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The Client On The Sixth Floor, Part V

The Client On The Sixth Floor, Part V

Mattie and Simon find that they have an unexpected audience as they fuck...

While you do not need to read the previous parts of The Client to enjoy this one, it will greatly enhance your reading experience.


New York, New York! 

Wow! No wonder they’d named it twice!! Mattie wrinkled her eyes against the glare from the sun as she stepped from the aeroplane. Simon’s hand was on her lower back, guiding her and, given how she’d slept for almost the whole flight, she was glad as she felt a little bit wobbly on her feet.

It was SO bright, no low winter sun here, not like the grey Glasgow streets, which seemed to be cloaked in a perpetual murky darkness at this time of year. She loved the feel of its rays on her skin and made a mental note to change into something more appropriate as soon as she got the chance.

Simon took her hand as they made their way towards Passport Control and Mattie found herself feeling rather unsettled, presumably because of the debacle before they’d left Glasgow airport. When the security guard had gone through her case to find her buzzing vibrator and the array of assorted sex toys she’d packed, it had been so bloody embarrassing! She felt her cheeks flush just at the thought of it. Next time she travelled, she would be sure to remove the batteries from anything that could vibrate, buzz, make noise or move! She glanced at Simon but he just smiled knowingly and rubbed his hand over her lower back.

The two had to separate when they reached the cubicles at customs and a young handsome guard took her through the immigration process.

“Good morning, Ms Black,” he flashed her a toothy grin, looking up from her passport. “Is your trip for business or pleasure?”

“Oh, it’s for pleasure, most definitely pleasure,” she purred, loving his thick, New York accent. As it happened, Mattie had always had a bit of a thing for accents and it crossed her mind that this was probably one of the reasons she had been so instantly attracted to Simon. His soft Irish lilt gave her goosebumps, among other things!

The man took her photograph, her fingerprints and then stamped her passport. “Have a nice trip, ma’am,” he offered, as she passed through and waited for Simon to complete his procedure.

After a few moments, he appeared at her side and they made their way to collect their luggage.

“Well, Mattie Black?” Simon smiled, stroking her shoulder, “What would you like to do first?” He looked at his watch. “It’s a little after 10am, so we pretty much have the whole day ahead of us. What do you fancy? A little sight-seeing, grab a quick bite to eat or shall we just go straight to the hotel?”

Mattie thought for a moment, “Can we take the scenic route to the hotel, get freshened up and then see what we feel like doing?” Then she added apologetically, “You know, Simon, I didn’t mean to doze for the whole flight. I hope I don’t get too jet lagged, I mean, I hope I can sleep tonight...”

Simon looked at her, arched an eyebrow and grinned, “Doze? You know, Mattie, you actually snored for the better part of the journey... It was kind of cute actually. Don’t worry, I nudged you when you got too loud!” He thought for a moment before adding, ”If you can’t sleep tonight, I don’t really think it’s going to be too much of a problem. I’m certain we’ll be able to find something to pass the time.”

“Snoring? Oh god!” Mattie thought, feeling her face go red. “He makes me orgasm with his fingers to relax me as the plane takes off and how do I repay him? With sparkling conversation and good company? No! I bloody well fall asleep and start snoring like a wee pig! Shit, What must he think of me? I’m never going to live this down...”

Simon noticed her discomfort but never said anything, he just smiled and pulled her closer, ruffling her hair a little, as they wheeled their cases behind them towards the exit.

Outside, the sun was splitting the skies and there was a long line of big, yellow taxis outside of the exit. Mattie was excited to see such a typically ‘New York’ scene and she practically bounced to the one at the front of the queue, dragging an increasingly amused Simon behind her.

He grinned, feeling rather lucky, “Dammit, this girl is so much fun, her enthusiasm is contagious.” He realised that he felt young, when she was around.

The driver opened the boot, trunk, they put their luggage in and then got into the cab. Simon gave the name of the hotel and asked if they might see some of the city en route. The cabbie was very obliging, pointing out things that weren’t in the travel books. The streets were busy as they drove and Mattie’s eyes soaked in every detail. She kept pointing things out to Simon and recognising landmarks. It was funny, she was quite well-travelled but she had never gotten around to visiting New York, although it all felt so familiar after many years of TV shows and movies.

They finally pulled up outside the impressive Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Mattie looked up, it was fucking huge! A young, smartly-uniformed man hurried over, opened the door of the cab and helped them to the foyer with their luggage.

