The Novelist

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I discover a book loaned to me has very special significance.
My ex-girlfriend Cynthia, or as her friends called her, ‘Cyn’ and her boyfriend JJ were over for a barbecue I invited several of my friends to and were the last people remaining at my home at the end of the night. Cyn had offered to help clean up the kitchen with me and JJ was sitting on the other side of the breakfast counter enjoying a soda while we worked.

JJ said, “Cyn, did you tell Tyler about that book you’re reading?”

“No, I forgot. Tyler, you have to read this book, it almost sounds like part of your life story. A friend recommended it because it takes place in this area.”

I asked, “What’s it about?”

“Well, it’s called ‘Longing in Paradise ’, and it’s primarily about the romance that develops between a novelist who runs into a guy who seems to be your clone while she’s doing research on her next book.”

“What makes him so much like me?”

“A number of things; he’s filthy rich, owns his own private jet and a private island near the Keys although his primary residence is on the west coast of Florida . They are introduced to each other down there by a guy who was going to help her with research about scuba diving and information on old Spanish shipwrecks and salvage methods, all the lingo used about that and other local ‘lore’, but had to back out and so gets his friend to take over helping her. Spooky, huh? I’m almost done with the book, as soon as I am, I’ll loan it to you.”

“Cool - that does seem kind of amazing. Does it mention how the guy came into his wealth?”

“Not that I’ve noticed, he’s mentioned the freedom, reduction of stress and his newfound happiness in his life since he gave up the business world, so I’d guess he was a former businessman of some kind. That part reminded me of the Harrison Ford role in 6 Days, 7 Nights. I think he gave up Wall Street to be a bush pilot in the south Pacific.”

I thought about it for a while after JJ and Cyn left, but dismissed it as coincidence. But it did get me thinking about this girl, Calleigh, I had dated several years ago who was spending time with a cousin of hers on Key West the summer after she graduated from college. She said she had degrees that would be good credentials for working in the journalism field or teach in the English department of a school but had ambitions to write as she put it ‘the next great American novel. I thought about whether or not Cyn’s book might be one of her accomplishments, but the more I thought about it, all I was able to do was recall all the time we spent together naked having incredible sex until we were exhausted and some of the things we did between all the sex.

I put it out of my mind and went about my usual day to day routine, then one day a week or so later, I answered the doorbell and there was Cyn dressed in Daisy Duke shorts that looked like they were painted on and a half ‘T’ that allowed the observer to actually see the lowest ‘bulbous’ portion of her boobs below her nipples, yet still concealed them, looking very sexy, indeed. I invited her in and while I was standing there lusting after her, my attention was suddenly brought into focus when she held out a thick, obviously well, or often, read paperback novel and said, “This is that book I told you about.”

“Did it have a happy ending?”

“Yeah, but it also had kind of a cliffhanger ending. The liner notes said it’s a serial novel and to watch for the continuation of the story line. There ended up being lots of sex – hot sex, like you and I used to have - and adventure, kind of like the ‘Romancing the Stone’ movie series. Anyhow, I’ve got to fly. Let me know what you think.” She gave me a nice hug and kiss then took off out the door.

The cover of the book looked a lot like most typical romance novels with a hunky guy, his tattered and windblown shirt revealing an unnatural six-pack with a firm jaw and long blonde hair flowing in the breeze and sky blue eyes. The girl was a voluptuous, buxom beauty with a ‘fuck me’ look on her face, a sensual mouth - slightly agape, emerald green eyes, red hair in big curls down to her waist with a few strands across her face, a half open dress top showing off a very ample braless cleavage and just barely concealing her nipples and with a slit in the skirt part exposing a leg clear up past her hip. ‘Longing in Paradise ’ was written in a sinuous cursive style across the top of the cover and the author was listed as C. J. McFadden. I made the mental comment to myself that I didn’t know the gender or what the author looked like, but I sure would like to meet the girl that modeled for the illustration on the cover.

I opened the cover and leafed through the pages until I came across the dedication. It read, ‘To the real life Tyler , wherever he is, who inspired the Tyler in my story.’ I said to myself, “I don’t recall Cyn mentioning the dedication or the character’s name being Tyler . That seems like an even stranger similarity than the others she had mentioned.” I decided to read the first sentence of the story and ended up finishing the entire paragraph.

‘I was rapidly approaching my publisher’s deadline and now this jerk decides he has something more important to do than honoring his word and our agreement; the only redeeming factor was that he did feel enough remorse for the broken promise to arrange for some guy named Tyler to fill in for him and provide the research assistance I needed to supplement a lot of details in my nearly overdue book. Thankfully, I never gave him the advance on his fee he asked for. I had found a table in Sloppy Joes Bar, Papa Hemingway’s old haunt at the corner of Greene and Duval Streets in Key West’s ‘Old Town’ district at the agreed to meeting time and of course he was late – or maybe not coming at all. That would be my kind of luck. I just knew my publisher was going to be incredibly pissed off if yet another manuscript was late reaching her desk. I was composing an ad on my laptop to post on Craig’s List looking for another local research assistant, when a tall, muscular, ruggedly handsome man with sun-bleached light brown hair but soft-looking, manicured hands that made it look like he knew nothing of scuba diving or salvage work appeared at my table asking if I was Nikki. “Oh, great,” I thought, “Just the kind of guy I needed.”

