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The Player Falls II

After their night of passion, Matthew has second thoughts until he unexpectedly sees Susie in a bar.
"When will I see you again?" she murmurs, as he holds her face close to hers.

"I have some notes to catch up on so I'll have to let you know. It won't be too long though - I promise," he says, brushing his lips against hers.

He is rewarded with a soft smile from Susie. Matthew is fully dressed and she is only in an oversized shirt with panties. Her lips swollen, her hair slightly dishevelled and wild. The two hold each other for several long moments by the doorway of Susie's dorm, sweetly kissing and caressing each other's skin. The previous night and that morning were heavenly - getting to know each other in a way that neither thought possible. As they break for air, a look of slight concern crosses over Susie's face. Matthew gently tilts her chin up to meet her gaze, causing her to bite her lip.

"Hey, you okay?" he whispers, his knuckles stroking her cheek.

"Uh-huh," she murmurs, but the truth is that she had just slept with someone who had a reputation. They both said that they love each other, but did he mean it? But her thoughts are interrupted when Matthew folds her into his arms, kissing her forehead.

"If you are worried about last night...and this morning, don't be - I have wanted you too badly for too long to just spend one night with you and then run off. You are really special to me Susie, and I hope that you feel the same way," he breathes into her hair.

"I do, know how I feel about you," she murmurs against him, inhaling his musky scent. Pulling her head back to stare into her brown eyes, Matthew's expression of loving tenderness.

"I do - and it means so much to me that you do," he murmurs, lightly kissing her lips once more, capturing curious glances from Susie's roommates as they enter the communal kitchen. But Matthew keeps his gaze on Susie, revelling in the lovely girl in front of him.

"I should go. I'll text you later?" he whispers in her ear.

Nodding, Susie reluctantly lets him go and as he starts to leave, her mood slightly dips. 

What's going to happen now? she thinks to herself, but as she is about to close the door, Matthew suddenly reappears, startling her.

"What?" she asks, slightly frowning, only for Matthew to grasp her by the sides of her face and deeply kiss her once more. Giggling, she places her hands on his hips, encircling his waist as she welcomes his lush kiss. A few breathless moments later, he cups her face to stare into her eyes, resting his forehead on hers.

"You're wonderful and I love you. Never doubt that," he breathes.

"I won't. I love you too, Matthew," she murmurs. With a chaste kiss on her nose, Matthew leaves with a loving smile on his face.

Susie shakes her head out of her daydream. It had been a mere three hours since Matthew had left her dorm following their night together and while she is in middle of typing up her homework, she finds herself looking at her phone every few moments. Deciding not to wait for him to get in touch, she manages to work consistently for around an hour when her phone startles her. It is from her best friend, Poppy.

“Hi Sue! Do you want to come out with me and the girls tonight?”

“Um…” she hesitates, half-wondering if Matthew would text her back.


“You know I don’t like clubbing, Pop. It’s not my style,” she protests.

“Not when me and the girls are done with you. We’re going to give you a makeover and you won’t have to buy a drink all night,” she says, determined. Susie can sense Poppy’s smile over the phone.

Screw it, Susie thinks. I’m not going to wait on some guy like some lovesick girl.

“Okay, you can work your magic tonight.”

“Yay! We’ll come by around eight,” Poppy squeals before hanging up.


Matthew is in the college bar with his friends. After leaving Susie in her dorm, his head was messed up. He had fallen for this girl and one intense evening had left him reeling. So much that he decided to take a breather from his feelings and do his assignments. By the time he had finished, his best friend Andy and his friends had gotten him into a smart shirt and trousers to join them for a night at the student bar.

It isn’t long before his female housemates, Claire and Terese, join them. Matthew likes them but they always sat too close for comfort. Drinking his beer, he thinks about texting Susie. It would be the first time he had spoken to her since leaving her room but decides not to.

I don’t want to screw this up, he thinks, putting his phone in his pocket.

“So, Matt - I hear you spent the night with one of the girls on the fifth floor?” Therese asks, drawing him out of his mental stupor.

He raises his eyebrows at the boldness of her question.

“So what if I did?” he replies, his smile not reaching his eyes. Regardless of what happened between them, he decides to keep anything regarding Susie to himself. Unlike his other ‘conquests’, she is not up for discussion.

