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The One

The one
The One

Hello. My name is Dean. In 1983, I was a typical 16 year old kid living near a small town in Minnesota on a farm, standing 5’ 7”, weighing about 150 pounds. I had a farmer’s tan from working on the family farm baling hay and working for all the neighbors helping them out trying to make some money to buy my first car.

Anyways, it was a Friday evening in July. The sun was going down, turning everything beautiful shades of red and brown. I had finished up with the evening chores in the dairy barn and got cleaned up to go out for the evening with my friends to play some basketball on the outdoor courts at the city park; at least that’s what I told my mother when I asked to borrow the car for the evening. She said it was all right as long as I put some gas in before I brought it home.

I got to the park just in time to watch the high school marching band go marching by; practicing for the next parade they were competing in. I got out of the car and stood to watch them. I noticed the drum majorette as she marched by. I had never seen her at school before, and she was breathtaking to look at, standing about the same height as me. She had long blonde hair in the style of Farah Fawcett, a killer tan and long legs that seemed to go on forever. Her face had an almost elf-like quality that looked to me like the face of an angel. She was wearing a tight white T-shirt that showed off her small breasts that had no need for a bra, and she wasn’t wearing one. The tight dark blue shorts she was wearing showed off the most perfect ass I had ever seen in my short life. She smiled at me as she marched by, then spun around, put her whistle in her mouth and raised her right hand holding a baton, high above her head, then whistled the band to a halt.

I smiled back at her, and then turned to the trunk of the car to get the basketball out. I walked to the court where my friends were. Tom, who was 16 and stood at 6’1” and 180 said,

“It’s about time you got here; we were thinking you weren’t going to show up.”

I said,

“Yeah, yeah. Got a late start in the barn tonight, trying to finish up the last field before the Fair.”

The county fair was next week, and my whole family basically lived at the fairgrounds during that week.

Chuck, who was the star quarterback for the football team, a year older than I was and my best friend said,

“Hells bells, Tom. Just because you live in town and can loaf around all day doesn’t mean you can bust his balls ‘cause he’s a hard workin’ man, aren’t you, Dean-o?”

“Eat me, Chuck, you swingin’ dick!”

I laughed.

“Who’s the first to get their ass handed to them in a game of Horse?”

Tom said with a laugh,

“You are, Dean. I promise to not completely wipe you all over the court.”

I said,

“As if you could, Tommy,”

as I took a shot from the free throw line. The ball went through the net with a swish.

“Yeah, nothing but net!!”

Chuck passed the ball to Tom and said,

“Well, look at that; looks like the country boy’s been practicing.”

I laughed and said,

“Hey, Chuck. Who’s the blonde majorette over there?”

Chuck looked over to the street and saw who I was talking about.

“Her name is Sherry Wilson. Her dad is the new doctor at the hospital. She wouldn’t give me the time of day, Dean.”

I said,

“Well, Mister Star of the Football Field, she just smiled at me. She’s quite the honey.”

“Oh bullshit, Dean!! You’re yanking my chain.”

“I kid you not, Charles. She smiled at me when she blew her whistle and stopped the band there.”

Tom said, “He’s telling the truth, Chuck. I saw it happen. Shows she has shitty taste in men.”


I laughed.

August came and school started. I had a study hall for my second class period of the day. I took a seat at the back of the room; pulled out my Algebra book to work on the homework assigned the class before. I was trying to work out the intricacies of working an equation in three variables when I heard a sweet melodic voice say,

“It’s unbelievable, the first day of school and getting hit with homework. Do you understand how to do the work?”

I looked up and saw Sherry standing there with a smile on her beautiful face, wearing a yellow polo shirt with the collar popped up and a tight pair of jeans. I smiled back and said,

“I sure hope I understand it. Gotta get good grades to get into college.”

“Well, I’m having a hard time understanding it. Could you show me how to do these problems?”

“Sure, that’s not a problem. Pull up a seat there and let’s see what we can do with them.”

Sherry sat down in the desk next to mine and we worked the problems the whole period. When the bell rang at the end of the period, Sherry said,

“Thank you for helping me. I really appreciate it.”

“Hey, it was my pleasure. So, what’s your next class?”

“20 th Century American History, what’s yours?”

“The same; shall we walk together?”

As we walked to our next class, she asked,

“Are you going to the football game Friday night?”

“Yes I am. Are you?”

“I have to; I’m a cheerleader. I was wondering if you could take me to the dance after the game.”

“I’d like that.”

Sherry took my hand and squeezed it tightly.

