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The Client on the Sixth Floor, Part VI

The Client on the Sixth Floor, Part VI

The course of true love never did run smoothly, especially not for Mattie and Simon...

While this is a follow up to parts I through V, you should be able to read this as it stands, (although of course, the first parts will enhance your reading pleasure!)


Mattie switched off the shower and stepped out into the ornate bathroom in one of the ritziest suites that New York had to offer. Beads of warm water ran down her soft, glowing, wet skin and the sun shone brightly through the window, illuminating her naked body. She lifted the thick ivory coloured towel to her face and patted it dry. Her body smelled divine as she pulled the towel around herself and then fashioned it, turban-style, around her dripping long red hair. She wiped away some condensation from the large mirror over the sink, looked at her reflection, and rubbed the faintest smudge of mascara from under an eye with a finger.

She picked up her toothbrush and began to brush her teeth, humming a tune as she did. Although her muscles were aching, especially her thighs, she felt happy, fucking ecstatic in fact and it was true to say that she didn’t think that she had felt quite this good in a very long time and the direct cause of this emotional high was lying sleeping in the grand bed in the next room. Simon.

She’d been working as an escort for five, maybe six years now and even prior to that, she was hardly what you’d describe as a blushing virgin, suffice to say she had rather a lot of experience under her belt, most of it really was just under her belt, ha! But she could honestly say that she’d never had such a satisfying lover. She had never felt quite so in tune with anyone. As she swayed and hummed and brushed her teeth, she let her mind wander back to some of the partners she’d had over the years, not through her work, but in her personal life, in the real world.

She had lost her virginity just before her seventeenth birthday, to her first proper boyfriend, Rab, and although the sex had been somewhat awkward and clumsy to begin with, they had over the next eight months or so become rather good at pleasuring each other, although, he wasn’t a fan of going down on her, which annoyed her. His cock had been quite small and it leaned to the left, which she had found cute. Of course he was her first love, well her first love-maker and as such she knew no better, plus her small tight, virgin pussy meant that he felt massive. It also made it easier for her to practice one of her new favourite pastimes... Oral. God, she had spent hours worshipping his penis and she’d gotten good at it, really good...

He was like my training prick, ” she laughed and had to wipe flecks of toothpaste from the mirror.

As she rinsed the minty foam from her mouth and gargled, her mind wandered to subsequent boyfriends. There was Jeff, now he did have a massive penis and he had known what to do with it. She wiped her mouth and leaned closer to the mirror to inspect her teeth, smiling as she remembered how Jeff had laughed at her expression when she’d first slid a hand inside his jeans and felt his huge erection. Her mouth had been a perfect ‘O’ and she had said to him that there was no fucking way that thing was going to fit inside her. It had of course and what a fucking he had given her, she had almost limped for a week after. It was a pity he had really turned out to be such a massive prick, as they had been very compatible in the bedroom, but had fought like cat and dog everywhere else and had inevitably gone their separate ways.

Mattie was mostly dry as she dropped her towel to the ground and gave herself a cursory brush with a smaller one. She rubbed moisturiser onto her legs, arms and face. She smoothed her fingers over her plump pussy lips, feeling the light stubble where her Brazilian wax was starting to grow back in. She shook her head ruefully and made a mental note to listen to her inner voice when it told her that something was not a great idea. She couldn’t believe that Simon had giggled at her freshly waxed pussy! “Cheeky bugger,” she grinned, shaking her head.

She remembered the first time she’d started to pay attention to her bush, that had been when she had been seeing Mitch. He had been a few years older than her and liked everything to be ‘just so’. He had encouraged her to wax her bikini line and trim her pubic hair into a neat triangle. She’d pretty much kept it that way ever since. She remembered the one time she’d let him shave her completely bare. Man, that had been fun, but she found that although it made a nice change and was saucy to begin with, she preferred it rather fuller, it made her feel more womanly and less like an anonymous plastic porn doll. Her affair with Mitch had been fun until she discovered that he was seeing one of her friends and she had unceremoniously dumped him and her friend.