“Leave him alone, Therese,” says Andy, settling by the bar besides them.

“He’s just having fun, right?” he asks with a cheeky smile.

Matthew suddenly shoots his friend a look, silencing him with exasperation. He didn’t want his love life to be the sole discussion of the evening. Frustrated, he pulls out his phone in the event that Susie has texted him. She hadn’t and it is almost 9pm . Knowing her routine, she would be cosying up in her bed with one of the foreign films that she loves so much.

Thinking about ditching his friends to go and see her, he is about to text her when he sees a familiar looking girl in the bar. In a small group of girls, she has her back towards him but the shine of her long dark hair and creaminess of her skin stirs something inside him. She suddenly moves and he catches a glimpse of her amazing smile. It is Susie.

But she didn’t look like her usual self at all. Poppy, Andrea and Leila pulled out the stops and put Susie in a little black dress that flares out at the hem, a large colourful beaded necklace and leopard print pumps. Her eyes are lined with black kohl and her lips a strong berry colour. Her hair is styled in beach waves and they tumble carelessly around her shoulders, which have been decorated in a gentle shimmer.

Matthew can’t stop staring at her. Is this the girl who was so shy that she always blushed when he spoke to her? Or the girl who’d prefer to read old second-hand books rather than go out? Either way, his night has gotten better.

Andy catches Matthew staring.

“You okay, dude?”

“Yeah, I’m…I’m just looking,” he stammers, gulping his beer. Andy follows his gaze and sees Poppy and Susie smiling and laughing.

“Pretty girl.”

“Yeah, she sure is,” Matthew says, wistfully.

“The redhead?” Andy asks, admiring Poppy in her mint green dress.

“No, the Chinese girl. Her name is Susie,” he says, his eyes never leaving her.

“She’s cute. Why don’t you talk to her?”

“She’s with her friends, I…I don’t want to intrude,” Matthew sighs, obviously conflicted. He had wanted to speak to Susie but seeing her so dolled up up in front of him makes him nervous but as some guys start to swarm around the girls, smiling and pulling them into hugs, an unwelcome feeling of jealousy washes over him. He is about to approach them before Andy indadvertedly stops him.

“Fine. But don’t keep staring, you look kinda creepy. We’ll have a couple of drinks and head to the club.” Matthew looks at Susie with a sense of longing before realising that there will be time to talk to her later.

“Okay, let’s get another drink,” he sighs, turning his back on Susie while Claire bounds towards him for another round.


Susie smiles to herself after a surprisingly fun evening. After having a drink at the bar, she and the girls went to the local club and she danced her troubles away. Thoughts of Matthew and what he was doing were the furthest things from her mind as the beat of the music took her away. She didn’t even mind the odd glance from other guys in the club but didn’t do anything to encourage anything further. It is almost 2am when the girls decide to head home.

Leaving the cab parked outside of her halls of residence, Susie waves bye to Andrea and Leila as they live in the opposite block. Poppy had decided to brave the all-night diner to satisfy her post-clubbing appetite.

Waiting for the elevator, she sighs as she haphazardly removes her heels and dangles the straps in between her fingers. As the doors open, she lazily walks in with the club music of bass and drums ringing in her ears. Leaning against the wall, she closes her eyes for a moment as the doors begin to close but jolts as a hand stops the doors from closing, allowing the unexpected entrant to enter the elevator. Her eyes suddenly widen.

“Matthew…” she gasps, but before she can say anything else, he quickly pins her to the side of the elevator and shoves his fingers into her hair. Swiftly drawing her face to his, he immediately kisses her, forcing his tongue inside her mouth. Dropping her shoes, Susie surrenders to his kiss and urgently kisses him back. She didn’t realise how much she wanted his kiss until his lips touched hers. Groaning, Matthew sucks her lips and strokes his tongue endlessly along hers, giving her no chance to breathe. All Susie can do is hold onto his tense forearms as he assaults her senses.

His ardent kisses move down to her jaw, chin and down her throat, the tip of his tongue tracing her pulse. All too soon, his actions slow down, his breathing becomes measured as he hears her pants in his ear. He runs his nose up her sensitive skin before resting his forehead on hers, his hands still in her hair.

