The Client on the Sixth Floor

By Mazza

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A professional girl lets her guard down

“Bloody hell,” she thought. It was a gorgeous suite. She’d been to the hotel before, of course, in fact she worked here quite a bit. But she’d never been to the Sixth floor. Indeed, the elevator didn’t even go to the Sixth floor. You got out at Five and a uniformed man escorted you up a short flight of stairs to Floor Six. He asked her if she needed help carrying her bags. She only had one bag. She obviously didn’t need his assistance. It was a nice touch though, she thought. He escorted her to the suite and raised an eyebrow as she knocked on the door. She gave him a knowing look. He turned on his heel and left her there. Her kind didn’t tip.

"Come in," said a voice and she pushed open the door.

The suite was bigger than her apartment. There was a large open-plan bedroom/lounge room with a 42” flat-screen TV mounted on the wall and a computer system which was playing quiet music through built-in speakers in the ceiling. She thought it might be Prokofiev. The speakers framed the mirror above the huge bed. There was a settee and two armchairs surrounding a coffee table. She was impressed.

She wandered through the rooms, exploring. The bathroom was bigger than her living room. It had a bidet. On the balcony there was a jacuzzi which was illuminated in blue light and beside it a little table and chairs, where you might sit and smoke, if you so desired.

“How much is he paying for this?”
She wondered. "Probably a hell of a lot more than he is paying for me."

Remembering why she was here, she re-entered the main room and saw that her client was now sitting, fully dressed, upon the settee. He looked nervous. They very often did. “Nice suit,” she thought. Hugo Boss, if she had to make a bet.

But he was sort of cute; often they weren’t. He looked a little like a slightly older George Clooney, that was if George had let himself go a bit. He watched her as she walked back into the room. Noticing that he was sipping upon what looked like a glass of wine, she asked, “Would you mind if I made myself a drink?” These were the first words she ever spoke to him in person, she remembered that later.

“I’m so sorry,” he said, smiling shyly and rising from the couch. “Please, sit down and tell me what you’d like…”

“Well, a dry white wine would be lovely," she said as she reclined upon the settee.

He looked in the mini-bar and asked, “Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio?”

“Pinot, grazie,” she said, exhausting her entire command of the Italian language.

He delivered her drink and she clinked glasses with him as he sat beside her. She sipped her wine.

“Ooooh, that’s lovely,” she said, slightly out of character now. She was enjoying this, that wasn’t always the way it worked.

He smiled and she noticed that he looked rather attractive when he did. A less experienced girl might have wondered why someone like him would need someone like her. She had no such illusions. “We should probably get the money thing out of the way first,” she began. “It’s just that...”

“That’s fine,” he interrupted. “Look, there’s an envelope on the bedside table. It’s a little more than we agreed on when we spoke on the ‘phone but that’s fine. Really.”

Her eyes narrowed, “You said you just wanted a hand-job. That’s what you said. Now, I can do other stuff but if you want that, but we would need to talk…”

“A 'hand-job' would be perfect, as agreed,” he said.

“Okay then,” she grinned, pleased that it looked like this was going to be an easy gig. “Why don’t you get undressed, slip into that big bed and I’ll make myself ready for you?” She waited, watching as he undressed and slipped between the Egyptian cotton sheets. As she watched, she noticed that he was actually quite fit. "Hmm… Nice cock."

Then she went to work. She turned away from the bed and took off her jacket. She could feel his eyes upon her as she did what she had learned that they liked. Casting her coat aside, she raised her hands up over her head and stretched like a cat. She heard him sigh. They mostly did.

Still facing away from him, she unbuttoned her blouse and took it off. He moaned, loudly. She knew that she was pretty, but what made them gasp was her ink. Her entire back was tattooed. She'd had done it for herself, but Christ, the clients were always shocked by it. If you’re an entertainer you need to know your audience. Don’t give them what they expect.

She unbuttoned her pencil skirt and, wiggling her arse, let it fall to her high-heeled feet. She turned around, all too aware of how her black satin lingerie flattered her figure and asked if he would like her fully naked. Of course, she knew before he replied that he would at least want the stockings left on. "Please, just your panties and stockings. I'd like to play with your breasts while you..."