Mattie left the bathroom, quietly so as not to wake SImon, who was snoring softly under the covers. Standing watching him sleep, thoughts of all other men left her mind. A smile spread across her face as she made up her mind to go out and buy something really stunning to wear for their meal tonight. He looked like he would sleep for a while yet and she figured she could be back before he woke. She picked out a dress and pulled on her underwear then wrote him a short note to tell him where she’d gone which she left on the pillow beside him as she leaned in and kissed his forehead.

“See you later, lover,” she whispered before slipping silently from the suite.


Simon stirred and stretched his arms, hands patting the sheets, fingertips reaching for Mattie’s warm body. He reached and touched but found only Egyptian cotton. He frowned as he opened his eyes, puzzled and looked around the suite but there was no sign of her. He frowned again, sat up and then swung his legs over the side of the bed then he yawned, stretched and absently-mindedly scratched his testicles, noticing that his penis was semi-erect and feeling a bit battered and bruised. He smiled as he remembered why and how much he was enjoying this trip with her. The first of many, he hoped

“Mattie darling?” He called out. “Where is she? She must be in the bathroom. I bet she’s taking a shower. I think I’ll join her,” he grinned to himself as he rubbed his swelling cock, which seemed also to be remembering how much it enjoyed being inside her.

He got up and ambled towards the bathroom, wondering what time it was and how long he’d been asleep before pausing for a moment, listening for the sound of running water. Nothing.

Quietly, for he didn’t want to embarrass her, he knocked on the door. “Mattie, sweetheart? Are you in there?”


“Maybe she’s fallen asleep in the bath?” He mused, confused, as he pushed open the door.

He saw damp, discarded towels on the floor and condensation on the glass door of the shower but no sign of Mattie. As he stood and took a piss, annoyed that he had to lean close to the bowl because his semi erect penis had no wish to cooperate with his need to urinate, he also noticed that there were toothpaste smears in the sink. “Where the fuck is she?”

He went back into the bedroom of the suite, “Mattie?” he called out more loudly, noticing the lipstick-stained coffee mug. There was nowhere else she could be. He sighed and switched on the kettle, it was still warm. While he waited for it to boil, he looked around the room for any sign of a note from Mattie, he didn’t see anything. The kettle clicked and he ripped a sachet of coffee, some sugar and poured in the water. There were no little milk cartons, dammit! He turned around to see if there might be some milk in the fridge and tripped over Mattie’s small case which immediately began to buzz and vibrate. He jumped, leaned down and rummaged through the few clothes in her case until he found the vibrator which had gotten her into so much trouble at Glasgow Airport. He switched it off and picked up her cast off panties. He lifted them to his nose and sniffed deeply. God she smelled good and what had been a semi quickly engorged as he inhaled her scent.

He found some milk in the fridge, poured it into his coffee mug and then set it beside the bed, keenly aware that he was going to have to do something about this raging erection between his legs. He sat on the edge of the bed and sighed, “Where the fuck IS she?”

He needed her, by god he needed to fill her, smell her, hear her and completely possess her as he made love to her. To feel her soft lips against his, her pussy clenching as he thrust into her and to feel her body stiffen under him as he came inside her. There was still no sign of her, so he lifted Mattie’s knickers to his face and lay back on the bed, stroking his turgid cock. He sucked the still damp gusset into his mouth as he began to pull his foreskin back and forth, feeling his shaft stiffen further still in his tightening grip. He closed his eyes and visualised her hot skin against his as he stroked his thick member, closer, closer until he came in two arcing jets of semen. He lay still for a moment, just coming down from his orgasm until the moisture on his belly began to cool. He took her used underwear and wiped the semen from his chest and belly and then threw the soiled panties towards Mattie’s case.

“Where are you Mattie?” He sighed to the empty room.

He rolled over and dialled 0 on the hotel phone.

“Reception, how may I help you?” The bright female voice chirped.