“Hi, baby,” he breathes, his green eyes darkened.

“Hi. What was that?” she asks.

“What I’ve wanted to do all fucking night,” he growls, rubbing his nose against hers.

“You saw me?” she asks, confused. Her hands move slowly down his sides so they rest on hips. He responds by moving in closer so there is nothing between them.

“At the bar, at the club…you were everywhere I looked. You looked so sexy, I couldn’t keep my eyes off you. When I saw you jump in a cab, I jumped the line to catch up with you,” he murmurs, brushing his lips against hers.

“I noticed you at the bar as well. But you looked busy and I didn’t hear from you all day…” she murmurs, looking down. She had contemplated saying hi and perhaps introducing herself to his friends but those two pretty girls giggling and snuggling at his side made her think twice. She mentally curses herself on her lack of bravery but is interrupted at the sight of Matthew rubbing his face momentarily.

“Perhaps I should explain. Can we go to my dorm?” he asks, stroking a tendril of hair away from her face. As she nods, he presses the button to his floor and in no time at all, the doors open and they exit hand-in-hand.

As Susie drops the shoes by the door, she notices several textbooks and papers strewn over the floor of his dorm. A few shirts are left on his armchair and even his laptop is on.

“Were you busy today?” she asks, placing her clutch bag on the table.

“Yeah, sorry. I should have thought to tidy up a little bit,” he says as he removes his shoes and socks before closing the curtains.

“It’s okay, really,” she smiles.

“So, explain,” she says, shrugging. Matthew’s face falls as he visibly struggles about what to say.

“I…I wanted to get in touch with you earlier. But, I was reeling.”

“Reeling? From what?” she asks, frowning.

“Last night. Honestly, it took me by surprise.”

Feeling her mouth drop in shock, Susie is about to protest when Matthew nervously runs a hand through his hair.

“When I was at the club, seeing you with your friends and all those guys staring at you, it made me feel…uncomfortable."

“Wait, I wasn’t doing anything intentionally…” she starts but Matthew stops her.

“I know. But seeing them look at you the way I do, it made me realise how much last night meant to me."

“I don’t get it. Why didn’t you say anything before?” she asks, watching Matthew run his hand through his hair.

“Because I have never felt anything like this before, Susie. After being a practical man-whore for weeks, I’ve forgotten how to be with someone properly and I’m scared I’m going to fuck this up and I don’t want to because I don’t want to lose you!” he admits, dropping his arms down by his sides.

Crinkling her eyebrows, Susie looks at him, speechless. After a beat, she pads towards him and wraps his arms around his waist. She deeply breathes in his scent, mixed with the slight stench of stale alcohol that makes her nose wrinkle. She purrs as his strong arms go around her, his nose in her hair.

“I know I’m going to mess up, Susie,” he breathes, his fingers tracing along her shoulder.

"You don't know that,” she murmurs.

"I don't trust myself not to fall into my old habits but all I know is that whenever I think about you, it makes me happier.”

Smiling against his chest, Susie looks up to meet his lovely green eyes.

“I shouldn’t ask anything of you after one night but please don't give up on me before we have actually had a chance to start. I really want us to be a proper couple, not the rebound one that people will probably think,” he says, leaning his forehead against hers.

Blushing, Susie bites her lip.

“So, are you asking me to be your girlfriend?” she asks, playfully rubbing her nose next to his.

“What would you say if I said yes?” he nervously whispers, gently kissing down her cheek to her bare shoulder.

Unable to bear the tension between them, she decides to lighten the mood.

“Would that…make you my bitch?” she quietly jokes, nuzzling against his throat.

Smiling against her skin, Matthew silently chuckles.

“I will be your bitch for the rest of my days if you claim exclusive rights as my girlfriend right now.”

Pulling away slightly, she looks deeply into his green eyes and matches his adoring gaze.

“I’d really like that…the girlfriend part,” she smiles.

“But I’d prefer to call you my boyfriend than my bitch.”

Exhaling sharply, Matthew grins and places gentle kisses all over her face, causing her to giggle and squirm against his embrace. Eventually stopping his assault, he looks at her with a relieved smile on his face.

