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The King of Spin Has His Head Turned

Some webs no matter how devious in design have happy endings.
SCENE 1: Gordon

Set Direction: Dimly lit living room in the Hollywood Hills; panoramic glass windows overlook the distant flickering lights of LA. A man seated on an expensive sofa holds his head in his hands.

Gordon held his head in his hands. His head was spinning in circles and his chest was so tight he could barely breath. The message from DC had confirmed it, but the picture was almost too much for him to take. The guy looked like he was in his twenties and to top it off he had curly blond hair. What the fuck? Colleen had always said she hated guys with blond hair? Gordon’s head swirled, the pit of his stomach turning, and he wanted to get sick.

His wife had spun a web of lies to cover up her affair, but now she was flaunting it before the whole world. She had humiliated him in front of all their friends, but more importantly he was humiliated in front of all his clients. What would they think? Was he ruined? He was the ‘king of spin’, but would this be his downfall? LA was a town of surfaces and right now his image looked pretty tarnished? His wife had inserted the knife; the question was whether or not the wound was fatal? Could he tough this out? How would he redeem himself? His brain spun with uncertainties.

Gordon looked at the time on his phone. It was after midnight on the east coast. His wife was probably in bed with the guy now, her legs spread, doing who knew what. Getting pounded and screaming loud enough to shake the walls he wondered? Gordon almost got sick to his stomach as he thought about his wife being impaled by the young stud in the picture. She was his high school sweetheart; what could he do? This felt awful, but it was going to look even worse to his clients. In LA a man needed to appear confidant, to have the right woman on his arm, to be in control of his life. Being dumped and publicly humiliated was worse than most crimes. At least with a crime you could hire a lawyer and explain it away?

At that moment his phone buzzed again. Just what he didn’t need a message; his older brother John had sent an SMS. John meant well, but sometimes it just didn’t seem to help, it just made Gordon feel more down. And tonight John’s timing couldn’t have been worse. Gordon glanced at the message and had it been any other time he would have grinned, but instead he scowled slamming his fist on the coffee table in frustration.

TXT: “Hey little bro cheer up. I’m in Taipei and since you’re not here I’ll need to fuck them both. Get on a plane and get your ass over here and stop moping.”

Gordon looked at the picture of his older globetrotting brother John Langham with a hot sexy Asian girl on each arm. No doubt he would be fucking them both Gordon thought to him self. Gordon Langham hung his head. He was about to turn forty and this was the lowest point in his life he had ever been. Gordon reached out and poured another scotch. He shouldn’t drink hard liquor he knew, but….”What the fuck” he thought to him self as he poured two-fingers into a crystal glass.

SCENE 2: Eloise

Set Direction: A nineteen-year-old teenage girl’s bedroom; Royal Ballet poster on the wall along with one for the Philharmonic Orchestra. A large four-poster “Princess Bed” with a frilly pink canopy dominates room.

Eloise bit down on her plump bottom lip as Kari’s tongue darted across the top of her clit in unbelievably rapid flutters. She groaned gruffly, her breathing growing rough and ragged, as her nails dug deeply into her best friends scalp. She was as close to the edge of a massive one as she had ever been. This one was going to be huge. Not that the orgasms leading up to this had been “small”, but this one was going to be “BIG”.

Kari was just playing with her body at this point and Eloise was desperate for release. She was so confused by the unending wave of sexual sensations washing across her nineteen-year-old taut nubile body her head was spinning. Eloise’s stomach muscles were so tense her abs had formed rippled ridges and little beads of sex-sweat had formed on her hot skin flushed pink with blood.

“Oh God Kari…..please!! I can’t take it anymore.”

Kari giggled.

“Oh so Ms. Kant just ‘can’t’ take it anymore.”

Kari loved making playful references to Ellie’s last name. Using her hands Eloise pulled Kari’s mouth hard onto her now slick juice-covered pussy urging her friend to finish her off. In her aroused state Kari’s play on words failed to register.

“Please baby girl. Put me out of my misery…..PLEASE!!”

Kari dipped her fingers into the mingled creamy cocktail of pussy juice, warming Playful gel and saliva. The viscous concoction of a vixens secretions, play gel and saliva was as slick as the finest silicone, a lubricant par excellence. Wetting her fingers with liberal amounts of the slick viscous tingly cream she slowly moved them towards Ellie’s rising and falling breasts. In the tense silence of the room Kari could hear Ellie’s heavy breathing as she struggled with the sensations holding her body, especially her breasts and pussy in thrall.

Kari traced her long pink nails teasingly across Eloise’s taut ridged stomach feeling her friend shiver. She slowly moved her slender feminine hands to her friend’s small pert breasts. Eloise’s little pink nipples were hard and erect and begging to be touched. Kari gently held one nipple with each hand and began rolling the rubbery stiff nubs with her slick lubricated fingers. The viscous gel solution made the nipples easy to roll. Eloise groaned even louder as the pressure was applied on her tingling nipples that now began to burn, sending new urgent sensations to her brain and the region between her thighs. In desperate need she thrust her hips up into Kari’s chin. She was so fucking close she wanted to die.

Kari almost giggled as she felt her friend squirm on the edge of ecstasy and agony. She knew Eloise’s body so well now and so she waited for the final right moment. Just when she knew Ellie couldn’t handle one more second she made her move. Kari’s tongue attacked Eloise’s clitoris like a mad butterfly wing on uppers. Simultaneously she increased the pressure on each nipple, rolling harder and harder as Ellie’s orgasm began to release, each wave larger than the last. Kari squeezed both rubbery nibs hard and flicked her tongue as fast as she could feeling the body beneath her losing control.


Eloise’s body exploded and her mind spun in circles as her friend’s tongue and fingers made her body buck and arch off the bed. Her pussy contracted in spasms of deep convulsions and her only regret was that a thick hard cock or a vibrator did not fill her love cavity so her muscles could contract onto something with substance.

“OMG KARI…..oh my god baby!! Fuck it’s big!!!”

Eloise thrust her hips up jarring her friend’s chin with the sudden jerk. She cried out as she was transported to some other world.

“OH FUCK BABY……My nipples are on fire!! ON FIRE!!”

Kari did her best to keep her sweet young mouth positioned over her friend’s creaming pussy as Ellie’s body bucked and writhed, twisting beneath her in tortured spasms of release. Gently Kari slowed her tongue and eased the pressure on her friend’s nipples as she felt Eloise drifting down into post orgasmic after-glow.

