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The Older Lover

This is a story about a younger woman falling in love with an older man.

Special thanks to Mara for editing my story!!!! Hope you enjoy it.


Martin was at least 20 years older than me but that didn't mean anything to us. We had met on one of those chat sites, and fell in love with each other. We had talked about meeting each other for months now, and we finally had worked out a time where he could finally come for a vacation. I took the day off from work and decided to meet his plane. I know that I shouldn't be in love with a guy that was so much older then me, especially one that was old enough to be my father, but I just didn't care. He was in love with me for being me, and that was all I cared about.

I remember the first time I met him. He had just got off the plane, and was walking into the airport with a huge smile on his face. He was 6 feet, and looked so much bigger then me. I'm only 4'11'' with short blonde hair, blue eyes, and a smile that just keeps you wanting to see more at least that’s what he was always telling me. He looked so good with his short dark hair and dark brown eyes, and his mustache. His little gray hairs made him look so much sexier or at least to me they did; and there was something about feeling that mustache on my soft skin that just gave me the chills. I could feel it down to my toes and right back up again. I felt my heart skip a beat when he pulled me in his arms for that first hug and kiss. When he kissed me I felt a spark like it was magic and I knew at that moment that this was meant to be… and that we would figure out a way to be together.

"Oh wow Alyssia!" He said stepping away from me for a minute. "It's so much nicer to just see you in person, and be able to hold you close in my arms." Martin said smiling, and putting his hand on my waist. "God I love your smile and your eyes. I could get lost just gazing into your eyes Baby." He said as he brought me closer for another kiss. We walked out of the airport holding hands ignoring the looks we got from other passengers. We got into the car and started to drive to my little one bedroom apartment.

"Ok it’s at the end of the hall to the right,” I said as I unlocked the apartment building door. We went into the apartment, and he put his things down on the floor. "Ummm well this is my apartment." I said as we looked at each other.

I was having trouble wondering what to say to him. I didn't want him to think I was easy but I wanted to make love to him so bad. He took my hand and kissed me and lifted me effortlessly into his arms and made his way to our bedroom. Never once breaking stride in his devouring of my lips.

"I have been thinking about doing that the whole time on the plane, and then in the car. I want you so much Baby." Martin said in between kissing my forehead, my eyelids and my mouth.

"I want you too." I whispered softly becoming shy.

"Don't get all shy on me now Baby we haven't even began anything yet." He whispered in to my ear as he took my earlobe into his mouth and began to suck gently. I moaned softly as he continued to kiss and suck and nibble on my neck ear and shoulders.

He began to undress me tossing my shirt to the side of the bed when he pulled it over my head, and then he helped me get out of my pants. He was so gentle and strong our first time that I just wanted to cry because of how sweet he was being to me. I never thought a guy could be that sweet and gentle before. I helped him take off his shirt, and his pants tossing them aside.

"God Alyssia, you’re gorgeous." Martin said as he continued to kiss his way to my breast.

"I am?" I asked smiling up into his dark brown eyes.

"You look like an angel staring up at me with your hair spread out around your head and your bedroom eyes looking into mine. I can't wait to see what you taste like too." He said gazing down at me with a smile on his face.

He gently kissed my lips, and caressed my breast with his strong hands. I could feel tingling all the way down my spine. He began to kiss down towards my breasts and took a nipple into his mouth and started to suck gently. His other hand was on my other breast pulling on the nipple; pulling on it to make it rock hard. I moaned and arched my back to his mouth.

"Oh, Martin that feels incredible!" I say moaning louder as he stopped sucking on one breast and went to the other. I felt his hand slowly caress its way down to my pussy. He gently inserted a finger and then slipped it out and tasted me.

"Baby you’re so tight, and you taste so good." He said moving down to get a better look at my wet pussy. He bent his head, and kissed the top of my pussy. I moaned as I felt his fingers opened my pussy lips, and his tongue slip inside me.

"Oh God Love!" I moaned as he started to eat me out. He started to rub, and pinch my clit while making love to my pussy with his tongue bringing me closer and closer to an orgasm. I could feel tingling running up and down my body as I came.

"Oh my God, Martin! OH OH OH!!!!" I yelled out gasping for air. Martin finished cleaning me up, leaned over me, and kissed me. I could taste myself on him, and it made me want him even more.

"My turn!" I say with a grin as I got up on my knees and pushed him lightly so he would lay down. I licked my lips as I looked as his cock. I couldn't wait to get all 7 inches of his cock into my mouth. I knew I couldn't, but that didn't mean I wouldn't try to.

"Baby, you don't have to do this you know." Martin said as took his cock in to my hands and lightly began to stroke his long cock. "God Baby girl your hands feel so good, mmm."

I kissed the very top of his cock, and then my lips opened as the tip of his cock went into my warm mouth, and I began to suck gently and I started to move my head up and down. I nearly choked trying to fit him inside my mouth. He was so big!

"Oh Love! UH! UH! Mmm!" I felt him squirt in my mouth hitting the back of my throat. He started to jack himself off with my mouth still on his dick. I was trying to swallow every yummy drop of his cream. "Baby I need to be inside of you." He said after finishing cumming in my mouth.

He laid me back down on my back and slowly began to tease my clit with his cock. He knew just where to touch me to make me moan. He slowly began to insert his long cock into my dripping wet pussy. I gasped and moaned as he pushed more of himself into me. He stopped when he heard me gasp.

"Baby you’re so tight." He said with a smile on his face. "Do you want me to stop?"

"God no, Martin Please baby don't ever stop." I moaned to him trying to rise up to get more of his cock inside me. He slowly began to move inside of me moaning as I began to adjust to his size. He leaned down and nuzzled my neck, and kissed me passionately; his mustache tickling my nose.

"Oh Martin!!!" I moaned coming to another orgasm. He was moving faster now holding my legs over his shoulders as he continued to make love to me.

"Alyssia baby, I can't hold on much longer!" Martin said as he moved inside me.

I feel his hand come between us and gently rub my clit making me closer to my own orgasm. I felt our bodies tighten as we both exploded at once. He collapsed beside me after he had finished cumming inside of me, and kissed my mouth so softly. I felt so thoroughly loved at that moment. We continued to kiss each other and hold each other. I laid my head on his chest and felt him spell out the letters I love you on my back. I looked up at him.

"I love you too Martin. And with that last saying on my lips I feel asleep in his strong arms holding me to him as we slept together.


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