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The Guy

What to do?

Lisa quietly undressed herself in the darkness of the bedroom. Stripping down to her white panties she tossed her other clothes into the hamper and pulled a tee shirt over slender frame. The shirt fell down to just below her backside and as she slipped under the sheets she pulled it up so that her panties were free. Although she hadn't thought about masturbating, she couldn't help sliding her hand under the soft cotton fabric. Within seconds she was in ecstasy, purring softly as she ran her index finger along the outer cleft of her tenderest region. She would tease herself by entering one finger, then two into her moist pussy, pulling them out quickly and then pausing for as long as she could stand it.

            Lying next to her in the bed was the biggest enigma in her life. She had first met Chris when she was a little girl. He had lived next door to her family and they often spent time together as they grew up. Although their relationship had always been overtly platonic, Lisa frequently considered him to be more interesting than the other boys she knew. While she had been away at school she thought about him more than virtually anyone else, certainly more than when they had been together growing up. She remembered liking his attitude toward life, a caustic yet concerned approach that unfortunately hadn't evolved into any sort of action. That she found to be lamentable. He could be quite funny when he wanted to be, but he could also lapse into a dislocated state where he was hard to reach...both physically and psychologically. Finally, although Chris was very good looking, he almost never tried to look good. He usually seemed to be deliberately sabotaging his appearance by wearing old, ragged clothes, not shaving or spending enough time combing his hair and in general presenting a poor image. Lisa was typically unimpressed by this, though there were exceptions, and as the years had passed she thought more about his favorable qualities and the fun, easy relationship they had.

            One day she had bumped into him when he was going out to a dinner party. She hardly recognized him. He was wearing a beautiful dark blue suit, white shirt and yellow silk tie. His hair was cut short and neat. Even his shoes were newly polished, shining in the late afternoon sun. While she pretended to be in somewhat of a hurry, she nonetheless made sure to compliment him and lingered long enough in his presence to let him know that she was intrigued. She had run her hand down the lapels of his jacket, caressed his tie, and when they parted she had held onto his sleeve for several long moments...their eyes locked together longingly, an unforced smile gracing both of their faces.

            That chance encounter was happily the start of something new between them. A few days later he telephoned her for the first time since she could recall. She was shocked at the confident tone he projected as he had never been one for exceptional self esteem. They talked until four in the morning, and by the time they hung up he had asked her to go out that Friday night. She felt herself floating off to sleep that night and woke up feeling like she had been in the clouds. She couldn't visualize her dreams but she had an overwhelming sense of calm that lasted for the entire week. On Thursday she bought a new dress during her lunch, then after considering her wardrobe options, went out and bought a new pair of high heels and a matching black leather purse. When she drove home from the mall she started to question whether she was being silly. She continued to debate her feelings that night. In the morning she had reached a conclusion...she would go with her impulse and see what happened. During lunch she went out a bought a pair of black silk stockings, garter belt, black lace bra and panties. He had better be worth it.

            When she got home that night she bee-lined for the shower and reveled in her lack of anxiety. As she swiftly lathered her body she playfully teased her nipples and made swirling motions around them with her soapy finger. She toyed with the idea of fingering her wet pussy, but resisted temptation...for the time being. Anyway she liked the sexual edge she was perched on. She dressed carefully, admiring her curves in the mirror. She especially liked the way her new bra pushed her breasts up and out. After fastening her garters to her stockings she took another look at the mirror and quite nearly swooned. The dress fit perfectly, seductively hugging her lithe frame. She put on the high heels and noticed how they made her calves stretch into a taut flex, accentuated by the black silk stockings. He had better appreciate this.