Kari lifted her mouth off Eloise’s pussy and looked across her friend’s sexy prone body with a wide grin. Ellie’s chest was heaving and Kari watched mesmerized as her pink nipples danced up and down in front of her eyes. The undersides of Ellie’s small mounds were covered in tiny beads of sweat. Eloise slowly eased opened her clenched eyes and gasped for oxygen. With her left hand Ellie pushed playfully at Keri’s head tousling her hair.

“Oh my god…..that was…..”

Gasping for more air Eloise couldn’t finish her sentence. Kari grinned a wide mischievous grin. Her face was slick with sex juices and little driblets clung to her chin.


Kari giggled at the dazed look on Eloise’s face.

“I told you. So how many did I give you? C’mon, how many.”

Eloise put on a faux face full of disapproval.

“You’re always so damn competitive Kari. My god I lost count. To be honest I lost count. I don’t know how many. My head was fucking spinning….”

Kari giggled and lifted herself off the foot of the bed. They had been friends since they were sixteen. It had started as awkward teenage fumbling, innocent exploration with all the attendant mistakes, blushing, nerves and awkward moments. The first kiss had been under a tented bed sheet with only a tiny flashlight to light their shadowed naked nubile bodies. They both went to an all-girls Catholic school so this was how you learned about your body. Since no boys were available it was only natural to “practice kissing” with your best friend.

Now three years later they knew each other’s bodies the way Tiger Woods knew a golf course. Kari knew every nook and cranny of Eloise’s five-foot nine body and she certainly knew how to exploit Eloise’s sexual weaknesses. She knew just how to touch Eloise’s super-sensitive breasts. She knew that when Eloise was doing her “happy dance” she could easily be pulled into bed and sparks would fly. She knew if Eloise was curled up on the sofa (as she often was) then it was best to let her alone. Kari looked lovingly at her best friend and spoke.

“Don’t think you’re getting off so easy Ellie.”

Kari flopped back on the bed and spread her legs. Much shorter than Eloise at only five-foot three Kari was a cute pixie of a girl. Barely a hundred pounds with “to die for” bangs, a cute blond ponytail and dazzling green-blue eyes Kari was boisterous, outgoing and the perfect counterbalance to Eloise’s moodiness. Her big round playful eyes had an eerie blue-green translucent quality, and a depth, that both men and women found transfixing. Her mesmerizing eyes were fixed on Eloise expectantly. Eloise looked at her friend’s slim and petite naked body with her incredible firm breasts. Since Kari was so petite her 32B breasts looked huge on her tiny feminine frame. Eloise reached out and touched Kari’s perfectly smooth thigh.

“Gosh Kari you got such a great tan this summer.”

Kari grabbed her friend’s arm and pulled her forward causing her to fall onto her knees on the bed, breaking the special spell in a peel of girly giggles.

“Enough with the jabbering. Get your head between my legs and reciprocate.”

The two girls giggled unrestrainedly as Eloise dropped down between her best friend’s smooth tanned hairless thighs and began her own oral artistry. Soon Kari was groaning and moaning in a scene worthy of being featured on YouTube.

SCENE 3: Bethany

Set Direction: An LA “power office” in a glass tower with panoramic views of the city and the ocean. Austere and refined with expensive art on the walls; office interior is glass and chrome.

Bethany Kant looked at the time. Nine-thirty meant it was okay in LA to start placing calls. Bethany liked to control everything in her life and she liked things to be precise. If you called any earlier in LA you’d come across as an aggressive New York bitch. She had almost forgotten to call her daughter to make sure she was up. She selected her number and waited.

“Eloise you up?”

The yawns and tone of voice on the other end suggested otherwise.

“Has your friend Kari left yet?”

Bethany saw her key campaign assistant Tory hovering outside her office door.

“Okay, well get to school and don’t forget we have cocktails tomorrow so don’t plan anything with your friends.”

She motioned to Tory to hold on for just one second more. She listened to Eloise prattle on.

“No darling I’m not being bitchy and controlling. You DO have to come and don’t forget the philharmonic benefit is in two weeks.”

She waved Tory into her office.

“Yes, I know. But you need to buy a dress and I insist that you come. It’s for your grandmother. Plus I want you to meet Gordon again. You need a summer internship next year. Without an MBA you won’t get anywhere in life. Listen to your mother.”

Beth motioned to Tory to take a seat, but Tory simply straightened her severe black pencil skirt and remained standing. She shifted the buckle of the thin silver belt to the exact skirt center. Tory insisted everything needed to be perfect.

“Yes, the spin-doctor guy. Yes. Now do what your mother says.”

Bethany looked exasperated with her daughter and Tory laughed in the way sympathetic women who are close friends empathize with each other.

“Just stop talking and listen to your mother. You will come to both of them.”

Bethany smiled at Tory and was about to put the phone away, but she paused.

“Yes, I love you too darling. Now get to university.”

Bethany looked at her campaign leader and smiled as she placed the phone on her desk.

“What is it Tory?”

Tory flipped her perfect blond hair to the side and smiled at her boss. As usual Tory’s make-up was flawless, her outfit was flawless and her shoes were spectacular. Beth had no idea how she had lucked into hiring Tory, but she was terrified of losing her. LA adored women like Tory. Women adored women like Tory and more than this, powerful men with piles of money in particular adored women like Tory. Men and women alike wanted to fuck Tory, but her beauty was so perfect she was like an unattainable “ice-princess” seemingly too perfect and beyond their reach. About to turn thirty and with an Ivy MBA Tory was Beth’s crutch in crisis situations.

“No I was just checking if the cocktails with Mr. Langham were still on.”

Bethany turned back from gazing out the window at the LA skyline. In profile you would never guess she was forty-five with a sexy nineteen year old daughter. She looked more like a very sexy thirty-two; the yoga and the intense training sessions with her gay trainer kept her body looking amazingly toned. Beth couldn’t help being struck by Tory’s sexiness. She knew it was wrong for a boss to look at a subordinate like that, but sometimes she couldn’t help herself. She had only once been with another woman, a stupid drunken episode in university, but something about Tory was different. Bethany struggled with her drifting thoughts and broke her gaze.

“What do you mean? Of course……”

Her voice paused with uncertainty, as she had no idea why Tory had raised the subject of Gordon’s cocktails.

“Well it’s just…..” Tory’s voice was halting.

Beth looked at Tory with new concern.

“Well haven’t you heard?” Tory asked seeing Beth’s lack of comprehension.

“Heard what?” Beth replied.

Tory’s face lit up like the lights on Broadway. There was nothing Tory liked more than to dish gossip, especially when she had fresh gossip that her boss didn’t have. Beth liked to control everything, even gossip. Tory loved it when her boss was not the one in control.