I decided if I didn’t put the book down now, I’d just keep reading it and I had things to do. I tossed the book on the kitchen counter and it flipped over due to the fanned out pages from being read, displaying a photo of the author on the back cover. After a quick glance, ‘Cute’, I thought, then I did a double take. Son of a Bitch, it was Calleigh. Or maybe I just wanted it to be Calleigh. She appeared to be someone no older than Calleigh although much more sophisticated looking than I remembered; but by now, I convinced myself it was she. I quietly said to myself, “Maybe I could be the Tyler in the book.” I picked the book back up and literally ran into my office and started searching for MySpace, Facebook or Twitter accounts for Calleigh or C. J. McFadden, then Wikipedia, but with no luck. I Googled her and found several sites with mentions of her, but no ‘official site’ or images.

I Googled her book’s publisher next and found a ‘contact us’ tab on their web site. I hurriedly sent off an e-mail asking them to forward it to C. J. McFadden, but only if her real name was Calleigh, explaining that I met and dated a girl named Calleigh who strongly resembled the photo on the back of her novel for a couple months the summer after she graduated from the University of Michigan in 2002 while she was visiting her cousin Caitlin in Key West, but subsequently lost contact with her and was very interested in asking her if there was a chance I was the ‘Tyler’ referred to in her dedication of ‘Longing in Paradise’. I listed my full name, my mailing address, my Facebook page, e-mail address, home and cell numbers and wrote, “If it is the same Calleigh, I hope she might be interested in reconnecting with me; if not or if it’s not the Calleigh McFadden I knew, I won’t bother her again.”

I clicked send, then opened up my photo gallery application and searched keywords for ‘Calleigh’ - I had quite a few photos of her, but I was looking for a head-on close-up photo of her face. I scrolled through the photos and finally found one where her face was posed in almost exactly the same angle and held the book up next to it only to come to the realization that it had to be her. Those eyes, those lips, that smile, thankfully, even the color of her hair remained unchanged. It was as though she just became more sophisticated instead of aging the way most girls do as she transformed from post adolescence into adulthood. The thing that made her so attractive to me in the first place was that quality of a Lolita-like innocent appearance while concealing a raw unbridled sexuality seething just below the surface.

I pulled out my cell phone and scrolled through the contacts until I found Cyn’s number. I dialed her number and when she picked up she said, “Hey, Sweetie – what’s up?”

“You forgot to mention a couple things.”

“Like what?”

“That the character’s name is Tyler , and it’s dedicated to the ‘real’ Tyler that inspired her character. Are you busy?”

“I thought I had mentioned his name was Tyler . I’m not busy at all. What’s up?”

“Can you stop over? I want to show you something.”

“Sure, I can get in my car and be there in 5 minutes.”

I printed up a copy of the face photo and another with us hanging out on the beach at my cottage, her wearing nothing but a bikini bottom, me wearing a rather snug pair of swim trunks like those that I wear for scuba diving and with our arms around each other then waited for Cyn to arrive. She walked right in and announced herself, since it wasn’t uncommon for my friends to do at my house when they knew they were expected.

I came walking out of the office and said, “Wait until you see this.”

I showed her the back of the book and she said, “Yeah, so? That’s the girl who wrote the book.”

I showed her the ‘face’ picture and she said, “Wow, that’s her too. Where did you get that picture? Did you find it on the Internet?”

I showed her the other picture and her eyes got wide and said, “So it is about you!”

“Not really, so far none of the things I read happened, but I met her shortly after she graduated from college and we spent a couple months together so I believe there’s a chance I might be the ‘real’ Tyler in the dedication. I couldn’t find any ‘official’ websites for her and no Wiki-pages, Facebook, MySpace or Twitter accounts so I looked up her publisher and tried to send her a message through the ‘contact us’ tab on their site. I hope I hear back from her.”

She looked at the photo of the two of us and said, “Well, if you are that Tyler and she liked you well enough to allow this photo exist, I bet you do hear from her.”

I said, “I hope so.”

I offered Cyn a soda and we sat at the breakfast counter talking while we drank them. Just as I tossed my empty can in the ‘aluminum’ bin under the sink, my house phone rang.


“Hi, is this Tyler Douglas?”

“Yes, this is Tyler Douglas.”

“Hi, Tyler . My name is Veronica Willcox; I’m C.J., or rather, Calleigh McFadden’s publicist and personal assistant. I just got your e-mail forwarded to me and I tried to get ahold of Calleigh but her cell phone goes straight to voice mail. On her list of people permitted to get directly through to her, she has a note attached that says ‘if a guy named Tyler from Florida who seems to actually know her ever tries to contact her to let her know immediately’. Apparently that big hurricane season you guys had in 2004 made you very difficult to track down. Anyhow, I left a vaguely worded voice mail message on her phone when I called, and sent her a similarly cryptic e-mail telling her she has to get a hold of me ASAP so as soon as she has service or can log on to her e-mail, I’m sure she’ll contact me and I’ll have her get a hold of you. I only called you myself because I was curious. I have this feeling you’re as anxious to hear from her as she has been to hear from you.”

“I am anxious to reconnect with her. Can you tell me, is she single?”

“Yeah and she’s lamented to me over and over again about you being the one that got away. I’m afraid you left quite an impression on Calleigh, Tyler.”