"While I stroke you," she finished for him, laughing in her head at the thought of finishing for him as she was about to 'finish him'… Her sense of humour was 'out there' to say the least.

She realised that he was still staring at her and also that she had a big smile on her face. Damn, she felt particularly relaxed, too relaxed, with this one. "Get your business head on, girl!" she silently admonished. "What should I call you?" She asked as as she stood, still facing the window.

"Call me Simon. That's my real name, just so you know," he almost stammered, almost. "Your name is Tilly, right?"

"Yes, that is my name, but you can call me anything you like," she winked.

"I like Tilly," he said. "Is it short for anything?"

"Well, I was christened Mathilda," she replied, looking over her shoulder at him watching her. Why was she telling him this? "Back to work, Mattie!" Her real friends called her Mattie.

Still standing with her back to him, she reached her arms up behind her back and unclasped her black satin bra then slipped her hands round, inside the cups. She had large, full breasts and she slid her fingers over her nipples, giving them a discreet pinch to ensure that they were nice and erect, presenting them at their best for her 'client'. Oh, they were already quite stiff... "Strange," she thought as she turned back to her attentive punter.

She moved her hands onto her hips and saw Simon's appreciative gaze as he reclined back on the bedspread, taking all of her in and she was gratified to notice that his cock was already almost at full-mast. It was funny, no matter how often she had done this, and there had been a fair few, it always gave her a kick to know that she exerted this power over a man. He was well-endowed, must be seven, maybe even eight inches and thick! By God, he was thick. "All the better to eat you," she giggled to herself as she approached him.

"So," she smiled as she began to crawl onto the bed towards him, "How would you like this to happen?"

"Well, really, if you could just make me come with your hand while I look at you and play with your tits. That would be, well, just great actually," he grinned sheepishly.

God, he was sooooo polite! She was actually quite disappointed, but she dutifully sat down beside him on the bed, looked at his eager face and reached out and touched his shaft with the tips of her fingers. He gulped as she grasped his cock. Sitting beside him on the bed, she began to stroke him slowly and firmly. She felt him tense as she touched him.

"Shhh, shh..." She whispered as she placed her other hand on his chest, pushing him back onto the bed. He relaxed under her touch and, she noticed, became even bigger and harder in her hand. He had a big cock! Quickening her movements on his shaft, her thumb circled his cock-head as her other moved from his torso and began gently kneading his balls. "Needing his balls," she thought. "Damn it, girl, concentrate."

He moaned and raised his hips. "Can I... Is it okay if I feel your breasts?" He panted.

Frankly she thought he'd never ask.

"Yes, you can, Simon," she whispered as, with a groan, his hands moved on her. She moved herself closer, to make it easier for him to touch her, and touch her he did. His strong hands grasped her breasts firmly but gently, his fingers teasing her hard nipples. The sensation shot straight to her pussy and she felt herself moistening under his caresses. Knickers getting actually wet now...

(What was she like?)

Normally she'd lube herself up before a client, but this guy was just a hand-job, so she hadn't bothered. But, bloody hell, she was wet enough NOW!

She continued to move her hands on him as he fondled her exquisite tits. He was panting now, nearly ready to come. The thought excited her. Looking at his ready-to-come cock, she did something very unprofessional. She lowered her face onto him and took him in her painted mouth, sucking him in deep into her throat. After a couple of deep sucks she swirled her tongue around the top of his glans.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh...." He moaned.

Now bobbing her head up and down on him with a passion she KNEW she shouldn't feel, she felt his own hands on her sides, attempting to move her. He was trying to get her to put her pantie clad pussy in his face. She moved over him on the bed, her knees now on either side of his chest. He delved into her centre as she made herself available to him. A hungry tongue began to poke and lick at her through the silk of her knickers.

Now it was she who moaned...

She was going to come! That never happened! Not at WORK, but as he licked her and nuzzled her, his hands again stroking her breasts and long nipples, she abandoned herself and pushed her ass against his eager mouth. And then, with a low groan, she came, shuddering as she ground herself against him.

She lost herself for a moment. His gentle kissing of her ass around her panties reminded her of why she was there. His erect cock, (was it even bigger and harder now?) was still grasped in her fist, brushing her lipstick... Taking him back into her mouth she did what she knew she did well. She sucked him like a whore.

