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The Howling - 2 - My Teacher

I sat there in Mr. Creech's car and considered what I was getting myself into. Mr. Creech is my art teacher, he is an adult and technically I'm just a high school student. At least that's what I live my life as, really I'm a lycan, a werewolf and far older than what I look. I may look like a young teenage girl but I'm at least as old as him. So why does he send shivers up my spine and goosebumps across my flesh? His car smells of him. I can tell what fast food restaurant he last stopped at. So many things I can tell about him but I don't know what he is thinking. The compact car doesn't leave much space between us. I’m so afraid of doing the wrong thing, of making him upset.

He sits down next to me. I can smell his desire. I sense his feelings but they are confused and even though his body is ready to mate, his movements and subtle body variations say he isn’t. Why? I'm petite and a little skinny but I'm toned and I think I look good. I know men like big breasts even if they have no idea how difficult they can be for a woman. My breasts are half exposed, pale white flesh pressing out of front of my button down dress and my pale peach nipples are almost poking out, and doesn’t this excite men? Shouldn't he want me?  

I wish I knew if he liked me. I feel like a little girl, confused, full of desire and desperate for Mr. Creech to tell me something, anything that will reassure me that he feels the same as I do. I'm so nervous that my teeth are chattering and I have to rub my arms.

“Are you cold Ivy? Would you like to wear my jacket?” He asks.

“No, Mr. Creech not at all.” I answer, keeping my head down and hiding my face behind my hair.

“Oh please, call me Sean.” He said.

“Ok, Sean.” I giggled. It was a nervous giggle. I felt stupid. I was certainly old enough to be more together than this but even when I looked in the little mirror built into the visor, I saw a little girl peering back at me through all that hair. The face in the mirror is sweet, she is me but sometimes I don’t feel like her. I pierced my bottom lip a few years back and the two silver rings wrapping around my lip give me something to nervously play with. My deep blue eyes are lined to look more feline, more exotic, and hopefully more sensual.

Sitting next to… Sean, even thinking his name sent shivers up my spine, sitting next to Sean I couldn't help but be terrified. He was mature, strong, and creative and I longed to know more about him. I wanted to know everything there was to know. It was only when he glanced over at me that I realized I was staring at him. I ducked my head down and let my hair hide my face again.

“You know you really shouldn't hide behind your hair. I mean your hair is beautiful but your face is more so.”

My heart beat a thousand miles an hour. I gripped and twisted my hands together in my lap in total fear. I wanted to jump out of the car even when it was moving at 60+ miles an hour. I didn't mind. I would have easily taken the bumps and bruises from the fall if it meant I didn't have to look up into his beautiful brown eyes and risk losing my heart.

I looked up.

He was staring at me. His big brown eyes locked on mine. I pulled back my hair and twisted a lock so that I could wrap it, when I was done with both sides I looked back in the little mirror and a young girl with spiky little pig tails looked back at me. I still allowed enough hair to fall in my face that my eyes were somewhat hidden. I turned to him and smiled shyly. He smiled softly and reached out a hand to touch my face. I had to hold myself there to keep from pulling away from his touch. His warm fingers touched my cheek and I instinctively pressed my face into his palm. Oh God, he was warm and his fingers felt wonderful. I inhaled him. He smelled of paint and graphite and everything that made an artist, everything I wanted. I could smell my own excited juices now and wondered if he could as well? Humans aren’t as sensitive to smell as my kind.

“You know what?” He said suddenly. He turned back to look at the road but I never found out what he was going to ask because he jumped and slammed his foot onto the brake. I sensed the danger before he even saw it. It was a feeling of warning and fear and behind that I could smell something raw... like hate. I growled just moments before Sean saw the huge looming dark shape hunched over in the middle of the road.  After Sean hit the brakes and jerked the wheel, the back tires locked and we started to spin. The wolf raised its hackles and I watched intently as we spun around it. It didn't move but it did raise up to its full height and it was enormous! The car spun and Sean turned the wheel uselessly trying desperately to get control. The enormous black lycan reached out and I instinctively jumped back, pushing into Sean. Finally we stopped.