I exclaimed, “She certainly left me with quite an impression. We always promised we’d stay in touch, but then we lost track of each other after all. I looked up some old photos of Calleigh and me at my cottage down in Key West and it made me realize that I shouldn’t have let her get away either.”

“Can I ask you something?”

“Sure, what?”

“Do you really own a private island down there and your own jet?”

With a bit of pride, I said, “Yes, I do. Why?”

“Well, when her book was published, I asked her about the dedication and the character in the book – I wasn’t sure she didn’t make it up as part of the ‘back-story’ for the book. She told me the lead character and his personality in her book was based quite heavily on a guy she met and dated the summer following her college graduation and then told me that like the character, you were quite wealthy, owned a small island with a cottage, a private jet, and a beautiful home on the Gulf coast of Florida. Not to mention being the nicest and most handsome guy she ever dated. She also confided in me that you were the best lover she’s ever had. I checked your Facebook page, and based on what I saw and read, you seem to fit the handsome and nice comments she made.”

“Well to be honest, my home is on a river a half-hour or so from the Gulf by boat, not on the Gulf itself, but I guess everything else about my wealth, island and home is more true than not, I’d hate to sound conceited by saying any of those other comments are anything but her opinion, although I’m flattered. So where is Calleigh?”

“She’s visiting her place in northern Michigan .” I said, “I sure hope we can reconnect. I feel like a nerdy high school kid right now with a crush on a cheerleader I suddenly feel like I might have a shot with.”

“Well, Tyler . I’m rooting for you. She talks about you a lot.”

We spoke just a couple more minutes then said good bye and Cyn said, “So what was that all about?”

I said, “That was Calleigh’s personal assistant and publicist responding to my e-mail. Apparently, Calleigh has been trying, but unable to track me down. I’m not sure she knew my last name, but she had told her publicist that if a guy named Tyler from Florida who seemed to actually know her ever called or wrote to let her know ASAP.”

She said, “Wow, maybe you’ll be able to see her again. Do you think she’d autograph my book for me? Hell, you’re the main character; will you autograph it for me?”

I laughed and said, “I don’t have any right to ‘autograph’ your book, but I will do my best to see if I can get Calleigh to sign it if we do hook up again. I might even offer to fly to wherever she is just to see her again. Think that would impress her?”

Cyn said, “It sure would impress me. Well, this is certainly an exciting turn of events. Let me know when you hear from her, OK?”

I said, “I sure will, thanks Cyn, I really appreciate you telling me about that book.”

She got up on her tip-toes and gave me a rather tight hug and a little kiss then she slowly – almost agonizingly so - lowered herself while rubbing her substantial chest against mine until she was flat on her feet again and stepped away, the friction of our shirts as she lowered herself caused her top to rise slightly, and hooked the bottom hem of her short top on her hardened nipples, exposing them both. I said, “They are gorgeous, but I don’t know how happy JJ would be about me seeing your nipples like that when he’s not around tochaperon.”

She looked down and noticing her predicament said, “They’re just boobs, Tyler . And it isn’t like you haven’t seen me completely naked in the past – as a matter of fact, almost constantly while we were together! I miss being with you, you’re still the best lover I’ve ever had.”

I said, “Well, JJ is a friend now and the ‘bro-code’ prevents me from acting on any lust I feel for you. If we ever find ourselves single at the same time, I could never turn down a chance to get all naked and sweaty with you again.”

She said, “Well if the ‘code’ ever stops applying to you and JJ, I’d love to have you rock my world again.” She gave me another kiss, a bit more passionate than the previous one and said, “Or maybe we could just have a secret fling?”

I said, “I’d rather wait until there was no one who could get hurt by us hooking up, but I’d love to rock your world again.”

She covered the ‘girls’ again and said, “You can’t blame a girl for trying. I’ll talk to you later.”

I watched Cyn walk out the front door and remembered the good times we used to share. JJ knew that Cyn and I had been involved before he came into the picture, yet still felt secure enough in their relationship to allow Cyn to remain friends with me. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know we discuss our mutual desire to hook up again, curbed only out of respect for relationship boundaries; otherwise, I’m sure even today, we would have ended up naked and sweaty with my boy parts invading all her girl parts. She still claims that since I took her anal virginity a few years ago, just before she met JJ, I’m the only guy she ever had, or would allow to, fuck her ass and on more than one slightly inebriated occasion has begged me to be with her again for that sole purpose. I tell her if she would have been interested in a relationship with me back in the day, she could have had it as often as she wanted, but she was undecided at the time about what she wanted and the next thing we knew, at least one of us has been unavailable ever since. I did take a certain amount of pride in respecting boundaries of propriety, but as far as anal sex goes, I loved being with Cyn and found resisting her advances and propositions an ever-increasingly difficult task.

I decided to fix myself a burger for lunch and while I was getting ready to put it on the grill, my phone rang again, “Hello?”

“ Tyler , is it really you?”

I said, “Calleigh?”

“ Tyler , I’ve missed you so much. I never knew your last name or if I did, it slipped my mind and I tried desperately to get a hold of you after all those hurricanes you had the couple years after we were together, but I couldn’t track you down or find anyone else who could.”