“Welcome to The Ritz-Carlton, the best New York has to offer,” he said in a polite American drawl. “I hope you enjoy your stay,” he nodded to them and doffed his cap.

“Geez, everyone is so friendly!” This was not what Mattie had expected.

New York had such a terrible reputation for its rude and impersonal inhabitants, a bit like Glasgow she supposed, which was notorious for being a hard, tough city. You were fine though, as long as you knew which parts to avoid and she had always been able to take care of herself, she’d had little choice.

The interior of the hotel was very grand and while Simon checked them in, Mattie looked around, picking up leaflets and reading notice boards.

“Are you ready, Mattie?” His voice came from behind her.

He was standing smiling as he waited, savouring the sight of her, so childlike in her enthusiasm, yet so obviously a real woman, his woman, he hoped, at least he was certainly beginning to think of her that way.

“Yes!” She skipped over to him and took his hand in one of hers as they got into the lift, elevator. She grinned, thinking how similar and yet how very different the English language was in her city compared to this one and she made a mental note to try and think before she just blurted out her thoughts, to avoid embarrassing herself. Who was she kidding? It was just a part of who she was.

Simon watched Mattie with a fond smile. To him, this was old news, he’d visited New York so many times and had even lived here for a while. He’d often thought about investing in a small apartment for his frequent trips. It was lovely for him to be able to see the city afresh, through Mattie’s sparkling eyes. Her enthusiasm and excitement were giving him a revived perspective on the city he loved so much. He couldn’t wait, not just to show her around but also to show her off. He thought that he would take her out later and buy her something new to wear. The idea of dressing her up appealed to him almost as much as the thought of undressing her and he pulled her in close, arms around her lower back and kissed her passionately on the mouth.

“You are gorgeous, love,” he mumbled as the elevator drew to a halt at the 22nd floor.

As they entered the suite, Mattie’s attention was instantly drawn to the huge window which had a breathtaking view over Central Park. She dropped her bag, wriggled out of her jacket and almost ran over to the window, where she stood with her nose pressed against the glass, before putting an eye up to the telescope which was conveniently positioned on the sill.

“Simon, Look! You can just about see the whole city from here!! Come and see!” she said in a breathy, awestruck voice as she peered through the telescope. “Look at all the trees, the colours! It’s like a forest right here in the middle of the city! Wow!”

Simon had stayed in this suite, or one very like it, many, many times and he was used to the view by now. Still, he sidled over and stood behind her, nuzzling his nose into her neck as he took in the view that she was so excited about. He was actually more excited by the sight right before him, it was more demanding of his immediate attention than the delights of the New York skyline and one particular part of his body was starting to outgrow the skyscrapers. This piece of luscious Scottish real estate was something he wanted to move into, now! She pushed her bottom back against his groin and he reciprocated, feeling his cock stir, as her firm arse pressed against him. He moved his hands to her waist, sliding them round and onto her tummy.

“Mmm,” he sighed as his palms moved up her front to cup her breasts. Her nipples instantly began to stiffen as his fingertips pressed against them and she gasped, pushing her body back against him even more firmly, as he began to squeeze and roll them, through her dress.

She brought her arms around behind her, until her palms were flat against his buttocks. He clenched and unclenched them and the feeling made her giggle.

“Oh you saucy little minx,” he whispered into her ear, sliding his hands back down until they found the hem of her thin sweater dress, which he took hold of between his fingers and began to lift, revealing her bare thighs and panties.

“I want you, Mattie. Now!” He growled, acutely aware of his stiff cock which seemed to be desperate now to escape the confines of his jeans.

Mattie compliantly raised her arms so that Simon could pull the dress up and remove it completely. She stood in front of the window, wearing only cowboy boots, bra and panties. “Oh Simon, what if someone sees us?” she sighed, turning her head around.

“Is she really shy now?” He thought as his eyes studied the intricate ink designs on the taut skin of her back. He leaned forward and pushed his nose against her firm skin and inhaled. “Beautiful, she is fucking beautiful.”

He placed a hand on each of her hips as he sank to his knees behind her, pushing her forward against the window as he pressed his face into the soft fabric of her underwear, where her ass cheeks met.

“Fuck ‘em!” He mumbled, snuffling her knickers, “We’ll give them a show, the likes of which they’ve never seen before. Time for New York to meet you properly, Mattie.”

