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The Client On The Sixth Floor, Part IV

The Client On The Sixth Floor, Part IV

Mattie and Simon get ready to travel to New York, but have some fun on the way...

While you don’t have to have read parts I, II and III of the story, it will enhance your reading experience. I hope you enjoy it.


Mattie shifted in her sleep. She dreamt that she was lying in a sumptuous bed with a gorgeous man beside her. She felt him move between her legs and she wriggled her bottom, allowing his shoulders to push her legs apart and expose her soft mound. She sighed in her dream, as she felt his tongue begin to lap at her now-exposed clit. Fuck, it felt good, so good and she opened her legs a little wider, savouring the feel of his shoulders as they pressed into her taut thigh muscles.

She tensed her legs, to lift her bottom from the mattress and, as if reading her cue, she felt his fingertips gently and deftly tease open her puffy lips, his tongue darted the length of her slit. She moaned and brought both of her hands to his head, gripping his hair and pulling him against her, tighter, closer. Although she wanted him inside her, right at that moment, all she really wanted was to climax, to let him taste her juices, to lap her up and then, when he was done, then she wanted him to fuck her. Hard.

As she felt him move his fingers between her lips and push not just one, but two inside, the feel of his tongue against her clit was taking her to the edge. She gasped, knowing how close she was and she felt that familiar, delicious itch, the precursor to her orgasm, begin to radiate from her very core and she began to push against his face. She moaned with delight as she felt him draw her swollen clitoris between his teeth and suck it into his hot, wet mouth, his tongue flicking against the tingling bud.

With her whole body buzzing, she tensed and relaxed her legs, thrusting against him, humping his face as he began to finger fuck her in earnest. Her hands became fists, gripping his hair and pulling his stubbly chin hard, harder against her aching pussy. God this felt so fucking good and as she felt the tingling increase, she began to moan in her sleep, “Oh yes, oh yes!”

The waves began to wash over her as she began to climax. Moaning loudly now, her juices flooded his mouth as she came. Her body tensed for a moment and then she relaxed, becoming aware of his shoulders holding and pressing into her taut thigh muscles, she opened her eyes.

“Simon!” She panted, more than happy to see his muscular body between her legs.

“It wasn’t a dream!” She grinned like an idiot, delighted that she was still with him as memories of the night before began to replay in her mind. Smiling, she relinquished her grip on his curly locks.

“Mmmm... Mattie...” he moaned into her open pussy, as he continued to lap at her. He sighed as he withdrew his fingers and began to gently stroke and massage her soft, warm mound.

“Good morning, love,” he smiled, moving up her body, kissing his way over her belly, teasing her nipples and nuzzling her breasts and neck, until he reached her mouth, which he began to kiss lightly.

“Oh man, that was the best way to get woken up,” Mattie grinned, returning his kisses, aware of her own flavour on his lips and stubble-covered chin.

She snaked her arms around his shoulders, pulling him close against her and wrapped her legs over his buttocks. She immediately became aware of his very, very stiff cock, which was now at pussy level and pushing at her nether lips. It made her tingle.

“Mmm, you taste divine, you really fucking do and I was hungry, you know?” He mumbled into her mouth, his tongue flicked against her teeth and his cock pressed against her soaking pussy.

“Oh my!” She gasped, as she felt the blunt head push more insistently against her. It was so arousing and she lifted herself as best she could, her naughty, insatiable pussy trying to get that wonderful prick inside her and fast.

“Oh, you want me to fuck you? Is that it?” He spoke softly into her mouth as he kissed her and teasingly pushed his hard cock against her, the very tip beginning to open her lips once more. “Do you want my big stiff cock inside you now, Mattie? Are you ready to be fucked?” He punctuated his question with a small, teasing thrust.

Mattie nodded, saying nothing and simply kissed him harder as she dug her heels into his ass and pushed herself up at the same time so that his cockhead entered her. She held him there, flexing her pelvic muscles, letting him know how good it would feel once he was fully inside her.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, Mattie!” He whispered as he clenched his buttocks and then pushed, forced his thick morning wood into her. It felt so fucking good! By god it felt good. It was better than any drug he’d ever tried and oh so much more addictive.

