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The Meeting - Part One

The first time is always the best
They had known each other for a very long time, but they had only spoken online. They were both married, but had somehow found themselves madly in love. He knew her darkest secrets, and was eager to meet her. His wife had asked for a divorce, and his lover was ready to leave her tortured marriage for a week while her husband was gone on a business trip and finally meet him.

"I'm on my way to get you at the airport, baby," she said softly into the phone, in her calmest voice.

"Hurry, love, I have waited so long to meet you," he eagerly begged.

"I'm coming. Remember, my car is no Lamborghini," she joked, remembering their first two weeks of talking online. 

"I love you," he whispered into the phone.

"I love you, too. Be ready to jump in and go," she replied.

She drove, more and more excited by the second. She just could not wait to finally see him. And she had a little surprise in the back seat. She still had her wedding ring on, and she thought to herself, "This diamond ring and my baby are the only good things that came from that man." As she neared the airport, she constantly kept checking the mirror to make sure she looked okay. She knew that even if she was a total mess he would tell her she was beautiful. She loved that about him. He always treated her so well.

She saw her daughter stir in her rearview mirror, and she could not help but smile. She had started talking to Brandon when she was only a few months pregnant with her baby girl, and now Natalie was three years old. She was beginning to look more and more like her mother every day. She parked and got out of the car, then opened the back door and lifted her toddler into her arms, laughing at her messed up hair. She got out her cellphone and called him to tell him they were there.

The moment she first saw him was a moment she would not soon forget. He was waiting for his luggage when she saw him. She glanced at the big clock in the airport and saw that it was 6:30 AM. He was wearing knee high slacks and a red polo shirt, with white tennis shoes.

The first time he saw her was one of the best moments of his life. First, he noticed the toddler in her arms. The obvious resemblance between her and her mother made him smile. Then, the real moment of bliss. He had seen her in pictures, but never in person. She was wearing skinny jeans and a very fitted long shirt with boots that came to the tops of her calves. She had her hair up in an updo so he could see her face better. There were a few strips that had came loose of the clip and fallen to her face. She was beautiful to him, in every way.

As she got closer to him, he couldn't help but admire her body. He quickly grabbed his luggage and speed walked over to her. He started to kiss her, and then remembered she had Natalie with her. He instead gave her a hug and whispered to her softly, "I love you beautiful." As they walked to the car, he let her get a few paces in front of him so he could watch her walk. The way she swayed her hips had him in a trance.

She obviously knew he had to be staring because she laughed, a beautiful, joyful laugh as soon as they got to her car. She opened the back door and bent over to buckle Natalie into her booster seat. As soon as she did, she felt him press by her, intentionally letting her ass ride against his groin as he squeezed past her and got in the passanger side. She quickly regained her compousure and kissed her sweet angel on the forehead before closing the door and returning to the driver's side of the car. As she stepped in, she noticed that her baby was very tired, and that her eyelids were already starting to flutter.

"Well, hello beautiful," he said as he leaned in and kissed her on the cheek.

"Uh... Hi...," she stammered out, trying to think of what to say.

"Pace yourself baby, don't get too excited. We have all week," he chuckled slightly at the thought of how wild the next week was going to be.

They drove on in silence, because silence was all they really needed. Simply being in the same car was more then enough for the two of them. He reached over and turned on the radio, more than prepared for the country music he knew was about to play. Being from Colorado, he had never really listened to much country music. But when he met her, his sweet southern belle, he developed a interest in country music.

"Stay here. I'm going to take Nat inside and give her to the babysitter. I'll be right back. Try not to miss me too much," she said, sounding more southern than ever. Her voice was one of the sexiest things he had ever heard, next to her moaning he had heard over the phone a couple of times.

"I can't make any promises," he joked, winking at her before turning his attention back to the radio.

He could not help but watch her walk to the door, and by the way her hips were moving, he could have sworn she was putting on a show for him. She dropped her baby off with the babysitter and quickly gave her all of the emergency numbers for the resturant and hotel. As she walked back to the car, she laughed at the way he was staring at her. She slid in, prepared for the best night of her life to truly begin.

"Ah, my angel. You're really the sexiest woman I've ever seen," he said, relieved to finally be free to express his true feelings for her.

"Thank you, and when do I get my first real kiss from you? Are you going to make me beg?" she asked in what seemed like a joking tone, but he could see the desire in her eyes.

Then, he kissed her with such passion that her breath almost caught in her throat. She closed her eyes and parted her lips, and his tongue brushed her lower lip as he pulled away. That was their first kiss. A kiss of love.

