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The Island Chapter 1

It was the beginning of a perfect vacation
We had checked into the hotel only an hour before and already we were stretched out on the bed trying to get our breathing back to normal. Her soft blond hair lay against my arm, a soft smile played across her lips. Languidly she arched her back, stretching to ward off the sleep that threatened to invade her. "Let's eat," she laughed, "Good sex makes me hungry".

I struggled with the euphoria that had washed over me, trying to bring myself back to life. "Care to join me in a shower?" I asked with a grin.

Ten minutes later, we stepped out of the steam into the coolness of the room. Quickly drying off, I watched as she stepped into the tiniest panties I'd ever seen and slipped a thin chemise over her heard before strolling seductively into the bathroom to apply her makeup.

"Smith, party of two, we have reservations at 8:00." I told the maitre d'. "Right this way monsieur", he replied. "I have a nice table by the window."

Our eyes met across the table and locked in tight embrace. I peered deep into her soul. "I love you," I whispered. Her soft smile said everything that needed to be said. I allowed my gaze to gently caress her body watching her nipples harden against the soft silk. Her lips parted as her tongue flicked out to moisten them, She squirmed slightly in her seat, a tiny smile played across her beautiful lips.

We ate our dinner slowly, relishing each others’ gaze. The open adoration, the total love that glowed like an ember, waiting patiently to explode into passion at a moments’ notice.

"Le Escargot, Monsieur e' Madame." the waiter said softly as if not wanting to break our reverie. The soft sizzle of the plate reminded us of our near starvation as the waiter placed the Escargot on the table.

Spearing an Escargot with a fork, I reached across the table. Her tongue wrapped enticingly around it, a tiny trail of butter trickled down her chin.

She shifted gently in her seat, Her nipples strained against the thin fabric of the chemise as she leaned forward to savor the delicacy.

As the waiter cleared away the last of the plates and placed the espresso on the table, she leaned forward, again testing the strength of the fabric. "Fuck me," she whispered.

Signing the check, I quickly rose from the table, extending my hand to her. "Come on." I whispered, "We'll find a place."

As we made our way through the crowded restaurant, our fingers played a love game of their own, uncontrollably stroking, tickling and caressing each other as the tension increased.

Near the exit, I spotted a small glowing sign, [Rest rooms] it proclaimed. "In here," I whispered, glancing around quickly before pulling her into the empty men's room.

"Here," I whispered nearly losing my voice, "Into the stall."

I closed and latched the door pulling her hastily to mo. Our mouths met in frenzied passion. Moans erupted from throats. Frantically she pulled at my pants. I slid her dress high on her hips, pulling at the tiny panties. The strength of the fabric failed against the passion of the moment as I tore the panties from her body, stuffing them into my jacket pocket. I could feel her weight against me as she wrapped her legs around me.

A moan of ecstasy escaped her throat as she lowered herself onto my cock. "Oh God," she whispered, "I'm ready to explode."

Suddenly, the door to the rest room swung open. We froze, unable to breath. Two men entered, engrossed in casual conversation. "This is really a class restaurant," mused one. "The rest rooms even smell like vanilla."

Mouths locked together to stifle our passion and laughter, our tongues probed deep inside, now oblivious to the sounds of the two men. I could feel her hot wetness engulfing me, my cock throbbed, aching to explode inside her. The walls of her pussy rippled against me, stroking me, drawing me closer and closer, like tiny fingers. Slowly she began to grind her body down onto my cock.

Urinals flushed, water ran briefly and the two men passed through the door as she exploded around me, moans of orgasm stifled by my mouth on hers.

My cock throbbed once and poured into her, filling her. Again and again, the ripples of orgasm shook her., each bringing with it a moan of ecstasy mixed with stifled laughter and passionate kisses.

Carefully, we regained our composure. She straightened her thin chemise as I zipped my pants hurriedly.

"Come on," I laughed, "Let's get out of here." Giggling, we passed through the door, colliding with a man entering.

"OOPS," she giggled in his direction. "Guess that's not the cocktail lounge."

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