She felt him grip her ass, as if holding on for dear life and then his hands were moving down her thigh. She felt one of her stockings roll down to her knee, under his palm.

Within seconds her throat was filled as he raised his hips and came deep into her. Pulse after pulse of hot creamy come. She swallowed every drop. She was, after all, a very professional girl...

“JESUS!! FUCK!” He sighed, smiling, then took a moment as she took a tissue and wiped him from her hand and lips.

"Thank you, Tilly," he grinned. "You may go now, if you wish. Your money is on the bedside table."

She smiled and lifted the envelope, he had put in more than they had agreed, like he said. She picked up her discarded clothes and made a move, to dress in the privacy of the bathroom.

"Unless of course…"

She paused.

"Do you have time for a glass of wine? Or do you have to be somewhere else? I mean, I know you... Well... You know... I mean you might have someone else to... Umm, see, I suppose?"

She turned back to face him.

"But if you're not in a mad rush, I wonder might we do this again?"

"I think we might," she silently thought to herself.

"Tilly? I don't suppose I could watch you dress?" he asked.

She smiled to herself, pleased, before turning to face him. "Of course you can, sweetie. I'll do it slowly. You can even watch me touch up my make-up."

He beamed.

"That'll be an extra fifty quid, mind you," she joked.

He smiled and poured her a glass of wine before reaching for his wallet.

"Oh Simon, you know, I was only kidding about the extra cash!" She gasped.

She sat down on the edge of the bed and then reclined back beside him. She was still naked apart from her panties and the one stocking that was still on.

She lit a cigarette and, completely disregarding everything she'd been taught about making a quick exit, said, "Come here Simon, come here. Come to me."

But he didn't. Instead he reached out and took the cigarette from her fingers. He took a deep drag, looking at her disheveled perfect form. She looked… Sated, and he knew that HE'D done that.

She looked puzzled as she watched him, watching her...

"You MIGHT do me a tiny favour?" He asked.

She raised an eyebrow, "Not a normal punter, this one," she thought. But there really was something about him that she liked.

"What?" She asked.

"Get out of bed, put your other stocking back on, pull them up those gorgeous fucking legs, step into your heels again, buckle them up and come back to my bed..."

"Do I leave my knickers on?"

"Yes. For now," he said.

She wondered what delights were coming her way as she sat and rolled the other stocking up her leg, smoothing it with the palm of her hand. In her peripheral vision, she could see him greedily drinking in every move and she noticed that, once more, he was no longer flaccid.

She shivered with anticipation as she lay back down across the sheets.

Suddenly remembering her wine, she quickly sat back up and gulped a hasty mouthful, "Delicious!"

With her thirst temporarily quenched, she rolled onto her tummy and felt the bed move has he came closer...

He ran his hand from her heels right up to the top of her hip. She heard him sigh and could feel the heat of his body next to hers, but only his fingers were touching her...

He caressed her legs again, playing first with the straps of her heels. She liked it, but it wasn't enough.

Next time, as his hand reached the top of her leg, he feathered his fingers over her beautiful black-pantied ass. She heard him sigh again, although she did not look at him, as her head was turned away.

He moved closer to her, his body touching hers, legs brushing themselves against her silk stockings...

"You really are very pretty," he observed, still stroking her bottom. She knew she was, but his obvious sincerity made her smile. She wiggled a bit and thrust up her ass so he could fondle her and he did, more insistently now, with more purpose.

"You should have seen me when I was twenty," she said, eyes still closed, still facing away from him, murmuring in her soft accent, which he was beginning to adore.

"I'm seeing you now," he whispered, his fingers invading the panties as he softly brushed the base of her pussy.

"He's gentle now," she noticed, "and it feels nice." She opened her legs a little wider and he obligingly slid a questing finger into her. He might not be gentle for very much longer...

She moaned...

Her eyes were closed and it was her turn to sigh. His voice tattooed in her mind as his fingers began to explore her depths.

As he probed with more purpose, finding a gentle tempo, her body began to tingle once more and she gently moved against him, with him, matching his movements with gentle thrusts of her own.