“Dear God!” Sean said after we had stopped spinning.

The car sat motionless in the middle of the two lane highway. The engine had stalled and the car was facing the opposite way. The Werewolf was gone.

I jumped out of the car and crouched down to get the smell. I could smell gas and rubber from the skids but under that was the smell of the werewolf. It was a male. I considered changing and going after him but just as I was feeling the sharp pain of my teeth extending, Sean stumbled out of the car and I heard him coughing.

“Are you OK?” I asked.

“I...yeah...just a little knocked up. You?” He asked.

I didn't answer. I was searching the woods, listening and trying to catch a scent. The air around us was still. We were surrounded by nothing but the thick mountain woods for miles. I smelled deer that were a few yards away but nothing larger. The lycan was gone.

“What the fuck was that thing?” Sean asked.

“I don't know.” I lied.

Sean bent over with his hands on his knees and tried to get his breath back. He lifted his head and when he looked at me his eyes went wide and his face flushed red. He wasn't looking at my face. I hadn't noticed but in the accident and my rush to get out of the car, my dress had come open, the worn buttons finally gave way. The dress was old, a little too tight and Mama had tried to rip it off me this morning when she was punishing me for being out too late. Sean looked from my breasts to my face and back to my breasts.

“You really are beautiful.”

“Me or my boobs?” I asked.

“You, all of you. I didn't tell you in the classroom when I wanted you to model but when your top came open it was all I could do to force you to close it. It is a shame that the school won't allow us to have students do nude modeling. You really look fantastic. A natural born model.”

“I'll model nude for you if you like.” I said.

Sean didn't reply for a moment, our eyes locked on each other and we moved in closer to each other. His beautiful face was only inches from mine and the anticipation of his kiss made my whole body tremble. Sean, Mr. Creech, my art teacher, my strong older man, Oh God how I love you already. He put his hand under my chin and leaned in to kiss me. I couldn’t close my eyes. His lips touched mine softly at first and then with more pressure and his tongue slipped between my lips and gave myself to him. His hands were all over me, pulling open the rest of my dress and caressing my breasts. I wrapped my arms around his neck and practically felt my feet lift off the ground. My toes were the only thing touching the ground and he held me up by firmly gripping my ass. I felt his obvious excitement and pushed my body into his erection. He was warm even though the evening air had started to cool. We continued our embrace in the middle of the street for several minutes, or perhaps for eternity, or perhaps for only a second but all too soon our embrace ended. I felt the absence of his kiss the way you feel the loss of a precious gift suddenly taken away. I pulled my arms together around his neck holding him tighter and pressed against him resting my head on his chest. I didn't want to ever let him go.

“I don't think the car is going to go anywhere.” He said.

I didn't care. I pulled in tighter and thankfully Sean's stiff cock was still warm and ready against my tummy. I wanted to feel it and hold it and caress it. I could tell it was large enough to satisfy me and he was certainly ready. I wanted him to take me right here, in the middle of the street.

“I don't mind.” I said.

“Won't your parents be concerned? Let me get my cell out of the car and you can call them.” He pulled away from me and dropped my shoulders and I felt my knees press together to keep me standing. I was weak and horny and half naked, why wasn't he molesting me? Why was he going into his car and insisting on calling Mama? The moment was slipping away and I had absolutely no idea why.

“There is only Mama and she doesn't have a phone.” I said.

He looked over the hood of the car and held his cell in his hand for a moment, his eyes lost in me. I could see his longing and smell his desire for me. I shrugged my shoulders back so that my dress opened a little more. God, wasn’t it obvious? I didn't want him to think I was a slut, but right now I would be for him. My breasts were exposed but only half way, the dress had closed back over half of each breast instead of opening more. I didn’t want to be too obvious and just pull it off but the desire was there.