“Hello, it’s Simon White, Parkview Suite. Can you tell me, are there any messages for me?” He inquired, sure that Mattie would have left something for him.

“Parkview Suite? Let me check for you, sir, please hold,” she was the very epitome of efficiency.

Simon tapped his fingers impatiently on the nightstand.

Her voice rang in his ear again, “I’m sorry sir, there is nothing for you at present. Can I be of any further assistance?”

“No, that will be all thanks,” he said, dropping the phone back into the cradle.

He stood up and scratched his balls then took a pair of lounge pants from his case and pulled them on grumbling to himself, “I might as well do some work until madam deigns to return.”

He started to put away his things into drawers and closets and then glanced back at Mattie’s stuff. “I might as well hang up her dress and stuff too while I’m at it.”

He lifted her few garments from her case and hung or folded them as he put them away, in truth he was a little worried as to her whereabouts, but being a typical man, it was manifesting as annoyance, rather than concern, he’d get to that soon enough.

He pulled his macBook from its case and turned it on. He actually had quite a lot to catch up on. He joined the hotel WiFi easily, having been here before and started checking the huge backlog of emails he’d accrued even in the short time since he’d last looked. God, people just always seemed to want a chunk of his time, when all he wanted to do was pull that little Scottish girl into his arms and hold her, love her , talk to her. “Where the fuck IS she?”

He called reception again to see if she’d called, but no, there was nothing.

He responded to a few messages and realised that if he wanted to achieve anything, he would actually have to make a few calls. He glanced at the clock on the screen and figured that he had some time before he and Mattie ought to get ready to meet his client, Mark, for dinner. He picked up his mobile and scrolled through his contacts. He noticed Mattie’s ‘madam’, Olivia’s number and dialled it. He waited for her to answer and realised that he was actually rather worried about her. She could be anywhere. New York was a huge city. Why had he not thought to just call her before now? Of course, all of his dealings with her had been through Olivia, so he supposed it made sense that he’d not thought of it. He pressed his finger on the screen of his phone and waited for her to answer.

“Hello?” Olivia’s sleepy drawl sounded in his ear.

“Olivia? It’s Simon, Simon White. I was wondering if you could give me Mattie’s number? It’s important,” he explained.

“Simon? Have you any idea what time it is?” Her tone became a little higher as concern entered her mind. “Isn’t Mattie with you in New York? Please don’t tell me you’ve lost her?”

“Oh sorry, I didn’t think it was that late. Yes, I am with Mattie, but she nipped out while I was asleep and I don’t know where she went,” Simon could feel himself blush as he spoke, becoming embarrassed. She was his guest and he should have taken better care of her.

“Ha, you know Mattie, Simon, she’s probably found herself some work,” Olivia half giggled as she spoke and Simon could hear her lighting a cigarette.

Simon spluttered on a mouthful of coffee, “What?”

“Oh god, I’m joking, Simon!” She admonished. “Cheer up, for fuck’s sake! She fucking adores you! She wouldn’t have went with you otherwise. You know she actually cancelled paying clients to join you, she’s never done that before.”

“Ah, right,” he murmured, not really convinced. “Would you please give me her number, Olivia, so that I can call and make sure she’s alright?”

“Well, I’m not supposed to give her number out under any circumstances, but given the ungodly hour and the fact that I know that she’s more than a little taken with you, okay...”

Simon wrote down the number and read it back to Olivia twice before thanking her profusely.

“No problem darling. Do text me and let me know that she’s okay, won’t you? Of course she will be... You obviously don’t know her all that well. That girl is damned well bulletproof! Now, no offence, but please fuck off and let me get my beauty sleep, not that I need it!”

Simon heard her cackle briefly before his phone went dead. She was a strange old bird...

He immediately typed Mattie’s number into his phone and began to actually wiggle in anticipation of hearing her voice. He forced himself to sit still.