            She transferred a few essential belongings into her new purse and began to pace up and down the hall. She still had an hour to kill before he got there. Not wanting to lose her edge she avoided the tall glass of vodka she knew would settle her down. She had done that before, for the others. This was going to be different. She lit a cigarette and posed in front of the hall mirror, then she remembered that Chris had quit smoking so she raced back into the bathroom to brush her teeth again. Maybe the vodka was a good idea. Still she was adamant about being herself tonight, and she knew they would probably have a drink before dinner. The last thing she wanted was to be slurring her words during the evening...or worse yet, to be groggy on the car ride home afterwards. If he only knew.


            The big hand on the clock apparently had forgotten how to move, so Lisa turned on the t.v. She didn't want to sit down though, so she stood like a crane in the middle of the room watching nonsensical airwaves dart past her. The time was creeping along. Her stomach was starting to cramp. She wanted another cigarette. She wanted him to get there already. What if he was fashionably late? What if he called to tell her he couldn't make it? What if a super-galactic force was hovering over the earth preventing time from passing? That was ridiculous. Nothing was wrong.

            The phone rang and her heart stopped. She let it ring several more times before answering it. The voice on the other end was cheerful, and foreign. Something about changing her long distance or contributing to the welfare of impoverished nations. They'd have to wait. She saw Chris' car pull in front of her house and her hand was putting the phone down while the solicitation continued. She didn't bother to hang up. She just left the phone on the counter. The doorbell rang. Her arm extended to open the door. She was moving but not sure how.

            Chris was wearing a dark blue jacket with an exotic red tie contrasting sharply with his light blue shirt. The shirt had a white collar and white cuffs. He was wearing a gold watch. She was making mental notes on every bit of his appearance. Then she realized he had said hello, asked her how she was and had offered her a single long stemmed rose. She hadn't said anything in response.

            "Sorry...I was just checking you out. Nice shirt. Nice tie."

            "I'm glad you like it."

            "I do. It suits you. Do you think..."

            "Do you want..."

            "Sorry go ahead."

            "No, it's O.K., you first."

            "I was going to ask if we should put the rose in a vase, if I have one."

            "I don't know, what do you usually do with the many flowers you must receive?"

            "I don't ever get flowers," she laughed.


            "Really. I haven't ever."

            "I find that impossible to believe. If you wore that dress more you'd have enough long stemmed roses to open your own florist shop."

            "I've never worn this dress before. I bought it just for you."

            "It's rather breathtaking...I've never seen you in anything like it."

            "I'm glad you like it."

            "I do."

            Long silence.

            "Now, about that rose."

            "I could put it in a glass of water."

            "You could put it in a glass slipper."

            "I don't have a glass slipper," she giggled.

            "You could put it in a glass and then put the glass in a slipper."

            "I could slip it into something more comfortable."

            "You could comfortably slip it into a flower bed, but do you think it would take root?"

            "I'm sure I could coax this rose into taking root."

            "Do you think it would grow?"

            "Do you?"

            Their eyes were riveted together and sparkling. She was over being nervous, well at least over being anxious, well...

            "Shall we be off then?"

            "We shall. As soon as I do this." She turned to the counter and picked up a glass. She saw her hand turn the faucet on. She saw the water filling the glass. She put the rose in the glass. She turned back to Chris. "We can plant this later tonight."

            "I can't wait."

            She giggled and they were out the door.


            The car smelled clean as she glided in. Chris closed the door behind her and went around to the driver's side. As he put the key in the ignition he turned to her and smiled. She leaned over and kissed him gently on the cheek, lingering for a second. He moved his head slowly until they faced each other at a distance of less than an inch.

            His voice cracked, "that was nice."

            "I wanted to break the tension. I hate wondering what's going to happen at the end of a date."

            "Me too."

            "I hate tension."

            "So do I."

            "I love your aftershave."

            "I love your loving my aftershave." He leaned forward and kissed her gently on the lips. Then the nose. Then the chin. As he lifted her face she moved closer to him and kissed him on the lips. He playfully bit the tip of her nose.

            She kissed his chin. He kissed her on the lips, and her mouth opened ever so slightly. She gripped his lower lip with her mouth and closed her eyes.