I said, “I’ve been thinking about you, too and a good friend of mine happened to read ‘Longing in Paradise ’ and pointed out the similarities, then brought the book by to loan it to me. When I noticed the photo on the back, I checked photos I had in my computer and when I realized C. J. McFadden was the Calleigh I knew in 2002, I had to make an effort to reach you. I think you’re the one that got away and I deeply regret not making more of an effort to stay in touch with you when your vacation down here ended.”

“Me, too. I’ve thought about you every day and always hoped we’d be able to reconnect again sometime. I think maybe my dedication of the book was my attempt at sending up a flare, hoping you might see it, although honestly, I really didn’t think the book was your ‘type’ of lit.”

I said, “If not for it being my friend’s type of lit, I might never had seen it, but regardless, it worked! So I’d love to take you out to dinner and dancing – I understand it happens we are both single at the moment.”

“ Tyler , I miss you so much, I’d actually break up with a guy for the chance to hook up with you again. Why do you think I dedicated my book to you?”

I said, “I wondered if I was the Tyler in the dedication, that’s actually what made me attempt to contact you. I’m flattered!”

She said, “I’m so glad! I got this e-mail from my assistant, Ronnie that just said I needed to contact her as soon as possible about a note she received from a fan. I called her up and she said, ‘He wrote you.’ I said, ‘Who wrote me?’ She said, ‘ Tyler .’ I said, ‘ Tyler who?’ She said, ‘ Tyler !’ I said, ‘No, it can’t be.’ She said, ‘If you don’t believe me, call or e-mail him – he mentioned that you graduated from U of M, that you spent the following summer vacationing with your cousin Caitlin, I’m pretty sure it’s the right guy. Call or email him, he left us a ton of contact information. I called to let him know I was forwarding the e-mail to you and I believe he’s the right Tyler. I think he wants to reconnect with you too.’ Even e-mail would have been too slow, I had to call.”

I said, “So Calleigh would you care to dine with me at The Commodore tomorrow evening?”

She said, “Darn it, I’m in Traverse City .”

I said, “I wouldn’t let that slow me down. I’ll come pick you up. I can be there in around 4 hours.”

She said, “You’d actually come get me just so I could spend the night and go to dinner with you the next evening?”

I said, “It’s 11:30 right now, I could be at the Cherry Capital Airport by 3:30 or so and we could be back here by 7:30 or so.”

She said, “One night won’t do. I want to spend at least several nights with you – is that OK?”

I said, “That sounds wonderful, so can you meet me at the airport around 4? I can call as soon as I land if you give me your phone number.”

She gave me her number and said, “I’ll pack a bag with a few casual outfits and my sexiest dress for dinner – as a matter of fact, I think I’ll spend the next few hours shopping for a new, even sexier dress.”

I said, “You don’t have to do that, I’m sure you’ve got plenty of dresses nice enough for The Commodore.”

“Yeah I do, but I want to wear something when we go out that makes you want to rip it off me when we get back to your place.”

I said, “Maybe we should plan on staying at the cottage after dinner.”

“Yeah, that way we can be naked that much sooner!”

I said, “I get to see you naked again?”

“I’m not coming all the way to Florida for dinner without getting laid. That dedication in the book has to give you some idea how much I miss and want you.”

I said, “Well, you and I did have incredible sex, I’d love to relive that part of my life.”

“You took me places and did things with me I hadn’t experienced before or since. I haven’t gushed since last time we were together, and trust me I’ve been with some guys who really tried and I’ve gone through a boatload of batteries trying to do it on my own, I hope I’m still capable.”

I said, “I’m sure you are.”

We talked a while longer and I told her I’d take off as soon as possible and then call as soon as I touched down. I called the airport to have my plane prepped and then got dressed. I got in my Viper and headed out my driveway. On the way to the airport, I decided to stop and pickup some flowers for Calleigh. I ran to the florist downtown and had them prepare a dozen long stem red roses for me to give her. When I got on the plane, I put them in the galley fridge, then took off as quickly as possible. The 3 hour and 20 minute trip was shorter than I expected, yet excruciatingly long due to the anticipation factor. I dialed the number Calleigh gave me as soon as I shut the twin turbo-fans off and she answered, “Hello?”

I said, “Calleigh?”

“ Tyler ? You got here so quickly.”

“I might have pushed it a little bit, but I was really anxious to see you again.”

“Me, too. I’ve been packed for over 2 hours already.”

“So, do you have a way here or should I rent a car and come pick you up?”

“I’ve got a car here, I’ll just park in the long term lot. Where do I go?”

“Find the ‘private’ or ‘general’ aviation terminal, it looks like it’s to the west of the commercial terminal when you’re standing in the parking lot looking at the long terminal building. Look for private planes behind the building”

“I think I know which one it is.”

“Great, I can’t wait. I’ll come wait by the main entrance.”

She figured it would take her about 15 minutes to get there so I waited in the plane until it was time to go. I grabbed the roses out of the fridge and headed out of the plane toward the terminal. I stood where I could watch both sets of automatic sliding doors and about 5 minutes later, I spotted Calleigh walking through one set. I started moving toward her and she dropped her suitcase and ran the 20 yards or so to me at full speed. She threw her arms around me and kissed me passionately while we rotated as though I had just safely returned home from war or something. Before we had finished kissing, she lifted her legs and wrapped them tightly around my waist. When we finally separated, I handed her the roses and she said, “You didn’t have to do this.”