Chuck threw for two touchdowns and ran in a third as our team crushed our cross-county rivals. I was torn between watching the game and watching Sherry on the sideline. She looked damned good in her cheerleader uniform as she jumped and clapped there. After the game, Sherry found me and said,

“Give me a few minutes to change and I’ll meet you outside the gym, okay?”

“Okay. Hey, did I tell you you’re the prettiest cheerleader on the field?”

With a blushing smile, she kissed my cheek and said,

“You always say the nicest things, Dean Michaels.”

Chuck and his girlfriend Josie came up to me. I gave him a high-five and said,

“Good game, Chuck. Hi, Josie, how are you doing this evening?”

“I’m all right, Dean, how are you?”

“Doing well; care to join me while we wait for our dates for the dance?”


While we waited Josie asked me,

“Are you waiting for Sherry?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Good. I’m going to tell you something. Sherry is a nice girl, so don’t hurt her, okay? She really likes you, a lot. Treat her right, or I’ll get Chuck to beat your sorry ass.”

I smiled at her and said,

“I will, Josie, this I promise you.”

Josie hugged me and said,

“Sherry is a lucky girl. If Chuck wasn’t your best friend…………”

I kissed Josie’s forehead and said,

“I know, babe. I know.”

I had had a crush on her since 7 th grade, but Chuck made the move first, and I wasn’t going to interfere at all. She had a crush on me, but now she was Chuck’s girlfriend.

Sherry emerged from the girl’s locker room. God, she was beautiful, and I told her so. She gave Josie a hug and said,

“Would you like some company waiting for our star quarterback?”

“No, I’ll be all right, and Chuck won’t be but a few minutes, anyway. But thanks for asking, Sherry. Dean, take your date and have a good time. And remember what I said, okay?”

“I will, Josie.”

As we walked to the gym holding hands, Sherry asked me,

“So, what did Josie tell you?”

“She told me to treat you nice. I told her that I would, because I like you a lot.”

She stopped and said,

“Oh Dean. I like you a lot, too.”

I took her in my arms, her face turned up and I moved to her sweet lips and kissed her. I felt the electricity flow between us as her arms circled my neck. I broke the kiss and mouthed


She smiled and said,

“Whoa. That was…..”

I cut her off as I kissed her again.

“Break it up, you two. Take it somewhere else,”

came the voice of Mr. Karl, the history teacher. As we walked by, he whispered to me,

“Way to go, Michaels. She’s a keeper.”

The months flew by. The football team made it to the state playoffs. I attended every game, but not to watch the game, I was watching Sherry. We helped each other with homework; she was better at History than I was, but I could do Algebra better than she could. Every Friday and Saturday evening we were spending time together, going to movies or just hanging out. Our make-out sessions progressed from just kissing to touching each other above our clothes, to under the clothes.

I loved to hear her moan as I would finger her pussy and rub her clit to an orgasm, and she was good with her hands on my six inch cock.

Christmas time came, and I bought her a pair of diamond earrings. She invited me to her home on Christmas Eve, where I met her family. I drove up to the house and knocked on the front door. The door opened and holding the knob was an older but still very beautiful version of Sherry.

“Hi!! You must be Dean; I’m Fran, Sherry’s mom. Come in, come and meet the rest of the family,”

She said as she gave me a hug. We walked into the living room. Fran said,

“Sherry, your Dean is here.”

Sherry came up and kissed me and whispered,

“Just relax, they’re not going to kill you, babe.”

I kissed her back and said,

“Merry Christmas, sweet thing. I’m as relaxed as can be.”

She smiled and took my hand to lead me farther into the room.

Her dad stood up and said,

“Hi Dean, I’m Richard, but everybody calls me Doc.”

I shook his extended hand and said,

“Hi, Doc; nice to meet you.”

I turned to see a larger than me man standing there.

“Dean, I’m Frank, Sherry’s brother. I’ve heard nothing but good things about you. It’s nice to meet you finally.”

He wrapped me up in a bear hug and said,

“Welcome to the family.”

Fran took me by the hand and led me to an old woman sitting by the fireplace.

Momma, questo è decano, Sherry' ragazzo di s.” (“ Momma, this is Dean, Sherry 's boyfriend.”)

Fran turned to me and said,

“Dean, this is my grandmother. She doesn’t speak any English, just Italian.”

Momma beckoned me with open arms. As we hugged, Momma said,

Dovete dare I miei lotti dello sherry dei bambini.”