            His mouth moved over hers and he gently sucked her upper lip. Her kisses probed into his mouth and she flicked his teeth with her tongue which he slowly closed his lips around. He held her head with his hand then moved it down to her neck and caressed it with his finger. Her tongue poked into his mouth and they kissed deeply.

            She ran her hand up his sleeve and over his lapel until she felt his shirt. She slid her fingers up his tie and pulled him closer. His other hand touched her bare shoulder and he slipped a finger under the strap of her dress. She played with the knot of his tie and then stroked the collar of his shirt.

            "I can't believe we're kissing like this," he whispered.

            "Keep kissing me."

            She ran her fingers up his neck, along his cheek and through the hair over his ear. He brought his hand down her shoulder and along her arm towards him. Their tongues were sliding over and under each other, swirling together until they seemed to join.


            "Keep kissing me."

            They pressed their mouths together tightly. He slid his hand back up her arm and over her shoulder to her back. He pressed it firmly on her flesh, and she suddenly kicked her leg over the gear shift and sat on top of him. She pressed her loins hard into the raging bulge in his pants and he moaned. His hands slipped down her back and rubbed her tight ass, then continued down to her exposed thighs and then moved back up until he felt the satiny gloss of her panties. He squeezed her ass then moved his hands back down her thighs and his fingers discovered her garters. He began alternating between her hot skin and the cooler fabric, slowly stroking each in turn.

            She began gyrating her hips so that her pubic mound worked over and over his swollen cock. Her hands tore at the back of his hair then she abruptly pushed herself back by placing her hands on his shoulders.


            She smiled and said, "...think we'd better get a room?"

            "...think the neighbors are watching us."

            "Which ones."

            "All of them."

            She laughed and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him hard for a few moments longer. "I'm going to explode," he stammered.

            "So am I."

            They kissed each other repeatedly on the lips, and he rolled his head back. She licked his Adam's apple and then kissed it. His hands slid back up to her ass and he squeezed it again. She rocked back so that her ass and thighs trapped his hands. She grabbed his lapels and pulled him forward until her back pressed against the steering wheel. The horn went off like an air raid siren.

            "Oh, boy...time to go," she laughed.

            "I don't think I can drive."

            "Sure you can."

            "I mean to the restaurant."

            "Oh," she giggled, then added, "you'll have to do the best you can."

            "With you on my lap?"


            "This is crazy."

            "Crazy, that's not exactly bad, is it?"

            "It's not bad at all."

            "Good. Drive me to the restaurant."

            "I'm thinking food is overrated."

            "Me too," she quipped.

            "I think we should discuss this."

            "I think you should drive me to the restaurant."

            "I think the keys are in my pocket, I can feel them bulging."

            "That's not your keys. THEY'RE already in the ignition."

            "In the ignition?"

            "Yeah, you put them there when we got in the car."

            "Oh. Then what's this in my pants?"

            "We'll get to that later."

            "I just love it when you're decisive."

            "Drive me to the restaurant."


            She wasn't really hungry at that point, but Lisa had never been an easy girl. At least not with men. She really didn't have a tremendous amount of experience with them. There had been a few boys that hit on her freshman year of high school, but only two had gone out with her and neither got what they were looking for. Before she was old enough to seriously date she had gone to girls' school...for three long years. After that she mostly kept to herself, aside from a fling or two with women she liked. In fact, she had pretty much considered herself a lesbian ever since the incident with her friend Caryn so long ago. Most definitely she had through herself that way after the trysts with Julia and Miss Sanders. Miss Sade was different. Lisa liked to be whipped by the old school master but she wasn't thrilled with things going any further. That was the extent of her sexual history. A lot of masturbation. Very little human contact. More contact with leather straps and whips than flesh and bones really. It left her unsettled to think that she could cover her entire past in five minutes. It left her somewhat unsure of what she should do with Chris.