“Probably not, but I sure wanted to. I’ve missed you so much.”

“Caitlin’s family moved away from Key West the year after you and I met and I couldn’t find anyone else that knew you or even your last name and the cell number I had for you had quit working.”

“I had to change providers when I got myself a new phone. The phone I had when I made that change had your cell number in it, but when they tried to transfer the data from the old SIMM card to my new phone, something screwed up and I lost everything – hundreds of numbers and e-mail addresses. I back up on my computer, now.”

“Well at least we’re together now. I’m just glad we didn’t waste any more time.”

“Me, too.”

I grabbed her bag and we made our way back out to the plane and went aboard. Calleigh said is this the same plane you had in ’02?”

“I got a new one about 2 years ago. It’s faster, got more range and will carry a few more people and cargo.” We took our seats in the cockpit and after getting clearance, took off for home.

“Do you want to stop in Punta Gorda or head straight to Key West ?”

“I’d like to spend tonight at your house, if that’s OK.”

“You can spend the rest of your life there as far as I’m concerned.”

“I’m not going to say no to that idea, but let’s see how dinner goes first.” We made small talk all the way to Florida and it seemed like time flew this time. When we got to my place, I carried her luggage inside and Calleigh carried her roses.

“So, which room would you like for the night?”

“Oh, no you don’t. I’m getting my world rocked tonight then falling asleep naked in your arms again.”

“That sounds good to me.”

Just then my cell phone rang and the caller ID told me it was Cyn.

“That’s the girl that shared your book with me. Give her a thrill and answer it, OK? By the way, she wants me to get your autograph for her.”

Calleigh pressed the speakerphone button on the phone and said, “Hello?”

“Hi, this is Cynthia, who is that?”

“My name is Calleigh, Calleigh McFadden.”

“Oh, my God! Where are you? Did Tyler fly all the way just to see you?”

“I’m at his house. We talked on the phone and missed each other so much, he came and got me to spend some time with him. He tells me you’re responsible for us reconnecting.”

“I thought the character in your book reminded me of him, so when I finished reading it, I loaned it to him.”

“We should get together. I’d like to thank you personally.”

I spoke up and said, “If you want, invite them over for dinner – I’ll throw something on the grill.” Then more quietly, I added, “I’ll understand if you’d rather be alone with me all evening though.”

Calleigh said, “Would you and your husband or boyfriend like to come over for dinner tonight? Tyler offered to throw something on the grill.”

“Tell him if it’s his Tuna or Swordfish I’ll be there whether JJ wants to join us or not.”

Calleigh looked me in the eyes while she analyzed Cyn’s statement.

I said, “I’m sure she’s joking. Tell them to stop by whenever they’re ready.”

Calleigh said, “ Tyler said to come by whenever you’re ready.”

“OK, We’ll see you in a little while. I can’t wait to meet you.”

They hung up and Calleigh said, “She sounds excited for you.”

I remarked, “I think she is.”

“You’ve been with her, haven’t you?”

“How did you guess that?”

“There was something in the sound of her voice when she said if you were making Tuna or Swordfish she’d come regardless of whether her guy could make it or not. I have a feeling her response would have been the same if you said you were serving Alpo and cheese sandwiches.”

“Well, the truth is we did date and spend a lot of nights together but it just didn’t work out. We were great friends and the sex was wonderful, but we couldn’t be in a ‘relationship’. She’s been with JJ about 2 years now, I was with her just before they met.”

“Does JJ know about you guys?”

“Yeah and he’s cool with it although every once in a while she does something or sends out a signal that makes me think she misses the sex.”

“I can understand that. I miss the sex too and I’m gonna fuck you silly tonight.”

“I’m not going to give you an argument.”

I got out a vase for the roses and Calleigh displayed them on the breakfast counter then we took her luggage upstairs and into my room. I helped her put her stuff in dressers and hang the stuff that needed it.

When we had finished, she kissed me passionately again and said, “Think you can still get it up 3 times a night for me?”

“With your skills in the bedroom? For you, of course.”

“Great – one in my mouth, one in my pussy then finish off in my ass.”

“This day just keeps getting better and better.”

We kissed again and groped each other a bit. She held my rapidly growing cock through the material of my shorts and said, “I can’t wait to feel this inside me again.”

We were interrupted by the doorbell and Cyn’s voice saying, “We’re here!”

I yelled back, “We’re upstairs – we’ll be right down.”

We went downstairs and I made the introductions for JJ, Cyn and Calleigh. We went out to the lanai to sit and talk for a while and Calleigh told the story of how we met and what our lives were like back then.

Calleigh explained, “I was invited to spend the summer after I graduated with my cousin and her family in Key West . She had met Tyler as a customer at Sloppy Joes where she worked as a server and had dated him a few times and although they were friends, they just never got a relationship off the ground. She introduced him to me and it was like an electrical attraction. I had sex with him less than 6 hours later and we were so close for the balance of my vacation, you couldn’t see daylight between us. I tried to keep track of how many times we had sex but lost count within the first week. I’ve still never had a lover who’s come close to satisfying me the way Tyler did. Then, the 2 years after that, you guys had those nasty hurricanes, my cousin and her family moved to Arizona to get away from the weather and Tyler and I lost contact with each other. When I wrote Longing in Paradise , not so much based on any storylines that Tyler was part of, but I based the lifestyle and personality of the hero in my story on him. I honestly believe Tyler was the one I should have never let get away.”