He moved his hands down the sides of her legs then around to the front, sliding them lightly up her inner thighs until he could cup her mound. Her body jerked and she inhaled sharply as he stroked the tender flesh. He began to move his fingers, finding the dip that was her cleft. She moved one foot, so that her legs were further apart and he began to move his fingers over the soft fabric, from the top of her slit to the bottom. As he pushed the satin against her pussy, he could feel her heat and just a hint of her moisture and sumptuous scent beginning to seep through.

“Fuck, I’ve got to get out of these jeans!” It was incredibly uncomfortable now, the way his cock was constrained so tightly within them. God, he was hard.

“Take off your bra, Mattie,” he said in a steady voice, although he felt anything but, as he began to claw at the waistband of her underwear, pulling it down. His mouth moved to her left buttock, which he began to lick and gently bite as Mattie did as he had asked, dropping her bra to the floor beside them. Her scent was driving him wild now

“Play with your breasts, please, Mattie. Show me what you like while I taste this gorgeous arse and pussy,” he gasped as she lifted her leg and stepped out of her underwear, naked now, but for her boots.

“Mmm hmm,” she moaned, as she began to pull, rolling her nipples between her fingers and thumbs.

“Oh yes, just like that, good girl,” his voice encouraged her as he cupped her pussy, middle finger playfully stroking the base of her stiffening clit, still kissing and biting her ass cheeks, but more firmly now. He smiled as he felt the beginnings of stubble on her lips, her Brazilian wax was starting to grow back in.

“Good,” he thought, “I like it a little hairier down here.” He breathed her in deeply.

She tilted her bottom back, opening her slit, which was now soaking as his fingers probed between her lips and he spread the slick fluid along them, opening her ass cheeks with his other hand. His tongue began to lick and flick at her little wrinkled rosebud as Mattie pulled her own nipples quite firmly now, gasping quietly and thrusting her body back as she did.

Simon sensed her arousal as well as smelled it and he couldn’t wait any longer. He got to his feet behind her, unfastening his belt and kicking off his shoes, his jeans dropped to the floor. His cock sprang up, fully erect and already moist at the tip. He quickly pulled his t-shirt over his head and stood naked behind her.

As Mattie continued to play with her left nipple, her right hand slipped behind her until it found Simon’s thick shaft. She inhaled sharply, it felt so hard, heavy, thick and hot. God, she loved this feeling and it was all for her.

He was hard and ready because it was her that he wanted and he knew that she wanted him just as much. Simon continued to move his fingers back and forth along her slit, pushing them between her swollen lips until they were soaking, slipping easily between her folds. He was breathing heavily now, her scent was so arousing as his finger continued to tease her little rosebud, coaxing it open.

Mattie tugged his cock, it was so hard that it actually ached. She gasped again as he pressed his thumb against her puckered, glistening hole, pushing gently until it began to open further, allowing just the tip to enter as his other fingers began to push into her wet cunt. She was ready. He took his cock in hand and she pushed back towards him as he slid the blunt head between her slippery lips, sawing back and forth until it found the perfect spot and he thrust.

He grunted as his full length eased into her. Pulling back, her juices coating his solid shaft, he pushed again until he was completely inside her, balls deep. Oh god, it felt so good, so fucking perfect.

“Fuck me, Simon,” she growled through gritted teeth, her hands on his buttocks holding him inside her as she pushed her bottom back against him.

He began to thrust, hard. The feel of her tight pussy, pulling his foreskin as she clenched her muscles around him was beginning to drive him wild and he began to pummel into her now. Grunting with every stroke. He reached up and found her nipples, his fingers pinched and pulled them, each tweak eliciting a gasp from her as her back arched. Mattie’s fingers moved down her belly until she found her raging clit. Her body was pulsing, she felt hot, so hot, her head was beginning to pound as hard as Simon's cock was crashing into her, she felt dizzy and even her ears were beginning to ring.

She began to furiously rub her clit, in time with the rocking of her body as Simon’s cock assaulted her pussy. Her head was pounding, pussy pulsing, ears ringing, ringing... Then her brain finally jerked her back to reality.

"Simon... Simon! The phone!” She gasped, “Oh god, that's it, that’s fucking it!”

“Mmmph... What?” He grunted as he thrust into her, hard, his hands squeezing her breasts, pulling her body tightly against his. “Oh Mattie, baby, you feel so good.” He thrust faster, harder still.