Tory’s eyes sparkled with devilish delight as she delved into the new rumors. Beth was shocked and it took a while for her to take it all in. She sat down and began to think it over.

“So his wife has left him and is in DC with a boy toy? Are you certain?”

Once Tory had verified her sources the wheels in Beth’s brain began to grind and whirl excitedly. A black widow needs no instructions on how to spin her web and neither did Bethany. It’s a matter of pure instinct and Beth was one of the most ambitious women in LA. Tory watched the magic transformation on her boss’s face and like an infection spreading invisibly through the air her own face stretched into a wicked grin.

“Beth what are you thinking?”

Beth smiled enigmatically.

“Leave me for a bit Tory. I need to think. I want that donation from the Norton Family Trust and the next four weeks are critical. Tory giggled knowing her boss had some devious plan in the works.

“Okay I’ll be in my office if you need me.”

Tory knew her boss was a total bitch sometimes, but most of the time she was an amazing mentor. Tory just wished Beth knew how to relax and let go of the reins sometimes and enjoy life. She sighed wistfully thinking of what might be possible if only Beth were more in touch with her self and less controlling. Tory turned exiting the office and Beth couldn’t help watching her assistant’s hips and ass move away from her door. What is it about Tory she wondered to her self?

SCENE 4: Cocktails

Set Direction 1: Interior; Bethany’s bedroom/women’s dressing closet festooned with expensive dresses, shoes, etc.

Beth checked herself in the floor-length mirror and was more than satisfied. She called out to her daughter.

“You ready Ellie?”

Eloise shifted her dress and brushed her hair frowning. Sometimes her mother really irritated her. Her mother was so controlling; picking her classes at university, picking her clothes, it just was too much sometimes. She even tried to pick her friends. Thank god her mom liked Kari.

“Yes mom, almost. Just a bit of make-up to do.”

Beth was concerned since her daughter hadn’t wanted to show her the dress she had chosen. She decided to take matters into her own hands and barged into her daughter’s room.

“MOM……I told you not to barge into my fucking room like this. What do you want?”

Beth looked her daughter up and down with a critical eye.

“No…..NO…..and another NO. The shoes I mean…..No!”

Eloise mouth dropped open and she was stunned. She hated her mother like this. So controlling and pushy; she’d controlled Eloise’s dad like that and he’d ended up leaving. Ellie wanted to do the same thing sometimes.

“What’s wrong with what I picked mom?”

“It’s all wrong darling. Here let me look”

Bethany quickly made new selections and made her daughter change. Ellie swiveled her hips to get a side profile look at the dress her mother had picked.

“But it’s so short mom? This is cocktails….it’s fancy…..I don’t know……”

Her mother beamed the way mother’s with plans beam.

“Exactly darling. I want Gordon to pay attention to you. Besides you’re young and you have the body for it. How many women have legs like yours? All those years of ballet and jazz dance should not be left to waste. It’s perfect. Let’s go.”

Her mother left the room abruptly and returned holding a pair of incredible heels.

“Oh and wear these.”

Eloise looked at the stunning black high heels with their bright red bottoms.

“But those are Louboutin mom? They’re so expensive. And I’ll be so tall…….”

Her voice quivered with uncertainty. Being tall you had to find men taller than you and that wasn’t always easy, but she knew she could not reason with her mother, it was futile.

“I know darling, but just put them on and don’t argue. It’s the final touch.”

Eloise slipped off the flats she had chosen and stepped into the heels holding her mother’s arm to balance her while she worked her heel into the expensive shoes. Luckily she and her mother were the same size and could share shoes. Beth stood back to take a final look at her daughter. She had to admit she must have good genes. Her daughter looked stunning and she was smiling with a mother’s pride.

“You look perfect darling let’s go.”

The drive up Benedict Canyon was a bit nerve wracking as it was turning dark and the winding road had few lights. The cliff-like drop in some sections made Ellie squirm in her seat as her mother raced up the twisting narrow canyon road higher and higher. Sometimes she wished her mom were a little less aggressive, especially driving a car. The higher they got the bigger the lots got and the higher the hedges. You couldn’t see any houses, just large metal gates affixed to stone walls.

Finally they reached a large stonewall with driveway gates swung open. On one side soft yellow lights illuminated the address and a sign reading “Lip Hook Manor”. Beth pulled her car in and found an open spot in the huge circular driveway full of other expensive cars.

Set Direction 2: Gordon’s Hollywood Hills mansion of over ten thousand square feet; the expansive outdoor stone deck has a shimmering blue pool extravagantly lighted and overlooking the twinkling lights of the city of LA in the distance.

Inside the huge mansion elegantly dressed people, the hoi polloi of LA society were milling about in a jumble of expensive dresses, resplendent tuxedos, glittering jewelry and recently completed hairdos. The catering staff was carrying around elegant flutes of Champagne, drinks and little hors d’oeuvres and canapés. An elegant young Chinese pianist in a black Cheongsam, her long black hair dropping all the way to her ass, was softly playing the Goldberg Variations on a baby grand Bösendorfer piano. Each woman who drifted past left a trail of her own distinct perfume.

Beth grabbed her and her daughter a flute of the golden colored bubbly Champagne and began scanning the room to locate Gordon. Eloise began to feel self-conscious about her very short skirt as she noted the other women in their elegant dresses. Several people approached Beth to congratulate her on the huge success of the AIDS benefit she had organized the month earlier. Beth brushed them off as “nobodies” and didn’t even bother to introduce Ellie to them.

Finally Beth located Gordon speaking with a group of high-level bankers and some other members of LA’s elite. Bethany worked her way over towards Gordon dragging Eloise along. Beth moved through the crowd with a skill long mastered she had soon worked them into the group. Beth knew how to work a room, how to collect business cards, how to remember who was connected to whom, how many kids they had, who their spouse was; in a setting like this Beth was in her element like a Tiger shark in shallow water full of plump seals.

Bethany hovered unobtrusively on the fringe letting the conversation continue its normal course until it flagged and some members of the group began to drift away. It was then she turned to Gordon. Beth’s sense of timing was flawless.

“So thank you for inviting me. We need to meet soon Gordon to discuss the Philharmonic. The benefit is in two weeks.”

Gordon nodded and smiled. Beth noticed his eyes unobtrusively slide onto her daughter standing next to her. He had tried to resist looking and he had tried to mask the look, but another woman, especially a mother, is tuned to be aware of these things. The short skirt no doubt had worked its magic. Beth smiled internally, but held her look impassive. Eloise was rubbing her hands uncomfortably beside her rather too aggressive mother.