"Wow... I love you...," she whispered, looking deep into his eyes, both of them in a trance.

He was intrigued by her steel blue eyes. "Let's go, we have dinner reservations."

As they drove his eyes were locked on her, looking up and down her body. Tracing the curves of her body with his eyes. First, her tan, silky smooth neck. Then over the curve of her firm, gorgeous, breasts. Then over her firm, flat belly, and her amazing hips that he could not wait to hold. Down her thighs and past her knees to her calves, her sexy, muscular calves. He knew that she was a volleyball coach, and he loved the legs of women who played volleyball. She felt the intense staring and started to blush a little, her cheeks turning a faint shade of pink.

"Don't be shy, love. You're gorgeous," he said in a reassuring tone.

"Thank you baby," she said, the color of her face returning to normal, as she pulled into the resturant parking lot.

She had decided on Olive Garden, Italian food was her favorite. As they walked in, a male waitor rushed over, only to be let down. He saw her wedding ring and did not think to look for one on him. He still had a second glance across her body, and took her name and guided them to a booth in the corner that already had two glasses and a bottle of sweet red wine on the table. He reached for the wine, but she stopped him. "We'll pour it ourselves," she said quietly. They sat down on the same side of the booth, with her on the inside. As soon as the waitor walked away she reached over and put her hand on his thigh.

"Pour the wine please, darling," she purred softly into his ear as she began to rub her hand up and down his thigh. She heard him swallow loudly as her hand slid to the inside of his thigh.

"Uh.... uh.... okay...," he stammered and was trying to control his hormones from running wild. He popped the cork on the wine and poured them each half a glass. She lifted hers to her lips and took a small sip.

They ordered and waited, making small talk about work and the weather and other unimportant things. The salad came and they both ate a little. When their meals came, they ate in silence, both eager to get to the hotel. They finished and the waitor came back by.

"Would you like desert?" the waitor asked, seeming bored.

"She would like a slice of New York style cheesecake," he answered for her.

"And for you, sir?"

He turned to her and squeezed her thigh. "I'm going to have HER for dessert," he said seductively.

She quickly finished the cheesecake and they got the check. He insisted on paying it. As they walked to the car they were walking a bit faster than they had been, both eager for what was going to happen soon. The car ride to the hotel was silent, the sexual tension building every second. They arrived at the hotel and he got his luggage out of the trunk. They hurried to the room and he dropped his luggage right inside the door, watching her as she stopped a foot ahead of him and turned to him at the sound of the bags dropping.

Their second kiss was much different than their first. He reached out and grabbed her hips, pulling her to him in a matter of seconds. He kissed her, thrashing his tongue inside her mouth and pulling her tight into him. He was already getting semi-hard. While their tongues intertwined and he held onto her ass with one hand, he reached up behind her and released her hair clip, letting her gorgeous brown hair cascade down her shoulders, the smell of her shampoo intoxicating him.

He released her tongue and tilted her head to the side, licking down her neck. He then reached down and pulled her top over her head, his eyes instantly locked on her gorgeous breasts. She was wearing a half cup bra, and one of her nipples was almost fully exposed. He reached back and released thr clasp on her bra, letting her breasts free. He grabbed one of them while he took the other one in his mouth.

They pulled apart and ran to the bedroom, him laying on the bed as she began to undress. She pulled her boots off, then her jeans, and then her sheer white thong. She got on the bed, sitting on his lap, grinding on him. He thrust his hip upward, causing her to whimper in desire. He flipped her over and rolled on top of her, kissing his way down her soft body.

"Baby... I... There's something I have to tell you....," she said shyly. 

"What is it love?" he said, while still working his way down her body.

"Maybe you shouldn't be... I... Well... It's kind of embarassing...," she stammered, blushing a dark red. 

"What is it baby? You can tell me," he said, stopping, sounding worried.

"I... Maybe I'll just show you...," she said, sounding a bit less scared and a lot more mischevious.

As he continued to eat her, her moans got louder and she began shaking. He circled her clit with his tongue and he knew by her verbalizing it that she loved every second of it. Her legs started to shake and he, unaware of what was about to happen, he slid his ring and middle fingers inside of her and put hard pressure on her g-spot, causing her to explode into an orgasmic bliss. "OH GOD I'M GONNA SQUI... OHHHH YESS," she screamed, fascinating him. "Oh my God. You should've told me, I... I love that," he said, sounding like he was in awe of her, because he was.

They relaxed for a minute as he continued to undress, and his raging hard-on was in her face.


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