The room went silent. Sherry turned blood red with embarrassment. I asked,


Sherry whispered,

“I’ll tell you later, babe.” I turned and Momma had a smile on her face and a twinkle in her brown eyes. Fran coughed and said,

“Well, Dean, you’ve made quite the impression on Momma.”

We sat down for a dinner of turkey with all the trimmings. After dinner, we all pitched in to clear the table and put the leftovers away. Sherry loved the earrings I gave her. She gave me a leather jacket, which I loved.

After the presents had been opened, I asked Sherry,

“So what did Momma say about me earlier?”

Sherry blushed and said,

“Momma told you to give me lots of babies. I guess she really likes you, babe.”

“Wow!! What do I say to that?”

“Nothing, babes, because it’s true; I love you and I’d do anything for you. The whole family loves you.”

“I love you too, Sherry.”

I kissed her softly and said,

“Come with me to Midnight Mass.”

“I will, Dean. Let me tell everybody where we’re going.”

We drove out to my house and picked up my mom and dad then drove to church. The choir was singing ‘Ave Maria’ as we walked in and found some seats. I walked up to the front of the church to light a candle for all those who couldn’t make it home for Christmas, something I still do. Sherry asked me why I did that, and I told her. With a tear in her eyes, Sherry whispered,

“You’re the best, babe,”

As she hugged me.

After Mass, we drove my parent’s home, and then back to town to take Sherry home. When we arrived at her house, she turned to me and said,

“Dean, I love you, always and forever.”

“I love you too, Sherry, for always.”

We walked to the door, where we kissed goodnight. I drove home and went inside. My mother was sitting at the kitchen table in the dark having her last cigarette of the day. I hugged her and said,

“Merry Christmas, Mom.”

“Merry Christmas, Dean; take good care of Sherry, I love her too.”

With a tear in my eye, I whispered,

“Thanks, Mom.”

Valentine’s Day was coming around. I wanted to go all out to get Sherry something for that special day. I found a gold locket at the jewelry store and had it engraved with the words Always and Forever. I gave it to her and she cried,

“Oh, Dean, it’s beautiful.”

She reached into her pocket and whispered,

“Dean, I have something very special for you. Momma told me to give this to you.”

She pulled out a small velvet box and gave it to me. I opened the box; inside was a gold chain with a wedding ring.

“This was Pappa’s ring, Dean. I want you to have it with the pledge that I will always love you, until the end of time.”

With a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes, I whispered,

“I will love you always and forever, Sherry.”

I pulled her close and kissed her tenderly. She moaned as I kissed her, then said,

“Dean…..the family is out for the evening. Come home with me and take me to bed.”

I swallowed hard and croaked,


We drove to her house and went inside. She led me to her darkened bedroom. It was pink and frilly all over; a typical girl’s room.

She came to me and kissed me hard, then said,

“Let me get ready for you, lover. Get into the bed, okay?”

She went into the bathroom and closed the door. I quickly stripped down and slipped into her bed. Soon the light in the bathroom went out and the door opened. I could see her in silhouette from the moonlight coming through the window. She got into the bed and kissed me tenderly.

“Be gentle, Dean, please. I’ve never been with anybody before.”

“I’ve never been with anybody before either, Sherry. I want our first time to be very special.”

“I know, Dean, and I love you for that. Let’s make some memories, babe.”

I reached out and caressed her face and whispered,

“I love you Sherry, always and forever.”

I ran my hand down her side and found she was nude.

“I didn’t want clothes to get in the way,”

She said. I cupped her small breast in my right hand while she gasped for breath. I bent down to kiss her stiffened nipple. I licked and sucked on it gently, then move to her other nipple.

“Oh, god, Dean, this feels so good!!”

She grabbed my now erect cock and stroked it gently. I could see her smile in the moonlight as she heard my quick intake of breath.

“Is this for me?”

“Only for you, my love,”

I said. I reached down to her very wet pussy and ran my finger down her valley. She gasped and said,

“You know how to drive me crazy.”

“Baby, I’ve only started.”

I slipped my finger inside her slit and found her clit. She squealed as she came.

“My god that was incredible,”

She moaned when she came down from her high. I kissed her and said,

“This is only the beginning.”

I slid down to where her pussy was. I licked the slit and could taste her sweet arousal. I used my thumbs to open her outer petals to see her clit standing erect from its sheath. I flicked it with my tongue and Sherry moaned in approval. With one finger I entered her love channel.

“Yes, baby,”

She cried. I continued to lick her and finger her until she cried out,

“DEAN!! I’m cumming!!”