It was ringing! He smiled but his face quickly fell when he heard Mattie’s suitcase firstly vibrate and then begin to ring. His stomach sank as he hopped out of bed and went over to investigate. Sure enough, there was her phone in one of the side pockets of her case.

“Dammit, fucking dammit!! Where the fucking fuck IS that girl?” He yelled to the empty room as he pressed the ‘end call’ button and tossed his phone. It landed on the chaise longue and then bounced unceremoniously onto the thick cream rug.

He dramatically threw himself back on the bed and immediately jumped back up as his mobile phone began to ring from the rug.

“Mattie!” He exclaimed as he leapt up to answer it.

His face fell when he saw his friend Tony’s name on the screen. He looked at his watch and realised that it must be late in Ireland right now, so he knew he had to take the call.

“Hey Tony, how’s it going?” He almost sighed, sounding more than a little deflated.

“Hi Simon, listen, I’m really sorry to call you at such an ungodly hour, but I needed to let you know that old missus Flaherty finally passed away. Seamus McMahon just called me and I knew you’d want to know,” his friend sounded sad and apologetic.

“Aw shit, Tone. It’s been on the cards for a while, huh?” Simon suddenly felt very sober and focussed. “Was it peaceful?”

“Yeah man,” Tony explained. “She was at home with her family, Patrick was right beside her, he called me himself to let me know. I’m really sorry to call you so late, but I figured it was important?”

“No, no, don’t apologise, mate, I’m actually in New York just now, so it’s afternoon,” Simon sipped his now lukewarm coffee and lit a cigarette. He’d known Tony since he was a kid and even under the circumstances, he always loved a catch up with him. Tony was his best friend, more like a brother really.

“So, what are you doing in New York? You meeting that Mark guy you were telling me about? The one with the investment opportunity?”

Simon took a long drag on his cigarette, “Yeah, I’m meeting him for the first time but managing to squeeze in a little pleasure at the same time. Remember the girl I told you about, Mattie?”

“The one with the tattoos? Oh man, I liked the sound of her! She sounds feisty, Simon! When do I get to meet her?” Tony enthused.

Simon grinned, “Well, we’ll see, Tony... We’ll see. I have to say, I do like her a lot. I mean an awful LOT, you know? I’ve not felt like this in a long time, if ever.”

“Simon, I’ve not heard you say anything like that in a long, long time. Not since, well... you know?” Tony trailed off.

“Oh, you mean Roisin?” Simon’s tone dropped a little. “Well, the less said about that the better. Mattie’s amazing, Tony. You’ll absolutely love her, not the way I love her, obviously.”

“Fucking hell, Si! I cannot wait!! Hit me up when you get back to Dublin and we’ll sort something out?”

Simon could hear Tony yawn as he spoke, “Well, I guess I’ll see you at Mrs F’s funeral? Let me know the details, will ya?”

“Of course I will, Si. She’ll be missed and yeah, I need to phone a couple more people before I can get some sleep. I’ll see you soon and listen, you have a great time, man.”

With that they ended their call.

Simon sat back, thinking about the demise of Eina Flaherty, one of his dear old Ma’s best friends and his favourite honorary auntie. Oh god, Ma was going to be so upset. If he was honest, Mrs F would have been his first crush. With her long red hair, piled high upon her head, her scarlet, painted lips and fingernails and those long shapely legs, she was so glamorous! He remembered impromptu erections as her petticoat flashed while she and his mother were getting ready to go out. Even now, he could almost smell the aromas of nail varnish, perfume and hairspray as the two became an excited whirlwind, getting ready for a big night out at the dancehall.

His nostalgia was interrupted by his mobile phone yelling for his attention once more. He picked it up, vaguely hopeful that it would be Mattie before remembering her phone was still lying in her suitcase. He saw that it was Mark, his client.

“Hello Mark, how are you?” he said, sitting up, all business-like now.

Mark’s polite Canadian accent rang in his ear, “Ah, I’m good thanks, Simon. I just wanted to check that we’re all set for our meeting?”