            During the week preceding their date she hadn't given the idea of making love to him much thought. It might have been in the back of her mind, something surely was compelling her to start making out with him in the car. In broad daylight. In front of the neighbors!

            As they sped to the restaurant they didn't say very much. She looked out the windows at the passing scenery, and tried to think about what she should do after dinner. She most assuredly wanted to be with him, but to sleep with him on their first date after having been friends for so long? Making out had her very wet though, and she knew Chris was too. She felt it through his pants when she was sitting on his lap. They would definitely make out more when they got to her house. She was sure of that. But how much more was still in question.


            Dinner was fun. The restaurant's atmosphere was cozy and the food was excellent. She let Chris select the courses, an appetizer of tuna carpaccio for him (tuna being strong on his mind she surmised) and braised scallops for her. They enjoyed a half bottle of Meursault and talked about the past. The conversation wasn't as racy as before, much more akin to the one they had on the phone the other night. That put Lisa at ease and she spent most of the rest of the meal smiling at him. She tried never breaking eye contact with him, even when the waitress brought their entrees.

            A full bottle of wine accompanied the main course and they each had a cordial after dinner. Lisa was glad she hadn't poured herself a vodka earlier in the evening. As it was she felt a little high by the time they made it back out to the car.

            Chris asked her if she wanted to go someplace else. He reminded her that he wasn't much of a dancer, but then told her he'd allow himself to look foolish just for her. She liked that. He was often afraid to put himself in that position, and she correctly reasoned that she had infused in him a good deal of self confidence. She was also feeling good about herself, and began wondering if she should begin treating this as something more than a date. She feared going overboard though. Even if he felt the same way, there was too much that could go wrong. After all, they hadn't seen each other in a while, and her feelings towards people almost changed with each passing day.

              "We could go back to my house," she offered. Screw her past. His past. Their past. Once again she decided to go where her heart told her.

            "That sounds good."



            They leaned toward each other and kissed. She didn't remember a thing about the rest of the drive home.


            When they pulled up in front of her house Lisa realized where she was. It was as if she had been sleepwalking. Chris opened her door and helped her to her feet. She draped her arm casually around him and they kissed again. He shut the door and they walked to her front porch. Instead of letting them in, Lisa put both arms around Chris' neck and they kissed in the darkness for several minutes. They were both struggling to keep from ravaging each other on the porch, and Lisa's legs were soon wrapped around Chris' waist; his hands supporting her easily as he held her ass. As they made out, he slipped a finger into the leg of her panties and ran it along the edge until he neared her sopping wet pussy. She felt him reach the stream of love potion pouring out of her tender flesh, and he made circular motions with the juice around the insides of her thighs, tantalizingly close to her moist vagina.

            His incessant teasing was becoming too much, and she heard herself begging for him to make love to her right there on the porch. She tried to regain control of her body but it was no use. Chris laid her carefully on the ground and at once was on top of her, kissing her neck, biting her gently and running his hands up her sides and pushing the straps of her dress over her shoulders.

            She let go of his neck long enough to lift the dress over her hips, revealing her black panties and garters which were seductively outlined in the faint moonlight. Chris clumsily unfastened the garters and backed off of her to roll her stockings down her legs. Lisa lay transfixed as she watched her legs being lifted high into the air, as first one, then the other stocking was brought to her ankles.

            As she was about to pull her panties off, a light went on next door. She gasped and told Chris to lie down on top of her. They waited like that for what seemed an eternity. When at last the light went off they were both sweating, staring into eyes that couldn't bear to look away.

            "I don't think I have a rubber."

            "Why don't we go inside."

            "I could get one."

            "Don't go anywhere. I want you to stay here."

            "Do you want me to unlock the door?"

            "Go ahead, the key is in my purse."

            "You don't mind me in your purse?"

            "I guess not."

            "That's quite a revelation."

            "You're invited in...for now."

            "I get the picture."

            "Get the keys."