“So, are we okay?” he asks, running his fingers down her cheek.

“Of course,” she smiles, kissing him on the cheek before leaving his arms.

“Wait, where are you going?”

“I am going to go to my dorm, it’s late and…” she starts but then stops as Matthew’s arm catches her around the waist to bring her closer to him. Her breathing spikes at the proximity of his strong body next to hers. Her skin begins to tingle with anticipation from the way he looks at her.

“I’d really like it if you’d stayed a little bit longer,” he murmurs, his free hand moving to the nape of her neck.

“But I thought we were done talking,” she whispers, running her hands up his chest.

“Who said anything about talking?” he purrs, taking her mouth once more. Closing her eyes, Susie smiles as she welcomes his kiss. Winding her arms around his neck, she passionately returns his kiss, her lips softly suckling his. A sense of tenderness and relief floods Matthew’s kiss. His doubts of losing Susie due to idle gossip rush out of his mind and now, any idea of rushing in this moment disappears with the immediate taste of black cherry on his lips.

Running his hands into her hair once more, he guides her slowly to the wall and presses her against it, never breaking his kiss. Moving his lips down, he begins to place sweet kisses under her chin. Moaning, Susie rolls her eyes closed at his touch. Her hands, idling on his chest, move towards the buttons in the middle and begins to undo them slowly until his dark blue shirt hangs open.

Matthew pauses in his kisses and looks up at Susie. Her eyes wide with desire, her lips sensitive from his kisses, her skin flushed. Feeling her gentle breaths, he pulls the shirt off his shoulders, allowing it to float onto the floor. Bracing his hands on the wall by her face, he teases his lips with hers with a wicked smile.

“I love you, Susie,” he whispers.

Smiling, she runs her hands up his bare, toned back, revelling in his muscles and smooth, warm skin.

“I love you too,” she murmurs, urging him to kiss again. He does so and presses himself right against her so she feels every hard ridge of his body. His kisses begin to bring out her hunger for him, the thought of such a guy falling for her overwhelms her. Her hands trace over his biceps, marvelling in how well he looks after himself.

Matthew suddenly tugs Susie away from the wall, his arms still wrapped around her. Never breaking his searing kisses, he finds the zip of her dress and pulls it down. Peeling the straps down so the dress pools at her feet, he runs his restless hands over her satin skin.

“Your skin is so soft, so beautiful. I want to kiss every part of it,” he purrs, finally opening his eyes to see Susie in her underwear. The sight of her dark red bra and matching lace thong against her ivory skin and the beads hanging provocatively between her accentuated cleavage down to her belly button…Matthew begins to fidget.

“Do I look okay?” Susie purrs, arching an eyebrow while slowly running her hands up his chest.

“I want you so much I can’t breathe,” he murmurs, his hands roaming around her hips to bring her closer, her hard nipples brushing against him through the red silk. She smiles before she leans down to whip off the bedcover and urging him to sit on the edge.

“So now that I am sitting here, what are you going to do?” he whispers, quivering with excitement as she stands before him.

Without saying a word, Susie urges him to lie down and while watching his every move, undoes his trousers and pulls them off with his underwear, allowing him to spring free. He had been hard since he kissed her in the elevator and his eyes beg her to relieve him. A devilish smile crosses her face as she straddles him. She gives him a chaste kiss on the lips before running her teeth across his chin.

“Oh, Susie…” he moans, his eyes rolling closed. He feels her lips caressing his skin of his throat, shoulder and his chest, a groan escaping him as she gently bites down on his nipple before nipping the skin on his stomach. Running a hand into her hair, he feels her long, soft strands, the silk of her underwear and the cold plastic of her beaded necklace playing with his senses. He is already panting when he feels her cold breath by his cock, which is now throbbing painfully, and his senses are blown apart at the feel of her mouth around him.

“Fuck!” he groans as Susie runs her lips up and down his shaft. He feels a purr coming from him and unable to resist, he looks down to see her pleasuring him, her tongue running up his cock. Tilting his head back, he begins to move his hips involuntarily and as Susie begins to move quicker, he can feel himself trembling. His breaths begin to quicken and a sheen of sweat starts to brew on his skin. As Susie gently runs her teeth up his length, Matthew lets go with a deep moan and empties himself into her mouth.

