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The Island Chapter 2

We stepped quickly out into the humid night air, the sound of the surf wafted through the stillness.

She wrapped her arms around mine as we walked, laying her head on my shoulder.

Out onto the damp sand we strolled, watching the moon as it hung over the dark ocean.

We paused, kicking our shoes off to feel the damp sand.

"I love you," I whispered softly.

The water lapped gently around our ankles as we paused. She turned slowly to me, her right arm slipping around my neck, our mouths met, full and open, tongues probing deeply.

A soft moan escaped her throat as my hands slid down her back, caressing her ass, remembering the thin panties in my pocket.

Her body pressed tightly against me, her right leg gently enfolding me.

My tongue probed deep, the passion increasing. My hands slowly worked the dress up, feeling the first exquisite touch of her skin.

Her breasts dug gently into my chest, her nipples swelling in anticipation. Our knees bent as we began to sink softly into the sand. Her fingers dug deeply into my back.

Waves of passion engulfed us as we collapsed into the shallow water. Sinking to our knees, oblivious to anything around us, alone in the world, two lovers knowing only each others intense longing.

"I love you," crept from our lips at the same instant in time. The surf boiled gently around us, tugging, enticing, inviting us to mix our passion with the seas.

Softly, gently, powerfully I entered her. Her hips thrust up to meet me, inviting, enticing, joining in my quest. Our mouths never left one another, tongues probing deeply, moans mixing with the power of the sea, rolling with the surf, passions increase, and ebb, only to increase again.

The water rolled and boiled and swirled around us, imitating our love making. Her hips moved in perfect rhythm with mine.

I moved deep inside her, feeling her grip me, draw me in, allowing my escape only to draw me back once more.

The surf rolled over us, suddenly, the waves of passion could be held no longer. We exploded in perfect rhythm with the surf. Ecstatic cries drowned out by the waves and the surf grew quiet and retreated as we lay consumed, entangled, in love.

We rose unsteadily to our feet, her dress clinging to her, transparent in the moonlight Her nipples still erect as we strolled, arms locked in eternal embrace, towards our room.

She sighed softly. "That Jacuzzi is going to feel heavenly now".

We walked across the soft grass, the evening breeze chilling her through the thin chemise.

Inside the room, I turned the water on to fill the Jacuzzi, lighting the candles that surrounded it. The room glowed with soft candle light as we slowly slipped into the hot swirling water, taking with us the cool glasses of wine. The heat and the moisture engulfed us, drawing the chill from within.

She leaned back, her head resting on the side, the water foaming around her breasts.

"I love you," she whispered.

Her foot extended toward me, softly stroking my leg.

"I have a present for you." I whispered as I reached for the small plastic egg that lay quietly waiting on the floor.

"Is that what I think it is?" she whispered...

"umm hmm... and it's waterproof." The motor hummed to life with a flick of the switch causing a tiny smile of anticipation to play across her lips. The steaming water swirled around us, flooding us with its warmth.

My lips met hers. Softly, gently, her arms encircled my neck, tongues danced together, soft moans met in the middle and blended together. My right hand moved slowly through the swirling water as her legs parted in anticipation, welcoming.

A gasp of pleasure escaped as the soft tip brushed against her like a tiny electric shock. Pressing against her hardening pearl, sending waves of pleasure coursing through her.

Her tongue probed deeper, her fingers dug into my shoulders, her left hand slid down, over my back and shoulders to stop on her breast. Rolling the nipple gently between her fingers.

Our eyes met in the mirrors surrounding the Jacuzzi. locked in desire, watching each other, enjoying the pleasure we transferred.

The vibrator hummed against her, drawing her closer, the intensity of her moans built.

She bit her lip as if to squelch a cry. Her body twisted in ecstatic abandon in the water, her hand dropped below the surface, clasping mine, holding it tight to her.

Then moving, seeking, finding, her fingers wrapped around me, squeezing gently, stroking, slowly, rhythmically. She brought me closer with each movement. My hips thrust in rhythm with her hand.

My hand moved in rhythm with her hips, twisting, writhing, welcoming, beckoning. Hotter, harder, the intensity built.

Our mouths strained against each other as if to enter and become one. Harder, hotter, the thrusting continued, the water swirled around us. The swirls of the Jacuzzi lifted us closer to the peak until, we exploded, as one, both crying out.


We climbed on shaky legs, out of the steaming water, spent, unable to stand with ease. We dryed each other with giant towels,. lovingly stroking and patting.

We collapsed onto the bed. Her head resting on my shoulder, her lips touching my neck.

Her soft breathing changed rhythm as we both drifted away...

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