“God, you feel so good! You’re fucking huge!” Moaned Mattie, matching his thrust with her own as he pushed deeper into her and suddenly, his full length was inside. He held it there, feeling her velvet pussy walls around his shaft and her heels as they pressed harder into his ass. Her mouth opened and closed against his and he had no choice, his cock was in charge and he had to obey. He began to fuck her.

He pushed his full weight into her, ramming his rigid tool still deeper into her glorious, welcoming cunt, only vaguely aware of the feel of his balls as they touched against her lips. It felt like he lit up, illuminated with every thrust. He began to fuck her faster and faster, barely noticing her nails as they scored red welts into the flesh of his back and her teeth as they gripped his bottom lip.

As he fucked her, Mattie began to feel dizzy, elated by the delicious friction of his shaft as it slid between her pussy lips and filled her hole. She pushed back in earnest, feeling the head of his cock as it grazed her g-spot. Holy fuck! How could he be this good? She couldn’t remember anything quite like this. She reached down between her legs, normally she would stroke her clit at this point, to get a sneaky orgasm, but she was already so close as his cock continued to stroke her sweet spot, that she reached right under until her fingertips met his swinging balls as they rocked against her. She curled her fingers until her nails dragged lightly against the wrinkled skin.

Simon grunted and began to really pummel into her now, the feel of her nails against his sack was driving him wild and he was close, so very close. He felt his balls tighten and waves began to pulse through his cock.

“Oh Mattie, I’m gonna come, can I come inside you, can I fill you? Do you want my creamy come in your belly?”

But before she had the chance to respond, his body tensed, legs stiffened, balls' deep and she felt him. He grunted as spurts of his hot come filled her empty little belly and her legs tightened around him, arms pulling him even closer.

“Oh baby, oh baby, that’s it, that’s it,” she cooed into his ear, suddenly realising that it sounded as though she were talking to a punter. So she closed her mouth and nuzzled her face against the sharp stubble on his cheek, hoping that he hadn’t thought she sounded like she were encouraging a client.

She felt his mouth open against her neck, kissing and sighing and she smiled. God, he was fucking good. She really loved having this man between her thighs...

Simon closed his eyes. There was something special about this one. Even though he had just fucked her, no, ‘made love to her’, he was still filled with desire. He felt like he might burst with the happiness he felt in that moment. He smiled, as a thought crossed his mind, that he’d hired an Escort and ended up with a Bentley. He grinned.

“Hey,” he whispered excitedly into her ear once his breathing had calmed a little. ”We have a busy day ahead. We are going to have such a good time. Four days in the Big Apple! Shit, Mattie, I’ve not felt this amped about travelling in ages!”

Oh fuck, yes! New York! Hazy memories of the night before flashed through her mind. How he’d given her that gift, the pearl necklace. She giggled silently, body shaking as she brought her fingers to the jewellery at her throat. Her heart swelled, realising how special it had been and she pulled him closer.

“Simon, I cannot wait! This is going to be the best trip ever!” She grinned and pushed him away from her so that she could see his face.

He was smiling too. God his eyes were beautiful and she kissed him again, She couldn’t help it. She hadn’t felt this excited in a long time.

He lifted himself, his softening cock slipped from her pussy and she felt his come ooze between her legs.

“Hand me a tissue, will you?” She grinned, motioning to the box on the bedside cabinet.

“Breakfast will be here shortly,” he smiled, passing her a handful.

As Mattie wiped the cooling liquid, Simon kissed her chest. “God, Mattie, you are so gorgeous. What a way to wake you up. You taste divine, fucking delicious.”

She grinned and stroked his back, “Oh hush you! You are quite the skilled cunnilinguist!”

He snickered as he moved down her body, kissing her breasts and flicking his tongue over her erect nipples. The buzzer sounded and he jumped. “Hey, that must be breakfast! Are you hungry, love?”

“Oh hell yes!” she grinned, “But not just for food,” admiring his taut body as he pulled a robe around his naked body to answer the door.

Mattie pulled the covers up over her breasts while the young man cheerfully wheeled in their breakfast, politely averting his eyes, well not completely averting, but not staring any longer than would have been appropriate. Simon gave him a generous tip as he left the suite.

“Mmm, looks delicious,” she said as Simon brought one of the trays to the bed and set it down.

She began to lift lids and see what there was to eat, while Simon sorted out the coffee. “How do you take it, love?” He asked as he pressed down the plunger.

“Strong, white and hot, please,” she grinned wickedly, before adding, “Just like my men.”