"Oh I could get used to this,"
she thought as a small moan escaped her lips.

She felt him, as his weight settled on her legs and his mouth kissed the fabric of her underwear. He bit her bottom and she became aware that whilst his digits continued to pleasure her, his teeth were grabbing the waist of her knickers, pulling them down.

She giggled and moaned simultaneously and lifted her pelvis to allow for their removal.

"Oh god…"

He had to pull fingers from her as he slid his face from side to side, the top of her knickers in his teeth as he pulled them down from her squirming bottom. She moaned as they left her.

By then, she was kneeling up on the bed, eager for him to uncover her. She raised one leg so that he could get her knickers off but instead he just took them off one leg, leaving the wet silk to dangle from her high-heeled foot.

She moved her own hand to remove them entirely. She wanted to be naked for him. But he grabbed her hand and pulled it upward, above her pillow, while with his other hand he gave her bottom the softest of smacks. He was kneeling behind her now. "Stop that," he commanded. "Leave them where they are."

She couldn't see him but he was staring at her presented form; on all fours, hands above her head, knees up, perfect ass just in front of his face. He looked down at the little black panties wrapped around her shoe. He looked up at her, he couldn't see her face, but her head was moving from side to side, hair brushing across her shoulders...

He noticed that her raised ass was slowly rocking. She looked like a kitten who needed to be petted... Well...

That was something he knew very well how to do.

Feeling his chest against her back as he moved her hand, his coarse hair against her smooth naked skin, did something to her. She didn't think that she had ever felt quite this excited, nervously excited...

Her ass-cheek was tingling a little, she knew that he had been gentle with her, whilst proving a point. He was in charge and oh fuck, that really turned her on. Not many had the balls to even try with her.

She felt his weight lift from her and he moved back down. She wiggled her arse, ever so subtly but she knew that he had taken it all in. She could get away with nothing with him.

He placed his hands on her bottom and stroked her cheeks, the tension was killing her. She wanted him, all of him and she gasped as she felt his fingertips stroke the length of her, ever so lightly.

She wanted him IN her...

As he bent to kiss her shoulders, she could feel his thick, hard, cock pressing into her thigh. She felt him take his cock in hand and guide it between her parted legs. She wriggled and opened them still wider. She knew it would happen now. She pushed herself up in offering.

He brushed his cock head against her furry, moist centre. He teased her with slow strokes as he coated himself on the sweet juice that was by now soaking her stocking tops. Not yet entering her, teasing, taunting. All the while kissing her back and shoulders, his one hand under her, kneading a ripe breast, his other hand rubbing the very top of her pussy.

"Jesus," she thought, "I'm going to come."

He continued to kiss her back. At his attentions, she stretched both arms above her head and waited to be taken. Abandoned. Now his. Lost.

But he didn't enter her.

Indeed, although he continued to kiss her shoulders and murmur soft moans, she felt his hard cock drift to brush her thigh as his hands busied themselves at her breasts and her clit.

"Was he EVER going to fuck her?" She wondered.

As she wondered what he was going to do next, all she could think about was that feeling as he had pushed the head of his thick cock against her pussy opening and how she want to feel him plunge into her, open her, fill her.

She inhaled sharply as she felt his fingers trace her lips and his breath against her. His hands gripped her thighs, pushing them further apart and she actually cried out as she felt the tip of his tongue no more than brush against her.

Was he as excited as she was? Judging by his ragged breathing, she thought so.

One of his hands rested on her ass, kneading, stroking, while the other cupped her mound, his finger pressing against her swollen clit, moving, circling, exciting.

His mouth opened around her lips and his tongue pushed between then.

She writhed and moaned, "Oh yes, oh yes, don't stop!"

He mumbled something unintelligible and the vibration of his voice merely added to her heightened sense of pleasure. She pushed back against him, moving against his busy mouth.

"Oh god, how I want him!"
She thought as she felt her whole body begin to tingle, the heat radiating from her pussy. She closed her eyes and felt her climax begin...

He'd obviously done this before.

He alternated lapping at her clit with his tongue with gently taking her lips between his teeth. Sucking her, ravishing her. For a second she was scared as she felt his teeth on her most sensitive parts. What if he bit her?