Cyn asked, “So, are you two gonna see if you can be a couple again now that you’ve reconnected?”

Calleigh and I looked at each other and she said, “Well, the spark is certainly there. I’ve already made up my mind to spend all night having sex with him again and I know endless gushing orgasms and the strength of the connection I feel with him isn’t the kind of basis most people form relationships from, but those couple months I spent with Tyler 7 years ago instilled in me a love that is as strong today as it was back then and I have absolutely no intention of letting him get away again. Losing track of him 6 years ago was one of the biggest mistakes of my life and one I’ll never make twice.”

Cyn said, “I know Tyler feels the same way, Calleigh. He thinks you were the one that he let get away back then, too.”

I leaned over and kissed Calleigh and said, “I hope this works out, I never want to make that mistake again either.”

JJ and I went to work on the grill and Calleigh and Cyn offered to take care of the sides. While we were out at the grill, JJ said, “Man, what a hottie.”

I said, “You don’t think I would have flown all the way to northern Michigan and back again all in one day for ‘Ugly Betty’, regardless of how good the sex was, do you? Calleigh has an incredible body and does things for me in bed that most girls wouldn’t do for a guy they were married to for years.”

He said, “I can understand that, I’ve been trying to talk Cyn into letting me fuck her in the ass for months and she just ain’t havin’ it.”

I said, “Calleigh asked me if I thought I could get it up for her three times tonight and when I told her she was so hot and so good at oral sex, I was sure of it, she said, ‘OK, #1 in my mouth, #2 in my pussy and put #3 in my ass.’ I told her this day keeps getting better and better.”

JJ lamented, “I don’t get it. Before we ever even had sex for the first time, Cyn told me that the best orgasm of her life was during anal sex and we’ve been together over two years now and she won’t even let me put my finger there. You haven’t seen Calleigh in 7 years and she already told you to expect anal sex tonight. I don’t get chicks. Did you ever try that with Cyn?”

I said, “I would have enjoyed it, Cyn has a great ass, but I never got that either. I tried and got the impression that something happened during an earlier experience that made her not want to do it again or maybe even though she had a great orgasm doing it once, she felt the act itself was disgusting or perverted, or perhaps suffered some kind of injury or ‘after-effect’ from it. Hell, maybe the guy she did it with had a tiny dick.”

He said, “I can’t even get her to talk about it.”

I said, “I never even tried. You might just have to decide what’s more important – anal sex or life with Cyn. While Cyn and I were together, I just made up my mind that anal sex was off the ‘menu’ of things we did in bed.”

He said, “I do wish I could have both.”

I shrugged in response and asked JJ to spread the water soaked Mesquite chips on the lava rock in the grill while I went after the seafood steaks.

While I was there I told Cyn about JJ’s conversation with me and said, “I told him that you told me you wouldn’t let me have anal sex with you either – so, don’t ever let that cat out of the bag, OK?”

Cyn said, “He’ll never know who it was that took my anal cherry and gave me what is still the strongest orgasm of my life.”

I took the steaks out to the grill as Calleigh spoke to Cyn, “When Tyler and I first hooked up, I was an anal virgin too. Isn’t he a magnificent lover?”

Cyn said, “Yeah, I wish we could have made it work, but I’m happy for you getting a second chance. The weird thing is, I’ve tried to get Tyler to have a fling with me or maybe just throw me a mercy ass fuck, but he told me the ‘bro-code’ with JJ makes that impossible so unless I break up with JJ and you end up not starting a relationship with Tyler , I never get to feel that big, beautiful cock in my ass again.”

Calleigh said, “Maybe you and I could arrange a day of shopping or something and tag team Tyler. My cousin Caitlin and I did that a few times. I’m sure you realize he’s got more than enough to go around. I missed having his cock in my behind so much, I made him promise he’d fuck me in the ass again tonight. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to live so close and see him on a regular basis and not be able to get it.”

Cyn said, “Why would you do that?”

Calleigh said, “If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be getting it tonight myself, so I figure I owe you. I also have a bi-curious side and love a good three-way now and then.”

Cyn said, “Maybe we could all go down to his cottage for some scuba diving one day when JJ has to work. If I wasn’t gone over night, he wouldn’t mind me hanging out with you two for a day down there.”

Calleigh said, “I bet if I get him hard and tell him he can’t put it in my ass unless he agrees to be with you too, the bro-code will go right out the window. I think you’re pretty hot. If you were into it, I’d like to be with you myself.”

Cyn said, “My bi-curious side would enjoy that. I think you’re hot, too.”

I sent JJ in for clean platter for the steaks and he brought it back and said, “The girls said the sides were ready and they’ve already set the table in the dining room.”

I said, “Great.”

“Calleigh and Cyn seem to be getting along real well. I don’t suppose you’d consider trying to get Calleigh to try and talk Cyn into either letting me fuck her in the ass or at least explain why she won’t, would you? It’s becoming an obsession with me and I’m afraid one of these days I may end up trying to find a girl who will let me do it.”