She slapped her forehead with her palm. God, she really had to start engaging her brain/mouth filter. She had such a bad habit of speaking before thinking. “What a fucking stupid thing to say! Simon must think I’m a total dork and possibly racist,” she thought to herself and grimaced.

Much to Mattie’s relief, Simon ignored her comment and grinned, “Well, what do we have for here? I’ve worked up quite an appetite.”

“We have everything! Jesus, this is more like a 3-course lunch!” She picked up a warm croissant and waved it triumphantly, smiling. “Want some?”

“Mmm, yes please. Is that bacon?” He sat her coffee on the cabinet beside her and leaned over and kissed her cheek, “You know, I can’t wait to show you off. You’re so pretty, Mattie...”

“Is he blushing? Aaw, how cute is that!” Mattie beamed at him as she took a sip of her coffee, “Mmm, delicious.”

The two lay in bed and ate their fill. Mattie was surprised at just how hungry she was, of course, it had been quite the workout last night. Her pussy pulsed as she thought of it and it made her smile. She reclined, munching her croissant and watched as Simon stuffed his face.

“You know, this is nice, but Irish butter is much nicer,” he waved around a slice of buttered toast as he began to explain how he’d got into his present line of work, what it entailed now and also how he hoped to fit in a meeting while they were in New York, if that was okay with her. She was echanted by his enthusiasm and very taken by his easy manner. Clients she’d been with in past, the more successful ones, sometimes had a tendency to be rather full of themselves and patronising, but Simon was so unassuming and giving in the way he explained things.

As he continued to talk to her, Mattie made a couple of observations about his big launch last night, the way she’d been watching the people there and how they’d reacted to him, the things that had excited him and also the ones that had made them glaze over. Simon paused and listened to what she had to say, impressed. “God, this is like gold dust! I can actually use the stuff she’s telling me! She is so observant.”

Simon’s phone buzzed on the nightstand and he excused himself, “I have to take this, I’m so sorry Mattie... Hold that thought!”

Mattie turned her attention to the television, which had been burbling quietly in the background while they’d been eating and chatting. The local news came on, a story about a bent politician and how a local hospice was in jeopardy as a result. She sat up and gave it her full attention. “Bastards!” She cursed under her breath. “Fucking money. It always comes down to fucking money.” It was such a shame, people she knew were going to be affected by this, it was the area in which she’d grown up. She looked over to the bedside cabinet, picked up a pencil and pad of hotel paper and jotted down, ‘Call Rick’.

She heard Simon finish his call then felt him move on the bed towards her. His lips brushed against the back of her neck and the small hairs stood to attention.

“I’m so sorry about that interruption,” he whispered into her ear, pressing his chest against her back while his hands snaked around her body and cupped her breasts, fingers and thumbs circling and squeezing both of her pert nipples. “However can I make it up to you?”

She gasped, arching her back, as she turned her head. Simon took full advantage, bending around so that he could kiss and nibble her throat.

“Do you have any idea how much I want you again right now?” He growled. “Sadly though, that call reminded me that we need to get a move on, if we’re going to make our flight.”

Mattie sighed and turned to face him. She kissed his mouth and asked quietly, “Do we have time for a quick shower?”

“Mmm, decisions decisions,” he grinned. “Fuck it, yeah! Race you!” He jumped up, laughing and she loped after him, grabbing her toilet bag as she did.

She brushed her teeth while Simon turned on the shower and put towels on the heater. “Simon? Do you suppose you give me a couple of minutes ‘alone time’?” She rolled her eyes towards the toilet and Simon looked embarrassed as he realised what she meant.

“Oh god, Mattie! Damn! I’m sorry, I didn’t think! Of course! Just call when you’re ready!” He hurried out of the bathroom to leave her alone.

While Mattie was in the bathroom, Simon began to gather up his things and throw them into his case. As he picked up his socks from the side of the bed, he spied the notepad on the dresser and picked it up. ‘Call Rick’ he read.

“I wonder who Rick is?” he thought. “Is he her boyfriend?” Simon’s mind began to run through possible scenarios as to who this Rick might be.

He began to feel dumb for not thinking of it before, for assuming that Mattie was single. He didn’t like the feeling and his stupidity began to turn into annoyance, both with himself, for making assumptions, but also with Mattie for making him feel this way in the first place.