“Oh excuse me. You probably don’t remember Eloise. I brought my daughter as my escort tonight. I hope you don’t mind?”

Now Gordon’s eyes were fully on Eloise and she got even more nervous. Gordon smiled and his eyes softened and for some reason Eloise felt immediately more at ease.

“Of course I remember her. It has been a while. I think it was her grade five RAD exam. You were very kind to invite my wife and I.”

Eloise blushed a bright pink, her face turning hot. Gordon look concerned and reached out to take her hand.

“I’m so sorry. Did I say something wrong?”

Eloise giggled, but his big masculine hand felt so nice.

“Well it’s just……”

Gordon laughed.

“Just what?”

“I stumbled and got off balance when I was doing my spins.”

Gordon chuckled.

“Yes you did….” He paused. “Eloise….or shall I call you…..”

“You can call me ‘Ellie’.”

“Okay Ellie it is then. Well I recall the examiner let you start again and you got a perfect score. So no need to blush whatsoever; your spins ended up being perfect.”

At this point Beth interjected wanting to control the conversation.

“Yes dear and Gordon here is our glorious city’s top ‘spin doctor’ so he certainly knows a thing or two about spinning. If he says your spins are perfect then they certainly were.”

They all chuckled and the conversation carried on with remarkable ease. Soon the other people in the group had all drifted away. It was then Bethany made her next move.

“So Gordon, I hear Colleen is in DC.”

Beth let the full implications of her sentence fall awkwardly unspoken in the context of all the gossip she had heard. Now it was Gordon’s turn to blush. He was publicly humiliated and he knew it. He had no idea how much Beth knew, but knowing her she knew details even more embarrassing than he him self. Scandal spread faster in LA than the plague. Who knows she might even have worse pictures than he’d seen? Beth realized Gordon was flustered and decided to pounce.

“You’ll need an escort for the Philharmonic fund raiser. You know what LA is like. People talk…..”

The phrase “people talk” was like a knife in the back in this city. Beth let the full meaning of her words hang in the air and saw the pink rise to Gordon’s cheeks. She was offering this pathetic limp dicked man her help and she hoped he was smart enough to grasp it and pull himself out of the quagmire of cuckoldry. He needed to man-up and show LA he still had balls and if she could benefit, then so much the better.

“I was thinking if you hadn’t made other plans you could escort Eloise.”

Eloise turned her head, her jaw dropping, as she realized what her mother had just done. There had been no fore warning and she was shocked. So this was her mother’s plan? Her mother was to offer her up to Gordon to make sure she got the Norton Family donation. Her face burned red for the second time.

Gordon hadn’t planned to escort anyone given his depressed state? But looking around the room and realizing everyone probably was talking behind his back he thought fast. He looked at Ellie. My god she was a gorgeous young woman. She was tall enough to be a model and certainly had the body for it too. He began to think about Beth’s offer. Bethany was smart and ambitious; she had a reason for this offer he was certain?

Gordon then saw Ellie’s face turning red and also realized how embarrassed this beautiful young girl was by her pushy mother. On the spur of the moment he decided to do the gallant thing. He knew Beth would expect him to resist and he quickly tried to recall what Sun Tzu had said? He decided to do the exact opposite of what his adversary would expect. Beth had worked him into a trap so he decided to see where it would lead. Gordon turned to Eloise who was now wringing her hands like she wanted to wring her mother’s neck.

“I’d be privileged if a beautiful young woman like your self would consider being my escort. I can’t claim to be the most charming company, but I will do my best.”

Gordon’s eyes looked into Eloise’s in a conspiratorial manner as if to say, “We both know what your mother is up to so let’s just play along.” Ellie turned to look at her mother with her eyes burning with the message, “Mother I want to wring your neck so badly.” Eloise then turned back to Gordon calming her face and settling her nerves. He was so much older than her, so handsome, so confident, she was unsure. Yet she was her mother’s daughter and a baby spider needs no manual to spin her own web. Ellie’s face brightened and her eyes danced; this could be her own way out? Her brain schemed its own plan.

“Well….if you’re sure I’m not too young. I mean….”

Ellie played coy and innocent batting her eyelashes shamelessly. She already knew Gordon wanted her body, so she had some cards to play. Gordon had by now regained his composure and control.

“Of course your not. Your mother wouldn’t have suggested it otherwise. You’re a very elegant young woman and your mother was so kind to make the suggestion. I wouldn’t want to show up at such an important event without a date would I?”

Gordon smiled his handsome smile.

“Actually you’ll be doing me a favor. I’m sure more than a few heads will turn if I show up with a beauty like you on my arm.”

Eloise blushed at Gordon’s compliment and smiled at how perfectly he had handled the situation. When he had averted his warm brown eyes to scan the crowd she poked her mother in the ribs making her jump. When Gordon turned back she continued.

“I’ll need to pick the right dress….I don’t know…I know it’s an important function….”

Her voice was uncertain and nervous and for a second time Gordon reached out and held her hand. His touch sent little shock waves up her arm making her tingle.

“Don’t worry my dear. Both your mother and I have very good relations with Zoe and we’ll have her lend you an elegant dress for the evening. She knows just how to dress a young woman with a model’s body like your self.”

Eloise blushed red for the third time. An older confident man like Gordon had never complimented her body so openly before and she felt more tingles. She couldn’t imagine one of Hollywood’s top stylists would actually dress her? Really? Her head was spinning anew. Gordon turned to her mother.

“What do you think Beth? Shall I call Zoe and have Ellie take a fitting on Tuesday?”

Beth was beaming. This whole thing was going much better than she could have ever imagined. She thought for certain Gordon would have resisted more? Gordon seemed to really like Eloise. Well of course he liked her daughter, just look at Eloise’s stunning body. What man could resist a charming young woman with a body like that?

Later Gordon had lost track of Eloise when he heard loud chuckles and laughter. He looked across the room near the exit to the pool deck and he saw a group of several women in elegant gowns laughing. In the center of the group was Martha Norton, the elegant matriarch of the Norton Family Trust. In her early eighties Martha was still an active player in the city’s charity and social circles. Beside her was Eloise looking poised and youthful with her long beautiful legs. Gordon made his way over.

Upon arriving at the group it was clear Martha was in control. She turned to Gordon.

“Well where have you been hiding this young lady? You must make sure she comes to the benefit.”

Gordon smiled.

“Actually I will be escorting her.”