Susie almost struggles to swallow all of Matthew’s sweetness, he came so hard in her mouth that it shocked her. Carefully sweeping her lips with her tongue, she looks up at Matthew with uncertainty only to find him panting. His eyes closed, struggling for breath.

“Matthew?” she asks, concerned.

When he doesn’t answer, she moves carefully so she is lying beside him.

“Honey, are you okay?” she asks, moving her hand to brush his hair only for him to pull her towards him and move so suddenly, they unexpectedly fall off the bed, causing her to squeal. As they tumble onto the floor, Matthew quickly moves in between her legs and clasping her chin, fiercely kisses her. Susie takes each passionate kiss he gives her, returning each one with equal fervour.

“I want you and I need you, now,” he growls against her mouth, trapping her wrists with one hand while the other glides down her body and flicks open the front clasp of her bra. As his mouth immediately moves to hungrily claim her chest and breasts, he rips off her thong. Breathless at the feel of his mouth suckling her breasts, Susie finds herself about to combust from this unexpected show of dominance. She doesn’t have a chance to think or second guess about Matthew’s desire for her as he quickly guides himself into her and moving to rest his forehead on hers, he plunges deeply.

Both of them loudly moan at the feeling of them together, their fingers entwining with each other. Once fully inside her, Matthew pauses to looks at Susie, who is looking at him with wonder. He slowly begins to move, relishing every inch of her surrounding him, causing her to bite her lip and arch her back. Bending down to sensuously kiss her, a contented sigh brushes against his lips.

“You’re so beautiful, Susie. I can’t believe you’re mine," he purrs as he grind his hips, moving deeply inside her.

“Matthew, please go faster,” she whimpers.

“No, sweetheart. I’m not going to rush this, not just yet,” he whispers, lowering his head to kiss her jaw.

Susie tilts her head back so he can run his lips across her moist skin, intoxicated by his touch and the way he makes love to her. With his slow rhythm, he loses himself with every plunge within her. She lets go of his fingers and winds them through his hair, urging him to kiss her while wrapping his legs around him. Their lips hungrily meet each other, clinging to one another and Matthew begins to move slightly faster. Susie gasps against his mouth, causing her to tilt her hips to meet each swift thrust.

Caught up in his passion, she runs her nails down his back, making Matthew sit up on his knees so she is straddling him while still inside her. Throwing off her bra to touch her bare skin, he clasps her thigh and begins to fuck her hard, unable to control himself. Both of them rock and thrust to meet each other, causing their breathing to become laboured, their skin damp with sweat. His arms hold her tightly around her back as he endlessly kisses her that. Clenching her eyes closed, Susie sucks and nibbles his ear as she struggles to control her body while his shallow pants become louder. A hand in her hair once more, Matthew catches her mouth in an intense kiss, his groans vibrating against her skin as his lips never leave hers, his tongue endlessly dancing with her own as their rhythm becomes stronger and faster.

Her fingers fist in his blond hair, she feels the first wave of pleasure overcome her body. Feeling her tremble, Matthew urgently kisses down her collarbone and holds her tightly as her emotions starts to run riot, her core breaking down.

“Please surrender, baby…” he whispers next to her skin, thrusting hard into her.

With his fervent plea, Susie climaxes with a sob, a tear escaping from her eyes. As she falls into a state of heavenly bliss, Matthew clings onto her as he begins to come deeply inside her.

"Oh, Susie!" he cries her name as his orgasm claims him. Stilling, they tightly embrace each other, not wanting to be separated for a moment, making them collapse onto the floor once more. Panting, they hold each other as they feel their heartbeats calm down while their bodies tingle against each other.

Their lips trace over each other’s shoulders and throats, caressing the sensitive skin. Tracing his thumb over a stray tear on her cheek, Matthew gently guides Susie’s lips to his, planting a soft kiss on her tender mouth. Without a word, he carefully lifts her up in his arms and lays her on the bed. Spooning besides her, he carefully removes her necklace, dropping it onto the floor. Pulling the cover over them, he pulls her into his arms and burring his face into the crook of her neck, they both fall into a deep sleep. 

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