and chest before getting to her clamped nipples, where he began to circle one with his tongue, then flicked the tip with it, hearing her breath catch, he moved down, kissing her stomach and down the side of her thigh before running the tip of his tongue down her slit, getting his first taste of her juices. She tasted even better then he had ever imagined. He began to lap at her pussy hungrily, before slowing down a bit to circle her clit, pushing on it lightly every few circles, feeling her squirm against his face.

He wanted her to stay still for this, so he went to his bag and grabbed his restraints, he had custom cuffs made for her as a surprise, in her favorite color, pink, with “cum” on one and “slut” on the other written in metal studs. He always liked calling her that, even though he knew that deep down she wasn’t as dirty as she let on, the contrast between his vanilla wife and this young sexy girl who was willing to try nearly anything was pronounced. She was just what he needed, and he wanted to give her everything, starting with the best sex either of them has ever had.

Locking the cuffs onto her wrists, he tied them to either bed post with black nylon rope, and then wrapped the rope around either ankle, tying them to the corresponding bedpost, he was now very glad that he went online to make sure he stayed somewhere with the proper arrangement. Standing up, Daniel fell in love with Sarah all over again, well maybe it was just lust, but seeing her laying there spread eagle, naked with her nipples clamped, staring at him like that was amazing. He went back to his position between her legs, this time slipping one finger into her hole, feeling her tight dripping pussy for the first time. He was going to stretch her so much, and he couldn’t wait any longer to do it.

Sitting up, Daniel slid his cock up and down her slit, tapping her clit, waiting for her to beg for him.

She looked at him hungrily, wondering why he was waiting “Daniel, are you going to fuck me or what?”

Hearing her say that, even though it wasn’t begging, made him unable to wait any longer, he pushed slowly into her, 1 inch at a time until he was 5 deep, he looked at her hesitantly.

“Go all the way in baby.” Her eyes were just as pleading as her words.

He didn’t think she could take it. Other then a 5 inch dildo, she hadn’t been penetrated since her boyfriend at the young age of 17, and at 8 inches Daniel wasn’t exactly small. But, she didn’t have to ask him twice, he pushed the rest of himself into her tight pussy, feeling her stretch and give way to accommodate him, then his tip pressing at her womb, Daniel couldn’t remember a time when his cock felt as good. He slowly began to pump in and out, letting her adjust to taking him, before finally he started pumping long strokes, making her take 6 inches at a time, harder and faster with each thrust. He watched her close her eyes and pull at the restraints, realizing that she was the most beautiful sight he’d ever seen.

He paused a moment to lean down, he kissed her softly and pulled at her clamps, which made her gasp into his mouth. He then nibbled on her bottom lip before he resumed pumping in and out, staring into her eyes until he saw them start to roll back and felt her pussy squeezing him even tighter. Knowing she was about to cum drove him over the edge, he felt her juices start to flow and before he knew it he started to pump his seed deep into her tight little pussy. He felt it mix with her cum, but he didn’t get any softer, he didn’t think he’d ever go soft inside her tight little pussy. He pulled out and dripped a bit of juice on her tits before positioning his cock over her mouth, letting her suck and lick it clean like she always said she wanted to.

Daniel began undoing her wrist restraints as she cleaned him, then feeling himself getting overly excited, he withdrew his cock from her mouth, wanting to just lay with her for a minute before exploring her further. He reached down to undo her ankles, then laid beside her, intertwining their feet. Carefully he ran his finger up and around her tits, looked into her eyes as he taking hold of one of the clamps, he gently undid it and took her nipple into his mouth to ease the pain, then repeated it with the other.

She turned her head to look into his eyes, before leaning over to plant the softest kiss on his lips and whisper, “I love you too”.

She started to doze off as he watched her breathing get slower, and Daniel realized that he never wanted to leave this girl.

Thanks to Navin for taking the time to edit my story and Justine for staying up until 5 am to read my rough drafts. You guys are awesome.
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