Gordon enjoyed watching Martha’s eyebrows arch as she took in some new gossip she was hearing for the first time. Gordon smiled enigmatically not revealing anything.

“And what was so funny Martha?”

The women all chuckled while some averted their eyes nervously. Martha grinned a wicked grin.

“Well Eloise had just made the observation that the reason god had invented men was because vibrators couldn’t buy us drinks.”

The group of ladies all laughed for a second time and Eloise blushed a bright pink. Martha looked at John firmly.

“Obviously as a man you might not appreciate the joke in quite the same way as we do.”

Martha turned to Eloise.

“It’s getting late my dear. I need to be taking my leave. I’m glad I shall be seeing you at the benefit. Gordon is quite a lucky man as you seem to be a very special young lady.”

With that Martha Norton left the group and people started to drift out of the party and head home. Gordon leaned in to speak to Eloise in a low whisper.

“Well your mother will be happy. You seem to have made quite an impression on the most important member of the Norton clan.”

Eloise blushed and didn’t know what to say. She was just being herself and hadn’t tried to impress the old lady at all. In fact she hadn’t even realized who Martha Norton was.

Later that night Gordon tried to be depressed. He tried to think of his wife and her younger lover, but instead images of sexy young Eloise filled his head. His cock got hard and he couldn’t make it go down. He realized there was no better tonic for a man whose woman has betrayed him and broken his heart than a younger even more beautiful woman. He finally gave up and got a white sports sock from the drawer.

Gordon didn’t want to make a mess. He slid the soft white sock over his hard eight-inch rod and let his mind play with images of Eloise. He closed his eyes thinking of Ellie and rubbed his hard cock while his other hand teased his tingling nipple. The images kept coming and his heart rate increased. First she was in a mini skirt, her long legs amazing. Then he thought of her in black lacy lingerie. Next it was Ellie in a little black dress and heels. Image after sexy image flowed through his brain and his cock throbbed and swelled. Finally he groaned, his balls tightened up into his body, his cockhead burned and his nipple tingled as his body shook. In a sudden spurt his balls shot a full load releasing all his frustration into the white sock. When he opened his eyes he could see the yellow spot form at the end of the sock.

Gordon felt stupid masturbating into a sock like a sixteen-year-old boy with blue balls, but he couldn’t help it. This girl Ellie had gripped his brain. Gordon drifted off into a heavy slumber. In her room a few miles away Ellie lay in her own bed and spread her young legs. She closed her eyes and thought about Kari, she thought of gorgeous Tory, she thought of her mother and finally an image of Gordon formed in her mind. She let her finger glide gently and teasingly across her clitoris as her other hand applied pressure to her nipple. It didn’t take her long to coax her young body to a soft shuddering climax, enough of a release to help her fall asleep. As she slumbered off she was still thinking of Gordon and his warm brown eyes.

SCENE 5: Zoe’s Stylist Studio

Set Direction: A typical Hollywood stylists studio; racks and racks of expensive clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc.

“Oh my god Zoe. Come quick.”

Eloise was shocked by the gay guy’s shrieking outburst. She looked behind her to see what he was screaming about. Had some celebrity come in behind her? She was confused. He was tall and skinny with long bleached blond hair pulled into a ponytail with a sequin band. He had large diamond stud earrings and was wearing a see-through blouse and black leather shorts. Zoe appeared from behind a rack of clothes.

“Francois calm down. I can see for myself.”

Ellie had seen her on TV, but this was different. She couldn’t help thinking she was on a reality show or something. She had never expected to actually be in a place like this with someone famous. Zoe scanned Eloise’s body with eyes like an X-ray machine detecting every flaw. She kept scanning and humming and hawing as if considering something important like the national debt.

“Oh my gosh Zoe. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Look at her body.”

“Yes Francois, I can see. Hmmmm?”

Francois came and put his arm around Eloise. He whispered in her ear.

“I think she’s going to let you have it. When Gordon called we never expected. I mean….well…..”

His warm breath tingled Ellie’s ear, but she had no idea what the fuck he was blabbering on about. Zoe’s super critical eyes were still on her and she was feeling nervous.

“Yes Francois, get it out. I know I’ve been saving it, but I want to see how it looks on her first. I think you’re right? Her body is perfect for it. I was saving it….but…..”

Francois whispered in Ellie’s ear again.

“She was saving it for Cameron.”

Francois was off behind racks of clothes in a flourish of gayness and enthusiasm Ellie had never experienced before. Zoe finally smiled.

“Here relax. I’m Zoe. Gordon sent you, correct?”

Zoe had soon relaxed Eloise while they waited for Francoise to reappear. Suddenly he was back with a garment bag. Zoe turned to her.

“Take off your clothes.”

Eloise looked at Francois nervously and Zoe all of a sudden laughed.

“Young lady we have seen the biggest stars in the world naked so I can assure you that you don’t have anything we haven’t seen.”

Francois giggled wildly like a girl.

“Oh Zoe. Tell her about the bitch with all the cellulite. Oh my god dressing this girl will be like a dream compared to that rich bitch.”

Zoe looked at Francois as if to admonish him.

“No names Francoise, no names. Discretion.”

Francoise giggled wildly again.

“I didn’t use any names. Millions of women have cellulite, millions. Could be anyone I’m talking about, anyone.”

After Ellie had nervously disrobed Francoise pulled out the little black dress from the garment bag. Zoe held it up and Ellie could see how gorgeous it was.

“It’s Roberto Cavalli. It’s a one off. I was saving it for the right woman. Here try it on.”

When Eloise turned in the dress doing a half pirouette she heard a wild shriek.

“Oh my god Zoe, Gordon’s going to squirt in his pants. LLLOOOKKK at this girl? She’s so zezxy!”

The way Francois said “sexy” with his strong French accent almost made Eloise spew the coke she was drinking out her nose. She blushed and looked at Zoe.

“Francoise control yourself. I don’t think young Eloise is used to how blasé the French are about sex.”

Zoe surveyed Eloise with her professional eye.

“I do however concur Francoise. This is the perfect dress.”

The whole session was like a dream for Eloise. The dress was so gorgeous she couldn’t believe she would be allowed to wear it. Driving home she almost felt stunned it was so weird. Had she really joined this stratum of society?

SCENE 6: The Charity Ball

Set Direction: Classic Beverly Wilshire Hotel at the foot of Rodeo Drive in Hollywood. The cream of LA society arrives in expensive cars.