He began to grab his things and throw them into his case more carelessly now, all the while his mind was playing out scenarios and how ultimately if he let himself be vulnerable with Mattie, she would just end up hurting him.

" For a such a supposedly smart man, I’m a dick,” he thought to himself as he flung his laptop charger in the general direction of his bag. “Of course she has a boyfriend, why would she not? She’s gorgeous and I’m just a client.”

His huff was interrupted.

“Hey, big boy, are you going to join me?” Mattie wiggled her eyebrows suggestively as she peeked her head around the bathroom door, while at the same time, seductively snaking a long leg around it.

Simon turned his head. Dammit, she was so fucking cute. He threw his shoes in the direction of his case and smiled, despite himself, as he walked towards her. “I certainly am...”

He stepped behind Mattie into the steam-filled double shower. She turned around into his arms, kissed him on the mouth, squeezed lotion into her cupped palm and began to rub it onto his hairy chest. He leaned forward and kissed her as her hands moved around his back, rubbing their way down to his buttocks. He felt his cock twitch as it began to rise, while her hands smoothed the soap over his buttocks. Simon reciprocated by lifting the shampoo and he squeezed some onto Mattie’s hair and began to massage her red locks.

Mattie closed her eyes, smiling, as his fingertips rubbed her foamy scalp.

His mind was filled with thoughts of her with some tall, dark, handsome man, Rick, but the thoughts were being pushed out of his head and he was finding it difficult to think of anything other than the feel of her slippery breasts, squashed against his chest as he washed her hair. His cock was almost fully erect and pressing against her belly. He felt her delicate fingertips wrap around his shaft and begin to pull his foreskin back and forth.

"Oh god," he moaned.

He lifted the shower head from its cradle and rinsed the shampoo from her hair. Then he pointed the water over her back and between them, so it coursed over her front.

“Do you need conditioner?” He asked, barely able to speak as her strokes found their rhythm.

“Mmm, yes please,” she said as she passed him the bottle.

He squirted some of the aromatic lotion onto her hair and began to rub and smooth it on. As he applied pressure onto her scalp, Mattie sank to her knees, opening her mouth around his swollen tip.

“Oh god, Mattie, you don’t have to...” he gasped as he felt her lips close around his glans and he couldn’t finish. His fingers curled, pulling her hair as her tongue flicked at his little slit and her mouth sucked him in.

Simon dropped the shower head onto the shower tray and the water became a fountain, spraying them both as her head bobbed quickly along his shaft. He began to thrust against her, his fingers struggling to find purchase on her hair, which was slippery with conditioner and as her fingernails began to drag against his sack, he felt his knees buckle.

He came with a grunt, thrusting as his seed jetted into her mouth. He held her there for a moment, admiring the heart shape of her buttocks as she knelt. He noticed the way the tattooed skin on her back looked darker when it was wet. He simply stroked her hair while regaining his composure until he felt her move, releasing his penis as she stood up. She kissed him on the mouth and he faintly tasted himself through the minty freshness of her toothpaste as she moved the shower head over his hair and his body. Mattie said nothing as she squeezed shampoo onto his hair and washed it. He leaned his head into the crook of her neck and she held him, moving the warm spray over his head, rinsing away the bubbles and then over his body.

“MmmMattie, you didn’t have to do that...” he whispered.

“I know, but I just wanted to... It felt nice, right, you know? You do have the most delicious cock” She turned off the water and swept his hair back from his face before kissing him again. “You’re kinda handsome too.”

"Did she just blush? "

He was sure she did, ever so slightly. He returned her kiss, reached over and grabbed a towel from the heater and brought it around her shoulders.

"And, you Mattie, are beautiful, really beautiful.” He rested his forehead against hers for a moment, fingers twirling her hair. “You know, we better get a move on, love. We need to be out of here in about half an hour.”

Mattie wrapped a towel around his shoulders. “Come on then. It won’t take me long to get my shit together,” she said as she tucked her own towel around her body and picked up a smaller one and began to furiously rub her hair with it.

Simon went back through to the suite and finished packing up his belongings. He could hear Mattie singing as the hairdryer blasted in the bathroom. He smiled and then frowned slightly as he glanced at the pad beside the bed again. “Bloody Rick,” he muttered under his breath as he pulled on his jeans and tshirt.