“Yes, seven thirty tonight as arranged, Mark,” Simon replied. “Oh and I’ll have a date with me, I hope you don’t mind?”

“No, that’s fine, I’ll see if I can rustle up a friend of my own. See you later, Simon,” with that, Mark ended the call.

Although Simon had spoken and emailed extensively with Mark, they hadn’t yet met face to face. He was offering a huge investment in Simon’s big development, although he had been unable to attend the launch of his project in Glasgow. Still, there was something niggling a the back of his mind. Something didn’t seem quite genuine, he seemed to be too good to be true. Oh well, it would all become clear soon enough he supposed.

“Where the hell is Mattie?”

He checked his watch and decided to call his PA, he knew that she kept ridiculous hours and would still be awake and it was always better if he spoke to her while things were still fresh in his mind. Anyway, if she wasn’t available, her phone would go straight to answerphone.

Susan’s voice answered, “Hi, boss, problems?”

“Hey, Suze, what are you still doing up at this hour?” He lightly scolded.

“Oh, just working on some of the figures for the Hexagon Project. What can I do for you?” she replied. “How’s your trip going?”

Simon began to explain what he wanted her to check out for him and told her that the trip was going well, no need to get into the whole Mattie thing with her, although she knew he had company. They spoke and soon got into a detailed conversation, when Simon heard the keycard in the hotel suite door, Mattie had returned.

She bustled into the room carrying a huge array of bags and boxes and with a broad grin on her face until she noticed that Simon was on the phone.

He frowned at her and tapped his watch. “Where the fuck have you been?” he mouthed.

“Sorry!” she mouthed back, “Shopping!” she grinned, lifting her bags higher before tiptoeing comically to the dressing area and starting to unpack them as silently as she could.

Simon observed, as he continued to speak to Susan, noticing with pleasure the way her dress tightened over her buttocks as she bent to unwrap what looked like lingerie. She turned to him and proudly held up a pretty purple bra and panty set. She stood up placed them over her body, wiggling her form suggestively as she did and Simon motioned for her to put them on. As he carried on his conversation, Mattie wriggled firstly out of her dress and then her underwear until she stood naked before him. He parted his legs and rested a hand on his crotch as Mattie pulled up her new panties and adjusted the straps on her new bra. He smiled his approval and she turned and delved into a large paper bag. He noticed the way that the purple satin accentuated the curve of her stunning ass cheeks and felt his cock stir.

Mattie pulled a purple satin dress from the bag and held it up. Simon raised an eyebrow and tipped his head to one side, unsure that it would really suit her. He motioned for her to try it on so that he could see properly. She unzipped the garment and pulled it over her taut body, her pert nipples showed clearly through the fabric as she drew it up over her body and slipped her arms under the straps. He shifted on the bed, feeling his penis stiffen further inside his pants as he watched her twist her arms around in an attempt to fasten the zipper. She couldn’t reach far enough though and he clicked his fingers, beckoned her over to him, momentarily losing track of the conversation with his assistant.

“Yes, yes, sorry, I need you to follow that up, Suze. We need to have all the facts and figures at our fingertips,” he snipped as he pulled the zipper on Mattie’s dress, encasing her body tightly in the purple fabric. He ran his hand along her side and down to her bottom, which he then gave a hard smack.

“Ow!” Mattie yelped and turned. She looked at him angrily, rubbing her arse. Simon put a finger to his lips, signalling that she should keep quiet. He had a somewhat stern expression on his face.

“What the fuck is up with him?” She wondered.

He pointed to his watch again and shrugged, while explaining some complicated process down the phone.

“Ah right, I get it,” thought Mattie. “He’s pissed at me for going out? Did he not get my note?”

She turned around to face him properly and put on her best ‘my puppy just died’ face, one index finger against her pouty lips and she began to slowly wiggle.

“I’m sorry,” she mouthed to him.

