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The one I call my love

I met the women on Lush now now i am in love with her, even though we are both married.
Hi my name is Louie; please forgive me for this is my first story. Let me know what you think.

It all started about 2 and half weeks ago. I had gotten off work like I normally do; mind you I’m in the army. I’m 23 years old 6ft 1 weighing in around 190, well built, brown hair and eyes, and an average size cock 7 1/2 inches. Well anyways I had come home and got on Lush like I usual do and started reading a masturbation story. Right away my dick hardened so I decided to lock my door and I took off my pants and my boxers. I then looked at one of the four pictures that the author had on her profile. By this point by balls had started to tingle so I started stroking the head of my shaft down to my nuts slow at first then fast. Minutes went by and I felt the pressure building up. I knew that I was about to blow my load. With one last stroke I finally blew my cum everywhere. I got myself cleaned up from the globs of white cum and I sent her a friend’s request. A few days later I got back on and found out that she had added me.

The next day I sent her an email telling her thank you for adding me. We talk and talked via email and finally I asked for a picture of her face. Melissa as I am going to call her in this story to protect her name, being 25, has blondish brown hair that is about shoulder length and has the most wonderful, perfect curves I have ever seen. Her tits being size 42 DD with small nipples and the wettest pussy that I have had the pleasure to lay my eyes on even better then my wife’s .Once I had received that picture of her my heart jumped into my lungs. My dick once again stood at attention and saluted her. I knew I need to know more about her. What she was into and how I could get more pictures of this amazing woman.

So several nights passed as we talked we found out that we both are in sexless marriages, and that we could hardly stand our other half's. Needless to say we were looking for a way out of our marriages. After sending more and more pictures of each other we discovered that we were craving each other.

Not long after we started emailing each other we figured out that we were in love, we started sending videos of each other back and forth. Nothing nude at first just normal hi and how are you. I finally asked her to send me a nude picture, to my surprise she did. I had finally had built up the courage to tell her that every time I talked about her my dick became hard.

With that she wanted to see it so I took it out and snapped a picture of it and sent it to her. Her eyes got big seeing how big it is and she asked for her own private show. Not wanting to disappoint her I gave her a show like no other. Although I’m still waiting on my own video from her, I know deep down in my heart that her video will be ten times better then her getting to watch me blow my load.

Now tonight I got off of work came straight to my room and got on line with Melissa. Melissa was lying down in her bed wearing pjs, waiting for me to text message her. I asked her if she was up and she replied yes. I then asked her what she was doing. She replied that she was waiting for me to get off work. I told her that I loved her more then anything in the world and that I would do anything for her. She told me that she would do anything for me as well. "Anything" I asked and she replied "yes".

I asked her to take off her pjs and rub her body up and down. In which she did. I then told her to move her hands to her smoking hot thighs, and tease her tight pussy lips. In which she did. I asked her if she was getting wet. Her reply was yes I’m soaked. By this time I was hard as a rock and I began to have fun myself.

At this point I really had her going. I then told her to play with her pussy. She moved her fingers down to her clit and started to rub. I told her to imagine that I was licking her clit up and down and sticking my tongue it in and out of her. She began to moan ever so softly, knowing that her husband was in the other room. She said that she was just about to cum, so I told her to speed up her fingers and stick two of them into her hot box. Knowing that the image of my cock pumping her would set her over the edge I told her to picture me pounding her in front of him. Once I told her this I knew she was done for she came so violently. Feeling the pressure of my own orgasm that was brewing me once again blew my own load all over the place. We cleaned ourselves up and a few minutes later her husband walked in and was not the wiser

............................................ To be continued.............................................................

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