Wiggling her arse, gyrating it in time with his thrusts, she managed to get out, “The phone! It’s ringing!"

"Ugh, yeah but ignore it. I’m already otherwise engaged," he pushed faster, fucking her with everything he had.

"Oh I know baby, I know you are on your extension but answer it, please? It might be important... It might be your work,” she really didn’t want him to stop, oh fuck it felt so good and she was close to coming, but it really could be important and she didn’t want to cause him any problems, no matter how fun it was.

"Well it had better not be fucking room service, I was very happy with what was already on offer,” his thrusts were diminishing.

"Hurry up and answer it, Simon. I’m not going anywhere, ever!" She could have swallowed her own tongue! “Why do I say stupid things like that? ‘I’m not going anywhere, ever!’ God, did Simon hear that? Shit, he probably thinks I’m a crazy fool! Dammit, I hope he didn’t hear... I do want to stick around with him...”

While Mattie wrestled her inner demons, Simon very reluctantly withdrew his, what could only be accurately described as ‘raging hard on’ from Mattie’s pussy and rushed to answer the phone, cock bouncing like a monkey on a trampoline.

Simon picked up the phone. "Yes? This had better be good,” He turned and rolled his eyes at her while he waited to hear what possible explanation could possibly merit interrupting their activities.

Mattie turned and smiled at him seductively as she licked a finger before rolling it around a firm nipple.

Simon smiled, but then looked away, his jaw nearly hitting the floor as he exclaimed, “What? WHAT? You ARE joking?” He looked incredulous and puzzled as he looked back at Mattie, raising one hand to the air as if to say, “What the fuck?”

Mattie felt like she was definitely losing Simon’s attention here, so she upped the ante by wriggling, her butt on the sill and her back against the window as she opened her legs wider and began to part her pussy lips for him, pushing two fingers inside.

Simon was grinning now and as he looked at Mattie, he mouthed the word, ‘Wow’ and took his cock in one hand, waving it at her as he raised an eyebrow. It felt so good that he continued to stroke it while he listened on the phone.

She returned a wicked smile of her own. “Hurry up!” She mouthed and tilted her hips forward, plunging her fingers deeper in and out. She closed her eyes, enjoying the intense pleasure of watching her man watching her as he stroked his cock too.

“You don’t say? Aw shit, I’m sorry to hear that, man,” he gave Mattie look which expressed both his desire to stop speaking, come back and continue fucking her and yet his inability to end the call, which was obviously leaving them both frustrated.

Mattie knew that if Simon didn’t hurry the fuck up and get back to her, she was simply going to climax, right there and then, against the window. Mind you, judging by the blur that was now his fist around his cock, she knew he was getting close too.

His mouth was open as he watched Mattie and the speed of his hand wanking his cock meant that he was struggling to respond to his caller coherently at all, “Aaah, ha, thanks. Mmm, I shall pass on the compliments. Yeah, have a good day yourself, my friend!"

Mattie was still playing furiously with her clit, rubbing her nipples with her free hand and obviously about to come, "What was that all about?"

"Erm, well, it seems that we have an admirer," he said, walking towards her, slowly wanking now.

Mattie stopped, hand still resting on her mound, "Say what now?"

"Well, I say ‘we’, but it’s really you that’s caught his attention,” said Simon as he pressed his body against hers and began to kiss her neck. “This guy, the caller, is watching us from across the park with his binoculars! He says that he thinks you are really hot, the best body he’s seen in months, but was ringing up to complain because he had only seen your magnificent front and he is more of an ass man! When you turned around he saw your tattoos. He thinks you are the most beautiful thing he’s seen in a long time,” he shook his head and grinned. “I know that you’re the most delightful thing I have ever laid eyes, or hands, or mouth on."

Mattie spun around, shocked and put her eye to the telescope. She began to scan the windows of the apartments which edged Central Park, "He said WHAT? How did he get the number, Simon?"

He took advantage and began to kiss the back of her neck, "Oh, he said he watches the windows all the time. He knows the suites off by heart, so he can tell which number to ask for. Just as well really, could be an odd call to receive if you're in a conference call in the suite below!"

"Oh!! I see him! He’s waving!” Mattie waved back. “Is he in a wheelchair? It looks like he’s in a wheelchair, Simon. Oh my god, he’s playing with his cock.” She laughed, a combination of the excitement of being watched and the feel of Simon’s teeth as they gently nipped her neck, the way his cock was pressing against her ass and his fingers were teasing her nipples.