Simon smiled, just the briefest glimpse, but she definitely caught it. She moved closer, nudging his legs apart with one knee and with faux innocence, she reached out and stroked his bulge with her index finger. She heard him gasp as he spoke and she looked at him from under fluttering eyelashes. He was still engrossed in his conversation as she started to caress and rub his semi erect penis through the fabric but she was getting his attention, in more ways than one. He repositioned himself as he spoke and Mattie began to caress him in earnest, proud of herself as she felt him stiffen yet more under her fingers. She cupped his balls through the cloth and massaged his shaft, inhaling and feeling the tell-tale tingle in her pussy as his cock straightened and became clearly visible through his pants.

His voice faltered slightly as he tried to continue his discussion but she couldn’t stop now, even if he wanted her to. She slid her fingers inside the waistband of his pants and pulled it back to reveal his engorged member. She pulled them down as far as his seated position would allow and sank to her knees between his legs, lifting up his balls. She began to alternate stroking and licking them. As Simon’s hand began to stroke her hair, she took one testicle completely into her mouth and closed her fingers around his thick shaft. God she loved this, the feel of him, the way he filled her mouth and his near-silent moan only encouraged her. She moved her head up his shaft now and began to flick her tongue against the spot where his foreskin joined under the head of his cock. She felt him thrust a little and his fingers tightened their grip on her hair, pulling her head towards him, making it crystal clear what he wanted from her.

As she was an obliging girl, she opened her mouth and teased his bulbous tip with her soft lips, drooling over him as he pressed against them, seeking entry.

His grip became tighter still, pulling her roughly down onto his cock and she had little choice but to open her mouth and let him ease inside. As he continued to talk on the phone, his tone became harsher and he began to thrust deeper and harder into her mouth.

“Listen, Suze, I’m going to have to get back to you, something’s come up. Will you get on with the other stuff though? Yes, it’s essential to the success of the project” he said, pushing his hips up and pulling Mattie by her hair ever deeper onto his thick cock.

Mattie mumbled and tried to pull her head back, she was gagging slightly, but his grip was too strong as he tugged her down onto him.

“Okay, Suze, thanks for that. Talk soon.” He dropped the phone to the floor and gripped Mattie by the hair, now with two strong hands.

“Where the fuck were you, Mattie?” He barked as he began to fuck her mouth. “I was fucking worried! You shouldn’t have just disappeared like that!”

Mattie tried to lift her head, but his grip was firm and he pushed harder and faster into her mouth. This wasn’t feeling as good for her as it had at first and she felt him let go with one hand, lean down over her and smack her butt really hard. She cried out, but all that came out was a muffled “Mmmph,” through her nose. It had taken all her years of self-control not to automatically bite hard on a cock, but she had learned the hard way that some clients liked to lash out if they found themselves in a position where she had to dish out one of her ‘oral masterclasses.’ She shuddered, as she was unceremoniously dumped back into the real world, her world and the job that provided a way for her comfortable lifestyle.

She was starting to feel a little panicky now, not liking this one bit. She lifted one hand and slapped his thigh, asking for a time out, but he ignored it and she felt his cock pulse against her tongue.

Suddenly she realised that he was treating her like a common whore. Shit, she was here as his guest! The bastard! She had thought that he was special, different. How fucking dare he? She tried to move back, her hands on his thighs, trying to push her up and get his fucking cock out of her throat, but his hand held her head in place while the other pulled her ass forward. She couldn’t escape. She began to mumble and moan, “Let me go, LET ME GO!” but all that came out was “Mmmmph, Mmmph!”

She was left with no choice, she closed her jaws around the base of his shaft, hard, just as he began to come. Simon yelled out, “AAAARGH! What the FUCK?”

He released Mattie from his grip and as she fell back onto her bottom, redundant jets of semen shot into the air.

Mattie was livid, breathless and she jumped to her feet, smoothing her dress. “What the fuck was that about, Simon? How fucking DARE you?”

Simon looked at her, with her eyes glowing, bristling with fury and realised his mistake.