“Seriously, you guys don't have a phone?”


“So then I guess we are just stuck. Maybe a car will come by? I don’t see a house around for miles.”

“Mr...I mean, Sean...what are we doing?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, you are my art teacher, you are an older man and I'm a teenage girl,” even if I really wasn't, he didn't know, “and I'm half naked here and we just kissed. Why…”

“Yes?” He waited for me to make my point.

I stood there, feeling stupid and obvious. I wanted him to fuck me, right now! I wanted to feel his thick hard cock inside me. I wanted him to tear this dress off me and rip it to shreds so that I would have to be forever naked in his arms. I wanted to taste his cum and suck his hard cock and...and…

“Nothing.” I said and turned away from him, pulling my dress over my breasts.

“What is wrong?”

I stood there with my arms crossed. I debated telling him but instead I ducked my head down and tried to cover my face with my hair but I had pulled it into little pigtails for him. For him! I was cute, I was skinny, I was practically throwing myself on him, why wasn’t he ravishing me right now? Men. Why are they so stupid?

“Oh come on, don't hide behind your hair again. I love your face. Did you know that you have perhaps the most beautiful full lips I've ever seen in my life? You have a little dimple in the middle of your bottom lip that makes me want to kiss you so bad right now.”

“Well why don't you!”

He backed up. My voice had a little gruff edge to it. I could feel my teeth, they were sharp. I was really angry.

“Because...because I'm trying to be good here. God, do you know what would happen to me if we...if I was...I'm your teacher for crying out loud. I am what... at least twice your age? You're just a kid and they have really strict laws about this kinda thing. I don't want to end up on the evening news.”

“So you are afraid of being caught? I'm...” I was about to say I'm not a little kid, that I'm probably older than him but physically I knew I looked young. How could he understand that I'm not human, at least not like him?

“So really… you want me but you are just afraid of what might happen?” I said.

“Yeah, I guess...yeah. Shouldn’t I be?” He seemed to be debating it in his head.

“So you aren't just blowing me off?” I asked.

“No! Not at all. God! Are you kidding me? You are, by far, the hottest student to ever cross my classroom floor. I can't even tell you how badly I want you right now, I think I’ve wanted you since the first time you walked into the room. Your punked out look and the way you do your make-up and the funky clothes you wear and let’s not even talk about that body! Ivy, you are the single hottest girl in the school. There isn’t a single guy that wouldn’t want to be with you, tons of young guys your own age. Why do you want to be with me? I’m way too old for you.”

I threw myself on him and we both fell to the roadside and rolled into the tall grass. I ran my fingers through his soft hair and kissed him all over his face. He didn't fight me. His hands cupped my ass and I spread my legs so that my dress pushed up and my naked pussy could sit right on his crotch. I wanted him to feel me, feel my heat and desire for his stiff cock. He felt wonderful against my naked little slit but he still had his pants on and I still had this horrible dress on. I hate clothes! I always have. I hate them with a passion. I sat up, delightfully grinding my naked little slit into his wonderfully growing bulge, and grabbed my dress and ripped open the front popping the remaining buttons and sending them flying. With the rest of my strength I ripped the dress to shreds and enjoyed hearing it destroyed. Now I was naked, as I was meant to always be. I was a child of the forest again and wild and free. I was a Lycan!

“Wow! You are strong!” He said.

“You don't know the half of it.” I said breathlessly and with the deeper tone of the change that I was fighting back.

I grabbed his muscular chest and squeezed his wonderful pecks. He was small, like a dancer, but toned and I was ready to rip open his shirt and feel his naked skin against mine. He stopped me. I moaned in desperate frustration. I needed his cock! He better not be trying to stop me again or I really will change and this time it won’t be pleasant for him.

“I live off a teacher's salary and this is one of my only good shirts.”