“Oh yes,” Simon moaned, pressing his stiff cock more firmly against her buttocks as he pulled her nipples. “He said he’s been a paraplegic for some years now. Watching is how he gets his kicks these days, says it’s better than porn. So what do you want to do? Draw the blinds or give him a show?"

Mattie turned to face him, "Ha, what if we make him go blind? God, that was a stupid thing to say," she brought her hand to her mouth.

Simon silenced her by pressing his mouth against hers, his tongue probing, moaning. He placed both hands around her, on her buttocks and lifted until she was sitting in the edge of the window sill. “Open your legs for me, Mattie.”

She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and her legs around his hips. Simon’s cock pressed against her pussy and he pushed, entering her in one swift movement.

“Oh fuck, Mattie, oh fuck! I love you, fucking you,” he mumbled into her mouth as he pressed his full length into her and began to fuck.

She tightened her legs until her heels were digging into his ass, pulling him in and urging him on, “Fuck me, Simon, never stop fucking me. Make me come!”

She could feel his buttocks clench and unclench as he began to assault her pussy in earnest. Her back was pressed against the glass and although she knew they were being watched, she quickly forgot and gave herself over to the pleasure of Simon’s body, specifically his stunning, rigid cock.

Faster and faster they fucked, she closed her eyes, one hand in Simon’s hair as he leaned down and took a tender nipple into his mouth. She slipped her hand down her belly and tickled her clit. It took only seconds before she felt her orgasm build and radiate from her core and Simon thrust harder, harder until he shouted out, “Oh god, oh god, I’m coming, oh fuck!”

She was vaguely aware of his last thrust and the release of his hot fluid into her belly. She pulled him close against her, pulling and twirling his hair between her fingers, “Simon... Oh Simon.. I...” She stopped herself.

“Yes, love?” He raised his head and began to kiss her pretty face.

“I need to move. The sharp edge of this window sill is cutting into my arse!” She giggled.

Simon grinned and lifted her, legs still around his waist, over to the bed.

They fell onto the mattress, bodies shining with a thin sheen of sweat. Simon pushed his arm under Mattie and pulled her close.

“That was beautiful, Mattie. I love making you come, coming inside you,” he said as he kissed her forehead, his other hand stroking her hair. “You’re the best, do you know that?’ Then, as an afterthought, “Do you think our audience enjoyed the show?”

She smiled at him and rested her head against his chest. “Ha, yes, I bet he did... I know that I did. You know, Simon, I’ve never come quite like that. I’ve had, well, a lot of... erm... experience, but this is different. It’s like my whole body climaxes as well as my mind. It just takes me over.”

Simon yawned, “Mmm... Sorry, love, I think maybe the flight and our little sex-athon is finally catching up on me. Would you mind terribly if I closed my eyes for half an hour? Had a little catnap?”

“No, of course not. I might snooze too,” Mattie sighed, feeling Simon’s chest rise and fall against her cheek. He was already asleep.

She lay for a few moments with her eyes closed, but she knew that she was still far too awake to sleep. She gently lifted Simon’s arm from her and slipped out of bed. Spotting a toweling robe, she pulled it around her body and looked around until she saw the selection of coffees and teas. As she waited for the kettle to boil, she decided that she’d take a quick shower and freshen up.

She rummaged through her case and pulled out fresh clothes to wear, just a short dress, which she laid out on the chaise longue, along with fresh underwear. "I might nip out, while he's sleeping. Pick up some pretty underwear and something nice to wear tonight," she smiled to herself at the thought of surprising him.

She took both her coffee and toiletries into the bathroom and turned on the shower.

“God, this is a fancy one,” she thought as she browsed the complimentary selection of lotions and potions set out before her.

She chose a couple of the ones which most appealed, let her robe drop to the floor and then stepped under the jets of water. The pressure was strong and the temperature was just right. As she washed her hair and body, she smiled although her body ached, in a good way. God, it had been worth it. She tingled as she rubbed the soap into her skin and thought of Simon sleeping in the next room. Even now, she couldn’t wait to have him between her legs again, but it was more than that. The way he spoke to her, looked at her, touched her...

She knew that she was falling for him. Who was she trying to kid? She had fallen for him, hard. She hadn’t felt this loved up in years and years, in fact, she didn’t think she’d ever felt this way before. The best that she could hope for was that he felt that way too.

She smiled. She had an idea that he did...


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