“JJ, Man, you’ve got a good thing going with Cyn. She’s beautiful, has a rockin’ body and I know she takes good care of your house and everything. You realize that if you ever hooked up with some other chick just so you could fill her ass with cum, you’d probably regret it. Look around at other girls Cyn’s age – most of them haven’t aged nearly as well. I saw a girl who claimed to be 26 on one of those courtroom shows the other day and although her body wasn’t really all that bad, she looked like hell. Cyn is 28 and probably still gets carded once in a while at bars – that’s a rare commodity. If it means that much, be real about it and tell Cyn you’re sorry but you’re just not as happy in the relationship as you feel you are entitled to be due to the lack of anal sex or at least an explanation of her attitude against letting you do it, then she’ll either give in or it would be time to go find a girl who likes it. Hell, she might even let you have a go-to girl you use strictly for anal sex without fucking up the relationship. There’s no shortage of girls who are into anal sex these days. Or maybe ask her if she’d consider swapping fantasies. You could find a girl to ass-fuck and she could get whatever it is she wants. The first time I ever experienced anal sex, I would have sworn she was the only girl on the planet who did that. Since then, I’d say at least half the girls I’ve been with were open to the idea if not down-right into it. Maybe you could change her mind with some porno that includes anal sex.”

He said, “I don’t really want to fuck another girl in the ass – I want to stick my cock in Cyn’s ass. I’d be afraid to offer her a fantasy just so I could do that with some other girl.”

We carried the steaks inside where they were plated up then enjoyed a nice meal with JJ and Cyn. After we were done, they excused themselves to go home and Calleigh and I locked up then went upstairs. By the time I made it into the bedroom, Calleigh had stripped naked and said, “What? You’re not naked yet?”

“My, aren’t we a horny little thing.”

“I want a mouthful of your cum. Now!”

“Not until I make you come with my tongue in your ass.”

“I’m not the only one who wants that.”


“Bro-code or not, Cynthia still wants you and I really like her. I’d like to have a three-way with her and you – Caitlin is 2000 miles away, I don’t think she’s a good option for us to enjoy a three-way. I’d like to grant her wish of feeling your cock in her ass again to pay her back for her part in us reconnecting.

“That is a powerful argument. I admit that sex with her was probably the best since last time you and I were together, but she’d be cheating on JJ and over the course of their relationship, we’ve become friends. How could I look him in the face? Tonight he was telling me that he was desperate to fuck her in the ass himself and asked me to try to talk you into trying to convince Cyn into letting him or at least explaining to him why she didn’t want to. He even asked me if when Cyn and I were together, I tried to talk her into it too. Even though I was the one she gave her anal virginity up to and we frequently had anal sex after that, I told him I couldn’t get her to let me fuck her in the ass either. I have a feeling he’s about ready to go find some girl that will let him fuck her in the ass.”

She had removed all my clothes while we were talking and she asked, “So, you gonna talk or fuck?”

“I desperately want to make love with you, does that qualify?”

“Sure, but we’re going to talk about Cyn later.”

“That seems fair.” We got on the bed and lay on our sides as we began eating each other. Her pussy tasted every bit as good as it did 7 years ago and her clit responded exactly like I remembered. She had me rock hard with her deep-throating skills and once she had experienced a minor orgasm with my lips sucking on her clit, I moved so I could use my tongue on, and in, her ass. She gradually approached a crescendo and experienced an incredibly strong gushing orgasm at precisely the same moment I started spewing cum from the end of my cock. She continued sucking on the convulsing organ and I didn’t think I’d ever stop shooting streams of cum into her waiting mouth. When our orgasms finally waned, we licked each other clean and then embraced.

Calleigh exclaimed, “You better never be out of my life for 7 years again! It’s just too long to wait for my next gushing orgasm.”

“The orgasm you just gave me was quite possibly the strongest of my life, too. I didn’t think I was going to ever stop coming.”

We kissed again and I said, “Why don’t we go relax in the hot tub before going on to round two?”

She acquiesced, “OK.”

We went downstairs to the lanai and climbed in the warm water. We kissed again and she said, “I love you, Tyler. I’ve loved you for 7 years and I never want to be without you in my life again.”

I said, “You can do your job anywhere. Maybe you should move in with me. I never want to wake up without your face being the first thing I see every morning for the rest of my life.”

“Well then, I think you just added two more places to the list of getaways we have access to, my house in Traverse City and my apartment in New York City .”

“I’ll be happy to spend time with you at either of them if it means being able to wake up and see your beautiful face on a daily basis. Why do you have an apartment in New York ?”

“Mainly so I’ve got a ‘home’ instead of a hotel room when I have to be there for meetings and so on with my publisher. During final editing and layout work, I sometimes have to spend 2 to 3 weeks in a row up there. I got a great deal on a loft apartment in Greenwich Village through my publisher and remodeled it to be comfortable. You’ll like it.”

We spent a lot of time making out and discussing our possible future together then more or less out of the blue she said, “So how about that three-way with Cynthia? In order to be honest, the sex with you the summer we were together set the bar rather high and most of the men I’ve been with since were never able to bring me off – in any way and the few that were able to, never gave me orgasms nearly as strong as the ones you gave me back then or tonight for that matter, so in order to avoid the inherent complications of engaging in less than satisfactory sex with men, I’ve developed my ‘bi-curious side’ and engaged in sex with girlfriends more often. It eliminates the inevitable emotional problems with guys and although I can’t get a mouthful of cum or feel it coursing into my pussy or ass, it seems to be a more than suitable substitute and it definitely works better that using my vibrator alone.”