Mattie suddenly burst from the bathroom and through to the suite, her arms full of toiletries and still singing under her breath.

“Hey you, get offa my cloud!” She wiggled in time with her internal music and Simon swore she was the sweetest thing he’d ever seen, or heard. It wasn’t that she had a great voice, although it wasn’t bad. It was the fact that she seemed so damned carefree. He stood for a moment, just watching her as she continued to dance, picking up things and lobbing them at her case. Some went in, some never, but she didn’t seem to care as she theatrically swung a spiky black stiletto toward the open case.

“You want another coffee?” Simon raised his voice as he lit his first cigarette of the morning and took a long drag.

“Ooh, yes please!” Mattie flounced past, deftly tweaking the cigarette from his fingers and taking a long drag, before popping it back in his mouth and continuing to gather up her last few belongings. She picked up a black bra, twisted her arms behind her back and snapped it together before pulling a thin sweater-dress over her body. She paused for a moment and then delved into her case and retrieved a pair black knickers and a pair of cowboy-style boots and pulled them on...

“How the hell did she fit those into that tiny case?” Thought Simon. “Is she Mary Poppins?” He poured coffee for them both and checked his watch.

Mattie sat in front of the mirrored wardrobes and began to apply mascara as Simon handed her the slim, china mug of coffee and a lit her a cigarette of her own.

“Thank you!” She beamed at him and puckered her lips and blew him a kiss.

“Strange,” he thought as he zipped closed his case, “This feels so natural, as though we’ve always done this.”

Dressed and ready, Mattie listened while Simon sat beside her and told her of the things he wanted to do while they were in New York. She smiled and nodded as he enthused about his favourite places, how he’d first ended up in New York, down on his luck and how a few seemingly random coincidences had turned it all around. It didn’t surprise her in the slightest. He really seemed like the sort of guy who made his own luck, worked hard and made things happen. She admired that in him and saw similarities with herself.

He looked at his watch and they gathered up their things and left.

Simon couldn’t get the name Rick out of his mind. It was bugging him and he became quiet and pensive. Mattie asked if everything was okay, tried to get a conversation going, but he wouldn’t be drawn, just said that he was thinking about his launch the night before and his meeting the next day in New York. She looked out of the cab window, watching Glasgow pass by as they approached the airport, when Simon coughed and she turned to face him.

“You know, earlier...” he said, “When you were in the bathroom, I saw that you’d written ‘Call Rick’ on a notepad. Is Rick your boyfriend, Mattie?”

“Rick?” Mattie looked at Simon, confused for a moment and then she burst out laughing.

Simon frowned at her, “It’s a valid question.”

“God, no! Ha ha, if you saw him you’d know that,” her eyes crinkled. “Rick is my financial whizz. He’s a 72-year old queen. Think Quentin Crisp and you’d not be far off the mark.”

“Oh... I see,” Simon mused. “So, may I ask, why the urgency to call him?”

Mattie went on to explain how, while he’d been taking his call, she’d seen the news article on television, about the bent politician, an old client as it happened, but how his indiscrepancies, nothing to do with her, were going to impact the continued funding of a hospice in the area where she’d grown up, a poorer area of Glasgow. Simon nodded, for her to continue.

She told him how her mother had been diagnosed with leukemia when Mattie had been about eleven years old and had ended up in the hospice in question for the final few months of her life. Simon began to feel like a shit for asking. She went on, telling him how she’d had to look after her little brother when her father was at work, he worked in the shipbuilding industry on the Clyde, although he was retired now.

It seemed that Mattie was also a shrewd businesswoman, she told Simon how she had worked hard all of her life, to supplement the family’s income and when she’d met her ‘madam’, Olivia she had become an escort, a very popular and successful one. Simon nodded, he could understand why. Mattie had started putting money away until she had quite a substantial amount. Although she was generally very private, she found herself in discussion with Olivia, who had suggested that she talk to her go-to-guy when it came to money, Rick.

She had taken Olivia’s advice and begun to dabble in a little stocks and shares, found that she had an intuitive knack for ‘winners’ and had ended up comfortably well off. She wasn’t stupid enough to rest on her laurels, rather she continued to work, save and invest.

“So how does Rick come into today’s agenda?” asked Simon.