            Chris helped Lisa up from the ground and opened the door. When they were inside he closed the door and pushed her up against it. She liked having the door as a brace and threw her arms and legs back around him. They pawed at each other, removing bits and pieces of clothing...his jacket and tie, her high heels and stockings. Soon they were at the entrance to her room, where they continued to neck passionately. Her dress was around her hips, he was struggling to kick off his pants as he more or less carried her to her bed.

            She reached the sanctity of her bed and yanked her dress down her legs, Chris helped her slide the garment over her feet and tossed it on a nearby bureau. Together they worked on taking off her garter belt and bra. She fell back onto the soft blanket covering her bed and tried to trace to outline of Chris' face with her hand. He rubbed her upper arms and pulled her hands to him. As he pecked at her fingertips Lisa closed her eyes and coiled her legs around him. She ran her foot down his leg and noticed he was still wearing his socks.

            "Take those off," she demanded softly.

            "What...the socks?"

            "What else? How many choices do you have left?"

            He did as he was told and moved back on top of her, his hands on either side of her as if he were about to begin doing push-ups.

            "You've been working out," she purred.

            "...hoping for a girl like you to notice."

            "I noticed."

            "So glad." At that he lowered his head to hers and kissed the side of her nose, then her cheek, then the corner of her forehead, then her ear lobe. She was creaming.

            She caressed his hair and rubbed the tops of his shoulders. When her hands made it to his torso she brought them around to his chest and tugged at the hair. She curled a tuft about her left index finger and let her right hand find its way down to his shorts. She rimmed the elastic and let it snap back against his skin. His cock was ready to explode.

            His kisses nibbled her jaw and came back to her mouth. Their tongues entwined once more and he pulled off. He stared into her eyes which were wide open now and he ran his tongue along the bridge of her nose, then moved down and ran it up her chin to her parted lips. Their mouths clamped onto each other again, and he moved away as he had before. He ran his tongue up from her collarbone to her chin, then moved further down and licked his way from between her breasts up to her collarbone. He dropped the softest of kisses at the points of her neck and then moved down again. As the edge of his tongue dipped in and out of her navel Lisa quivered.

            Her hands came up from his shorts and pulled at his hair. She lifted his head up to her breasts. He kissed her nipples, first the left, then the right. He sucked the left one hard, then kissed it softly as it hardened. She eased her hand into his pants and felt his ass. He playfully bit her hardened nipple, and kissed it softly again. She eased her other hand into his pants and pressed his hard cock to his abdomen with her finger. A trickle of juice rolled over her fingernail, down her hand and curved when it reached her wrist. She grabbed his hard member with her whole hand and squeezed it as hard as she could. He moaned as another trickle of juice poured into her grasp.

            She pulled his dick quickly and it emitted a great stream of juice. He backed away and pried her soaked panties down her legs, diving back toward her love nest with abandon, and Lisa let a scream pass by her lips. She used her feet to finish removing her panties and threw her hands behind her head as Chris went down on her aching snatch. He expertly tongued the folds of her vagina and started to concentrate on her clit. She convulsed as she neared orgasm, her legs squeezing his head for all she was worth. He broadened his tongue and made a sweeping motion up her pussy and suckled her clit while she begged for him to fuck her. He stayed on her clit though, and she bucked against his face coming as though she was going to die.

            When she was finished she opened her eyes and moaned several times. Chris reached up with his hands and stroked her hair around her face. He then brought himself up to her lips and kissed her sweetly. She responded with a soft nibble of his lower lip and smiled. She saw the desire in his eyes but was helplessly delirious from her own orgasm. She last remembered him lovingly touching the side of her face as she fell asleep.


            The next morning she awoke as if she had never been alive before. Her room seemed completely different, her vision seemed totally altered. She was alone. Suddenly she wondered where he had gone. It hadn't been a dream. Had it? She sat up and saw that she was naked, a faint waft of sexual passion coming from below the sheets.

            She couldn't have dreamed the whole thing. Could she? Was this a masturbatory fantasy like she had experienced in the past?