The ball in the historic Beverly Wilshire hotel was a whirl of excitement for Ellie. She felt incredible walking beside Gordon looking handsome and mature in his tuxedo. In the beginning she was nervous, but soon Gordon had made her relax. Even though she knew she was being offered up as part of her mother’s plan, she found herself incapable of not being attracted to Gordon. Several times during the evening she found herself gazing at his good looks after he had made her giggle or laugh. His big brown eyes and long eyelashes especially entranced her.

Later when the ball was winding down Ellie was looking for her mother who, as usual, was “working the room”. Basically her mother was always “working” even at a social function. As she scanned the room she felt Gordon’s hand on her elbow and his lips on her ear. It tingled as he whispered in her ear.

“Come….I want to show you something.”

He took her out the side into the hallway and they went into the elevator. It was an old style elevator with plush red velvet seats. Ellie had never seen seats in an elevator before and she giggled as Gordon helped her sit down. As they exited Gordon placed his hand on the small of her back and guided Ellie out to a balcony overlooking Beverley Hills. A full moon was hanging low over the Hollywood hills in the distance. It was breathtaking. Gordon saw the effect on her face as her eyes widened in awe.

“I know. Very few people even know about this balcony. Isn’t it a spectacular view?”

Ellie nodded somehow feeling words were inappropriate. Gordon’s hand stayed warm in the small of her back making her feel an intimate connection. They both stayed silent looking into the distance. Somehow they both turned at the same time and their bodies were so close. Gordon reached out and used his forefinger to lift Ellie’s chin. Her mind was too dizzy to even think as he lowered his face and their lips moved closer and closer. She closed her eyes wanting it and yet fearing it wouldn’t be perfect. In her soul she wanted something in her life to be perfect.

The kiss was soft and delicate, much softer than she had expected from such a strong man. She could smell his cologne and feel his strong manly hand pressing her young lithe body into his manlier strong torso. The kiss went on so long she was breathless by the time he released her. When she opened her eyes he was smiling and she was confused. Why she wondered? At first her lips wouldn’t move she was so stunned, but then her lips answered her brain’s command.

“But Gordon……” Her voice was halting and unsteady….”why?”

There was almost a quiver in her voice as she expressed her uncertainty about everything. He was older. He was so successful. He had been married to a powerful successful woman. She was so young. Her brain was swimming in doubts. He smiled.

“Because I had no choice.”

She smiled and her heart fluttered. His answer was perfect. His answer made the kiss perfect. Finally something in her life was perfect.

BACKGROUND: The next 3 Weeks

Gordon and Ellie began to see each other. She was the flower and he couldn’t resist her pollen. Gordon would call randomly and Eloise would find herself smiling just to see his number appear on the screen of her phone. Her mother pumped her for information and gossip about what they were up to, but Ellie remained obtuse driving her mother mad with curiosity.

Finally after about three weeks Gordon invited Ellie out for dinner to a famous Japanese restaurant. Ellie had told Kari everything and they had both wondered when Gordon would try to go further than just a kiss. The two young girls gossiped madly as they tend to do. Kari was certain Gordon was going to be “good” in bed. Kari was obsessed with wondering how large Gordon’s cock was. Ellie would just blush and claim ignorance.

The two girls debated how Ellie should play it. Be coy? Play “hard to get”? Be a slut and totally jump him? The two girls giggled madly talking about what it would be like the first time Ellie had sex with an older guy. Sensing the importance of the date Kari came over to help Ellie get ready. They both scoured through Ellie’s closet to pick the “right” outfit.

They finally picked a tight coral colored dress that accentuated Eloise’s tall slim frame and played up her wider feminine hips and taut firm ass. To add curves she wore a slightly padded bra to make the upper portion a little more proportional. Ellie wondered if that was “cheating”, but Kari said all was fair in love and war.

The dinner was wonderful and Ellie felt so special with Gordon. When he invited her home she didn’t hesitate. They didn’t need to say it, but she wanted him and she was pretty sure he wanted her. She had worn a delicate set of black lace lingerie and her strapless bra was a delicate half-cup that allowed her nipple to peak over the edge of the lace. She hoped she would have a chance to show Gordon.

At his home they shared a glass of wine. Ellie didn’t really like wine, but she didn’t want to say anything to Gordon to spoil the mood. Watching her sip the very expensive wine he smiled.

“You don’t like wine do you?”

She smiled and wondered how he knew.

“Let me make you a tea. A cookie?”

She grinned. He knew she was a sucker for a cookie. Taking the warm tea he walked Eloise to the deck and they looked over the sparkling city of angles twinkling in the distance. A breeze blew Ellie’s hair and she shivered as the breeze made a slight chill on her shoulders. Gordon held her close to make her feel warm and she sipped the tea. The deck led completely across the front of the house and Gordon looked in her eyes and placed the tea down on a table. Without any words he led Eloise to a sliding glass door that was open. She could see the huge king size bed and her heart began to beat fast.

Gordon could sense Ellie’s hesitation and he slowed letting her make the decision. Grabbing control of her nerves she let her arm relax and her body moved forward just enough to send Gordon the signal that the answer was “yes”. He smiled and they moved into the bedroom together. He leaned down and lit a candle next to the bed. There were no lights on in the bedroom. They only had the flickering golden light of the small candle creating a warm cocoon of intimacy. He looked at her with eyes she would remember. She wanted to tell Kari about every moment. His hands gently rotated her shoulders wordlessly asking her to turn her body.

“Here let me.” He whispered.

Eloise turned and reached back to lift her hair giving him access to the zipper. Gordon took the zipper and pulled down gently. Ellie was holding her breath and the room was so silent she could here the zipper sound clearly. It was at that moment that she felt Gordon’s warm moist lips on her neck. How did he know? How did he know how nervous she was? How did he know she didn’t want to pay attention to the sound of the zipper? She leaned her body back into his kiss and sighed. The touch of this man was magic. Her body began to melt.

His next touches were even more perfect than the kiss. Soon Eloise’s body was burning with desire and her own fingers were pulling at his shirt buttons. Her mouth was hungry for his kisses. Her lips and tongue were plundering him with such lust she was almost embarrassed. She felt his hardness pushing into her hips and she flushed pink with hot desire. Why did she want this man so much? Her slender hands pulled at his belt buckle. She banished all the questions. She wanted to live in the moment, to feel only the moment.

A woman had possessed Eloise; she and Kari had a love no one could ever pull apart, they would be more than ‘best friends’ forever. But she had never had this feeling with a man? Oh she had had lots of “sex” with men, but that’s not what she wanted. Now she wanted to feel the same closeness, the same “oneness” with a man that she felt with Kari. She wanted to be possessed and owned completely by a man, to become one with a man, to feel mingled and melded together in the heat of total unbridled sexual passion. Somehow she knew Gordon was the right man. He was the “one”.

