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The Piano Bar Ch. 1/2

Most are that kind - they just want to keep it a secret from even themselves...
Suggested music - Depeche Mode - World in my eyes / Policy of Truth / Duran Duran - The Man Who Stole a Leopard.

The smell of perfume was so thick that it could intoxicate you alone, save for the expensive alcohol-filled bottles, carefully lined up on the bar shelves, like museum pieces, shinning from the small lamps placed under them, meant to draw your attention and seduce you into each and every one of them.

I made my way to the end of the room, opposite of the entrance door I had just come in through. The aforementioned space was stuffed to the brim with suits and fancy dresses, colourful bow-ties and decorative flowers, all so different in their paint that if that mass of people was to be looked from a bird's eye view it could with ease be mistaken for a dance floor itself. Its lights constantly moving and changing, as they bump into each other, share a few awkward beeps and boops and move on to the next geometric figure of people in hopes of starting a meaningful conversation there.

Looking around this mess of crowded, coloured figures, scanning the different light-bulb-ishly shaped heads for an interesting oddity, a target or two, but to my surprise it was seemingly bereft of such. Almost having given up for the given time, I rested my eyes and ears on the piano, currently being played in one of the raised stage-corners.
There, a meter or two off of my center of view I got my first glance of you. The first thought, in favour of honesty, that ran through my head was that you just may be the first actually charming catch the night with something more going than just looks, That's if one could judge another's character solely from their eyes, an ability that I had trained myself to be especially adept in due to its usefulness.

"Ha!" Was the second thought as I took my just-ordered glass of cognac, got ff my chair, making a B-line for the piano stage. "Tactically positioned on high ground to be more easily seen? If so - How cute!"

As I was making my way towards you I noticed a semi-bulky, suited figure, apparently attempting to steal your attention away from either the chords that were flowing out of the piano or the terrible martini (infamy of the bar, one could say) flowing into your system. The combination of both must've been too interesting as he seemingly wasn't having much success. Tiredly you lifted your eyes, looking around in an angle of sight, quite significantly away from your aforementioned companion. As your eyes roamed they spotted my quickly coming, smiling approach from a distance. At first your gaze held by curiosity, but then shyly dropped back to your drink, it promptly peeked up back to mine every second or two as I made my way.

"Hey, who are you?" I immediately question you as soon as I get within earshot, holding a small, warm grin on my face, eyes halted on your much more surprised ones.

A held questioning gaze, a pair of raised eyebrows and a "Pardon?" are your answer.

"Look, you're the most beautiful girl I've seen in the past fifteen minutes," A light smile subconsciously joins the aforementioned expression on your face. "but I want to know what else you've got going for you before I decide what I want to do with you."

"Oh, really, now?" Your smile widens a bit with a newly added touch of slight mischief or even evil as you flick your hair away, behind your shoulder, revealing your beautiful neck with a slight tilt of your head. "And what options may you have in store for me?"

"Well," I lightly shrug, taking a sip of my cognac. "I figured that would be quite easily apparent - vigorous, sensual love-making - just that I wasn't quite certain as to for how long after I'd want to keep you company - a week if I especially like you, a month if we madly fall in love with each other and run away together to Honolulu or just for the night."

"Pff-ha!" You let out in a chuckle, your eyes unbreaking from mine in both a look of disdain and unbelieving curiosity. "And tell me - what makes you think I'm that kind of girl?"

"Most are - just that they want to keep it a secret from even themselves." I lean in towards your ear, lowering my voice as I slowly lower my hand to grasp yours and put it around my waist as I lightly grab a hold of yours as well. I continue to speak in a deliberately languid manner. "What I want to find out, though, is how you differ from that 'most'."

End of chapter 1/2.

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