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The Meeting (Pilot)

Tags: kiss, meeting, mf, soft
A meeting between two online friends
Susie grinned, checking her reflection in the mirror. Okay she was no model, but her sea coloured eyes and her freckles made her seem like she was as sweet and as innocent as she sometimes wished she was. She tilted her head from side to side and tested the way her hair fell, her teeth closing on her lower lip as she tried to practice a seductive look. She humphed and frowned as she just seemed to look more and more like a clumsy fool trying to be sultry and sexy. She shrugged at her reflection, taking a quick glance of her tall body, her breasts, full and perky, hiding beneath a soft knitted jumper, her skirt, pulled up to her waist, her legs slightly crossed as she twisted them. She frowned as she surveyed her body, "Curvy is definitely the right word..who could find that attractive, or that or...well that looks quite sexy..."

She stopped looking at herself and slipped a foot into a shoe, pausing as she heard her phone beep, a smile spreading across her pale face, her dimples poking into her cheeks. She read the message,"Still want this?" Barely pausing to think she replied, "Yes, definitely. You?"

Her cheeks blushed, wondering how she would cope if her said no. She had spent an hour this morning in the bath, a sharp razor in her hand, carefully preening her whole body, shaving her delicate pussy lips to a soft perfection she rarely bothered with, her legs as smooth as silk and her satiny skin smelling like vanilla. Her phone beeped again, "Yes, you're sexy and tempting,'re so young."

She frowned, her brows furrowing as he put up the old excuse again. "I'm not saying this is forever, of even for past today, I don't need a guarantee that you'll always be there for me. I just, want to be happy, with you, right now, because you're you and I'm me and we seem to click. If there's a problem, we can just be friends. No worries. I'm Nineteen years old, and you are my choice."

Her eyes shut as she pressed send, her heart fluttering in her chest. She gazed down at her phone until the three words came through, seconds later. " Let's do this."

Her lips curved into a smile, her cheeks bunching as she nodded. She skipped down the stairs and out the door, shutting the apartment behind her and locking the door, she glanced from side to side down the street before heading to her car and sliding in, quickly starting the engine, her feet delicately resting on the pedals as she guided her car out and onto the road. As she drove she tapped her fingers on the wheel, nodding her head to some invisible music. She reached her destination, a small hotel outside of his town and waited anxiously by her car till he drove up. 

She grinned widely as he pulled up beside her, unsure of how to react. She waited, awkwardly on the side, waiting for him to get out the car, he looked at her, and she looked back, gazing into his eyes for the first time as she cocked an eyebrow. He grinned and clambered out, shutting the car carefully behind him as he moved towards her. They both moved nervously, as if unsure of what to do, she went for a hug, her hands awkwardly outstretching, he went for a handshake, his hand almost hitting her stomach before moving to join her in the hug just as she corrected and went for the handshake. They paused and smiled nervously at each other, him twisting his keys in his hand.

"Umm, so..It's you."

She nodded, her head ducking slightly as she worried at her lip, her thoughts rushing through her head faster than she could follow or control, "He doesn't find you attractive..look at him..he's disgusted..he thinks you lied to him...hoodwinked could you ruin your chance with him like that?!?!.."

She swallowed, glancing at his eyes again, only to find them staring at her. Suddenly she held out her hand to him, her fingers pointing to the sky and her palm facing him. He put his own palm to hers and laced his fingers through hers, his thumb stroking her thumb gently as she stepped closer to him, her body close to his, barely an inch away as she tilted her head slightly, her lips brushing his gently, her nose nudging his cheek. She breathed, her breath rushing over his cheek just as she felt his warm breath on her, she glanced into his eyes, as she inhaled, breathing in his smell for the first time before she pressed her lips to his, softly, letting them linger and cling as she pulled back, waiting for his reaction. He paused, his warm caressing breath on her face ceasing for a moment before his lips found hers, his other hand moved up to her short hair, his fingers laced through the soft locks, knotting her hair as he crushed his lips on her, her lips parting easily and eagerly beneath him. His tongue slipped into her mouth, searching for hers as she teased him with her own soft tongue, curling it and pressing it in small strokes to him. Their mouths tasted each others hungrily, exploring and searching, their noses nestled to each others as they kissed passionately.

She pulled away, gasping for a breath as her body lean naturally into his warmth. Her form settled into his, her soft curves settling onto his firm body as her lips brushed his chin.She grinned and looked into his eyes.

"Well, that was.."

He cut her off with a soft kiss, his lips catching hers as he tilted her body back slightly. His lips broke from hers and he dragged his lips over her jaw to her ear, holding her preciously close.

"Shhh, let's go inside before I rip your clothes off right this second."

He pulled back from her, finding their hairs still clasped her grinned and pulled her with him as he strode away from their cars.

As they got into their room she suddenly felt nervous again, she crossed the the window, dumping her bag underneath it as she stared out. He closed the door, put his bag on a chair and coughed, slightly nervously.

"Umm, well, here we are.."

She turned to him and smiled slightly, "Yes, here we are."

She tilted her head and went back to staring out the window, he crossed the room and held out his hand to her. She turned and smiled widely, her eyes moving from his honest palm up his arm to his eyes, she reached out, her palm resting on his softly as she wrapped her fingers around his wrist, sliding her fingers up his arm. He copied the gesture, his fingertips tracing over her clear skin, his other hand moved to her arm, rubbing up over her shoulder and the curve of her neck till he cupped her face in his hand, his fingers curling around her, a slightly disbelieving look on his face. Her other hand moved to his stomach, her palm pressing to his stomach through his shirt as she leaned into him, their eyes locked as they leaned heir foreheads together, their noses touching, her hand trapped between them, his thumb stroking her cheek. She gulped and looked into his deep brown eyes, feeling her knees melt beneath her. He slowly moved forward, his head turning as his lips met hers, kissing her tenderly and carefully, as if afraid she may brake...

Author's note; please comment and tell me what you think, more to follow if it receives positive feedback, this is my first attempt at a story like this, so please try and keep it constructive criticism. I am of course, open to suggestions. Feel free to message me.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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