“Well, Cyn and I did have great sex. She responds very similarly to the way you do during sex. I’m still trying to figure out why if what she wants is anal sex and since JJ is desperate for anal sex she just doesn’t take advantage of what’s right there under the same roof to begin with.”

Calleigh offered, “She doesn’t want to just let JJ fuck her in the ass, she wants mind-blowing anal sex and that’s something that is considerably more rare. She doesn’t want to risk disappointment by having anal sex with him when she knows he isn’t interested in blowing her mind, he’s interested in the way sticking his cock in her ass will make him feel, that’s why she wants it from you. She knows you will take her places that JJ doesn’t even know exists. She confided in me that the only gushing orgasms she’s had since she hooked up with JJ were during masturbation while fantasizing about you. He doesn’t care nearly as much about her satisfaction as he does his own.”

I said, “What a fool. I’m not about to give him sexual advice, I had to learn everything I know all on my own or with an amenable partner. I did realize that if I make my primary goal the girl’s pleasure and satisfaction, it comes back to me multiplied and apparently, JJ hasn’t figured that out yet. Even the Beatles figured it out and put it to lyrics when they said ‘…and in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love you make…’ and it was true before 1968 when they wrote it, it’s true now and it will be true for all the ages to come.”

Calleigh said, “I do know the better you make me feel, the more important it is to me that I make you feel as good as I can.”

I said, “JJ’s only interested in his own satisfaction, that’s pretty obvious.”

We decided to head back upstairs and after drying off, we got into bed and made slow passionate love until I came deep in her pussy with her ankles resting on my shoulders. We lay there relaxing for a while and Calleigh moved so we could ‘69’ again and I spent the majority of time with my tongue in her ass and had brought her to two gushing orgasms before she had me hard enough to fuck her in the ass.

She said, “It’s been a long time since anything that big has been in my ass and I adore the way you do it while we’re face to face, but to make it easier, can we start on all fours?”

I said, “Whatever your heart desires, Calleigh.”

She got on her hands and knees and I got behind her then took aim at the tiny puckered ring with the tip of my cock. I pushed and the head popped right in then after allowing her to relax just a bit, I worked the thicker part immediately behind the head into her tight rear opening.

Once she was completely relaxed and I was balls deep in her anal opening, we fucked with long slow strokes until she said, “Let me get on my back now so I can look in your eyes while we do this, OK?”

I slowly pulled out and she rolled over and raised her legs high in a ‘V’ then I plunged my cock back into her well relaxed, waiting ass balls deep on the first thrust. We started fucking hard and fast and she said, “Are you close? I’m gonna come, Baby.”

I said, “It may take me a while this time.”

We kept on fucking and soon, her ass clamped down on my cock as she experienced a massive orgasm. When she relaxed to the point where I was able to move again, her ass was tighter than ever and after just a few strokes, I was close to coming.

I said, “I’m gonna fill your ass with cum, Calleigh.”

She said, “Yeah, Tyler . You fuck my ass so good. Fill it with your cum, Baby.”

I took a couple more strokes then shoved my cock as deep as it would go as it let loose another big load of cum. When it finished, she dropped her legs back down to the bed and my cock slipped out of her ass.

She pulled me close and kissed me passionately and said, “I want to sleep in your arms every night for the rest of my life.”

I said, “Does that mean you are accepting my invitation to move in with me?”

She kissed me and said, “Only if you feel the same way.”

I said, “Of course I do. I’ll be even happier when we make it to the next level. Someday, I’ll give you a fabulous wedding and you’ll have an incredible life.”

She said, “Simply waking up everyday in your arms will be incredible enough for me – anything beyond that, we’ll have to invent new words for.”

We got out of bed and showered off, then changed the bedding after surveying the mess. She said, “I forgot how screwed up the sheets would get after a night of sex with you, Baby. I rarely even left a little wet spot during sex with most of the guys I’ve been with in the last 7 years. We should start having sex in a guest room so we can keep the bed we sleep in nicer.”

I said, “I don’t mind changing the sheets, I actually like sleeping on nice crisp sheets, but I’ll agree to anything you want.”

“Good, so the three-way with Cyn is on?”

“I do love her and the sex was great, but how can I look JJ in the eyes if I stick my cock in his girlfriends ass again?”

“The way you talked about him and the way she talked with me, I don’t see that relationship lasting much longer anyway; I think it’s run its natural course. She told me she’s tried to seduce you a few times over the last few months, that has to tell you something.”

“Well, if they ever do break up, I’ll remain friends with Cyn rather than JJ. He’s a nice guy and all, but I’ve known Cyn longer and we have a history.”

“Does she work?”

“She used to but now JJ supports her and she spends most of her days at home.”

“Well, I hope she can find a job in this screwed up economy in the event they do break up.”

“You know me, I wouldn’t let a friend slip through the cracks. If they broke up, I’d offer to help her out or might even let her have the apartment over the barn until she was on her feet again.”

“I know, Baby. Why do you think we all love you so much? Cyn told me even though you two didn’t work out as a couple, she still loves you. I suspect she even loves you more strongly than she loves JJ though maybe not in exactly the same way.”

We found a comfortable position in each other’s arms as we drifted off to sleep.