Mattie explained that the support that the hospice had given her ill mother had been vital to them and extended her quality of life to such a degree that she wanted to ensure that their good work could continue and that she was going to invest in the housing project which would, in turn, guarantee the continued running of the hospice. She told him how indiscreet the politician had been, presumably thinking that Mattie was not very bright, and had disclosed information which she could use to her advantage to help fund the hospice.

Simon was impressed, it seemed that Mattie was indeed a smart cookie, as well as a tasty one. As she explained the ins and outs of how the deal might work, he did something that he never normally did, he offered to back her, to add the extra funding required for the project.

He almost never mixed business with pleasure and he could see that she was shocked and probably followed the same personal rule. She thought about it, asked a few pertinent questions as to how the setup would work before finally agreeing. They shook hands on it just as the taxi pulled up outside the airport.

As they began to get out of the cab, Mattie turned to Simon and paused. “You know, Simon, as a matter of interest, I don’t have a boyfriend.” Then to herself, “Well, at least, I didn’t ...”

Simon grinned and patted her bottom as she got out.

They got their luggage checked in and went to find somewhere to have a drink. It didn’t take long, Glasgow airport is not very big and they soon found themselves facing each other across a small table, in a dimly-lit corner of one of the bars.

“Cheers, Mattie! Here’s to a fun-filled couple of days,” Simon said as he raised his glass.

Mattie smiled as she clinked her glass against his. “Cheers, Simon. It’s going to be awesome.”

As she lifted the glass to her lips, an announcement came over the speaker system.

“Would a Ms Mathilda Black please make herself known to a member of security immediately?”

Mattie froze. “That’s me! Shit, that’s me!!”

The two looked at each other, worried.

“Is there anything I should know, Mattie?” Asked Simon.

Mattie shook her head, “No, I don’t think so?”

They left their drinks and went to the information desk, where two uniformed guards accompanied Mattie and Simon followed behind, with a rather perplexed expression on his face. They took her into a small room, empty apart from a small table with a chair on either side. Mattie’s bag was sitting on it.

“Is this your bag, miss?” The security guard asked sternly.

Mattie nodded, “Yes, it’s mine. Is there a problem?”

“Well, there seems to be a strange noise emanating from it and we have to look inside. We need you to be present for that,” explained the guard as he pulled on a pair of latex gloves.

Simon sat down and watched as Mattie nervously unzipped her case. The guard began to go through her things, pulling out underwear and various items of clothing. He raised his eyebrows and lifted out a pair of pink, furry handcuffs. “Yours?”

Again Mattie nodded as the man continued to lift out a strap-on dildo, a large bottle of lube, a small, black bullwhip, a blindfold, nipple clamps and assorted nipple tassels before finally lifting out a large, black vibrator which was buzzing loudly. He sat it down on the table where it continued to buzz and vibrate, moving over the surface of the table. “This looks like the culprit. I’d recommend removing the batteries from such devices before travel, miss,” he said sternly, stifling a laugh.

Mattie had never been so embarrassed in her life. Her face was beet-red, as she as she picked up the offending sex toy and quickly removed the batteries.

Simon sat, trying not to laugh as Mattie squashed all of her belongings back into her small case.

“Take that as a lesson, miss and please don’t let it happen again,” said the security guy waggling a finger at Mattie, who by then couldn’t even look at him. He turned to Simon and said, “It looks like you guys are in for quite the holiday. I hope you have a wonderful time.”

“Thank you!” Said Simon, grabbing Mattie by the elbow and dragging her from the interview room as quickly as he possibly could.

As soon as they were outside, he burst out laughing. “Oh my god! Mattie!” He said, tears streaming down his face, “That was fucking priceless!!”

Mattie smiled and looked down at her feet, “I’m sorry! I didn’t know what to pack, Olivia wasn’t clear how long I’d be with you... I just put in a few things in that I thought might be fun.”

“Oh you little dote!” He laughed, ruffling her red hair. “I only want you! You’re fun enough for anyone! Seriously, toys...”

Mattie just drew him a look, wanting to forget what had happened.

They barely had a chance to get replacement drinks before it was time to board their flight.

As they got settled into their seats, a female cabin crew member came over, took their drink orders and gave them blankets and headphones. They watched the obligatory safety demonstration and then got settled for their flight.

“Do you want to watch a movie, Mattie?” Simon asked, stroking her bare knee.

“I’m not fussed,” she responded, flicking through the menu. “”We could just chat, I’d like that.”