“I... I... Fuck, I was so worried, Mattie,” he stammered. “I woke up and you weren’t here.”

“Simon, I nipped out to pick up a few things from the fucking shops!” She fumed. “Didn’t you get my note?”

He felt angry now and a little stupid, but no way was he going to back down now.

“What fucking note?” He yelled.

Mattie stepped forward, Simon flinched and moved back, thinking for a moment that she was going to thump him or something. She leaned over and grabbed the piece of paper which was sticking out from under his pillow. “THIS one!” She thrust it under his nose and he took it from her fist.

“Hey lover,” he read, “I couldn’t sleep, so I’m just going to the shops to pick up something sexy to wear tonight. I should be back before you wake or shortly after, M xxx” She’d put a lipstick kiss underneath.

Simon blushed, “Mattie, I... fuck, I’m so sorry.” He suddenly found his bare feet fascinating and couldn’t lift his gaze to look at her.

“I’m supposed to be here as your friend? You just made me feel like I was just a hooker again, back on the fucking clock. Seriously, where the fuck do you get off, huh?” She was buzzing, arms folded across her chest and obviously not ready to back down.

To be honest, he felt completely ashamed and couldn’t really blame her.

He continued to stare at the ground and mumbled, “I’m really sorry. I was upset and I was worried about you,” he finally looked up at her, met her eyes and she saw that there were tears in his. “I fucked up, Mattie, I fucked up.”

She looked at him, still angry, hands on her hips, “You bloody well should be. I’m not supposed to be your whore on this trip, or am I? Did you just want a freebie? Was that it?”

His mouth dropped as her words hit home and boy did they sting, “Mattie, please, forgive me? That was one of the most stupid things I’ve ever done. Believe me, I feel like a fucking dick right now. I am so sorry, so fucking sorry.”

She stared at him, still fuming but her voice dropped a little, “You should have called me on my mobile.”

“I did,” he looked at her, pleadingly. “I realised I didn’t have your number. I had to call Olivia. She eventually caved in and gave me to it but when I rang it, well... Your phone’s in your suitcase, Mattie.”

A flush crossed her cheeks briefly, “Oh, right. Sorry. Shit, Olivia? That’s all I need”

She dropped her arms to her sides and moved over to Simon, sighed and flopped beside him on the bed. She reached out and stroked his arm, “Is your cock okay? I’m sorry I bit you, but I didn’t know how else to get you out of my mouth.”

Simon looked down at his crotch, pants at his ankles, cum congealing on his thigh. His cock was like a pitiful pink slug between his legs. He took it between his fingers, pulled it to the left and then the right. There were red lipstick marks along the now soft shaft and a row of dark pink indentations where Mattie had sunk her teeth into him.

He gave it a rub and looked apologetically at Mattie, “Yeah, he’ll be fine. You did what you had to, probably no less than I deserved. I’m sorry.”

She put her arm around his shoulder and pulled him close, kissing his lips, “I’m sorry too, Simon. I just want to be clear though, there are some things I’m happy to do as an escort, but not on a date. Tell me, what is this? Why am I here, Simon?”

He leaned his head against the crook of her neck and took a deep breath. It was time to lay his cards on the table, well, some of them.

“Mattie, I found you by chance, through Olivia’s website. I saw your profile picture and figured you’d be the perfect date while I was in Glasgow the first time,” he smiled and looked at her. “That was a fucking good night, Mattie, sure it was?”

She smiled and nodded for him to continue.

“Well, you were everything I had hoped for and more, so much more,” he continued, stroking her back. “I was disappointed that you had gone next morning.”

“Oh, I had appointments, dental work and stuff,” she bared her perfectly straight, white teeth to prove her point.

“Pretty,” Simon said and leaned in and quickly kissed her lips before continuing. He never mentioned how he thought that she had stolen his wallet, it was certainly not the right time to bring that up. “Anyway, I really wanted to see you again, Mattie. You made a huge impression on me.” He took her hand in his.