Fine, I thought. I waited for him to unbutton his shirt and damn if it didn't take forever. I pressed up and down across his erection and finally I couldn't stand it any longer. I fumbled with his belt and pulled open his pants and thankfully Sean wasn't wearing any underwear. I grasp his thick hard cock in my hand and sighed when I felt how wonderfully hot it was. I stroked him a few times before pressing my cheek to it and then my lips. I could smell his sex, his wonderful semen inside waiting to explode. I could barely get my breath. I opened my mouth and licked his cock from balls to head. He moaned and this sent shivers of desire through my body. It took me a moment before I realized that I was fingering myself frantically while grasping his long hard cock with my other hand.

“Oh my God! It's like you are possessed or something.”

“ don't like?” I managed to ask. I was beyond caring. I was so far gone. I was about to make myself cum from just touching his hot cock. It was so beautiful, so thick and ready. I didn't want to put it inside me yet, just to taste it and touch it and worship it.

“No...oh no...I love it. I’ve just never been around anyone who was so…forceful.”

“I get it from my Mama, she is a nymphomaniac.” I said and had no idea why I said it. Why would Mama be in my mind right now? I didn’t dwell on it. I just opened my mouth and wrapped it around the soft head of his cock. Oh my God, his cock is so huge! It pushed into the back of my throat and I gagged. I wasn't used to sucking a cock so big. I struggled to get air as I sucked him down to his balls and felt the length of him in my throat. The feel of his rod penetrating my little throat only made me hornier. I came. It wasn't a big one, just a little orgasm that made my legs tremble a little. I whimpered around his cock. I sounded like a little pup.

I sat up and wiped the long stream of spit from my chin. He stared into my eyes and then at my breasts. I leaned forward so my huge tits hung in his face and he opened his beautiful mouth to take my hard peach nipple in. When his tongue moved over and around my hard stem of a nipple, I had to keep myself from ripping him apart. My nipples are so sensitive and his warm tongue sucking them made my body convulse. Yes, I did get this from my Mama.

I couldn't stand it any longer. I grabbed his massive cock and tilted it up so that he was ready for me to lower my naked little wet pussy over him. I pushed the head of his cock into the soft little folds of my labia and parted them, opening them up and wetting the tip of his cock. I was dripping wet and his warm head penetrated the pink little folds easily. I moved his cock all around the inside of my soaked wet and tender little slit until his cock was dripping with my sweet honey. I decided that he was wet enough that he would slide down inside me and I was done with this tease. Oh Goddess! It was wonderful! He was so thick and hard that he filled me completely, touching every inch inside me. I could feel him down deep, pushing into the far reaches of my tight little pink hole. I bit my bottom lip and moaned softly as I lifted up and felt him slowly sliding out of me. Then, oh my, he slipped back inside and filled my sweet little juice box. Mmmm…the sensation was like being warmly touched from the inside and yet a little painful at the same time.

“Mmmm...that feels like heaven. I don't think I am ever going to let you stop fucking me.” I said.

“Don't worry little girl, I don't think I ever will.”

I smiled and wrapped my arms around his neck again and kissed him as he pushed up into me again. He fucked me then, pounding his huge dick into me again and again. My little body rocked as he tore me open and explored every dripping inch of my tender little cunt. I was sore and tired after 20 minutes of fucking. I had already cum twice but Sean wasn't even slowing down. I needed a break or I wasn’t going to be able to walk after this.  

“Let me taste myself on your cock.” I begged. I asked it because my poor little pussy needed a break. I was sore and too small and tight for his massive erection. I needed a little time before he continued to fuck me for another hour or two or three.