Although she gave the appearance of being relaxed, Mattie actually did not like to fly. It scared her, although she didn’t let her fear stop her from enjoying holidays in far-flung locations. She opened her handbag and rummaged through it until she triumphantly pulled out a small bottle of Rescue Remedy and dripped a few drops onto her tongue.

She held up the bottle, “Want some?”

“Oh no thanks,” grinned Simon, swirling his glass of Scotch so that the ice cubes clinked in a most satisfying manner. “This is all the rescue I need. Cheers!”

Mattie smiled, although it was not a convincing one and Simon looked concerned, “Are you okay, love? Is there anything I can do to help?”

“I’ll be fine. It’s the taking off, the acceleration. It just freaks me out a little but once we’re in the air I’ll be able to relax,” she smiled a little more strongly this time.

“You know, I might be able to help,” he said, unfolding a blanket and arranging it over her knees, making sure to tuck it up around her waist. “I just want you to close your eyes and relax as best you can. I’m going to talk to you and while I do, I’d like you to count down from ten to one. Sound okay?”

Mattie nodded and wriggled in her seat to get more comfortable. She sighed as she felt Simon’s hand on her leg, sliding up her thigh under the blanket.

“Okay, when I start talking, you start counting backwards,” his hand pulled up her jersey dress and his fingers, cold from holding his icy drink, slid inside her panties, moving as they slid over the thin strip of pubic hair and finding her cleft.

“I wandered lonely as a cloud,” he whispered as he began to recite the famous poem by William Wordsworth.

“Ten,” she closed her eyes.

“That floats on high o’er vales and hills,” his finger found the base of her clit.

She leaned her head back, “Nine.”

The plane was taxiing along the runway, faster and faster. The movement felt bumpy and scary to Mattie, but she concentrated as best she could on Simon’s voice as he continued.

“When all at once I saw a crowd,” his fingertip pressed firmly and began to rub.

“Eight,” she breathed.

Faster and faster, the aeroplane accelerated.

“A host, of golden daffodils,” he increased the speed and pressure of his finger and Mattie’s breathing quickened accordingly.

“Seven,” she pressed her weight into her heels, lifting her ass up a little.

“Beside the lake, beneath the trees,” he pushed his finger down and it slipped easily between her lips, before he pushed it up against the base of her clit again.

“Six,” she gasped, pushing against his digit.

“Fluttering and dancing in the breeze,” he leaned in and kissed her neck.

“Five!” Her voice louder now and her knuckles were white as she gripped the armrests.

“Continuous as the stars that shine,” he kissed her neck as he whispered into her ear, finger making short sharp rubs against her button.

“Four,” she almost moaned and although the aeroplane was lifting from the runway, Mattie seemed unaware.

“And twinkle on the milky way,” he pulled her earlobe between his teeth.

“Three, three!” Her body began to shudder slightly

“They stretched in never-ending line,” he pushed two fingers between her lips and into her pussy.

“Two, fucking two! Fuck!” She moaned through gritted teeth, pushing her hips up, forcing her fingers in deeper.

Mattie slipped her own hand under the blanket and began to rub her clit as Simon pushed his fingers deep inside her.

“Along the margin of a bay.”

“OOOONNNEEE!” She cried as she came, before biting her lip and looking around to see if she’d been too loud.

“Ten thousand saw I at a glance,
Tossing their heads in sprightly dance,” his eyes twinkled as he watched her regain her composure.

“Oh my god,” was all she could say before breaking into a huge grin.

“That’s my good fucking girl,” he whispered, kissing her cheek as he pulled his fingers from her. He looked her straight in the eye as he brought them to his mouth and sucked her flavour from them.

She leaned against him, her head on his shoulder. She fell asleep as he stroked her hair. “Best take off EVER!” She smile to herself.

She dreamed as she dozed, silly things like domestic bliss, children, families and of course sex, not just sex, the best fucking sex she’d ever had.

It seemed like only seconds had passed before she felt Simon gently rub her shoulder, “Wake up Mattie Black. We’ve arrived. We’re in New York!”

She stretched and looked at him, “Thank you Simon White. I had the best flight ever!”

He raised one eyebrow, “Mattie Black and Simon White? Really?”

Her face broke into a huge smile, “Yeah! Ha, between us we’d do more than 50 shades of fucking grey!!”


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