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The Next Morning with Samantha

They are learning each others love!
I woke up with the sun streaming across my face. I rolled on to my side then realized Samantha wasn’t in bed with me. Oh shit, a moment of panic that she had a bailed on me then I hear the shower running. At that moment I decided to see if we could conserve some water.

I walked into the bathroom and saw her standing in the shower! Damn I’m lucky to be here with her.

“Knock knock, can I come in and join you?”

She jumped with a start and said, “Sure!”

I stepped into the shower, which I hadn’t realized was huge. There was enough room in here for a small party.

I reached out and ran my hand down her back until I got to her ass. I lingered there rubbing her ass cheeks with both hands and she started to moan a little, but before I could advance it any further she whirled around to face me.

Man, what a beautiful face to have staring at you! I leaned forward and gave her very passionate good morning kiss.

We traded good mornings and started slowly washing each other off the results of our passions of last night, but her touch was causing me to grow very hard and it was becoming quite noticeable as she bumped into me as we washed.

“Oh my, he is starting to wake up down there!” she said with a giggle.

“Having you so near always wakes him up!”

“Well let’s see what we can do about this situation then.” she said.

With that she reached for me and started stroking my shaft slowly as she leaned into me for a kiss.

“Well you have my complete attention now!”

She didn’t say a thing to that, but kept stroking me ever so slowly.

I tried to reach out to touch her and she pushed my hands away. I finally just had to hang on to the shower hand bar because she wouldn’t let me do anything else but suffer her slow torture.

There were seats in the corners of the shower and she gently pushed me back towards one of them and I settled on to it. She slid to her knees and continued to stroke me and started to gently massage my balls. Then she leaned forward and started sucking and licking my nipples. Sitting here on this seat I was at just the right height for her to reach me.

“You know you’re driving me up the wall here right?”

“Relax and enjoy 'til it’s your turn to return the favor!” she said.

With that she leaned back and grabbed my thighs and pulled me so my ass was hanging almost off the seat.

After she had me positioned where she wanted me she leaned down and started kissing up and down my shaft very tenderly while still massaging my balls.

She finally took me in her mouth and started gently licking around my shaft and taking me further and further in. As she was doing this her hands where roaming all over inner thighs and around my ass.

I don’t know how long she had been sucking me, but I know I wasn’t going to hold out much longer. I was starting get that tense feeling just before cumming.

She must have sensed my shaft stiffing up even more and just before I let loose she gently ran her finger into my asshole.

Oh my god!! I lost it and grabbed her and held her tightly on me until she pulled back hard in my hands.

When I finally gained some control over myself I just looked at her as she was still kneeling in front of me.

“Holy shit Samantha, I never had that done before. It was like a jolt of electricity to my balls and cock.”

She smiled at me and said, “Oh I know the feeling. Remember last night don’t you?”

Oh shit, then it hit me this was a little pay back for what I had done to her. Laughing I pulled her to me kissed her hard!

When we finally parted she was just looking at me.

“Okay what gives, what is on your mind?”

“I want to try something I’ve read about and my little experience last night has me wanting to try it.” she said.

She took a deep breath and said, “I would like to try anal sex with you if you’re interested. Please don’t feel like you have too.”

Well that would have blown my socks off if I had been wearing any. I just sat there for a second until I could tell she thought she had made a mistake bringing it up.

“I’ve never tried it before myself either, but if you want too we can try.”

“I do!” she said.

“Go on out straighten up the bed so we are more comfortable.” she said.

I straightened out the sheets and pulled down the covers. Then fluffed the pillows for the hell of it.

She walked out of the bathroom still completely nude and absolutely gorgeous!

“I would like to be in control this first time if you’re okay with it?” she asked

She went about straightening the bed to suit her. She took the pillows and piled them at the head of the bed. Then she took the blanket and folded it several times and placed it on the bed by the pillows.

I was curious of what she had in mind.

She looked over at me and told me to sit with my back to the headboard and my ass on the center of the folded blanket.

I did as instructed, which placed my hips pushing up in the air so my dick was standing high and hard.

“Please just sit still while I work myself down on you.” She said.

“What about some lube to make this easier for you and me I would guess?”

“Already taken care of!” she said with a smile.

With that she climbed on the bed a straddled me with her ass right over the top of my cock. After a short pause she started to lower herself on me.

Man, she felt tight and just barely had the head at her anus at this point.

She pressed down a little harder and the head popped through her outer ring and she gasped.

“OW!” she squealed, but didn’t pull back off.

“You okay?”

“Yes just hurt a little there for a second. Let me get use to it for a moment.” she said.

After a few moments she settled further on to my cock with a little more of squeal.

OMG, she was so tight I couldn’t believe it. This was fantasy come true and never would have thought it would have been with Samantha.

She started moving up and down on me with short movements with a pause at the bottom each time.

I reached up and started caressing her nipples as she was moving on me and this seem to excite her even more because her movements started getting faster.

Samantha reached down with one hand and started to rub her clit and took the other and placed it on my chest for balance. She was really going at it now!

All the sudden she tilted her head back and let out a strangled scream as she started to cum all over my lower stomach.

I had never seen her come so hard or for so long or with such volume! It was amazing to see.

I was getting close and told her so she could stop, but instead she just took both hands and braced herself and started to ride the hell out of me.

I finally couldn’t hold back any longer and grabbed her and pulled her down on me hard. She gasped and started cumming a second time while my cock emptied into her ass.

After a few minutes we regained some composure she very slowly rose up off me and laid down next to me. We cuddled for a while until she said she was going to take a shower and invited me in, but no funny stuff..

I stood and picked her up to carry her into the bathroom. I sat her down in the shower and proceeded to wash her like her man servant. The whole time thinking how I’m falling in love with this woman.
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