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The Forest house

Rachel and Lucille have their first time.
I looked up into the sky as I walked the fields, bathing in the dying sunlight one last time before it fell under the horizon. I ran past field after field, and tree after tree, my heart thudding in my chest as the house of my best friend, Lucille, came into view. Well, saying she was my best friend is only a cover, since I don't think my parents would approve of the fact I am dating another girl.

Lucy's house was fairly small, with a white, wooden picket fence surrounding it, it had four rooms, a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, and one bedroom, and each room was fairly small. I let myself in through the back door, and looked around, there was something steaming on top of the oven, but something was off, since she was usually waiting for me at the door.

“Lucy?” I called, and didn't hear a word, but I did notice something; a note, which I picked up.

'Rachel. Do you remember when we found that abandoned house? Meet me there if you can. ASAP' The note read in Lucy's distinct, scribbly handwriting, which was quite difficult to read. It reminded me of the notes we used to exchange in school, which we used to write in coded lettering, so nobody found out. I couldn't help but get lost in a thought about school, and I smiled. Oh my did I smile.

I laughed softly to myself, and left the house, through the back door again, and I began my trek to the house which was mentioned in the note, the sun lovingly caressed at my skin as I moved slowly through the fields, my long, shoulder-length blonde hair hung loosely over my chest, bouncing up and down after each step I made; in time with the heavy orbs of my breasts, which could barely be contained by my top.

I listened to the whistling and tweeting of the birds, and smiled brightly to myself as I saw one, a small Bluebird, which was perched lazily on a tree. I recognized it's call almost instantly, it was calling for a mate, which I saw land next to it, just as I moved out of sight and into the forest, which had tall trees, which seemed to go on forever, and at ground level was a bunch of small bushes, with roses growing on them, Lucy's favourite flower, actually, I just had to pick one, which I did, and almost tripped over the exposed root of a tree in the process. I did cut my arm on a thorn though, but it was worth it.

Quickly, I skipped down the narrow track that she must have made. Lucy was always the adventurous type, who was more at home in the outdoors, and one who dreams of living in a forest just like this, in a cabin, which she describes in detail every time we meet. I wouldn't have been comfortable out here if not for her, actually, since I used to be terrified of the outdoors, believe it or not. Living a sheltered life didn't help. I learned to love it, slowly, the feeling of the sun and wind on my skin, the sounds of Summer, and Winter, and Spring, and Autumn; all different sounds for each one. Complete and utter silence in the winter, to loud birds, and wildlife and people working and playing out in the hot sun. It was July, so the sun was always up, which was perfect for me, I must admit. I needed to have a tan for the autumn; fake tan never looks good on anyone.

I finally reached the spot where we found the abandoned house. I stopped moving, and my jaw dropped in surprise and awe. I could see the house, but it wasn't covered in vines and moss, it was all I could've dreamed of. It had blue, wooden paneling, with a few chips here and there, and big windows, which let so much light into the room, but, the trees scatter the light, and force it into little patterns, intricate patters, which I love to stare at. Just in front of the door, was a small stream, which had a stone bridge over it; last time I saw it, the bridge had collapsed, blocking the stream entirely. I slowly made my way to the door, and knocked on it, and I didn't get a reply, again, to my annoyance. But, I did spot a trail of roses on the floor, which made my heart almost skip a beat, and to race even quicker than it already was.

I smiled brightly, with a slight redness to my face as I thought about how romantic all of this was, I didn't think I could love another woman this way, but I do, and I loved every second of my time with Lucy. I had flashbacks to the first tine I met the love of my life, at school, when I was the awkward, glasses-wielding nerd, who never went outside, and never left her computer; she changed all that, made me want to go out, have fun, and finding this house, whose creaky steps I strode up right now, caused me to fall in love with two things; Lucille, and the outdoors. No. Three things. This house as well. I fell in love with her smile, her beautiful, pale face, with bright, slanted, brown eyes, her small body, her smooth legs, sharp in contrast to me, with blue eyes and blonde hair, and long legs, with a tiny behind to round it off, her breasts are the biggest difference, being tiny, and barely are visible; that is why her face stands out so much to me, I think.

I reached the top of the stairs, and rounded the corner, looking into every room on the way, only to see emptiness, which was understandable, since she would have been unable to tell anyone about this place; she had to do it alone, or hire in help from the nearby town. A warm body pressing against my back interrupts my thoughts, and I sigh in happiness as my neck was kissed in such a lovely way, and I felt a small hand press against my belly.

“Don't speak.” whispered in a soothing voice, as she ran her hands up and down my stomach, which instantly made my heart rate slow down, as I began to relax, until her hands wrapped around my breasts, causing me to gasp. I reached back, and touched the side of my companion's hips, and then I glided them upwards, to quickly realise the girl is naked. How can she be more perfect to me?

What followed caught me quite off guard, since Michelle and I have never had sex together in all this time, five years to be exact, since the day we fell in love, we have been celibate, together; partly because we were young, and partly because it was forbidden for two women to even kiss, in both our families, especially hers, who were the most conservative Japanese family anyone could ever know.

I'd dreamed of the feeling of her soft lips on my skin, and that one kiss sent shivers down my spine, and caused me to quiver. Quickly, Lucy spun me around, and whispered, “I love you.” In a soft, breathless voice, almost panting, a big smile on her face as she held onto me. I traced her spine with my fingertips, and gave her bottom a small nip, having never had such unrestricted access to it. Before I kissed Lucille, “I love you.” I whispered, and suddenly, I wrapped a hand around her head at the back, and pressed it forward, and I completely lost it, I had been so horny for her these five years, it was unbelievable, and with Lucy being naked, I couldn't stop myself.

I pressed her back against the wall really hard, the force on my kiss doing just that, and I toughed her naked skin all over, every inch, and she adorably shivered, and gasped, and practically tore of my clothes, until I was naked, we both screamed together, and I quickly broke the kiss, and forcefully dragged my girlfriend into the bedroom. I threw her onto the bed, and she giggled, and had her eyes on my heaving chest all that time, and of course, her gaze flicked all over me, in just a flash, as I climbed on top, roughly kissing her, with much tongue, and with many, loud moans.

We kissed, and kissed, and kissed, my skin felt electrified just from her touches, especially ones to my behind, and my sensitive pussy, each time she touched there, I squeaked, and writhed, and so did she, up until when two of my fingers entered her, and she froze, her eyes just suddenly clamp shut, and her eyes fell open, all that she did was ram two fingers into me, and our heads fell back, in perfect sync. I curled my two fingers in different directions between thrusts, their movements aided by her wetness, and her bucks of hip, and how her legs wrapped around my waist to hold on only drove me further into wildness.

Lucy and I thrashed, and quivered, and were lost in this moment, we both smiled bright, we both gasped, though hers were a lot more adorable than mine, and her breaths were quicker; I wasn't a virgin, she was, do she had never felt this pleasure before. We gripped both of each-others hands, tightly as our twinned bodies shook. Until, in our hazy stupor, we both screamed as loud as we could, and collapsed together, our climaxes both long, and so strong that Lucille kicked me.

I dreamt well that night.

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