Soon the clothes were in a rumpled pile on the Canadian maple floor. The candlelight was licking at their naked skin like a wandering gold paintbrush. Gordon’s kisses were ravishing her body and drawing a heat she couldn’t imagine. Her cries, her moans, her sighs, she had no answer for what he was doing to her body. Her nipples responded like something she could only imagine from an erotic story. Her hard nubs burned and her growing need made her wet between her legs in a way that was almost embarrassing. She was so wet? Her body twisted and rubbed against his seeking friction. Her hands stroked his length and she felt his hardness swell. She desperately wanted him inside her, but he pushed her away. His lips plundered her body as if he intended to explore every inch.

As Gordon began to apply a seemingly unending stream of light nibbles and touches Ellie gasped. Her nails involuntarily dug into Gordon’s skin. As he began licking her pussy and teasing her nipples she sucked in air and her body arched off the bed. The feelings he stirred were so intense she wondered how long could she last? An orgasm soon rocked her body and she cried out like a feline animal as she was consumed and lost control. Ellie tried to mount him, but still Gordon pushed her back. His fingers, his lips, his strong arms; Eloise could not resist and she came again and again. Her brain spun as this experienced older man played with her like some sex toy.

Finally after so many orgasms she had lost count Gordon slowed his tongue and allowed her a respite to catch her breath. He lifted his face from between her legs and she could see the serious look in his eyes. Eloise was in a sex-induced trance as Gordon pulled himself over her body and slowly brought his juice-covered lips to hers. The kiss was so intimate as their tongues touched and she tasted a hint of her own self on his lips. Ellie could feel his male hardness between them pushing into her hip. Gently she turned her body and urged him into a roll. Gordon, tired from his exertions, rolled onto his back.

Eloise lay on top of Gordon’s strong manly chest and gazed down at her man. In her mind he was now ‘hers’ and she would now possess him, take him and become one with him. Slowly she reached down and held his hard long cock lifting it slightly off his body. Shifting her hips she put his thick engorged cockhead at the entrance to her tight pussy. Looking deep into Gordon’s eyes she shifted her hips and took his first inch inside. She smiled as he bit his lower lip to control himself.

Eloise slowly worked his full length into her tight pussy. She slowly worked him in and out lubricating his whole length until finally she felt him filling her like a woman. She brushed his sweat-drenched hair off his forehead with her hand. She put her lips to his ear and he felt tickles as she whispered.

“Do you like this Gordon?”

He moaned lightly and bit her ear in playful response.


Gordon’s voice was halting. She touched his nose playfully with hers.

“Yes…..” She grinned.

“You think I’m too young? I’m a teeny bopper and you want me to go home?”

He smiled nervously and pulled her lips into his for a passionate kiss.

“No…’s strange…..I….”

“Yes baby?” Eloise knew it was okay. She could feel his heart steady.

“I feel so close to you. My wife…..she hurt……”

“Sshhh baby. Don’t talk!”

With that she pushed her hips back and using her arms she pushed herself up so she was straddling Gordon’s body. She looked down and began to shift her hips. Her pussy was beginning to tingle and burn again. Her nails dug into his chest and he reached up to play with her little pink nipples. The sensation from her nipples started to drive her crazy and she began to thrash on top of his hard cock with more urgency. Gordon also began to come close to the edge and she saw him clench his eyes closed and he dug his fingers into her hips to try to retain control.

“It’s okay baby….let it go.” Ellie whispered.

She wanted to watch her man’s face the first time he came inside her pussy. She wanted to make him feel completed and connected. Her own pussy began to burn and she knew it was only seconds. Her nails ripped into Gordon’s chest drawing blood. Her eyes closed and she tilted her head back pushing her self down hard onto his rod. The waves washed over her and her throat tightened so the cry almost didn’t get out. She felt his fingers dig into her hips and his hips thrust up driving him impossibly deep inside of her. Her cry rent the air and she heard him groan; her hips crashed down in spasms as she released on top of him. It was amazing as their bodies twisted and torqued, each relishing the other. Their animal cries mingled in the air, becoming one indistinguishable sound like their bodies were becoming one single fuse of energy.

Sated Eloise lay on Gordon’s manly chest feeling his breathing lifting and lowering her body with a regularity that was reassuring. She had never felt like this before and she didn’t want to lose it. She felt his hand stroking her hair and then giggled as he kissed her nose.

“You were amazing.” He murmured softly.

Eloise sighed and hugged herself more tightly into her man.

“You were pretty amazing your self.”

As he chuckled she felt his chest vibrate against her slight body. Eloise closed her eyes and sighed. She knew what her mother had wanted, the web she had spun, but in the end this was all for her. Where it all went from here would be up to her.


So you’ve met a few interesting characters, you been to the Beverly Wilshire, you’ve driven up Benedict Canyon; shall we just end it here? I think not. For those who are just a tiny bit curious let’s see what happens to all the characters we’ve just met.

Gordon and Eloise continue from strength to strength with the sex getting better all the time. Eloise has a secret plan to share Gordon with Kari, but the right opportunity hasn’t happened yet, but it will. The LA gossip machine goes into high gear and Gordon is considered a true “stud” for bagging young Eloise and dumping his wife. It becomes common currency that Colleen actually was “too brash” and not very good at her job; Gordon’s client list expands. He is not only still the “king of spin”, but he’s now considered ‘player’ in the arts scene.

Martha Norton becomes quite impressed by young Eloise and ends up making a huge donation to the L.A. Philharmonic just like Bethany had wanted. However instead of Beth getting credit it is her daughter Eloise who ends up being the one who gets the donation. In fact Martha is so impressed by Eloise she appoints her as the “youth” representative on the Philharmonic’s board. Bethany knows her mother (Eloise’s grandmother) who played first violin for the orchestra would have been so proud.

The whole time Bethany has been scheming and spinning web after web to entangle Eloise and Gordon, it turns out Eloise, the baby black widow, had a little plan of her own. Unknown to Bethany it seems Tory and Ellie had become good friends. Tory’s attraction to Beth was easy for Ellie to discern. It wasn’t exactly rocket science for Eloise to see that her mother was too repressed and oblivious to her own sexuality to take the step that needed to be taken. The baby spider decided to spin a web of her own. Ellie had never been a matchmaker, but her mother would be her first project.