“Well, not quite as big an impression as I just made on your dick...” She blushed and grinned, “Carry on, love.”

“Well, I didn’t know how to get hold of you and I finally called Olivia again to book you, you know, for the launch? God, I was SO excited, I’d pretty much thought of nothing else, but you.” It was Simon’s turn to blush. He felt like a bloody awkward teenager.

“I thought about you too, Simon, which was very unprofessional of me. Even Olivia noticed it, the shrewd bitch,” Mattie giggled and squeezed his hand.

“Well,” Simon continued, “I asked her if I could whisk you away for a couple of days, bring you to New York. She organised it and well, here we are I guess?” He squeezed her hand in his tightly now. “Mattie, I am so fucking sorry, I’d never dream of hurting you. I was so fucking scared and worried and I guess a little angry. It crossed my mind that you might have just left, you know?” He looked up at her, almost pleadingly.

Mattie smiled and pulled him closer. She kissed his brow, each eye, his nose and then finally his lips, “Simon, let’s just put this behind us. I feel like we’ve set things straight. For the record, I've spent years working not just with clients, punters, but with people. You know, I helped care for my mum before she died, I worked with the hospice, Simon. I am SO much more than just a hooker, tell me you understand that?”

“I do, Mattie. I’m usually a good judge of character, well, recent behaviour notwithstanding, I wanted to make a proposition to you?”

Mattie, watched him carefully as he continued.

“Well, I could use someone, someone like you. I need someone I can trust to work beside me. What do you think? Is that something you could see yourself doing?” He looked earnestly into her eyes, waiting for a response before adding, “Of course, we’d have to spend a lot of time together. I’d like that.”

She sighed, “Look Simon, if you think you need to ‘save’ me from a life as a prostitute,” he flinched at the use of the word, she knew he would but she carried on. “Well, I’m not looking to be saved and to be honest with you, which I always will be, I really just want to be your girlfriend. If we can work together too, well, that’s fine, but don’t feel that you need to ‘hook’ me in with the promise of money and shit. I’m actually not that sort of girl, you know?”

Simon beamed at her, “Mattie, yes, I do want to have you in my life, certainly romantically, but I do believe you have that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’. I want to work with you, beside you. Dammit, I need you in my life, okay?” He looked both defiant and embarrassed and his eyes glistened.

She grinned at him, nodding, “Yup, that sounds good to me. Now, I’m guessing we need to get our arses in gear for this meal?”

Simon looked at his watch, “Shit! Yes, we do!! We cannot be late for this one!”

Mattie simply had to touch up her makeup, which she did, watching Simon dress out of the corner of her eye. God he looked good in a suit. She stood and re-did his tie for him. She caught sight of their reflection in the mirror, they looked so right together. He squeezed her hand as they got into the taxi and headed to the restaurant to meet Mark.

As they stood outside, ready to go in, Simon took her hands. “Mattie, I’ve fallen in love with you.”

Although she knew this already, deep down, it still came as a shock to hear him actually say the words out loud. It shocked her the way the butterflies seemed to be dancing a Samba in her tummy right at that moment. She was a little scared, this was not really how she’d expected things to work out, however much she had hoped that they would.

“Thank you,” she gushed and kissed his mouth, unable to respond in kind, yet. “Let’s go in, shall we?”

The waiter greeted them and led them to their table. Mark was already seated though facing away from them. Simon coughed as they approached and Mark turned, standing to greet them.

Mattie smiled, but her stomach did a double flip as she recognised Mark DeWalt, one of the nastiest, most sadistic punters she’d ever had the misfortune to encounter...

Simon shook his hand, “Mark, how nice to meet you. This is my friend, Mattie.”

She tried not to grimace as she held out her hand for him to shake.

“Mattie?” He leered, taking her hand and leaning in to kiss her. She felt his reptilian tongue dart against her teeth before he pulled back. “Well, well, well... This IS an unexpected pleasure. Do sit down, won’t you?”


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