She held my finger in the tunnel in a death grip and her thighs clamped around my head as she came with a scream. I could feel the gush of hot fluid as she exploded, and I did my best to drink it all.

I moved up to her and kissed her. Our tongues met and she hummed her approval of her taste. Breaking the kiss, she pushed me on my back and said,

“I’ve never done this before, but I want to try this.”

Her head moved down my belly to my cock. She put out her tongue and gently licked my length; I moaned the whole time. She looked me directly in the eyes as she engulfed my cock in her mouth, and then began to suck gently. Her head moved up and down as she blew me, looking into my eyes the whole time. I could feel my balls start to boil and said,

“I’m so close, baby.”

With a muffled, “Mm-hmm” she sucked harder. I moaned,

“I’m cumming!” She never let up as I shot my thick ropes of cum into her mouth. She moaned as she came again. When she finished cleaning my cock, she came up and I kissed her passionately.

She straddled my hips and grabbed my still hard cock and aimed it towards her channel. Then she eased herself onto my cock. I could feel the warm wetness of the walls of her pussy grip me until I felt the barrier of her hymen. She rose up; then slammed back down on me, breaking through her hymen with a scream of pain. She stiffened up and I grabbed her hands.

“Just relax, baby. Relax for me,”

I said.

Soon she began to move again, sliding my cock in and out of her pussy.

“Oh, god, this feels sooooo good,”

She moaned. I reached out and fingered her clit as she fucked my dick. She squealed and moaned as I felt the muscles in her pussy contract in her orgasm. Her orgasm triggered mine and I cried out,

“I’m cumming, Baby!!!”

I shot my cum into her and felt our love juices around my cock.

She collapsed on me and I kissed her tenderly. She crawled off of me, and lay down beside me.

“That was incredible, “

I said when our breathing finally slowed.

“I love you, Sherry. I always will.”

“I love you too, Dean. Always and forever I will love you.”

We were a couple until after we graduated high school. Sherry was accepted into the Arts and Design School in New York, while I was accepted to a small college in northern Minnesota. We saw each other over Christmas breaks, but slowly we drifted apart. I met a girl at college and got married. Thinking that she wouldn’t show up, I sent her an invitation. To my disbelief, she showed up. With tears in her eyes, she kissed me and said,

“I’m glad you found somebody to love.”

She walked away and disappeared.

10 years later

I had moved to Florida with my wife and daughter. We had another child, a son. Shortly after my son was born, our marriage fell apart. She gave up on the marriage and started messing around with drugs and other men.

One July Saturday, my mom called me.

“I need to ask your permission to do something, Dean.”

“Well, Mom, you’re free and over 21, so you have no need to ask my permission to do anything.”

“This, I do. Sherry just called me, and wanted your number to call you. I told her I’d have to ask you first.”

I dropped the phone as I could feel the blood drain from my face. After 10 years apart, I still loved her with all my heart. I picked up the phone and said,

“Tell her.”

Fifteen minutes later, the phone rang again.



“Hello, Sherry. How are you doing?”

“Missing you terribly; I have been for 10 years, babe.”

I told her about my marriage falling apart, about my job as a warehouse supervisor at a theme park, and the empty feeling I had for 10 years since that day at the wedding.

She told me of her career in the fashion industry in Atlanta, where she was an instructor at the Art and Fashion School’s Atlanta campus. She then floored me when she said,

“There hasn’t been anybody else since you. No one else could even compare to you, Dean.”

I sobbed,

“Oh, Sherry. I should have chased after you that day 10 years ago. Remember what I said, that I’d love you always and forever? I do!! Always and forever, I love you!!”

She was crying as well when she said,

“I still love you, too, Dean. Where are you at?”

I told her. Sherry said,

“I’ll be there this weekend, darling. Wait for me, please?”

“I will, honey. Call me later on, okay? I love you, Sherry.”

“I love you too, Dean.”

She hung up. Those were the last words I would ever hear from her.

Monday morning. I was at work trying to keep my crew from killing each other when the Florida Highway Patrol officer came in.

“Dean Michaels?”

“Yes? What is this about?”

“I’m sorry to tell you this, but Sherry Wilson was killed in a car accident on I-75 near Lake City.”

All I remember is falling to the floor and hearing somebody screaming; it was me. The next week after that went by in a blur. 12 years later, I still don’t remember what happened. Nor do I want to remember.

Sometimes, in the dark, I can still hear Sherry’s voice in the wind, telling me,

“I love you. It will be okay.”

I wish it were true.

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