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The Hammock

He applies suntan lotion to her in a hammock
Lying in her hammock in her garden, she closed her eyes momentarily to savour the thought that he was fetching the suntan lotion and would soon be applying it to her body.

When they slowly opened, they shimmered with anticipation. He had already returned, bottle in hand and had been watching her swaying in the warm and gentle breeze.

He gazed into her eyes and she could tell that he was intent on helping her eyes' shimmer transpose into a glint.

She opened her mouth slightly and gently pressed her teeth into her tongue, barely wetting her smiling lips.

"I hope you intend to apply it thoroughly," she smiled, "I want to have an even tan. Also, you should be liberal with it, so that it deeply penetrates my skin."

He admired how masterfully she employed equivocal language. The double entendre word play teased and excited him, as she intend it to. He unscrewed the suntan lotion bottle's lid...

She shifted into a comfortable position in the hammock, bending one leg at the knee, pulling her foot up along the soft cotton rope, she let it fall to the side and rest against the hammock near him, her legs spread widely. She let out a slight sigh as she unfolded her arms and interlocked her fingers behind her head. He would have unrestricted access to her body. She could hear her heartbeat galloping and wondered if he could as well.

He held the bottle over her body and drizzled oil onto her chest. It rolled down along her body, gathering in her cleavage and, after pausing briefly below her breasts at the white string of her red bikini, it continued to flow to her navel.

He traced the flow of oil on her body with the bottle above it, drizzling more oil splatters on her stomach. Her skin was alive to the drips of the cool oil touching her skin. She could feel her skin was goose-bumping.

He placed his hand softly on her body. It sent a tiny shock-wave through her whole body.

"Oh God," she thought, "his touch really turns me on..." as his hand caressed up over her breast, smearing oil evenly below her neck and the exposed parts of her breasts and then, circling back down, teasing the oil out over her tummy. When his hand swished below her belly button, close to her panty line, her stomach involuntarily convulsed as spasms of excitement were induced by his soft touch so near her pubic mound. She could feel the tips of his fingers slide just beneath her bikini bottom and she felt the modest urge to close her legs, but she relaxed into his sensuous stroking instead.

Lying in the hammock with him applying the suntan lotion to her body was such an amazing fantasy for her. She could feel wetness between her legs and willed his fingers to caress into her slit, teasing her clit, which she felt was beginning to throb.

She pressed her legs further apart as his fingers probed just below the string of her bikini bottom, spreading the suntan lotion under the red material. She hoped that her deliberate attempt to spread herself for him would be taken by him as a clear hint that she wanted him to touch her, but he seemed intent on just spreading the suntan lotion.

She thought about grabbing his strong arm and holding it still for a moment and then gently pressing and nudging it such that his hand would completely disappear into her bikini bottom. She felt so horny. She could feel her labia swelling and her moist clit throbbing outward, pushing them apart. She felt his fingers gingerly touching her finely trimmed pubic hairs above her slit and, closing her eyes to absorb the effect, groaned silently.

With her stomach properly smothered he turned his attentions to oiling her legs. This time he squirted the oil into his hands in generous bursts and then rested them on her legs just above her knees. She held her breath.

Slowly his powerful hands pushed the oil from her knees towards her bikini bottom. She could feel his thumbs on the inside of her thighs, pressing harder than the rest of his hand. The oil smoothed his hands' ride towards her pussy as he chased a tiny wave in her skin. As his hands came closer on both sides, she felt a spasm of ecstasy shoot ahead of his fingers, coaxing yet more moisture into her bikini bottom.

Once he had spread the lotion up against her bikini bottom, he slowly pumped his hands up and down her legs, sensually massaging the oil into her skin. She could feel her labia being pushed closed and then pulled open as he expertly plied the oil to her legs. Her clit was throbbing and she was certain that the moisture oozing from her would be visible on the red bikini bottom. She blushed slightly at the thought and closed her eyes, enjoying the rhythmic sensation of her pussy being pushed closed and then pulled open under her bikini bottom, soaking it in her love juices. She bit her lip as a tiny shudder emanated from deep within her.

She felt sweat rolling down her brow, her back and inside her cleavage. She pushed her head backwards into her hands, still clasped behind her head. As she arched her back, she raised her abdomen into one of his upstrokes, causing his hands to push right into her swollen pubic mound. She groaned, this time audibly, as she felt his one hand pulling the crotch of her bikini bottom to one side, exposing her wet wanting pussy to the sun.

She shut her eyes tightly as she felt his lubricated fingers probing at her pussy, stroking and then folding open her labia. Another shudder passed through her abdomen. She could feel a lingering vibration in her tight ass muscles. She was about to cum and she could tell he knew and was expertly coaxing the orgasm out of her, sustaining the pleasure. She arched her back again, offering her now waterfalling pussy to his devices.

She felt him circle two fingers at her entrance as her shudders started turning into full on convulsions. Then she felt them glide into her and press against her soft velvety inner walls where he rubbed at the convulsions. She opened her mouth and heard a silent scream leap from it as her pussy pulsed and her body bucked underneath her.

She could feel her pussy squirting her juices in throbbing gushes all over his hand and into the air. He massaged at her pussy as it shuddered and squirmed, coaxing every last drop out of her. Tears flowed from her tear ducts. She did not wipe them away. She wanted him to see how happy she was.

As her shudders died down, he cupped her whole pussy in his hand and pumped it gently. Her breathing eased. She felt him pull the crotch of her bikini bottom back over her pussy. She opened her eyes and enjoyed seeing him looking lovingly at the glint in her eyes.

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