            A noise from the bathroom told her the story. A minute later Chris was in her room, half dressed, and obviously just showered.

            "Hi," he said.


            "Sleep well?"

            "Yeah. You?"

            "Like a baby."


            "Do you want some breakfast?"

            "Have you made something?"

            "Just coffee, but whatever you like can be coming right up."

            "Coffee's good. Chris..."


            "Did I fall asleep on you?"

            "Kind of."

            "Sorry." She meant it.

            "That's O.K."

            "Are you sure?"

            "Yeah." She wondered if he meant it.

            "Come here."

            When he sat down on the bed she pulled him to her and kissed him gently on the lips. She let him hold her tightly and she started to kiss his chest.

            "This could get rowdy."

            "I know," she giggled, "I'm sorry I didn't take care of you."

            "I'll make sure you do."

            "You'd better."


            She went into the shower and bathed. When she finished, Chris had made her toast with strawberry jelly on top of the butter.

            "I remember you liking that."

            "You do?"




            "Let's go back to bed."


            After they had made love for the better part of the morning they fell back asleep. Lisa's body was lying over Chris' with her head resting on his chest. He held her gently with his arm stretched across her back, and his legs cradled hers. Lisa was quick to enter into a deep sleep. She sensed a thick blanket of clouds around her and saw images of faces she had known go floating by. Chris' face was among them. She tried to grab him as he went past her, and he seemed to be aware of this as he soon came around to her again.

            "Hi, what are you doing out there?"

            "I'm waiting for you."

            "How long have you been here?"

            "It seems like forever. Come over to me, I want to hold you."

            "How do I get there?"

            "Just walk to me."

            "I don't know if I can."

            "It's easy. Just walk."

            "I can't."

            "Just walk to me."

            "I'll try, but I don't think I can."

            "You can do anything you put your mind to. If you want to come to me all you have to do is walk over here. I'll be here for you. Nothing is going to hurt you, I promise."

            "Please don't make promises to me."

            "Why not?"

            "Just don't."

            "Lisa, I'm here for you."

            "I know."


            She tried to walk to him but she found that it was nearly impossible to lift her feet. Agonizing moments passed and she was no closer to him than before.

            "Chris I can't make it to you."

            "Yes you can."

            "No, it's not working, and I'm getting scared. Chris help me, please."

            "I can't come to you, you have to come to me."


            She tried to walk to him again, but it was useless to struggle any further. She fell down and began sobbing. When at last she stopped crying, she rubbed her eyes and looked up, but he was gone. She arose and looked all around her, desperate to see his face, but she couldn't see very far through the clouds.

            "Chris where are you?"

            "Chris where are you?"


            Lisa's body twitched, and she began to move about the bed. She came to and looked over to see Chris sleeping peacefully. She inched closer to him and stared into his face. She held his hand in hers and kissed him on the cheek.

            "I love you."

            "Huh?" he responded wearily.

            She pretended that she was asleep and that she hadn't said anything. She lay motionless for more than a half an hour before looking back at Chris' face. She was still staring at him when he woke up hours later. He looked at her and seemed to know she had been watching him. She pressed her face to his hand and kissed his nipple.

            "I've been thinking about jumping you." She was hoping to divert his thoughts back to something more manageable.


            "I dreamed about you while we were napping."

            "What kind of dream?"

            "I can't remember the details."

            "Maybe you jumped me in your dream."


            "Maybe you told me that you love me."

            "I don't think I was dreaming then."

            He leaned over to her and kissed her on the upper lip. She sighed and laid her head down on his chest.

            "I'm so confused about my life I can't think clearly."

            "Everybody gets like that sometimes."

            "Not like this."

            "What are you confused about?"

            "You. Me. Life."

            "That's a lot for anybody to think about. Why don't you try to narrow it down a little."

            "That's easy to say..."

            "Well, let's talk about you and me. We'll leave the other stuff alone for now. O.K.?"