A few weeks later when Eloise’s mother and Tory were to attend a function at a famous gallery Ellie put her plan into action. After Tory picked her mother up for the function Ellie went into her mother’s bedroom to make the preparations. She smiled as she patted the bed and saw that nothing was visible. Exiting her mother’s bedroom she sent the “go” text to Tory.

TXT: “It’s all ready at home.”

Bethany was not feeling well that evening and had a touch of the flu. Beth was tired and rundown. The gallery was serving Champagne and drinks. Beth ended up quite sleepy and disoriented by her flu. Tory decided to drive her boss home. As usual Beth was dressed perfectly in a sexy black dress and heels with her hair coiffed perfectly.

Back at Beth’s home Tory led Beth to the bedroom and unzipped her dress. Beth was so lethargic from the flu her arms and legs could hardly move. Tory licked her lips in anticipation and lay her boss down on the bed. As planned Ellie had earlier secured the pink ropes and cuffs to the bedposts; Tory reached under the pillow and sheets where they were hidden and pulled them out. In her weakened dazed state Beth didn’t notice until Tory attached the first cuff to her wrist. Confused she looked up at her gorgeous assistant. Perhaps if she didn’t have the flu Bethany would have resisted more, but as it was she was easy prey.

“Tory….” Her voice quivered. “What….what…..”

Tory smiled and pulled Beth’s other arm wide and affixed the second cuff. Bethany was now tied to the bed, helpless against the wanton desires of her sexy young assistant. Tory had been imagining this for months.

“But….but…..” Bethany stammered, but did not say “stop”.

Tory could see the confusion in Beth’s eyes, but underneath all the confusion and nerves she also sensed a long-hidden desire and needs; needs long denied and suppressed. The excitement of that long-ago university affair with another girl was rising in Beth’s dizzy alcohol addled brain.

“But I’m not lesbi…….”

Tory grabbed a fistful of Bethany’s hair and leaned down and planted a kiss on her lavender lips cutting off her words. Tory’s hair fell and enveloped Bethany in a dark intimacy and her perfume filled Beth’s nostrils. It wasn’t a soft or tentative kiss; it was a demanding forceful kiss. It was the kiss of a dominant partner on her submissive. Beth’s lips were closed but Tory’s tongue forced them open. The touch of their tongues was electric and Tory felt Beth’s soft moan vibrate deep in her throat.

Tory’s teasing assault was not timid. Her mouth and fingers were all over Beth’s body in a flurry of tingles. Beth’s breathing became heavy and she was whimpering and twisting under Tory’s attack. Tory looked down on the naked prone body of her sexy boss. It was such a turn-on to have a woman always in control tied to the bed, helpless and whimpering.

“You keep whimpering. Do you want me to stop?”

Bethany held her breath and remained silent her uncertainty apparent.

“Answer me. You’re so confident at work ordering everyone around. Do you want me to stop?”

Bethany’s face flushed hot pink, as she knew she did not want Tory to stop. In fact she wanted more than anything to feel Tory’s tongue on her tingling pussy. She felt the wetness between her legs and she was embarrassed. When Tory reached under the pillow and applied the blindfold she gasped. Beth was now spread eagle with a restraint tied to each bedpost. She was blindfolded and she felt Tory moving on the bed. Her nerves were at breaking point, but it was the most exciting sexual moment she had ever experienced.

Beth felt Tory’s head was between her legs. Soon she felt Tory’s tongue working magic on her pussy. Disoriented by the flu her head was spinning and all she could do was moan and groan as Tory completely controlled her. The feeling of just letting go was ecstatic and Beth was letting her body float into some new region as her first lesbian orgasm approached.

Tory had unleashed secret hidden desires and Beth was shaken to her core. Tory had pulled out a large silicone vibrator and inserted it filling Beth’s pussy; the vibrations, Tory’s tongue, her fingers, the touches, the pinches to her nipples, Beth’s body was going crazy. At the final moment as her body convulsed in orgasm her jaw dropped slack and a cry of anguish, pain and happiness ripped out of her tight chest. Finally she was free. At that moment Beth heard the front door open. She heard her daughter’s mellifluous voice rise to the bedroom. She knew the tone, the light airy tone of a girl in love.

“I’m home mom.”

Tory continued plunging the eight-inch silicone vibrator up Beth’s pussy and attacked her clit with her flickering tongue distracting Beth from her daughter’s arrival. A second orgasm built and again she cried out, her fingers gripping and pulling on the pink ropes as her body twisted in tortured release.

Maybe the flu had relaxed her? Maybe it was having the amazingly beautiful Tory between her thighs? Maybe it was the lack of sex over the last three years? Maybe it was the excitement of being tied to the bed and blindfolded? Whatever it was, at that moment Bethany exploded.


Her cry rang to the ceiling and coursed through the house as her body shook with an explosion and tremors she couldn’t recall ever having experienced before.

Downstairs Eloise smiled and slipped off her shoes padding silently up the carpeted stairs barefoot. She eased open her mother’s bedroom door and grinned. Tory lifted her smiling face from between the spread legs of Eloise’s tied-up mother and winked. Eloise softly and silently padded over and leaned down to kiss Tory on the mouth with soft tenderness. They had spun their own web and it had worked. They were both grinning with triumph.

A few weeks later Gordon’s wife Colleen broke up with her toy boy in DC. Eloise was worried she would lose Gordon. She asked him if he wanted his wife back. He looked at her with such passion she couldn’t believe it.

“Why would I want her back when I have you? You’re perfect and I love you. With her I always felt there was a distance between us, as if I was never good enough for her. With you Ellie it’s completely the opposite…..”

Eloise started to cry and they made passionate love. As Eloise straddled Gordon’s hard cock and looked down at the man she possessed completely she smiled a broad grin. Gordon couldn’t help being curious.

“Why are you grinning darling?”

Eloise giggled.

“I’m thinking of my mom.”

The next day Eloise moved in with Gordon. At work Beth continued to call the shots. But at home Tory would put the collar on her sexy lover and she would rule the roost. Beth came to embrace her true sexuality and found happiness. Beth and Tory soon became the toast of LA as the most beautiful lesbian power couple the city had ever seen. Whenever they appeared hand in hand Tory always shone as an impeccable beauty and Beth was always proud to be on her arm.

Some webs, no matter how devious their design, have happy endings.

How did Colleen end up you ask? Well finally she got caught fiddling expenses by a client and her business reputation collapsed. She hangs out in sleazy DC bars trying to pick up younger men. Sometimes she succeeds and sometimes she strikes out, but inevitably it’s a one-night-stand and they don’t call back.

The End

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