I slipped my breasts down his chest and across his throbbing wet cock. I put my hands on either side of it and it was beautiful. Sean was so toned and hot. I kissed the head of his cock lightly and then took the entire thing in my mouth. I could taste my sweet juices and feel the sticky cum coating my face and chin as I sucked wildly, worshipping his cock with my mouth. He grabbed the back of my head and began fucking my face. I loved it! I love being forced and he was proving sufficiently dominant. I was rocked around by the force of his hips pumping into my face. My throat became as sore as my tight little pussy but he had my hair and I couldn’t get away. Streams of spit dripped down my chin and I gagged several times. I tried to plead but the sounds just came out as odd throaty gags. I almost lost it right before he finally released my hair and I pulled away in a desperate attempt to get air. I breathed in deep like a diver breaking the surface of the ocean, only my ocean was his body and I would happily drown in it.

“I want to fuck those beautiful tits of yours. I don’t think I’ve ever seen tits as perfect and big and firm as yours. I think it’s that tiny little waist of yours that makes them so amazing.” He said.

“They are waiting for your cock.” I said.

He pushed me down into the leaves and grass and I put my hands on either side of my breasts and pressed the soft mounds of white flesh together around his wet cock. He pumped his cock between my tits and I licked it as poked out. This wasn’t the first guy to fuck my breasts and even though the sensation isn’t much for me, I know how much men love it and having Sean fucking them made me wet again.

“Oh God, I think I'm going to cum!” He said.

“Yes! Cum!” I said.

I really wanted his seed inside me but I would take it however he was ready to give it and besides I was sore and wasn’t sure I could take that huge cock in my little tight pussy again. He pumped his cock between my breasts a few more times before his body went ridged and he shot the first stream of hot spunk into my face. It sprayed across my cheek and left eye. I barely had a chance to open my mouth before a second, more massive jet of cum shot from his cock and coated my mouth with salty semen. More and more shot out in thrusting spasms until my entire face was covered and it dripped down my chin and onto my neck. I could feel a pool of his cum in the recess of my throat. I licked my lips and ran my fingers through his cum, sucking all of it off.

Sean rolled off me and lay in the grass with his arms out. I lay on top of him and toyed with his chest hair listening to his heart beating. I was deeply in love with him and at this moment I didn't care that Mama would smell his cum on me and probably go ballistic. Not only that, but there was a strange lycan roaming around the woods, the first one of our kind that I had ever seen outside our family! I hadn't forgotten about that but it didn't seem to matter now that I was with my love and hopefully new mate…assuming Mama wouldn’t do something to stop us from being together.

We finally made our way back to the car and I was stretching and loving having Sean admire my body as I moved. I love being watched. I moved from side to side to give him better views of me. I posed and bent over and turned for him, all my shyness gone for the moment. He smiled and his eyes told me everything I needed to know. I could smell his desire for me.

Then I noticed it.

A bright yellow smiley face sticker on the passenger window. My hand flew to cover my mouth as I suppressed a silent scream. I backed up a step and then crouched and scanned the woods around us. I didn't hear anything and smelled nothing. We were still alone.

“What? What is it?” Sean asked. He walked around the car and saw the sticker on the window. “Where did that come from? What is it?”

“I...I think...I don’t…it can’t be!”

It couldn't be! There was just no way. I said aloud, “But he is dead.”

“Who? Who is dead? What is that?”

“ Uncle...Mama's twin brother.”

“I'm confused.”

“I am too.” I said and then I leaned against the car. Sean wrapped his arm around me and I leaned into him and pressed my face against his chest. Fear and curiosity flooded my mind.

“Tell me Ivy, what is going on?”

“You wouldn't believe me.”

“Try me.”

“Well, I don't know much of it, only what Mama told me. I can tell you but you won’t believe me.”

“Try me Ivy, you might be surprised at what I’ll believe. I know there is something different about you. I’ve sensed it from the first time I saw you. There is something almost…primal…like you are more spiritual than anyone around you. I can’t explain it but I know that anything you tell me I’ll listen and trust you.”

“You trust me?” I asked, almost crying.


“Ok, then I’ll tell you the story of Mama and her brother, but I don’t think you’ll believe it.”

Next – Mama’s story...if you want to read it.

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