But he didn't, merely teasing her by taking her lips into his mouth and pleasuring her with his tongue and his teeth. Then, after sucking her softly for a while, he'd return to her neglected little bud, now swollen and demanding of attention.

By now, she had her ass pointed at the ceiling as he mouthed her.

She could feel his rock hard cock pressed against her leg as he continued to devour her and then, his mouth rose from her pussy and she felt him lick her upon her most secret place. His tongue carefully explored her rosebud and, (despite the pleasure she felt at such a forbidden touch) in a shiver of shock she reached down to pull him away from, there.

He gripped her hand roughly and forced it again above her head. "Stop that," he growled. "Stop it! Just relax. I can feel that you like this. Anyway, I like this."

"Oh Jesus Christ!"

The tip of his tongue poked around her ass and licked her there. All the while his fingers were still thrusting in her cunt as his thumb continued to rotate upon her clit. She could still feel his cock, rock hard, against her leg.

A Nun would have come.

She wasn't a Nun.

Her orgasm shook through her. She screamed. As she shook and shuddered he drew backwards, drawing both his hands under her and holding her breasts firmly. He kissed the back of her neck beneath her now sweat dampened hair. Still, indeed more so now as he raised himself behind her, she felt that cock brush her between her lewdly spread legs.

He held her until she stopped panting and shaking...

Her body wracked and pulsed, she felt herself let go and began to collapse onto the bed, but he was behind her, on top of her, holding her, kissing her, so she could go nowhere.

"How good it feels to be held like this," she thought as her body pulsed and throbbed. She tried to recollect the last time she'd had such a powerful orgasm, but she could not. She could not think about anything other than his body on top of hers, his wet mouth kissing, sucking biting her neck, his hands squeezing her breasts, tugging and fondling her nipples and his cock!

His beautiful rigid cock.

Her climax began to subside and her breathing began to slow. She opened her eyes and closed them again as he pulled and tugged at her nipples. She moaned.

His breathing began to quicken and then she felt it.

The blunt head of his cock pressing against her sodden slit. A jolt of electricity pulsed through her, extending her orgasm. She began to pant and suddenly, he thrust into her, hard. So fucking hard!

She called out, "Fuck, fuck, fuck!!"

He felt her urgency. But SHE had come and now it was his turn.

He attempted to guide himself into her but she was way ahead of him by now. Her delicate fingers parted her lips to allow him to have her. As he began to fuck her, slowly at first, she reached down to open herself for him and tugged on his invading cock as he forced himself deeper inside her. Her encouragement made him understand what she wanted now.

He removed his hands from her tits and placed them at the top of her hips. He pulled her onto his cock and was rewarded by a scream of passion as he sunk into her as deep as he could. Hard and fast, his balls against her luscious pussy. She screamed again.

For a split second he stopped moving, thinking he might have hurt her.

And then he heard her cry of abandonment as he paused.

And he realised, "She WANTS to be fucked! Hard!!!"

Gripping her hips again he began to piston within her. Wet as she was, his fat cock still struggled to get fully inside her until her juices had finally lubricated his passage and he could simply pound her like the whore she was pretending to be.

And, God, she was good. As he held her hips and fucked her fiercely she rolled her beautiful ass in time with his thrusts, her tight little cunt gripping him to the point where it was almost unbearable, her ass rocking to enhance his pleasure.

She was good at this. FUCK! She was good at this!

Her screaming as he pounded her set him off. He was going to come in her.

Glancing away in the moments before he came he saw her little soaked knickers still hanging off her high-heel. He unhooked them from her leg and, still pounding her pussy more quickly now, brought them to his face, the sweet tangy scent of her filling his mouth.

And that did it. Inhaling her nectar, tasting her scent, he spurted again and again within her. Coating her belly with his creamy come.

She moaned and he felt her spasm and scream once more.

The little fuck had come again.

The two collapsed onto the bed, their slick, glowing bodies as one.

"You know, Tilly, that was really rather wonderful," he murmured, nibbling her ear.

"Oh, you can call me Mattie now," she purred, "My friends always do."


This was a popular story, co-written with Stephanie. It disappeared for a while, but now it's back for you to read. Hope you enjoy it.