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The Island Chapter 3

The tropical moon poured through the window, filling the room with soft blue light. In the bed next to me she slept, a smile playing across her lips. Our bodies touched in every possible place.

In our sleep we moved as one, neither wanting to lose contact. Dreams of her poured through my head. She stirred against me causing tingling sensations to pass through my sleeping body.

My hand gently cupped her nipple, feeling it swell unknowingly in response to some deep dreamed touch. I responded unconsciously, hardening as I dream of her.

My hands moved in sleep as they would awake, seeking her, needing her. Images of her passed through my dream, glowing in her beauty.

She dances through a fog, green silk trailing behind. Her hands outstretched, beckoning me.

In wisps of dreamy fog, we came together, lips seeking lips, tongues seeking tongues. The silk slipped gently from her body fluttering away in the soft breeze. She stood, shoulders back, head high, waiting, wanting...

My hands move in sleep, gently unknowingly caressing her, seeking her, she murmurs as she turns towards me, her leg enfolding me, drawing me close. Our breathing, deep and soft in sleep, becomes as one in perfect rhythm.

Through the fog and the mist of the dream, she came closer, her breasts full, her hands tracing the outlines of her body. Our mouths met in the mist, tongues exploring, softly, deeply, lips touching, bodies caressing.

Two souls exploring, mingling, becoming one. Her hands caress as do mine, at once gentle and firm. Offering and taking, on a cloud of mist, we join together, coupling, fusing, entering.

We dance as one.

Our sleepy breathing increases. Chests heave softly in sleep, bodies move in unison, soft moans of pleasure escape unknown.

Our dancing hastens, mist swirls around us, hiding, exposing, in perfect harmony, neither dominant, neither submissive, arching, bending, accepting.

Bodies writhe in the mist. Her moans of pleasure match mine. Mine match hers.

She surrounds me, engulfing me in her wetness, drawing me into her, becoming one.

Her fingers trace lines of passion down my back. We roll in the mist boiling and flowing with it. Deep inside her, our tongues dance from mouth to mouth, moans climb higher in our throats. Backs arch, giving, accepting, together we explode in a mist of frenzied passion. Her cries pour out..."Ohhhhh myyy

Godddddd" she cries in her sleep as we both awaken clasped together. Our bodies drenched in sweat. The juices of love mixing on the huge bed, both spent.

Chests heaving, "My God," she whispers "I just had the most incredible dream."

The tropical sun poured in, filling the room with golden yellow. I awakened to find her body pressed tightly against mine, her hand holding mine tightly to her breast. She stirred, stretching lazily in the sun, arching her back.

We walked on unsteady legs towards the huge shower.

Steaming water poured down as we gently washed away the nights’ lovemaking.

The water cascaded over her breasts, forming two tiny waterfalls over her nipples, as we passed the sponge over each others’ bodies.

The towels lay in a pile as she deftly applied her makeup.

I slipped on a pair of silk running pants and a T-shirt. I watched intently as she dressed.

My mind raced with feelings of love.

Turning from the makeup table, she selected a pair of sheer panties... eyeing them with an impish grin before discarding them as she slipped the thin sun dress over her head.

Her beautiful feet slip into thin white sandals. Her gold ankle chain sparkled in the sunlight.

Our arms around each other, we strolled slowly through the manicured grounds towards the restaurant, stomachs begging for nourishment to replace that used in lovemaking.

We ate slowly, casually, pouring over the myriad of brochures that describe the many attractions, planning the adventures of the day.

Our eyes met frequently, holding, exploring, exchanging messages that only we understand.

Her tongue passed slowly over her lips as a sparkle flashed in her eyes...

"I love you," I whisper.

The stalls and arcades of the shopping district beckoned gaily as we stepped out of the ancient taxi. Fingers entwined, we meandered down through the crowds, exploring the wares.

Luxurious designer stores mix freely with canvas stalls, creating a melange of colors and sounds and smells that blend together, threatening to overpower the senses.

My hand slipped lightly around her waist, slipping sensuously towards her hip, naked beneath the silk dress.

She pressed closer sending a lightning bolt through our hips. Her hand rested on top of mine holding it close to her.

Pausing at a stand, she tried on glittering jewelry, then on to the next for hats to block the tropical sun.

Our hands caress and touch and explore each other as we walk, causing ripples of excitement to pass through with each step.

In the Dior shop, she selects matching panties and bra of silk so shear it seems not to exist and twirls into the dressing room, her dress swirling up to reveal her nakedness.

The curtain slid back and she stepped into the room, posing elegantly before me. Her soft blonde hair showed dark through the thin fabric, her nipples a golden brown, straining to break loose.

She turned, displaying her beauty from every angle.

"You like," she whispered?

My smile betrayed my thoughts as she stepped back into the dressing room, leaving the curtains parted, and slowly reached behind her to unfasten the clasp.

Her breasts sprung free as the shops customers browsed through the merchandise, never glancing towards the dressing area.

Her eyes never left mine as she slipped the panties down, over her hips, letting them slide gently to the floor.

Her hands brushed softly over her breasts and gently traceed the curves of her body.

A tourist browsed through a rack of panties, never turning towards the dressing area.

Her fingers slipped gently through the soft blonde hairr and her eyes never left mine.

A shop clerk approached, "May I help you monsieur," she inquired, never glancing towards the dressing area.

"No, " I stammer, I'm, ah, just waiting for someone."

Softly, gently, her fingers enter the first soft fold of skin, seeking, exploring.

A customer passed between us intent on her purchases, never glancing towards the dressing area.

Slowly, her finger caressed, deepening its exploration. Her eyes closed momentarily as if to savor the moment.

From the side, a customer approached, her hands full of silks and satins, bearing down on the only open curtain.

I stood, unable to move, transfixed, frozen by her beauty. Her finger slid deeper into her and her back arched as she touched the tiny spot of hardness.

With a twinkling smile, she turned, snatching the soft silk from the hook and deftly slipping it over her head.

It settled over her breasts and hips as the customer turned to enter the dressing room..

"OH," she exclaimd, "I'm sorry, I thought this was empty."

"It is," she laughs, "I was just finishing," and slipped into the store, dancing as she walked...

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