            "I don't know where to begin." She wasn't kidding. She wasn't sure how she felt, and she certainly didn't know what she should tell Chris.

            "Do you like me?"

            "It's not that." She was even more confused about what to say now.

            "So you do like me?"

            "That's a silly thing to ask a girl who's lying naked with you in bed."

            "Not necessarily."

            "I like you, O.K.?"

            "That's good to hear. I like you too."


            "Sometimes that's good enough for the time being."

            "What do you mean?"

            "I mean we can like each other for now. We don't have to decide anything."

            "I know, but there's so much beyond that."

            "Anything else can wait."


            "Why not?"

            "So what do we do now?"

            He put his arms around her and held her. "We get something to eat."


            Chris was at ease. He went into the kitchen and cut each of them a tomato to which he added a diced red onion, basil and a squirt of olive oil. "Do you have any wine?"

            "I don't think so."

            "How about tea?"

            "Sure." She poured them both a tall glass of tea, and asked him if he liked sugar or lemon.

            "I like it plain."

            "So do I." She put the glasses on the table and sat down across from him.

            "Thank you."

            "Thank YOU." As Lisa ate she watched Chris. He went about devouring his food like he was eating her pussy again. "You're cute."

            "You like watching me eat?"

            "You have a talent for it." She was smiling.

            "Good to see you can recall the highlights of the past 24 hours."

            She laughed and finished her salad.


            After dinner Chris asked her what she thought they should do. She said they should go back to bed, and asked him if he had anyplace he had to be the next day.

            "Nowhere special."

            "Then stay."

            They were much tamer that night. They kissed for a while, but they both sensed that it might be better to move more slowly and   they soon started to dose off. Lisa got up for a drink of water in the middle of the night and sat down in the kitchen to think. She couldn't figure anything out aside from the fact she was hot, tired and happy that Chris was in the next room. She got up and went into the bathroom and was in the shower before she knew what she was doing. After soaking under the hot water until it ran cold, she got out and went back to bed.


            The rest of the week was more of the same. She couldn't figure her dreams out, she couldn't figure her life out. She was glad to be seeing Chris and when they were together he would temporarily put her mind at ease. He spent the night on Sunday, but slept at his own home until the following weekend. On the nights he was away Lisa laid awake for hours then would fall into a deep sleep. When she was lying in bed awake she cried a little, thought a lot and masturbated more. She would begin by thinking about Chris, but couldn't keep her mind off of her friend Julia. She hadn't seen her in so long. She wondered what she was up to. Thinking about Julia made her come quickly. When this happened three nights in a row Lisa became alarmed. What if she really was a lesbian? What was she going to tell Chris? When he was there she knew she adored his presence, when he was gone...

            That Friday they celebrated their one week anniversary by having dinner at the same restaurant they had started at. Lisa was in an upbeat mood, Thursday night she had climaxed by thinking of only Chris. She wasn't sure what that meant, but she was happier. They talked and ate and drank freely. When they got back to her house they made love in the car so heatedly that the windows fogged up...they certainly seemed to do just fine in automobiles. Ending up in her living room, she repaid him for his fine oral performance of the previous week with a peerless effort of her own. Little did he know she had never done this before.   She laughed when he couldn't stay awake after coming.

            "Revenge." She thought. She led him to her room and he fell into a deep slumber. Undressing herself, she lay next to him...her great enigma. She continued to masturbate for a long time, slowly soaking her panties. Her wetness trickled between her thighs and formed a small pool on the mattress. Lisa sighed and felt sleep coming upon her. She turned her head toward Chris and watched him. "Oblivious to the world," she thought, "oh well, at least one of us will feel rested in the morning." She moved over top of him and kissed his mouth deeply. He stirred, and she ran her hand through his hair, then rolled back onto her side of the bed. She looked up at the ceiling and started to drift off. The last thing she remembered was turning on to her side and cuddling her pillow before she was back among the clouds.

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